Need help getting the Where-Object filter in the right place


I'm trying to filter local data warehouses, but I do not get the expected results.


Get-Datastore. Select @{N = "MON"; E={$_. Name}},

@{N = "Total virtual machines"; E={@($_ | Get - VM). County}} |

Where-Object {$_Name-Notlike "Datastore1 *"}

Thank you


As a general rule, you want to first filter when it is possible for greater efficiency in the pipeline.  Which is no exception here:


Get-Datastore. Where-Object {$_Name-Notlike "Datastore1 *"} |

Select @{N = "MON"; E={$_. Name}}, @{N = "Total virtual machines"; E={@($_ | Get - VM). County}}

Tags: VMware

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