Need help in creating another VCO user


I want to create a new user to the server VCO in order to check the behavior of our technology is plugged into the VCO.

Anyone have any idea on how to create a new user in vCenter Orchestrator?

Another question about the VCO users / sessions:

How can I make internal cache for the session of a user/visible to another session of user/access to the same technology plugged?

Thank you



Hi, Fabien,

As dnachev says, vCO does not manage its users manually but it must be configured to use an external authentication system users, for example an LDAP server. Therefore, if you configure vCO correctly you can simply add new users to your LDAP, and they will be able to use the vCO without extra work.

As for your second question, probably the best place to put this internal cache you want is on your plugin implementation of the PluginAdaptor interface. There you have the createPluginFactory method that provides the implementation of PluginFactory this vCO will use to interact with your technology is connected. So at this time, when you implement this method, you can keep a cache, with the information that you want, based on the session ID or username and then to fill a new instance of PluginFactory (maybe even reuse an existing one) with the information you have in this cache.

And don't forget that, depending on how you implement your cache, you must also implement the uninstallPluginFactory method to free the resources used are more correctly.

I hope it helps.


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    P.I.G > /.

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    Nancy O.

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    Kind regards


    PS I know how to add a language (the button +).

    Yellowbox salvation!

    I just tried what you're suggesting, but conversely (English and Spanish guest admin), and it did not work. I have recorded in the account guest and switched language to English, but after login with my main user account, there was a joint Spanish-English interface. All these have disappeared after a reboot, and everything was back to Spanish, including the guest user.

    It's really a shame, because this feature would be useful for me also. It is sometimes a little difficult to answer the questions in English while working on an interface in Spanish

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    Se connect-VIServer -Server -Credential ()Get-Credential domain\user0() -SaveCredentials

    You could also add the elements of the VI credentials store using the New-VICredentialStoreItem cmdlet.  Using this cmdlet looks like:

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    New-VICredentialStoreItem -Host -user domain\user0 -password supersecretpass

    I'm looking for a way to run my scripts PowerCLI by selecting a VC and calling the - user and - password. I don't know what format to create this? This is what I call the Victoria Cross.


    [Parameter (Position = 0, mandatory = $true)]
    [Parameter (Position = 1)]
    [Parameter (Position = 2)]
    $asLocalUser = $true

    $user = C:\vmware\user.txt (not sure what type of file is needed)

    $password = C:\vmware\password.txt (not sure what type of file is needed)

    New-VICredentialStoreItem -Server $VirtualCenterServer -user $user -password $password

    before calling the script/scripts for the - user and - password
    SE connect-VIServer-Server $VirtualCenterServer - user $user-Password $password | Out-Null

    The release of the new VICredentialStoreItem is an XML file.

    You can use the store credenial as follows

    # Save

    New-VICredentialStoreItem-host $VirtualCenterServer - User Admin - password pass - file C:\cred.xml

    # Callback & use

    $cred = get-VICredentialStoreItem-User admin-host $VirtualCenterServer - file C:\cred.xml

    SE connect-VIServer-Server $cred. Home - user $cred. Username-password $cred. Password | Out-Null

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    Thanks for any help.

    [Thread moved to general Discussion Dreamweaver forum]

    Do you mean by "a few computer skills" you have no knowledge of web design, then you will not be able to create a newsletter with Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a professional tool for web site designers or other people at least the basics of html and css.

    If you have some basics of html and css, or are willing to learn (there are plenty of tutorials online), you can use DW to help you create the room of email marketing. Here are some links that will give you some information about creating email marketing documents:

    SitePoint has some good information on their website:

    Chimp Mail is also another site with some great help, including html email templates free and a free guide in pdf:

    Design beautiful Emails

    Html email resources

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    Hi MD,.
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    String sql1 = "SELECT col1, col2, col3 from table1 where ';"
    SQL1 = sql1 + "col1 =: 1";
    ViewObject vo = am.findViewObject (">");
    If (vo is nothing)
    VO = am.createViewObjectFromQueryStmt (">", sql1 ' ");
    vo.setWhereClauseParams (null);
    vo.setWhereClauseParam (0, >);
    vo.executeQuery ();

    Thank you

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