Need for a disk to boot flash BIOS for Satellite P100-240

I need to Flash my Satellite P100-240 on a bootable CD.
The BIOS only I can find on this site must be run from windows.
I have seen BIOS 4.40 for P100 on another Toshiba sites, for example: 524xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 56504155 & stateId = 0% 200% 56506013 20

But do not know if it is appropriate for P100-240.
They seem to be named completely differently. Not sure if that's a thing based country.

The BIOS in the mentioned link will be allowed to run on my p100-240?


Your laptop is NOT American series but the European series and you must use the BIOS from the European driver Toshiba page!
The incorrect BIOS may damage the BIOS ROM of portable module! And this would lead to the point where you wouldn t be able to boot the machine!
This is why you should ALWAYS use the BIOS designed for this series of laptop!

In addition, you won't find updates of the traditional BIOS on Toshiba page!
There are only updates to the BIOS windows-based and you can update ONLY run under windows.

If the notebook WHAT BIOS s cannot be updated to the Windows operating system, then you must contact the Toshiba technician and must ask for help!

That's all you can do

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  • Need drivers for Satellite P100-240

    HI I have a Satellite P100-240.

    I'm looking for drivers for this machine running MCE.
    In support, I can only find drivers for p100-PSPA0E / p100-PSPA3E / p100-PSPA6E
    are these the same drivers for my p100-240.
    Also made even the drivers for Vista on this series from Toshiba?

    Thank you

    Hi Jonathan

    The laptop Satellite P100-240 is the series of PSPA3E-xxxx, so you have to use XP for PSPA3E P100 drivers.

    I've updated the Vista on my old Satellite phone and the Vista operating system works correctly I do not have any special drivers for Vista. I installed the Vista Intel Wlan driver only because the former was not recognized.

    I think that you should have no problems with Vista running, but if you will need Vista drivers you must wait. At the moment I put t found any

  • Windows not start successfully after updating BIOS on Satellite P100-240

    Hi all
    After you install a new version of BIOS my laptop wouldn't start windows xp properly.
    It just freezes in a screen black, I was able to go in safe mode, but then I reinstalled windows and now it's the same problem and I can't go in safe mode as I haven´t went through all the procedures of installation of windows.
    Please help me: I can reset the BIOS to my old?

    I use a satellite P100 - 240 (PSPA3E) and any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you


    What version of BIOS you have loaded? Version 4.20?

    Normally it shouldn´t do problems, especially after upgrading your BIOS. May I ask if the version of Windows installed on your machine you´d is on the media recovery or from scratch (from scratch means install with a genuine Windows CD and install the downloaded drivers)?

    If everything fails then send you the machine and let check the laptop on certain shortcomings of the BIOS.
    Click [HERE: 000000871] to reach the index of ASP (authorized service provider) and find one that is closest to your country.

  • G0 GeForce 7900GS 64 bit Vista drivers needed for Satellite P100 - 10 p

    Toshiba continues to pretend there is no Vista 64-bit?
    NVIDIA points me to Toshiba when I search display drivers Vista 64 for my P100 - 10 p and Toshiba drivers only work on 32 bit ;(

    Are there really no chance to obtain the 64-bit drivers for Go 7900GS?
    I need 64-bit version for my development work ;(

    As you know, Toshiba does not support and does not own notebooks with the 65-bit operating system. Or with Vista with XP.
    That's why the Toshiba 64-bit drivers are not exists!

    Maybe you can visit site.

  • Forgotten password user for Satellite P100-313

    [email protected],
    I forgot the password of the user for Satellite P100-313. Can I remove the password without professional help. Please help me.

    Good bye

    Hi Lukas.

    If it's the BIOS password you have forgotten, then you will need to take your laptop to a repairer authorized to have the BIOS reset.

    If it's just your username password in Windows you've forgotten, then you can start in safe mode and use the "Administrator" account to reset your password. Just press F8 during the boot sequence to get the option to boot into node without DANGER.


  • For 2 k for Satellite P100-425 modem drivers

    Need Modem drivers for 2 k for Satellite P100-425.
    This driver can be provided soon? So need!


    Certainly it s a silly question, but why you install the W2k OS on this Vista laptop?

    All that seems page driver Toshiba does not provide drivers W2k for this new notebook but don t give up DUDE ;)

    This unit uses a modem Conexant chip.

    In order to check this page from

    Please report if you have been successful or not ;)

    Good luck

  • Need to update Bios for Satellite P100-284

    My Satellite P100-284 has the number PSPA3E
    This does not correspond exactly with any BIOS update files for download from Toshiba.
    Please can someone confirm if the correct file is available?

    Hey Buddy,

    I Don t understand your problem. Just go to this site:

    Choose the correct product type (Notebook), family (Satellite), series of products (series P Satellite) and the model (Satellite P100 PSPA3E).

