Need help - linking VLANs

Hi, I am using a PC5324.
I'm trying to connect 2 or more VLANs using a port of the 'common '.
I created VLAN 1 on g1 - g5, VLAN 2 g6 - g10, VLAN-3 the g11 - g16
How to:
(1) port g17 such that it can receive of VLAN-2 & VLAN-3 data such as VLAN-2 & VLAN-3 cannot send data to another
(2) g18 port that can receive data of VLAN 1 and VLAN-2 and VLAN-3 such as VLAN 1 and VLAN-2 and VLAN-3 is unable to send data to another
BTW, what is the diff between the general access settings and tyunk on the graphical interface HTML and this does affect the settings?

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  • Need help to set up voice VLAN in SG300


    I spent too much time on it now and need help. I'm trying to set up a voice switch VLAN on a SG300 - 28 p. I need to charge a phone Cisco 7965 connected to a port on SG300 - 28 p to use VLAN 100, and a workstation connected to the phone to use Cisco 7965 on VLAN 101 by SG300 - 28 p. In the common Cisco IOS switches, this task is configured as follows:

    interface gi25

    switchport mode access

    switchport access vlan 101

    switchport voice vlan 100

    Trying to achieve this scenario with a Cisco SG300 switch turns into a nightmare. You will have to deal with a Dynamic of VLAN voice Auto Voice VLAN mode. Then, you must have a configured trigger and activated Automatic Smartport . I tried to do this in CLI nothing helps. Cisco 7965 receives an IP address of the access VLAN on Gi15 interface, which is 101 VLAN. I need to receive an address IP of the VLAN 100.

    The current configuration under Gi15 interface is as follows:

    interface gigabitethernet15

    activate the storm control

    broadcast storm control level kbit/s 10

    Storm-control include multicast

    port security throw trap 60

    maximum port security by 10 points

    port security mode max-addresses

    spanning tree portfast

    LLDP-med disable

    switchport mode access

    switchport access vlan 101

    ! next order is internal

    macro auto smartport dynamic_type unknown $native_vlan 101 $voice_vlan 100

    Now, I don't know how the macro auto smartport dynamic_type unknown $native_vlan 101 $voice_vlan 100 command in the config, and I do not know how to remove it.

    When I try to enter the command macro auto smartport type ip_phone_desktop under Gi15 interface, I get the following error message:

    The $voice_vlan macro setting is not configurable by the user

    It seems that the auto attendant smartport macro ip_phone_desktop can not apply the setting $voice_vlan with a value of 100. In fact, I explicitly does not use this parameter to everything in the order of macro auto smartport type ip_phone_desktop ; However, the SG300 switch knows that the voice VLAN VLAN 100, and he's trying to use this VLAN ID as the value of the $voice_vlan parameter, the macro fails.

    I tried statically configure the voice VLAN on the switch SG300 using the command id of the vlan 100 voice , but I couldn't get the ip_phone_desktop macro to configure interface Gi15 correctly. Then, I removed the command id of the vlan 100 voice and obtained SG300 to learn his voice VLAN ID of UC560 connected to the SG300 through a trunk port based on the port configuration (connected to SG300) for the trunk of the next UC560:

    switchport trunk vlan 101 native

    switchport mode trunk

    switchport voice vlan 100

    Cisco-switch macro description

    This is the command switchport voice vlan 100 who announces to SG300 via CDP VLAN 100 is a voice VLAN. When I run the command show vlan local VoIP on the SG300, I get the following result:

    VLAN ID - VPT DSCP Source MAC address Interface

    1                    5          46       default           ----                    ---

    * 100 CDP e0:5f:b9:xx:yy:zz gi28

    Thus, it is clear that the SG300 receives information from UC560 via CDP in port Gi28 VLAN 100 is the voice VLAN. However, I can not always apply the ip_phone_desktop macro to SG300 Gi15 interface.

    Also, I tried to set up vState ofoithis vlan auto-déclenché as well as the commands in global configuration State vlan automatic voice activated mode. Or setting changes anything view voice VLAN announced at Cisco 7965 where Cisco 7965 continues to use VLAN101 (access the VLAN assigned to the interface Gi15).

    Hello telecastle,

    The Macro just get in the way most of the time. A default state on the switch a user will set the id of the vlan voice with orders

    (config) #voice vlan id 100

    * This will create the vlan 100

    VLAN, VoIP? * You can use to change your defaults for dscp and cos a long with all the other settings.

