Need help with Server installation of files open in my computer

Hi all

Give it IM new to open. I would like to install openfiler where I can configure my SAN. I found that there is some software that I have to download openfiler as openfiler - 2.3 - x 86 .iso, openfiler-2.3-x86.esx.tar.gz,group-openfiler-2.3-x86.ccs,openfiler-2.3-x86.vmware.tar.gz.

My question is what do I have to download all these software for installation and after installation iso file which use it. tar.gz files.  It would be useful if someone advise me or someone send me a useful link to this.

Openfiler / password is the default password

try to connect with that and let us know.

I was able to create the installation disk.  Install and while openfiler rose add a 50 GB disc and had openfiler detect it.

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  • Need help with sizing and save files in batches

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  • Need help with screen Blus of death (BSOD) on my computer toshiba laptop

    Hello all, Ive had a little last week, or problems with my laptop. While playing a game (minecraft), I would randomly have a BSOD error and my laptop will re-start. Initially, I gave it no thought, but when it happened again, I decided to try to do a little research, but I'm not terrible with technology and other then I'm neither the case with my own research.

    If someone could point me in the direction of a few possible ways to get this problem.

    guys do you propose I make to the store and see if they can check it out, what would I need if I did.

    I got a program to read some sort of file "dump" made when occurs a BSOD, I publish what this program here says? the program is BlueScreenView, if yes, what I have post the spectator thing? There are has 2 main screens on it, SDO as Sho different dump files (which is on the top) and on the bottom, it lists the names of different files for each dump file I think that some of them highlighted.

    im not this product with tech so I don't know much but I need to post anything on my laptop or any information of the dumpfile and would have this info help in any way to determine the problem? just tell me what I have to post and ill get the information displayed in a response, thank you.


    PS: I don't think that playing minecraft is the cause of the BSOD and crashing, but I only get it when playing minecraft, so I don't know if minecraft is causing accidents and others. I watch videos and this all the time and I never have an accident. I'll try and play a different game and see if this causes my laptop down and the cause is perhaps high usuage to my laptop, as I've said games require a lot of power of a laptop/computer, if they are not the 'best' laptop for games. but yh, if someone thinks they can help me and need some information please tell me so I can get it for you. If you guys think it would be best to get a professional to look just mylaptop say, however im save as a last resort.


    I suggest you to refer to this article to check if this help.


    Resolve stop (blue screen) error in Windows 7

    Important: System Restore will return all system files not as documents, email, music, etc., to a previous state. These files of types are completely affected by the restoration of the system. If it was your intention with this tool to recover a deleted file to non-system, try using a file instead of system restore recovery program.


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    Custom installation WARNING: If you format the hard disk during the installation, the data files are saved in a Windows.old folder on the partition you installed Windows 7.  However, you should always back up the files. If you have encrypted data files, you may not be able to access them after installing Windows 7. If you have backed up your data files and then restored after Windows 7 is installed, you can delete the Windows.old folder.

    Let us know if you need help with this question, we will be happy to offer you our help.

  • Need help with the installer of widows

    Hello, I need help please. I've been downlading an update for my Kodak 5000 series printer. In the middle of the installation, my power went out due to a storm. When I got back to complete the update, the update will not settle. The installer gave me a message saying that it could not complete the installation because of corrupted files. I contacted the support of Kodak, they tried to solve the problem and it was determined that the problem was with the windows installer and that I would need to contact microsoft. Then I tried to run windows update and my updates would not move. He gave me the error code 80070673 and also windows update error code dt000. Can someone please help me solve this problem. I am running vista Home premium service pack 1 edition of widows.

    Hello, Joe

    Try to do a system restore to before it started. Go to start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, open system restore and choose a date when the power is out.

    We can't wait to hear back on your part.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p199: need help with the installation and activation of 10 Windows after completely uninstalling Windows

    Hello HP assistants.

    I need help for a specific problem. My laptop came with an installation of Windows 8.1. Then I upgraded to 10 Windows when it became available. After a while, I decided to uninstall Windows completely (to wipe the hard drive) and install a Linux operating system.

