Need new DVD player for Satellite A30


I am looking for the replacement of the mat of DVD - RAM * a UJ-811 in my Satellite A30-303.
What models of DVD (rw) are compatible
Thank you




Please download the document of the user s manual and read page 9. There you can find the list of all compatible optical drives. Support & downloads

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    I am looking for replacement of the DVD - ROM SD-R6112 in my Satellite A30 - 754.
    Who are models of compatible DVD, multilayer perhaps are possible?

    Thank you!



    May I ask if you checked you user manual which must be preinstalled on your laptop?
    I downloaded the form the Toshiba support page user manual and find a list of compatible CD/DVD players

    Matsu * has SR-8177; UJDA750
    Toshiba SD-C2612; SD-R6112; SD-R2412; SD-R2512;
    TEAC DW-224TH; DV-W22E-85

    You should read the manual detailed ;)

  • Need a new DVD player for Satellite 1800

    I have a Toshiba Satellite S1800-412 computer and I want to change my DVD - CD player, since he does not recognize DVD discs. Can someone tell me where I could find for this machine compatible readers (i.e. you can tell me a site or list with discs)? Thank you!


    I found information that the compatible DVD player for Satellite 1800 is Toshiba SD-C2502. It is not just DVD recorder DVD player.

    Good bye

  • Need DVD player for Satellite C50 - B - 14 d

    Is someone can you please tell me where I can get a DVD player for my Toshiba Satellite C50 - B - 14 d?
    Mine doesn't have one that I m so bored if I knew I wouldn't have bought!

    I've looked everywhere on the internet, IE ebay etc, no joy, please don't can someone help me thanks xx

    Please don't get me wrong, but I really was wondering you didn't check m specification or description of your laptop model before you have ordered it.

    Anyway, as I can see on this video your laptop uses (models with ODD) SU 208 Multi 8 X DVD RW DL burner.
    I think that you will find the order in your country.

  • I need new display drivers for Satellite A200 - 14 d

    I need new display drivers for my A200 - 14 d, the version provided on the downloads page is quite old, not to support some new games! :(
    I would use the drivers supplied by Toshiba, but if it will not be a newer version, I

    install one of laptopvideo2go.

    Feel free to use the drivers from the pages of third parties.
    But note; No driver Toshiba can be used at your own risk!

  • Compatible Dvd burner for Satellite A30 P4 2.8 ghz

    Can someone tell me if there is a compatible unit internal dvd burner for my Satellite A30-514 P4 2.8 GHz/WXP HE/512 MB / 30 GB/15TFT/DVD-CDRW. And where I can get a.

    Hi Michael,

    I've changed the original CDRW in my A30 - 141 (a TEAC DW224E) for a carpet * a UJ825S with no problems at all. I just need to exchange the plastic parts of the old drive.

    I don't think that the UJ825 is still available now, but future versions should do just fine.

    I burned a DVD on the carpet a lot * one without any problems, so I'm very happy with it.

    Try Googling for a suitable device, I found a range of price, when I searched for mine.

    Kind regards

  • Re: Lack of DVD player for satellite L500


    Can someone tell me what I need to do to get my dvd wrive works again? I have a satellite l500/087, part no PSLS0A-087002. I need to install a Hl-DT-ST DVDRAM GT20N (FW version = - whatever that means) but whenever I look for one of them I can't find anything (most likely because this laptop is a discontinued model).

    Can someone tell me what I'm looking for? Or what can I do? What dvd player of I need to install? Any help would be appreciated

    I'm glad to hear the problem is solved. ;)

  • New DVD-ROM for Satellite S1800-750


    My Satellite S1800-750 DVD player not working anymore. My question is: can I replace it with the original SD-C2502 only, or are there also other (perhaps more recent) readers who register in the same dwelling?

    The SD-C2502 does not support DVD + R discs for example, which would be quite a good service practice to have...

    Thanks in advance

    That means the user manual says?
    Have you checked it?

  • Need new ports USB for Satellite Pro L450D


    I ve tried to keep new ports usb for my Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D I ve called Toshiba and they said I have to put it in for repair, but the thing is - it's not is no longer in warranty so that I can t make and send to Toshiba for repair.

    for me would cost loads I ve asked Toshiba provide me for my laptop usb ports, but they won t so I would like to know where I can get these parts as one of my ports usb don t work because of my daughter in the first place to break them and the entire interior of the usb ports is broken.