    State of vlan (config) enabled automatic #voice

    (config) #interface rank fa1-24

    (config-if-range) #switchport trunk vlan 101 native

    trunk (config-if-range) #switchport allowed vlan add 100

    * This function will define the vlan native on the trunk to 101 for the data port and vlan tagged will be 101 for the voice.

    CDP is enabled automatically and should learn the features of the phone and get on the phone to the vlan 101 on this port.

    CDP of the UC should automatically fill in the switch of the SG. You may need to upgrade the switch to the latest firmware however. Also make sure that the DHCP server for the voice if the CPU must be configured accordingly.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Cisco Small Business Support Center

    Randy Manthey

    CCNA, CCNA - security

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    Please report back with your operating system if you are able to buy CS6

  • I would like to have a widget to embed quicktimevideos not only links from youtube videos! Need help!

    HY everybody,

    his situation is:

    It is possible to bind a picture or text to a quicktimevideo. That's nice. The webuser Gets a dialogue to download or save the file .mov (or othertype) to watch it separately from the Web page remains open. OK so far.

    B U t: my client wants to play the movie directly integrated on its Web page. His film is not placed in youtube, because it makse no sence for him, a TI is not possible to make an iframe in MUSE linking the film to the iframe directly on the Web page. YouTube has its own code to place in the Muse, who works with Katies Coffe shop perfect. But how I can do without the Youtube code ist?

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    Need help. At least one information, when you create a widget-viedo?

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    PHP function truncate to display the short extract from article in the database -

    Then a regular hyperlink to post a link to the full article in a new page.


  • Need help with shared links

    I need help understanding the shared hyperlink option when creating hyperlinks in InDesign CS5 (Mac) and how to change a hyperlink target shared.

    I want to build a document that contains links to files on the server from the client. The final use is to make a PDF file in which the customer can click on a hyperlink and the opening (for example) a Word document or another PDF file on their server. When I started the project, I thought I would create shared links because a single server document will be returned by several links dispersed throughout the InDesign document, that I was building.

    In the hyperlink palette dropdown I chose the new hyperlink, then Link To: file in the drop-down list, and I clicked on the hyperlink and then sharing option on OK to close the window. I export the InDesign file to PDF print, and hyperlinks work.

    Now, I need to change the paths, because the customer moved their files to a new location. When I re - open the hyperlink in the hyperlink palette by clicking twice on it, change the hyperlink window opens but it shows my link as:

    Link to: Destination shared (rather than File)

    And the area of destination below shows:

    Document: [my name of the document]

    Name [the path of the file I put in]

    However, this link is not editable. I do not understand why InDesign is doing on its own.


    I realize now that it was not necessary to check the shared option when I built the hyperlink. Is there a way (a script? another method?) that I can remove the nature shared hyperlinks so that when I go to change them, they show that links to files (link to: file, no link to: shared Destination) with a live box Destination path where I can change the link?

    (If someone tries to help him with a script, note that my document also contains the other hyperlinks to websites and emails that I don't want to bother).

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Well. I feel kind of bait and switch, but...

    I want to get links to the point where double clicking on the name of the (number) hyperlink in the hyperlink palette opens a dialog box change the hyperlink where the destination's link to: file and the path to the file appears in the box path as an editable string. Just the way I had them in the first place.

    It is good that you are comfortable the IDML of edition.

    If you compare the links made in two ways in the IDML, the only distinction between the Shared and non-shared seems to be the hidden attribute of the tag.

    Would have been impossible to change this in Javascript (although you could, I suppose, create a new HyperlinkURLDestination with all the same properties and then chang each hyperlink points to it).

    But by changing in the IDML works very well. Open designmap.xml and replace the Hidden = "false" Hidden = "true". Of course, you want to only do that in the tags...

    Something about this seems fishy to me, then you want to check yourself in a single case before putting too much effort in. But I think it's good.

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    You can find the full version of the current version of the current Firefox (38.0.1) in all languages and all systems operating here:

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    Images has not been loaded, but I thought it was due to the slow internet connection. When I clicked on the links that were given as the source of all the images loaded. Then on the test I noticed that I can not click on options. To make sure that I had a problem, I tried some lame games such as:
    I tried some of the options on the support page as disabling add ons, restart firefox on SafeMode etc. I even updated my shockwave, java, etc. Later, because of the risks, I uninstalled java. Still nothing and need help!

