Need help with wireless for my x120e driver.

This was the hardest thing ever. I've tried literally all the LAN and WAN wireless drivers under all 4 the x120e the driver options. Which is strange because there are 4 options for the x120e when looking for it. As noted here: ( I'd love to help in getting the correct driver. Any help is appreciated, let me know if there are any other necessary information.


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    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that you are facing problems with Windows.

    I suggest you to refer to the suggestions of B Abid replied on 29 October 2012 and check if that helps.

    Hope that the information provided is useful. Let us know if you have questions related to Windows, we will be happy to help you.

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    It would be something along the lines of... (using the names of instance from your description)...

    Popup.Visible = false;

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    function showPopup(evt:MouseEvent):void {}

    Popup.Visible = true;


    popup.popupX.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, hidePopup);

    function hidePopup(evt:MouseEvent):void {}

    Popup.Visible = false;


  • Need help with adapters for T60 wireless


    I recently came across a T60 and I need it to be able to 5 GHz Wireless. The wireless current is not.

    I'm not a genius when it comes to wireless cards, where they are and whether or not they are compatible, this is why I come to you! Will you please help me find a wireless adapter which is dual band, so I can connect more than 5 GHz. No price is too high.

    Thank you for your time!

    -Gabriel Ruiz

    Welcome to the forum!

    If you do not use the BIOS modded, search eBay or Google T 42, 0825 , which is Lenovo a/b/g/n card than some T60 delivered with original series.

  • Need help with total replacement of hard drive and reinstall

    Hello everyone, first of all, I would like to thank you for all the help I get, I hope. I have a HP Envy 14 Beats edition laptop 1260se and I recently bought a new SSD that really made my laptop fast. The only problem I have is that I bought the HP recovery discs so I could get all the drivers and all restored but it does not at all. So I used a windows 7 Professional iso disc my friend had and installed windows (64-bit) and everything works perfectly, but miss me volume controls that appear on the screen. Usually when I press volume upwards or downwards using the keys on my keyboard it would show a bar in the middle of the screen telling me where is my volume. Now I just see the little volume icon in the taskbar that are just a little shy. Also I have more beats off button work. Is there a way I can download these small things to make my laptop almost the same as it was out of the box without all the bloatware? Any help would be appreciated and sorry in advance if it is confusing.


    I don't know about the audio thing Beats, but I think you need the HP OSD utility to get the volume control appears on the screen.

    Did you install software quick launch?

    The likely reason that the recovery disks did not work, it's your SSD has been a smaller capacity mobile mechanical HDD initially provided with.

    They do not normally work on any hard drive that is smaller that that of the PC came with.

  • Need help with the Satellite P750 PSAY3A driver installation order

    Hey guys, just a clean installed for a Toshiba Satellite PSAY3A - 05S 001 P750. Went to the website to download the drivers, but don't know what to download, or in what order should I do. I have windows 7 64 bit

    Here is the list:

    Toshiba Fingerprint Utility (including the two V1.0.3.49 of V1.0.2.49 &)
    Corel Digital Studio (updated)
    User manual
    (PDF version) user manual
    Toshiba Speech System (Application)
    VCR Toshiba (Application)
    Toshiba WEB Camera Application (Application)
    Toshiba Disc Creator (Application)
    Toshiba Face Recognition (Application)
    Toshiba Media Controller (Application)
    Toshiba Media Controller plugin (Application)
    Toshiba in time real (Application)
    Audio Realtek (Audio) Driver
    Update the BIOS (BIOS)
    Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba (Bluetooth)
    JMicron Card Reader (card reader)
    Utility Intel Chipset (Chipset)
    ENE CIR driver
    Consumer IR
    Intel (for the model with Optimus) (display) display driver
    nVidia Display Driver (for models nVidia only) (show)
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver Package Filter (for Atheros model only) (Driver)
    Toshiba Fingerprint Utility (including two V1.0.3.49) (Driver) of V1.0.2.49 &
    USB3.0 (pilot)
    Intel Management Engine Interface
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver (mouse)
    Corel Digital Studio (updated)
    Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment

    DVB-T_ATSC Yuan Tuner driver
    TV tuner
    User manual
    (PDF version) user manual
    Manager (Utility) remote control Toshiba
    Toshiba Service Station (utility)
    Utility Toshiba Sleep (utility)


    All tools and specified drivers were part of the image of Toshiba
    Some tools are important and some tools are less important
    What you really need are:

    Toshiba Fingerprint Utility (including the two V1.0.3.49 of V1.0.2.49 &) Driver
    Toshiba WEB Camera Application (Application)
    Toshiba Face Recognition (Application)
    Audio Realtek (Audio) Driver
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver Package Filter (for Atheros model only) (Driver)
    Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba (Bluetooth)
    JMicron Card Reader (card reader)
    Utility Intel Chipset (Chipset)
    ENE CIR driver
    Consumer IR
    Intel (for the model with Optimus) (display) display driver
    nVidia Display Driver (for models nVidia only) (show)
    Intel Management Engine Interface
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver (mouse)
    DVB-T_ATSC Yuan Tuner driver
    TV tuner
    Utility Toshiba Sleep (utility)

  • Need help with drivers for Satellite P205-S6267

    I think I have all the drivers for my laptop, but I can't control the brightness of the screen or access capabilities of standby power. I downloaded tons of drivers power saver, and none of them work. Someone please help. I am running XP and the only driver I found is for Vista. I've been at this for two days... Please write to me at:

    [email protected]


    Just FYI: whenever you need a driver download from

    As you can see your model of laptop is not yet supported for WXP and I guess you have to wait because you need precisely designed these tools and utilities for your laptop model. In the meantime, I think you can live without brightness control option. In my opinion, it is not so important. Also try to use the Windows power saver options. I'm sure you can use them up to what Toshiba offer WXP tools and utilities.

