Need help - > configuration of windows 2008 Server

Hi I need help. I have the subject of a project that I do for my final school certificate and I need enything on windows 2008 Server Configuration / Costomizing. I hope you can help me

Thank you!


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  • Windows 2008 Server NFS - permission denied when accessing the NFS data store


    I'm trying to configure a Windows 2008 Server to store virtual machines on an NFS share.

    When I add the data store to my host, I have no Brown Read-only and the data store is added successfully.

    When I browse the data store, as soon as I try to delete a file or create a folder, I have an error message: "cannot delete" or "cannot complete the file was created.

    It seems to be a problem of rights NFS, but impossible to find what the problem is.

    In the/var/log/vmkernel, I see:

    Mar 23 17:43:07 vmw-esx1 vmkernel: 1:02:37:20.635 cpu4:4109) NFSLock: 2677: can't get the lock on the file new document texte.txt 0x4100070384d0 on circe ( Permission denied

    Don't you have a howto use NFS with Windows 2008 to help me?  I found one for Windows 2003, but think are too different.

    Or another idea?

    See document attached with the NFS share parameters.


    You must configure the user name mapping in Services for UNIX/NFS and map the root user.  Detailed instructions here:  I was able to implement some hosts to use my Windows NFS export, but it was a bit unreliable.  This is a configuration not supported with VMware...


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  • Need print drivers for an OfficeJet 7610 for R2 in Windows 2008 Server

    I need print drivers for an OfficeJet 7610 for R2 in Windows 2008 Server.  The pilot to feel that you get when download you from are for XP and Vista Window7.  The error message says I have to update my Windows 2008 Server R2 to XP, Windows7 and Vista to install drivers.  I called HP and have a case number.  All I want is a link to the REAL Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise OfficeJet 7610 Print Drviers in x 86 and x 64 bit versions.  Is there someone who can help?

    Hi Print_Madman! : you might have more luck going Buisiness & reierate Forum this question out there

    He is the owner of the House section

    Good luck

    hope this helps you


  • Pavilion p7 - 1227c needs the network drivers that work with Windows 2008 server R2

    I bought this new Pavilion P7 - 1227C at Costco so that I can install Windows Server 2008 r2 with Hyper-V role

    I managed to install Windows 2008 server but unable to t the wireless or ethernet to work.  I tried to use the driver 64 bit Windows 7 without success.

    I think return Costco if I can't get the network driver that will work with Windows 2008 Server R2

    Thanks, in advance.


    Hi Paul,.

    Thanks for the link, I was able to download AR816X_V.0.14.15_WHQL.

    The driver works for Windows 2008 Server R2.  I just need to find the drivers for the wireless card.

    Best regards

    Round 37

  • error on Windows 2008 server std edition "Windows could not update the Configuration to start the computer. Installation cannot continue. "

    I try to install windows 2008 server std edition on HP DL 380 G5 server, I am getting error while installing "Windows could not update the Configuration to start the computer. Installation cannot continue. ", please suggest?

    I tried also with HP smartstart CD, but failed.

    Thanks guys, I found the answer to my question, I used the last HP smart Start CD (V8.70B for windows 2008 server X 64) for DL380g5 for windows 2008 server STD, and it worked fine.

    Thank you...
  • see windows 2008 Server DHCP backp

    Need help planning the DHCP windows 2008 Server backup

    Support is located in the Windows Server Forums:

  • Deploy Windows 2008 Server X 64 reviews of model with customization on Virtual Center 4.0 using the ESX 3.5 hosts

    Deployment of Windows 2008 Server X 64 system of operating invited by using hosts Virtual Center 4.0 and ESX 3.5 implements a message telling me:

    Cannot deploy the model: customization of the

    guest operating system "winVistaGuest" is not

    supported in this configuration. Microsoft Vista

    (TM) and Linux with Logical Volume guests

    Manager are supported only for the recent ESX host

    and versions of VMware Tools. Refer to vCenter

    documentation for taken configurations supported.


    This isn't just normal? Just today I upgraded to VC4.0 to be able to deploy my new servers based on findings on this forum. And no matter if I change the Machintype Vista x 64 or elsewhere Vista32 (what is wrong of course). Any other gopt experience with this?

    There should be no need to upgrade to vCenter4 just to be able to customize a W2K8 Guest.  We vCenter 2.5 and have no problem.