    Thank you.

    Thank you guys for your interest. I solved the problem by removing mozilla file from my computer and reinstall. Now, everything is perfect. For the survey I have to fill out, well it turns which includes which cannot be opened with mozilla and chrome files. I could open it with my phone and noticed that the questions were all files to soundcloud.

    Thanks again.

  • How can I delete a button that appears just to the right of the help link.

    In the blue field just to the right of the gray box that has the file, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, and help links is a blue button with a circular logo white. When you click on it it will link to a full site which seems being written East. How can I remove this button? I have a screen shot that shows the key mystery but don't see a way to reach this question

    How to show or hide various toolbars?

    Most toolbars can be shown or hidden according to your needs. To show or hide a toolbar, click an empty section of the band to tabs and check or uncheck it from the context menu.

       Menu Bar: This toolbar at the top of the Firefox window contains the browser menus (File, Edit, Help, etc.). On Windows Vista and 7, the Menu Bar is hidden by default, and its features are contained in the Firefox button. If the Menu Bar is hidden, you can temporarily show it by pressing the Alt key.
       Tab Strip: This is where your tabs are displayed. You can't hide it.
       Navigation Toolbar: This toolbar contains your web site navigation buttons, the Location Bar, the Search Bar, the Home button and the Bookmarks button.
       Bookmarks Toolbar: This toolbar contains your Bookmarks Toolbar Folder bookmarks. For more information, see Bookmarks Toolbar - Display your favorite websites at the top of the Firefox window. On new installations of Firefox, the Bookmarks Toolbar is hidden by default.
       Add-on Bar: This toolbar at the bottom of the Firefox window contains buttons associated with your extensions (if they are made available by the add-on developer). See The Add-on Bar gives you quick access to add-on features for more information.

    Toolbars - win1
    How to customize or rearrange items on the toolbar?

       Right-click an empty section of the Tab Strip and select Customize.... The Customize Toolbar window opens.
       Change the toolbar items as necessary. For an explanation of what each item does, see Customize navigation buttons like back, home, bookmarks and reload.
           To add an item, drag it from the Customize Toolbar window onto the toolbar where you want it to appear.
           To remove an item, drag it to the Customize Toolbar window.
           To rearrange an item, drag it to the spot where you want it.
       When finished, click Done.

    Toolbars - win2

    Try it: experiment with different arrangements. You can always restore the default toolbar settings by clicking on restore the default value defined in the window to customize the toolbar.
    Icon appearance options

    There are additional options to change the appearance of your icons in toolbar at the bottom of the window to customize the toolbar:

       Show: From the Show dropdown menu, you can choose what to display in the toolbars: icons, text, or icons and text together. By default, Firefox shows icons only.
       Use Small Icons: Check this option to make the toolbar smaller.

    How can I add additional toolbars?

       Right-click an empty section of the Tab Strip and select Customize.... The Customize Toolbar window opens.
       At the bottom of the Customize Toolbar window, click Add New Toolbar. The New Toolbar window opens.
       In the New Toolbar window, enter a name for your toolbar and click OK.
       Add items to the toolbar as described above. If you don't add any, Firefox won't create your toolbar.
       When you're finished adding items, click Done.

    Your new toolbar appears under the Navigation bar.

    Try it: make a new toolbar. You can always remove additional toolbars by clicking on restore default set in the window to customize the toolbar.
    I ran out of toolbars, toolbars or unwanted toolbars that reset itself

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    My mac mini (mid-2010) speed/performance is very slow - think of it as a result of letting my kids do "whatever" about it in recent years.  Need help, consolidate the files, software updates, etc. in order to improve the speed and performance.  You will also need to get data out of old PowerBook G4.

    < object edited by host >

    We are users like you.  Search locally by using something like Yelp or similar & find_loc = Chicago, + IT & start = 0 & ortby = rating s

    or read a few links which may be relevant on this forum about the slow mac mini

  • HP-15f039wm: need help to find the driver

    I got lost. need help finding the (USB) Universal Serial Bus controller. would be very grateful for help.