    Now, I decided that I want to use some software that is not available on Linux and if I want to reinstall Windows 10. My problem is that Windows has completely disappeared in a form any. So now, I need to download Windows 10 from an official source (which I think can be done fairly easily from the official source of Microsoft, although if there is a better, HP official medium to do this then please recommend it) and then I need to activate Windows some how.

    As has been made clear, I have the right to use Windows 8.1 and 10 but I would need to download Windows 10 and turn it on. Is there a way to do this? I'm literally stuck without solution.

    Thanks in advance.


    As long as the previous installation of Windows 10 had activated Ok after upgrade from 8.1, you can simply perform a new installation as described in the guide on the following link.  Note: On the activation screen, select "I don't have a product key" - Windows will activate automatically once installation is complete.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Re: Need help with the installation of Windows XP Home on my Equium A120-17I

    I really need help here, I need to know with certainty whether someone has already managed to install Windows XP on their laptop Equium A120-17i?

    For now my all new laptop is useless with a new copy of XP is not working due to driver problems.

    I need drivers for all but impossible to find the right everywhere-

    Pilots to operate wireless
    Drivers for sound.
    Drivers for graphics (Radeon X 1200)
    and there are 3 points to mark more yellow in the Device Manager I have no idea what they are!

    I know this has been asked before but someone at - he managed to install again and can point me in the right direction?

    Thank you, Dan!

    Can you please check laptop model name again. Please send the number of model also. Something is wrong with the name displayed for laptop.

  • Need help with the installation of the drivers on the Satellite A100 - 215 PSAA9E

    Hey all

    I just reinstalled XP home on the satellite A100-215 (PSAA9E-02F00VPT) and I meet some real difficulties get the LAN, VGA and wireless drivers installed.
    Everything else works, but for some reason, these drivers are not what they are supposed to and I find myself in a bit of a tile?

    Someone at - he heard of these drivers being wrong before, if yes is there a solution out there?

    Really need help now as have been on it for a good few hours now and no not get anywhere fast?

    Thanks in advance


    Can you give an exact describtion of the problem with drivers?
    So first of all, you can try to download the drivers again from the download page of Toshiba here:

    And make sure that all windows updates are installed. SP2 is important to be installed for some devices.

  • Need help with the installation of Windows XP Home on my Satellite Pro A300-1DZ

    Hi all.

    I have a Satellite Pro A300-1DZ system unit, model no PSAG1E-OOFOO4EN (think they are 'o' and not '0', circle with slash through it) with WXP Pro.

    I recently contracted a virus inside and as he removed, however it is not good so I want to re - install Windows XP Home edition. I backed up the computer, I have a Windows XP Home SP2 Pro edition disk and I have my product key.
    I put the CD/DVD in BIOS to run 1 drive and tells me that I can boot from the CD, I press a button and it loads the CD, select the option where to install windows.

    BUT! I can t go further than what windows does not detect the HD said he s not now, or whatever.

    My question is this: Please can someone me step by step instructions on how to reinstall XP and a link to all the drivers I need to make it work?


    It's simple on my PC, also, please keep in mind, I am best suited for working on cars, I'm not stupid, but my calloused hands search for computers a little more difficult than Motors please not in many computer technical terms.
    I myself am the slow education in the dark arts of computers. LOL :)

    PS. the laptop has a Vista Basic sticker on it, but it is certainly the XP pro operating system. :)

    Hi jeff

    Here's your solution:
    1. go to bios with F2 when you see the toshiba start screen.
    2. Select the arrow to the left using the "Advanced".
    3 press down until you get to "SATA Controller Mode".
    4 change, using F7/F8, Chang [AHCI] setting [compatibility].
    5. make sure the CD/DVD drive is the first to start and F10 save and exit. computer restart when you are prompted to "press any key" press a button and hey presto as before windows will start the installation, but this time you won't get windows you said:

    Set up did not find Ant hard disks installed on your computer.

    Make sure any drive HARD are powered on and properly connected to your computer and any hard disk related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or Setup program.

    implementation cannot continue press f3 to goto hell... uh I mean leaving the installation

    And you can continue on your installation of Windows XP Home edition.

