Need information on display on the Satellite Pro A200-1SS

Hello, I m about to buy the Satellite Pro A200-SS, but I m interested in what I should expect from its display. Is this enough to play games? What is an answer of this LCD? I also heard that the various types of LCD screens are assembled in this book, is it true?

If so, please, try to name and describe them - the most important attribute for me is a response and usability for playing games.

Well, I hope that someone will answer my questions. At latest.



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Satellite Pro A200 is equipped with a screen 15.4 "screen Toshiba TruBrite WXGA TFT high brightness - internal resolution: 1280 x 800

It of a really a good laptop screen. Trubrite technology makes very clear photos.
It is really good to play the game

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  • Low RAM speed to the Satellite Pro A200

    Hi all!

    I bought the Satellite Pro A200-1SS with 1 GB of RAM (DDR2 667 MHz), which I've recently updated with a module 2 GB DDR2 667 MHz of Kingston. Problem is that this vista partition, which was 4.2 with only 1 GB module suddenly dropped to 2.2. Everyone knows the same problem?

    Thanks for help.

    Problem solved after reinstalling vista

  • 2nd hard drive for the Satellite Pro A200


    I have the Satellite pro A200 (PSAE4E-03401FDU). The LT has an option for a 2nd hard drive, but it is not included a cable.
    Someone knows the reference to the 2nd hard drive cable?
    Thank you!

    Stand by.
    When you remove the HARD drive to the second HDD can see HDD SATA conector?

  • Upgrade memory on the Satellite Pro A200

    Have two cell phones of #PSAE1E - 00T002EN Satellite Pro A200 and wanted to know if I can pass the 2 x 1 GB memory 2 x 2 GB?

    If I understand correctly what ask you, you want to upgrade memory of 4 GB laptops.

    Well, I think that it s is not possible.
    The Satellite Pro A200 supports maximum 2 GB of RAM (2 x 1 GB), then you will not be able to use 2 x 2 GB modules.

    Best regards dude

  • Fanspeed went the Satellite Pro A200


    the fan speed increases after bios update. I'm not the only one, but all others have the same problem or not? The fan runs every 30 seconds of high level, too strong. In addition, I went outside and again, the fan works every 30 seconds. SpeedFan said that two hearts are on 10 C. So why does the fan work? After checking the toshiba power management, I changed battery. But this view has not helped. The fan runs again every 30 seconds, but the fan speed does not detect a fun Temperation. The two nuclei of 30 c to surf and send. And another fact is that I want to use carrots for 2 GHz and not 800 Mhz (utility). Change cooling EIB defragmentation method and the intel utlity says 800 Mhz to 2 GHz! It seems that the method liminized toshiba carrots at 800 Mhz?

    If there is a chance to roll back the bios, please help me. Or if there is a guy from toshiba, so please tell the BIOS programmers! In addition, my olders toshibas allowes to control the speed of the fan by the bios or software (fanspeed), why does'nt the satellite pro A200? The fan is too strong tension and the offset of the Temperation is at bottom.

    Please another you experiences, even, you have no solution for the problem.

    Bye - Daniel

    (installed under Vista Ultimate system, all new packages of windows and toshiba)

    Published by: ADMIN on February 16, 2008 20:52

    In most cases the update BIOS helps ;)
    But thanks for this info!

  • Some devices are not correctly installed on the Satellite Pro A200

    I have the Satellite Pro A200 psae7e. and I also have a problem with the PCI memory controller, Modem device on high definition audio bus, mass storage controller, because they are marked in yellow in the Device Manager.

    My knee works fine... sata works fine, graphic controller & etc. Everything in the natural order. but I don't want the yellow icons in Device Manager.

    How to solve this problem. I installed all the drivers, but there is still that the yellow icons that appear.

    And could someone tell me what is the PCI memory controller? Is that the shared memory?

    PCI memory controller is Intel Turbo Memory, also called chip logic Intel Flash cache
    It s a new technology designed to support the new features of Vista.
    There is no driver for Windows XP because XP doesn t supports the cache feature.

    The component of embedded controller compatible ACPI Microsoft supports the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) AC adapter device objects that the operating system uses to manage the resources of power.
    Seems that you BIOS does not support this!

    Update the BIOS to version XP!

  • Need help to restore the Satellite Pro A200-1JO to factory settings

    HI, my mother sells his laptop and asked me to wipe it clean for her so im trying to restore to factory settings with a new installation of the operating system etc. Do not have a recovery with disk and I tried to go through the advanced boot menu now F8 during start-up. Nothing works here are the details of any help would be appreciated.