    Try the driver on this link.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Need help updating Bios dc7800 Compact Mini Tower: ROM CAB missing or damaged

    I need help, updated the BIOS on my HP dc7800 CMT. I get this error message:

    System BIOS updte file (. C:\Users\f\Downloads\ROM CAB) is missing or damaged. THE system BIOS does not update.

    I tried to update using the sp53611.exe (8.0 MB) 1.32 Rev A(6 Dec 2011) HP Compaq Business Desktop system BIOS (BIOS 786F1)

    Which can be found here. & swItemId = vc_97114_1 & swEnvOid = 4059

    The current version of my BIOS is: 786F1 v01.04 2007-07-18

    I am running Windows 7 64-bit Ultiate. I noticed on the page (linked above) software, it mentions most of the flavors of Windows 7 64-bit, but it does not mention Win 7 ULTIMATE 64-ditch.

    Here's what I did:

    (1) computer restarted in safe mode

    (2) connected as administrator

    (3) Task Manager began to ensure that all applications and most of the services have been arrested

    3 (a) as an additional precaustion, I even stopped Windows Defeneder

    (4) double clicked on sp53611.exe and let it install the software.

    (5) This opens a web page. I clicked on the link which was under the Bio update to a windows environment.

    (6) the process has started, but then I got the above error.

    Any ideas on what to do next?

    Is it possible that the BIOS cannot be updated because the software does not support windows 7 64 bit ULTIMATE?

    Thank you in advance. I have a new graphics card today (Radeon HD 6570 - who has been recommended by Mr. Paul Tikkanen, thank you), and I guess I should have my current BIOS a bit, no?


    There should be no need to update the BIOS, if everything is working properly.

    If you want to update the BIOS, you must use the built in Flash ROM of system menu in the BIOS.

    It is the safest and easiest way to Flash the BIOS.

    All you need is a USB stick formatted with the FAT 32 file system.

    Download the latest BIOS update, then run it.

    You should get a page of instructions.  On this page, you want the option F10 system flash rom and you should see a summary of BACK flash folder view.

    Copy all the files in this folder on your USB.

    Plug the drive into the usb port, restart the PC and at the beginning of the HP welcome screen, press the F10 key to access the BIOS.

    There will be a menu to System Flash ROM

    What to choose and it should see the BIOS update files on the usb flash drive.  Then follow the instructions on the screen to proceed to the update of the BIOS.

  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p199: need help with the installation and activation of 10 Windows after completely uninstalling Windows

    Hello HP assistants.

    I need help for a specific problem. My laptop came with an installation of Windows 8.1. Then I upgraded to 10 Windows when it became available. After a while, I decided to uninstall Windows completely (to wipe the hard drive) and install a Linux operating system.

    Now, I decided that I want to use some software that is not available on Linux and if I want to reinstall Windows 10. My problem is that Windows has completely disappeared in a form any. So now, I need to download Windows 10 from an official source (which I think can be done fairly easily from the official source of Microsoft, although if there is a better, HP official medium to do this then please recommend it) and then I need to activate Windows some how.

    As has been made clear, I have the right to use Windows 8.1 and 10 but I would need to download Windows 10 and turn it on. Is there a way to do this? I'm literally stuck without solution.

    Thanks in advance.


    As long as the previous installation of Windows 10 had activated Ok after upgrade from 8.1, you can simply perform a new installation as described in the guide on the following link.  Note: On the activation screen, select "I don't have a product key" - Windows will activate automatically once installation is complete.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP 15 ac122tu: need help download driver for HP ac122tu windows 7 64-bit

    I tried downloding from the HP support page, but some drivers aren't recoginizing and they are not properly install
    especially the lan driver do not work when donwloading support page
    don't know the reason
    can someone help me in this?
    Need to link to all the drivers for HP ac 122tu


    If you have installed the BIOS driver to support 15-ac122tu page, it's fine.

    What I was writing, it's not not to install the BIOS or the files of the firmware of the 15 t - ac000 on your model.

    The ethernet driver I posted is good for the entire series 15 - ac, including yours.

  • Skype - need help

    Hey guys, need help! Thank you

    Hi, AbrahamRamos, and welcome to the Skype community,

    Is yours a test post only, or is there something that could help the community contributors and passers-by with that?

    Please post back with more information and details, including

    -Equipment used (computer/phone/Tablet laptop brand and model)
    -Operating system (version and installed updates)
    -Skype version
    -Internet connection used

    Thanks in advance.

    -Skype Community moderation team

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