    Hope I helped many other jeff's in the same boat. XD

  • Need help with the installation of a product of symantec endpont

    I tried to install Symantec endpoint tonight. I get an error indicating that there are updates pending system requiring a reboot. I rebooted several times, I tried to restore my system to an earlier backup, I tried the fix tool. Heck, I even tried the good old google to find an answer and everything I linked to the page of sale of symantec. Is there a work around for this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi John,.

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems to make SEP installed.

    First of all, what can I check the version you are trying to install?

    We saw some problems with some software, leaving behind the registry entry in the registry PendingRename key (Logitech is one we know).

    Thus, a number of things to check:

    1 did you reboot after any hardware installation/change/Microsoft Update?

    2. check the KB, it will guide you through the registry keys:

    Please let us know how you go and if you need further assistance.

    Thank you!

  • Need help with information about the file

    IM and only know basic computer skills. Im having a problem with obtaining correct file information.  I only use MS MediaPlayer.  I have amassed a decent library.  Over the years, I've downloaded music from CD, limewire and what is called a torrent.  My daughter would be to get an education, but she managed.  Songs from a CD are not a problem, but other sources, the news of music might be incorrect or missing.  On my hard drive and the Member for information often is listed as unknown or various artist.  I edited the info on the Congressman, but he will not put these songs in order. Always the groups to the title of an album.  I can't change the information in the properties.  I think I would need to correct the source info in my library, but I don't know how. Any help would be greatly appreciated my OCD insists that my library be in order. Thank you!


    Musician is working hard and deserves to be paid for their work like everyone else, and unless they offer their recordings for free, whenever you download a torrent or P2P service like Limewire, you're basically stealing their intellectual property and taking food off of their plate.

    Most of the people don't post on a Microsoft Forum, ask the help of cataloguing of media that were obtained from these types of sources. In addition, the sources you cite could also distribute unwanted hitchikers (virus, malicious software) as well as the music.

    If you buy the CD you got with torrents and Limewire, you would probably best chance to get the metadata. And it would be "the right thing to do."

  • Need help with the installation of the hosted credit card?

    I am configuring Sagepay to connect on the site of BC to hosted credit card payments and have done the following steps, but what don't get me? I've done all that I can see to add/change on the support site for BC, but certainly there must be something else to connect the purchase form online store checkout wise to take payments?

    I did an online chat with the support of BC Friday and they kept through extraction using "COD" and said that it worked fine, which of course was that no payment is taken using COD.

    However, when you click on credit card, he just fails, then there must be something missing. It was opened as a support call since Friday with no response from British Colombia, can someone help me please, obviously there is something I'm missing or not do?

    1. I configured the IP address and the subnet mask to the need directly from Sage pay online.
    2. I put the page of payment in British Colombia gateway to Sage Pay and entered the name of the seller, as requested.
    3. I customized the Fund 'online store purchase form' to include choosing the credit card.

    Thank you


    It seems that you have the method id of wrong payment on your order form.  Whether you use '7', which is for non-transparent gateways.


    Sagepay being seamless it must be '1' which I've since updated.  If please refresh and try your transaction again.

    I hope this helps!


  • Equium A200-1V0 - need help with the installation of the recovery system


    Thank you!

    If I m well to remember this old book was offered with Vista and recovery image was recorded on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder called HDDRecovery.
    This file is always available?
    Original recovery disk can be created if the laptop to factory settings, pre-installed Toshiba disk creator tool and recovery recovery image stored on the HARD disk.

    Of course, I don't know what it looks like with all this, but you can try to find this Toshiba tool and check if the creation of recovery disks is possible. If this isn't the case, then you have a problem.

    In General original recovery disk can be ordered on but I don't know if you can order it for this older model laptop. Check it out.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Yourock guitar and mainstage 3

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has had success, playing guitar "yourock' of Instruments inspired with Mainstage 3? I had trouble getting any midi continuous trigger for a reason, but a small mini-keyboard will play notes. My yourock guitar records i

  • Firefox, playing videos with Adobe Flash Player restarts the computer without error.

    Try to play a video from any website with flash video restarts my computer with no error and no data in the event log. I disabled automatic restart in case of system error and got BSOD with the following data: Stop: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0 x 000000

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