    Download the WINBIOS file and update your bios...
    So now I ask you again, what is the problem? :)

    Welcome them

  • Need old bios version 4.0 or 4.1 for Satellite P100

    I tried now to update my bios on 4.2 32 bit

    However, this result without DECO fan in windows.
    My good warm sound.
    SpeedFan said about 100 degrees Celsius.

    If someone don't know where I can download older versions of bios.
    I have a PSPA3 satellite P100-293

    In the bios, the FAN is functioning normally but when windows starts the fan stops.
    I tried to reinstall with XP and Vista and the problem is still there.

    So I really hope someone has a url or local @ their pc file.
    I tried reading the forums here and see many mistakes after the update to 4.2 either stop fan or he runs at full speed.


    Thus, as a first step: 100 degrees celsius are false. SpeedFan and another of programs like this are usually 20 to 30 degrees higher then in real-time. We checked this home with another brand of laptop with a similar problem and we he measured with special equipment.

    Regarding your problem: do you have that you have installed some third-party drivers from other sites? Finally, it would be a reason why the FAN won´t burp more since the VGA drivers play a really important role concerning the whole cooling system in your machine.

    Please try with the original toshiba drivers or recover your machine, maybe it helps...

    Welcome them

  • Cannot change the HARD disk parameters in the Bios on Satellite A200

    I can't change the hard disk parameters in the bios for my satellite A200-1The
    This bios does not support changing the parameters of the hard disk for example SATA to IDE?
    BIOS version is: 5.6

    AFAIK in BOS advanced settings you can change mode SATA controller only. You can use the AHCI mode or compatibility.

    I put t understand why do you think you can use IDE mode. What you want to do exactly?

  • BIOS 2.4 for Satellite P100 - 10 p (PSPAG)


    Anyone know where I could find for my toshiba 2.4 bios (PSPAG: P100 - 10 p)? I searched the site of toshiba, but I have not found anything else but 3.80.


    Why do you need the Bios 2.4 for your P100? I'm just a question because I thought its better to upgrade to the latest version...
    You can try it here, Canadians have sometimes things that the European Don t have:

    See you soon

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite P100-429

    I had to reinstall windows XP on my gf Satellite P100-429, but she lost the original disc, then when I installed the new XP there are the following devices lack drivers (they have the yellow question mark next to them) and I can not connect to the laptop to the internet.

    1. audio device on Bus High Definition Audio
    2. Ethernet controller
    3. mass storage controller
    4 controller Netwrok
    5. SM Bus controller
    6 video controller (VGA Compatible)

    Can anyone tell me where I can find these drivers, I searched all day for them.
    I guess if I can find it is just a case of putting them on a disk or USB and install them?

    Thank you 1 million.

    All the drivers, you can find on Toshiba download page under > support & downloads > Support home page. In the lower part are download drivers section.

    Archive option choose product type. Make sure you choose well model using just the part number PAxxx.

    Good bye

  • Need to drive recovery for Satellite P100-160


    I desperately need a recovery for my Satellite P100-160 disc (I think that's what it is).

    Can someone tell me how and where I can get one?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me!

    You can order the CD from recovery of the EPA, which is responsible for your country.

    Here you can find the database with the FSA throughout the world.> support download &-> find an authorized service provider

    See you soon

  • Need Ethernet driver for Satellite P100-425

    Map of Satellite P100 - 425 Ethernet does not work.
    What I supposed to do?
    LAN driver is not good on the page.

    Answer please


    Driver Ethernet may be a driver for LAN card or wireless network adapter.

    Which driver do need it; LAN or WLan?

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite P100

    Laptop: Satellite P100
    MODEL NO.: PSPAGA - 014001

    Hi, I recently bought this laptop for games. But its performance is not good at all because of Vista "(on m'a dit par de nombreuses personnes)". " For example: my desktop computer has better frame rate and it is a Nvidia GeForce 6800. So I want to switch to Windows XP, but for some odd reason, I can't find my model anywhere number.
    I looked at other threads and have heard that there not matter as long as it is the 'P100 '... But nothing works.

    So I spent almost all day to work on this problem... So I need you guys to post links to all the drivers
    and please don't give me links to support pages and everything I've looked through them.

    Need help ASAP

    Thank you

    Hi Lisa

    I put t know why you are not able to find and install the XP drivers for this laptop.
    Your Satellite P100 PSPAG is without a doubt at the place on the European driver Toshiba page!
    It is a first link above!

    There isn't any available!
    If please download all XP drivers that are available and read the installation instructions!

    The drivers must be installed in the order indicated in the document.

    Will you please and everything will run ;)

  • Re: Need driver for Satellite P100-346 card reader / PSPAAE / Windows Vista

    Could you please help me and post a link where I can download a driver for the Satellite P100-346 card reader / PSPAAE / Windows Vista 32 bit?


    Please, check here:

Maybe you are looking for