    Satellite Pro A200-1JO
    Part number: PSAE1E-01H008EN
    Main features
    -Intel® Celeron® M processor 520 (1.60 GHz/533 MHz front side Bus / 1 MB of level 2 cache)
    -Windows XP® Professional
    -9 cell battery with more than 5 hours of battery life
    -Drive DVD Super Multi (Double Layer)
    -Screen 15.4 "screen TruBrite® WXGA TFT 1 280 x 800

    > Have a recovery with disk and I tried to go through the advanced boot menu now F8 during start-up. Nothing works here are the details of any help would be appreciated.

    You can use the recovery disc or HARD drive recovery.
    If recover HARD drive does not work and if you n t has the disc then you could order it here:

  • Where to find info on the Satellite Pro A200 PSAF0A

    I have an A200 Satellite (Pro), number PSAF0A - 03M 019 and so far have NOT had the chance to get the info on the site of Toshiba on this machine, it seems lost as Toshiba is concerned.

    When you use the menu support it rejects serial number or part of the bottom of the machine and there is NO option for the part number in the drop-down list.

    I don't have drivers that I've sorted myself but, I would like to know what BIOS version it is supposed to take, he had originally version 1.20 but my client upgraded to 5.20 and there is no setting in the BIOS to enable the AHCI.

    All I want to do is find some info on this machine, but I didn't do anything but run into dead ends with so-called support Toshiba. Any help I can get would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    > I don't need drivers, I sorted it myself, but I would like to know what BIOS version it is supposed to take.

    The newest BIOS is on the page of the Toshiba driver so take a look here
    But no one version of BIOS for Satellite Pro A200 or other A200 series contain the AHCI / compatible mode.
    The controller is still on AHCI. This can be on that other series laptop.

  • Are XP drivers before buying the Satellite Pro A200


    I am trying to take a decision on which laptop Toshiba buy. One of the things I want to do is load XP on a partition. I'm trying so to ensure that the model that I buy, has XP drivers available. I am looking at a number of Satellite Pro A200 and one or two of P200. The problem is - on the Toshiba site, you get in the drivers and you section A200, but it doesn't give you a model number, e.g. 1YY or 1EE. So, how can I know whether or not the model that I am looking to buy has drivers available.

    Also, drivers seem all to be there. For example, the drivers for the modem are available for a whole country, for Vista, but not for XP. But XP is available for most of the components. On some models, I don't see a driver for XP listed for the DVD player.

    Help, please! How can I make sure that I don't end up with the model where I can't load XP?


    The European driver Toshiba page provides the drivers for the laptop only computer series and not for single units.
    This means that you should check the Satellite A200 series if you need no drivers (XP or Vista).
    If you need the serial number, then google for Satellite Pro A200 - 1YY and you should get several hits providing a PSAE4E-xxxxx number.

    > Please help! How can I make sure that I don't end up with the model where I can't load XP?
    Is that not all the XP drivers are available for all series of laptops.
    In the worst case, you will need to find the XP drivers XP drivers compatible chip manufacturing sites and 3 third-party sites.

    But in most cases, all current XP drivers are published on the page of the driver.

  • Update graphics card on the Satellite Pro A200


    I recently bought a laptop from my uni (Toshiba Satellite pro A200). I tried to install a game, but an eroor had just told me, "something something excellorater graphics card"
    I would like to know isit possible to install a gforce on this laptop graphics card to make the games work.

    If Yes, what is the best way to do it?
    Help, please?
    Thank you.


    Upgrading the graphics card is not possible.
    You can not insert another graphics card.

    What you need to do is; try updating the graphics card driver. Maybe it helps to run the game on this laptop

  • The Satellite Pro A200 - 1 X 2 has a PC card slot?

    The specification says Express Card, but the presentation of the product shows PC Card. Which is correct?

    Thank you

    According to the [website of Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 - 1 X 2 specification | = false #0 aShop] the portable supports the Bridge Media slot 6-in-1 and an ExpressCard slot
    This is no doubt correct.


  • Problems of the product on the Satellite Pro A200 recovery


    I have a Satellite Pro A200. She runs very slowly and sometimes it crashes when I connect.
    Also the homepage was hacked and I tried several anti-spyware and they did not work.

