Need new motherboard for my Satellite M60


My Satellite M60-104 needs his replacement motherboard.

Does anyone know if I need to find a motherboard for the exact model number or other motherboards M60 will work? I am struggling to find the exact model number card mother PSM60E-00s02EAV.



It seems that all Satellite M60 have the same hardware platform and you can use another M60 laptop motherboard.

For example:
Satellite M70 comes with two different material PSM70E and PSM71E platforms.
I googled a bit and all Satellite M60 I found are PSM60E models.

If you are looking for used card mother on eBay, there you will always find info on laptop where the motherboard has been placed in.

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    They damage the motherboard in my Toshiba Satellite L655-sp5014m and need your help to find out if I can replace it with another motherboard for a Toshiba Satellite L755.

    I appreciate your support


    If you have a series of Satellite L655, you must use the motherboard designed for this series of portable too
    You can order this service provider of Toshiba motherboard, but I guess that new mobo is not cheap...

  • Need new motherboard for my Satellite L650 - 1 k 2

    Hi guys!

    Please help me! I have a laptop L650 - 1 k 2.

    -Intel® Core i5 - 460 M Processor
    SuperMulti DVD + r (Double Layer)
    -RAM (1066 MHZ) DDR3 4096 MB (2048 + 2048)
    -ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

    3 months ago, the motherboard was burnt. so I said buy a replacement one. This is the information for my motherborad:

    -P/N: PSK1JE-0CY00TEN
    -sps: v000218030
    -REF: 1310 A 2332306

    I can't find an exactally even, but online, a salesman told me that, as long as the sps only. isn't even that it will fit in my laptop.

    so here's my question
    1. the seller learns the truth?
    2. the ATI graphics card come with the motherboard or I have to take off my old?

    I hope some can help me, this laptop is drive me crazy, please help me!


    > I can't find an exactly the same, but online, a salesman told me that, as long as the sps only. isn't even that it will fit in my laptop.

    I can't confirm this but always is he that there are different models of L650 on the market which are equipped with different motherboards, but the layout must be the same
    As far as I know the mother is compatible with a chipset Intel HM55 for L650 - 1 k 2 has a reference number: V000218130
    It looks very similar to v000218030

    With regard to the GPU of ATI.
    Not quite sure you should ask your retailer for this but it turns out that ATI GPU is external so removable

  • Need new motherboard for Satellite L10

    Can someone help me? I need to know where I can find a new motherboard for my Toshiba Satellite L10. I've looked everywhere and can'tfind one.

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    Thank you!

    Please contact the partner of service allowed in your country and order the parts you need.

  • Need new motherboard for Satellite Pro C50-A-1E0

    C50-A-1E0 Satellite Pro to my son is gone completely t * ts up. I think it's a common fault and requires a reset of the bios, or something. I think in any case that a new motherboard will do the trick.

    No help on the motherboard to get which is compatible and it would actually help?

    Thank you.

    Hi nessie

    It is not easy to find the new motherboard and believe me it's quite expensive, you can buy the new notebook.

    What you can do is to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider first. Explain the situation and ask if they can help you with this. They are also able to get the new motherboard for you.

    Addresses and phone numbers, you can find on

  • Need new motherboard for Equium P300-16 t


    I have Toshiba Equium P300-16 t, model PSPC2E-003003KS number, one day, my computer does not start. don't answer no signal on the screen. so I really think that this motherboard is broken, or turns off! does anyone know how can I get new motherboard for my laptop?

    I have given where to see the name or number of the motherboard. where I also see this?

    Please people! I really need help!

    Thank you


    I can imagine to find the new motherboard will be quite problematic and what you can do is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and ask for help.
    They have access to the database of Toshiba and can tell you the exact reference.
    For you is important to get the motherboard for model PSPC2E and it will be exactly the same.

    Problem is this motherboard is very expensive so think twice what is the best option for you: to exchange it or buy new laptops.
    You want to exchange it only?

  • Need new HDD for my Satellite C855 1RL

    My drive hard internal is not read and was told that I need a new. Where can I buy a new HDD for a Satellite C855 1RL, and what kind of money it costs. I have the recovery disks

    Thank you

    You can buy new HARD drive in every store of the computer. What you need is 2.5 "SATA HDD.
    In my opinion you should now reflect on the upgrade and buy SSD that will offer more performance and make your laptop run much faster than before.

    Talk with your dealer ad pick up some useful information about the HDD and SSD upgrade Exchange.

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    My carpet * an optical drive UJ - 811b has stopped working, and I want to buy a new drive for my Satellite P20 S203.
    But this time I would like to have a drive that reads and writes DVD + not only DVD, as did so the UJ - 811b.

    Which drive with these features fit in my satellite p20?
    UJ - 820B don't? Or if you know other model or brand, please write a reply.

    Thank you

    Post edited by: virelai


    You need to buy a compatible player!
    Not all slim drives are compatible due to different master slave / parameters c - salt!

