Need of additional documentation for "IMAQ Match model 2 VI" and "IMAQ learn model 2 VI.



According to me, is part of the intellectual property or information you request and therefore is not public.

In any case, one thing I would try is patent search OR.

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    Thank you

    Hi zero82,

    I checked the specs on the Toshiba Qosmio F60 site and founded an interesting information on the integrated TV Tuner, which should answer your question:

    + Toshiba portable computers equipped with a hybrid analog/DVB-T TV Tuner are willing to receive analogue or digital TV channels everywhere where you want. Broadcast TV formats most popular are supported. * The compact TV Tuner integrates simply and additional power supply or external antenna isn't required.* offers the complete package an electronic program guide, time shift recording, VTX, various functions of recording and playback in order to improve your mobile TV experience. +

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    @jw, which is an acronym, or another language?

    @ck, Yes, no additional subscriptions are needed, Adobe mobile and tablet apps | Adobe Creative Cloud

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    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?
    2. What is the accurate and complete error message you get?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    Tips for solving common driver problems

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    A power management driver allows the operating system more precise on how energy is used by the various components of a control computer.  Installation it can improve the battery life as well as characteristics related to food, such as the Hibernate and sleep.

    A modem driver allows the ThinkPad to use its modem built for various purposes (Internet access dial-up, Fax transmission, etc.).

    All the drivers for the ThinkPad X 31 can be found at

    Kind regards

    Aryeh Goretsky

  • Hi all, I need an activation code for CS2 I bought years ago and now I am unable to activate?

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    For CS2 activation servers are permanently offline. Go to the page below. Read and follow the directions there to download a version without activation by using the key provided - not your key to the LDP.

    CS2 and earlier


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    Name: #.

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  • Need recommendation of Tablet for use with a Mac Mini and CS6

    Hi all

    I'm under CS6 on a Mac MIni with OSX 10.8.3.  I want to start to learn the entrance of graphic design on Photoshop and Illustrator, and everything I've read indicates the use of a Tablet is de rigueur.  Can anyone recommend a high shelf support of range that is compatible with the Mac Mini and CS6?  Apple's site only shows the Tablet Wacom Bamboo Splash but gives no clue if it works with Adobe tools.

    Thank you

    Kevin H.

    Wacom Bamboo or Intuos tablet will work. Intuos tablets are better but more expensive. I wouldn't consider any brand other than Wacom. There are much cheaper brands tablet out there, but Wacom is the best tablets.

  • Error of vi-1074395247 IMAQ learn model 2.


    Development environment:

    • LabVIEW 2012 32-bit (12.0f3)
    • Vision 2012


    Can someone please shed some light on what types of descriptors of the KING are allowed for IMAQ learn ringtone 2?. Only certain KING types allowed for this VI, or you can use any type? I want to create a template with a mask image - KING type descriptors defined in polygon - what is possible or valid?

    I get the 1074395247 error: "invalid template descriptor '.

    However, just by simply changing the return on investment of the Rectangle type (and the coordinates to respond), I don't get this error (although it does not properly hide pixels I don't need)

    Thank you!

    Hi Chris,

    I think you should be able to create a return on investment with a polygon.  Please see this example:

    Thank you!

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    Why it seems that there is no documentation on the Cisco site for VPN clients past version 4.6? There are release notes, but no user guide. We recently bought an ASA, but the accompanying CD has an older version of client.

    Thank you



    Yes, you are right. There is no new documentation for the 4.8, 4.9 and to output other than the text release notes posted with the VPN Client.

    The reason is, other than new features to support some new OS (Vista 32 Bit OS), etc., between 4.6 and 5.0 configuration steps are the same. Then you should be good to go with the 4.6 Setup guide. If this is a new Client VPN deployment, I go through the detailed release notes and be aware of known issues that may affect your network.

    Kind regards


    * Please Note If this can help *.

  • Additional logging for a new table existing replication flow


    The configuration is a replication of schema of one-way between databases flow and relief. the configuration is oracle 10.2 on the solaris operating system.

    for this configuration, I'll have to add a few tables in the near future.

    My query is, how can I make sure the additional logging for new tables.

    Your comments and ideas on what would be useful

    Thank you

    If additional logging is not enabled at the database level, you must change the table to enable additional logging at the level of the table.

    alter table  add supplemental log data (all) columns;
    alter table  add supplemental log data (PRIMARY KEY) columns;
  • IMAQ learn ringtone 2 "learn the mask."


    In my documentation of IMAQ learn ringtone 2, there is no explanation of the work option "mask to learn." Can someone explain it to me briefly?



  • I need a driver for sony walkman model # NWZ - E463.

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    Which driver? You plug the USB cable and it shows up as an external drive - computer should recognize pretty good right now. Then, you use the software that came with it (Media Go) or Windows Media Player, iTunes or what and send your music files to it. You can even drag and drop MP3 files into the music using Windows Explorer folder.

  • vision support rewriting model for image match

    Hey guys, im using labview to detect a picture and record its x - y coordinates.

    does anyone know how I can automatically change at runtime, the model used for the match.

    I get my model of the block Vision Assistant

    Please please help


    Hey Kevin,

    If you configure the Vision Assistant block and place it on your block diagram, you can then right click on it and select "Open Front Panel."

    This shows you the LabVIEW code that the Express VI is running behind the scenes. From here you can find any parameters you have set, put down as constants. So for example, the file path you chose for the template is on the block diagram as a file path constant.

    You can right click on this and change it to a control, and then link this control to the connector pane

    After saving this VI, and closing it, you will notice some changes to your main VI. Firstly the vision assistant block will have changed colour to yellow, and secondly, it will have one more input added to the bottom (if you drag it down) which is for the control you set in the subVI.

    The attached example then adds a case structure to select the file path you want to use as a template during runtime. It would be better practice to use an event structure, but hopefully this works for demonstrative purposes.

    Let me know if this helps out Kevin.

  • Documentation for the Acrobat Document object model


    I'm trying to move my first not in this area, I hope you can bear with my naïve questions.

    I'm trying to find documentation for the Acrobat Document object model. To my surprise, a search in the archives of the forum failed.

    I remember download out of curiosity some Adobe's PDF documents on the execution of JavaScript in Acrobat, ADOM precisely about one (but I could be wrong it was a few years ago and I'm getting old): these documents of the are a thing of the past?

    Thank you very much.


    Have a look here:

    The link is for reference in version 9, which is generally pretty good.

    But if you want the last being (PDF form), you can find it inside the

    Package Acrobat X SDK, here:

Maybe you are looking for