    Help, please
    Thank you


    At first, I must say that Toshiba service doesn t sell these small parts such as USB ports. USB ports are soldered to the motherboard.
    Where to get the new USB ports? Good question.

    I don t know where you MFL, but perhaps you should I use Google in your country and check if you can find some independent repairer for laptop and ask for help.
    I fear it won't be so easy to find new ports of m.

    What you can try is to buy defective mainboard in the hope of USB ports are OK and are trying to replace them.

  • What is a compatible DVD player for Satellite P30 145


    My DVD player packed. We know what readers out there are compatible with this laptop. I am currently looking for a NEC ND-6750.

    Thank you very much.


    Did you look in the user manual?

    In my manual that was preinstalled on your laptop, I found a list of compatible drives.

    I think the similar list with disks taken in charge and compatible, you will find in your manual document.

    Otherwise, you could ask the guy to service Toshiba for the compatible device.
    You know, it is important that you purchase a supported player with the settings of the master/slave/c-salt because it of not possible to change these settings later.

  • Need recovery DVD Toshiba for Satellite L500D-149

    I welcome, I have the question, or what? How to order the DVD of recovery for Satellite L500D-149?
    Will they send me the Win 7 HP 64 bit version only WIn 7 HP 32 bit or can send me both versions?

    If you have the European model Mobile you can order under
    I'm sure that you can order the DVD for the 64-bit version > HARD disk image.

    Visit this page and you will see what can be ordered here.

  • Update of the software DVD player for Satellite X 200

    I am a novice pc user and this is my first post - I received an email with a software update for the DVD player.

    The e-mail indicates the installation instructions are in the zip file but I can't find it there or elsewhere - I tried to use the facility to update Vista driver through the Device Manager and pointing to the file where I extracted the zip file, but it says that my drivers are up to date. I also clicked on the extracted Setup file but I get an error message saying: it will not work on my computer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    First a question:
    Why do you want to update anything? You have problems with your laptop?
    If this isn't the case, so I see no reason to make the point.

    On the other hand; What DVD playback software do you mean exactly? Usually you can not install the utility via the Device Manager, but ONLY the device drivers!
    So for me you have mixed something!

  • Need new compatible battery for Satellite C650-129

    * URGENT *:

    Hello. Y at - there anyone out there who can give information me on replacing the battery for satellite C650. (model No.: PSC14E-002001AR), with the battery model number: PA3816U-1BRS, PABAS227?

    I can't find the battery exactly by this model number... is there a compatible battery? -what I got on amazon are the following: HOKKG... . If you have experience with this replacement, please advice me.

    Thank you in advance!

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any other compatible battery so I highly recommend you to use the original battery.

    What you can possibly check is compatible batteries for C650D:

    Google around a bit and see if you can use them with your C650. At least, you can contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can help you with this.

  • A new DVD burner for satellite pro 2100

    Ive got a satellite pro 2100 and I want to change the recorder to a dvd burner. is there a template I can get which will be a swap of right for in-house or will I need an external dvd burner? Thank you.

    HI Jamie,

    DVD writers usually come in two varieties, IDE usually designates those intended for 'slimline' and Office Tower systems which are generally mounted in laptops.

    The physical form of the player is usually constant models (in this case Toshiba use different brands in their notebooks). The device will have various plastic components fittings attached to it which will need tro be transferred to your new unit and have threaded metal accessories which are used to secure the unit to the laptop. These must also be transferred to the new unit.

    You also need device drivers dedicated to this new unit that can are provided on a CD or even be downloaded on the website of unit manufacturers.


  • Need new AC adapter for Satellite L850

    I have a satellite L850-1UR and I need a new adapter. So far, I have a PA5035U-1ACA
    I don't know where to find a new one and if I get exactly the same.

    I do not understand why we cannot buy these things directly on the toshiba Web site, they make it so complicated-'

    Thanks for the help!

    I don't think it's so complicated. Use this part number and try to find a store online in your country where you can order a new one.

    One important thing: I highly recommend buying the original Toshiba AC adapter and not a product without name at low cost.

    Why? In the past I have had bad experiences with these products without a name who were not good and not 100% compatible with Toshiba laptops.

Maybe you are looking for

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