    Generally, your user manual must contain a list of compatible drives.
    If you have no user manual to use this device, then you can download it here:> support downloads & -> Toshiba operating manual

    Here, you have to choose Archive as first option!

    On the other hand, you could get in touch with a local ASP from Toshiba.
    Guys might provide a good information on the supported disc!

  • Need new motherboard for Satellite C850-B735

    I need to know the model of the motherboard. I tried to find a spare part of it online but I could not. I tried to find the part number on the motherboard, but apparently not that this figure makes no sense.

    I need to buy a new motherboard.

    Help, please!

    With the new motherboard might be quite problematic. Always is it that you need professional help with this. You know your laptop model name and model number, so if you can find someone who can get the new motherboard you need these data.

    Of course, you can contact the nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help. They have access to the database of Toshiba and can help you with this.

    Out of curiosity: what is the problem with your machine? Is your cell phone completely dead?

  • Need new motherboard for Satellite A60

    Hello, y at - it an option to buy a mainbord for my Toshiba?
    Where can I get? And how much will it cost?
    Notebook type:
    Pentium 4 3.06GHZ/120W-6.3A

    If this is not possible, can you give me the address of the center of Belgium where I can send it to?

    Thank you!!

    [email protected]


    I found one for a Satellite A60:, Laptop, V000041200.aspx,

    But I m not 100% sure if it s an A60-352-compatible
    However, ask Toshiba motherboard service is supported.

  • Need new motherboard for satellite C850D - 125 (AMD)

    I have the defective chip7 in my motherboard...

    I have so buy another Board.

    Which models are compatible for this laptop?

    Council H000052650?

    Best regards

    If you want to have the same mainboard you must order for the machine with the PSCC8E part number.
    It is not easy to find the exact reference because Toshiba offers 14 or 15 models with the name C850D.

    Try to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
    Anyway, new motherboard is actually very expensive, so you should think twice before buy you.

  • Need new motherboard for the A500-148 pomp

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A500-148 and the motherboard just died. How can I get a new motherboard?

    And what would be compatible mother for this laptop?

    Thank you

    You can get the motherboard on two tracks. Either order you by the Toshiba authorised service provider or you need to find an independent electronic store where you can order.

    Both ways can be a bit complicated. If you order by Toshiba, you must give them old mainboard and to find another place is probably not so easy.

    Is that your laptop PSAM3E part number if you need motherboard for this model.

    You want to exchange it only?

  • Need new motherboard for my Qosmio X 505


    I'm trying to find a replacement motherboard for a 19 "Qosmio X 505 (with i7 processor) and spotted some but could not confirm that advice supports the i7 processor that I want to use. The Council, which was mounted is the DAOTZ6MB8FO rev F which I have not been able to find on EBay UK and I was wondering if anyone knew all the other variations on this forum who would be and the i7 support.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    See you soon,.

    The CPU support depends on the available on the motherboard chipset.
    In General if the chipset supports the i5 processor, then the i7 should benefit from too.

    Need to know the details of chipset... so you know...

  • Need new display for my Satellite C70D - has

    I'm looking for a new presentation for my Toshiba Satellite C70D-A - 11 K!

    Help, please!


    The Satellite C70D - A - 11 K was fitted with the 17.3 "LED color LCD screen with resolution of 1600 x 900 px max support
    You should be able to order this billboard of local Toshiba authorized service provider, or you can see some 3rd party online resellers who provide parts for compatible laptop...

    As I mention above: you should look for the signs 17.3 " .

  • Re: Need new keyboard for my Satellite M40X-163

    I have an old satellite M40x-163 with a broken keyboard. I found some keyboards for my laptop, but im not sure if they are compatible.

    * My keyboard: *.
    Moden not. NSK-T470L
    DARFON REF: 99.N5682.70L
    K/B K000026030 WK 533K

    I would like to know if it is compatible with the following keyboard:
    (I can't find my product on this number, and the photo looks exactly like my keyboard)

    TOSHIBA Satellite A 10 bis 15 to 20 has 25 to 30 series black keyboards

    Compatible numbers:
    K000029390 UE2024P135, P000349000, P000405490
    T4001-US, 48.N 5601.001 has (model number of the ribbon cable), K000001600, K000016050, PK13CW10200 (MP-03433US-698), G 83 C 0000E510, P000377360, G 83 C 0001 K 210, K000011870, NSK-T4001, G G 83 0003, 110, NSK - T 4 a 01, V000040140, 99.N5682. A01, MP-03433US-930, NSK-T4301, G, 0000EA10, V000011350-R, 83 WLJ-5528W, PK13CW10100, N860-7630-T101 - 03A, NSK-T4D01, K000009780, PK13AL00000, PK13AT10600; 99.N5682.701, NSK-T4701, NSK-T4101

    the link is this:
    [ sh = item3379ccb1e6]

    Thank you

    The keyboard on the ebay page seems to be compatible.
    In general all Toshiba parts can be ordered from Toshiba service partner in your country.

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