  • Need help with my (DVD, CD-ROM) Drive

    I have a laptop HP with Windows Vista, when I put a disc in the drive nothing happens, when I eject the disc, it turns so there is definitely power here, can someone help me what is wrong, please...

    I have a laptop HP with Windows Vista, when I put a disc in the drive nothing happens, when I eject the disc, it turns so there is definitely power here, can someone help me what is wrong, please...

    It is possible that your optical drive requires repair
    or replacement... but perhaps the following links would be
    a place to start:

    (982116) your CD or DVD drive is missing
    or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
    (Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7)

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • I really need help with win7 users in c: drive Security tab help

    I noticed that this laptop is really slow, even after a fresh reboot. Now when I open the Task Manager it is about 9 processes running. When I click on the 'show processes from all users", there are 58 running.  BUT users in 'control panel' are mine ALONE.

    When I click on the C: drive, and open the 'SECURITY' TAB in the properties there are 4 users there... 2 of my friends (1 Director 1 reg) 1 - System. and a "authenticated user: listed.".    I want me and I DON'T WANT ALL THOSE LAPTOP SLOWDOWN THIE PROSESSES.   I tried to remove them (System and user auth.) but then got locked out of the system and had no. CHOICE but to the reboot...

    HOW to remove these WHILE I running for the process?

    theres about 12 svchosts.exe and various other programs running (which i disabled an IOBIT system tool with Advanced Care) but they all run WHEN I click on the "show processes from all users in the Task Manager. I want ONLY the USER MY processes


    Why do they have to run in a different user when the user IS NOT in the "USERS" TAB CONTROL PANEL and ONLY in the Security tab, on the C: drive?

    Please help me to get this laptop as it is only not for long, when a 36K modem was the fastest thing there is...


    Hi Tony

    What you describe is normal for the operation of Windows.

    The user of the System is required to manage all the required Windows system processes.

    Svchost.exe is the host of Services controller which is necessary for all Windows Services to run correctly.

    Authenticated users is a Group of users and is visible when any user with a legitimate user account, is connected to the computer.

    You can simply have your user account only running Windows.


  • Need help with tabs for recipes

    I'm sorry if this is basic, but my brain does not work after hours of playing with it. I want to put in place a fairly simple tab for the ingredients of the recipe - not numbered as, I understand - but the quantities of ingredients that vary according to the width... May 1, could be 1 3/4 can be 14... I want this column of numbers flush right, then a space, then the rest of the ingredient should be flush left with a hanging indent (see the last line of the example). So, it looks like this (from cooks illustrated):


    Can someone give me an idea how to implement that (and have usable)? Unformatted text would be:

    2 large eggs 1 large white of egg

    1/2 cup (2 1/2 ounced) of all-purpose bleached, sifted flour.

    etc etc etc.

    This makes me crazy... any help appreciated.

    You need to configure it as a paragraph Style

  • Need help with query for points and polygons, 2 tables of

    Hi all

    I'm slowly stumbling along trying to figure things out space.

    I have two tables, GEO_POINTS:


    Neither table is engraved in stone, if any, I can change some structure.

    I'm trying to understand how to write a query to retrieve all the points in a polygon, perhaps even with an optional buffer provided by the user.

    Conversely, I would probably also need to know what polygons a point would have drawn in, and it's the only request I could make any progress on.

    What I have so far, which is not working properly, is the following:

    Select * from deposits_search where dep_id in)
    SELECT dep_id
    OF geo_points, polygon_areas
    where (sdo_relate)
    (SELECT point_loc
    OF geo_points
    WHERE dep_id = 10282444),
    ("mask = ANYINTERACT") = "TRUE");

    In the light of the foregoing, I want to select all the lines of a third table (DEPOSITS_SEARCH), for all polygons which is a point. The DEP_ID column is my primary key for most of the data tables in the database, and the number rose in my application query. However, the above returns all rows. It should only return one, because I only have a polygon of test defined so far.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Bill Ferguson

    in which case you must include a line of buffer for the interaction between the points and polygons (with a stamp),

    better, you use the SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE operator.

    Not so sure what you mean with "I always have problems while providing a point location and extract the polygons that point would be plotted in" as so-called before unless you want that as a 'transitional instance of a geometry. (Specified using a variable binding or a builder SDO_GEOMETRY.) »

    Read what geometry2 means in there. Read the examples and you will see that you have the geometry second in space operator as a builder. If this is what you need.


  • Need help with drivers for Satellite A210-186

    I have a Satellite A210-186 and I can't find the drivers for Windows XP. Can someone tell me where to find the drivers for XP?


    If you follow this [LINK:] you can reach the site to download drivers. But I must warn you, momentarily, except for the wireless and display no other driver available. Either they will download the other one or you will have to pick up the remaining drivers in the internet (such as LAN, flashmedia, etc...)

    But I think they should update the section soon and allow us drivers...

    Welcome them

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