    I have the product recovery disc, but the problem the DVD rom drive stopped working.
    The light is on, but it will not open unless you use the manual unlocking.
    I removed and checked the connections, but it seems okay.

    The CD-ROM/DVD-rom has disappeared from the Device Manager and does not come under the material.
    I tried the system restore, but it won't work.

    Is there anyway that you can use the product recovery software if you start from a USB?

    I tried to restart the computer and choose boot from CD, but it won't give me this option.
    I looked in the bios and only boot options it gives are hard disk, CD rom, land and FDD

    > Is there anyway that you can use the product recovery software if you start from a USB?

    No, this Toshiba recovery disc cannot be copied to USB flash memory and used for installing the OS. I'm afraid that it would work not m.

    But if you have a Microsoft Windows CD, you should be able to create a USB bootable flash stick. In internet, you will find lots of useful instructions step by step how create this bootable USB key.

    But boot from USB flash memory stick must be definitely possible since the BIOS supports bootable devices on:
    Drive floppy USB, HDD, ODD, Network (LAN), USB memory

  • ODD has stopped working on the Satellite Pro A200

    I have a Satellite Pro A200 - PSAE1E.

    The CD/DVD was working fine and then stopped. I put in another CD and it went through the process of trying to find - but could not.
    It ejects the disc. I tried with other CD in the same direction. Yellow light works during the research process.

    I tried to remove the CD from the Device Manager and remove entries of regedit (as suggested on another thread) all without success.
    The computer is a little over a year old and I have no recourse to assistance centers as I live in West Africa.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?


    Is it possible to boot from the recovery disc?
    I mean the CD/DVD drive reads the original disc Toshiba and it of possible to read other CD or DVD from different manufacturers?

    If all the other disks are not readable then the question looks like a WEIRD error and in most cases the STRANGE must be replaced.

    PS: Please note that if you try to boot from the recovery disc then start a recovery procedure will format the HARD drive and reinstall it the entire image of Toshiba.

  • Restore the partition from the Satellite Pro A200 recovery


    I accidentally deleted the 5 GB recovery partition on my Satellite Pro A200. I have since recovered (and the data inside) and tried to create my discs of recovery using the "Recovery Disc Creator', but it is to say that it cannot find the recovery partition :(

    I tried fishing by the ini files for recovery disc creator find where he seeks the score, but could not find anything...

    One thing I noticed is that now it is recovered, it appears as a NTFS fs (I think that before it was an unknown FS type?) and volume label "HDDRECOVERY".

    Any ideas on how I can either:

    (a) wrong recovery tool by using the recovery partition
    (b) to make the score look exactly as it did before I deleted it, so I can use the tool as it is.

    Would really appreciate any help - want to make these recovery disc for my vista ultimate before I go around whacking backtrack top :) and dicking




    > accidentally deleted the recovery partition of 5 GB on my Satellite Pro A200. Since I got (and the data inside)
    I wonder how you restored the deleted partition. Perhaps the recovery settings partition are not the same that before and, therefore, the "Recovery Disc Creator' doesn t work properly.

    Unfortunately, I think you will not be able to fool the recovery tool, if the recovery partition cannot be found.
    You can rename only the partition NTFS FS. This can be done in the disk management console.
    But I don t think this will solve this problem.

    It seems that you have to reinstall the whole OS using the CD of restoration of Toshiba or the original CD of Microsoft Vista

    Good bye

  • The volume control on the Satellite Pro A200 with Ubuntu 7.10

    I have a Satellite Pro A200GE-1F9, I did recently to dual boot with Vista and Ubuntu 7.10. It's the first time I used Linux and most things are going well so far.

    However, the volume control (a wheel at the front of the laptop) does not control the volume correctly with Ubuntu, rather than increase the volume smoothly as with Vista, it increases in a 1/8 of maximum volume jumps, the on-screen volume control is always smooth. I think that it is at least partly due to the change of a material volume wheel, as with the latest Toshiba, I have used, for a version of software based. It controls the system volume and runs continuously, without stop at maximum or minimum volumes.

    Does anyone know how to change this change in volume for a smooth jump?

    Thanks for any help


    given that no one here has no idea, nor pilots, nor any information about the driver from toshiba support, nobody will be able to give you some useful information.

    Have you ever google and checked the ubuntu forums? According to me, which will bring you closer the source here instead.
    So just to start to ask in the ubuntu forums because I think that someone is there who maybe has the same problem as you.

    I hope that artistry a kind of programmer. ;)

    Welcome them

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