    Take a look at this KB

  • Windows 2008 server v2

    Hi all

    Can you help me with this? a windows logon has been deployed on my windows 2008 Server v2. and when I tried to log on to the server as admin, I get a message 'security policies on this computer are set to display information about the last interactive logon. Windows could not retrieve this information. Please contact your network administrator for assistance. Now, I can't log on to the server and everything I tried but to no avail. I can only log on locally as administrator on a client system if the virtual machine is stopped.

    Anyone can help the possible solution?


    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

  • We need a replacement for Windows Home Server that does not cost $700

    We need a replacement for windows home server that does not cost as much as a PC. 2011 is not really available and 2008 has compatibility problems, because it is based on XP and Server 2003. None of the motherboard manufactures will support XP (thanks to MS) and more recent SATA drives do not work in my motherboard more old.


    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 Std - issue of Best Practice Analyzer

    Windows 2008 Server R2 Std - question BPA
    I built a new Windows 2008 R2 Standard Server and configured as a domain controller. When you run the BPA I get the following error, which I can not solve:

    The default domain controllers policy is not in force on the OR OR = Domain Controllers, DC = WRIGHT.
    If the Group Policy settings that are defined in the default domain controllers policy are not applied to domain controllers, Active Directory operations may fail.
    Link the default domain controllers policy to the ORGANIZATION OR unit = Domain Controllers, DC = WRIGHT

    The default domain controllers policy is linked to the domain controllers OU. I dun dcdiag and the only failure is NCSecDesc but I don't plan to add an RODC to the forest. When I run the resulting strategy game I can see domain controller policy has been applied.
    Is there something I can do to clear this error message?

    Hello Lynn Furlong,

    Microsoft Communities is for consumer issues on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Your question deals with Windows 2008 Server R2, it would be better to post your question in the forums TechNet for ITPros.
    Click on the link here to transfer your question in the Forum Windows Server 2008 Group Policy. They will be better able to meet your group policy do not apply to domain controllers.



  • How to set group policies in windows 2008 server for office plexi

    (1) define us group policy for wallpaper of Windows 2008 Server and pushed to all desktop computers.

    (2) but the desktop icons, we receive with blue background.

    (3) how to remove the blue background and make plexi icon.

    (4) I want to know what the Setup program needs to be done to get the icon of plexi in group policy in windows server 2008 standard.

    Hi valerie,

    The Microsoft Answers community focuses on the context of use. Please reach out to the business community of COMPUTING in the TechNet forum below:

  • I run a network of Windows 2008 Server r2 with a storage unit attached to the network that we put on our shared files.

    I run a network of Windows 2008 Server r2 with a storage unit attached to the network that we put on our shared files.

    I can access the shared files of most of my computers on the domain, but there are a few that have WINXP Pro can't do. Some of the XP computers can access it, but the only people who can't are XP. I think it might be something with the local security settings, but I'm not sure. The error I get is: \\server name \sharing folder is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have permissions.  The request is not supported.   All users have permissions and can view the files from other computers just these few who have been able to do actions. Any help would be useful.
    The procedure below: the problem: give perminiant solution pls
    1. delete the field and add the domain
    2 delete the user profile, and create user profile.
    An error occurred during connection network Y:to\\server\common Microsoft windows folder: the local device name is already in use. This connection has not been rerun.


    I suggest you according to the question in this forum and check if that helps:

    It will be useful.

  • Remote desktop disconnets after login Windows 2008 Server R2

    When I try to log on my windows 2008 server r2, it immediately disconnects with the following message remotely.

    Your Remote Session ended. The connection to the remote computer was lost due to network connectivity issues possible. Try to reconnect to the remote computer. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator. But the thing is I have other servers on the same network and I am able to connect remotely to them with all the problems. Please help me.



    The question you posted would be better suited in thethe TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

    Hope this information helps.

  • UM 1.2 and Windows 2008 - Server


    It is possible to run UM with Windows 2008 Server? It is: he runns always CWLMS 3.2 and the customer wantes to add UM. The material is not the problem.

    Yes, UM 1.2 comes with 3.2 LMS that can be installed on a Windows 2008 Server.  You don't need to install all of the LMS 3.2 to get the BUZZ.  You can simply install common Services 3.3, Deputy of CiscoWorks, CiscoWorks portal, then UM.

  • VMware Workstation on WINDOWS 2008 SERVER SP1


    I try to install VM Workstation 8 on a new install own dev server based on Windows 2008 server SP1...

    To almost the end of the installation, it indicates an error of installation of package and he roll back anything!

    I tried the same thing with Workstation 7 and gor the same kind of error...

    So I can't install worksation for evaluation!




    Try right clicking the configuration file and selecting 'run as administrator '.

    Kind regards


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