Need of clip art for iMac Viewer.

I was not able to find a viewer of clip art for the iMac. I have a lot of clipart DJ ink and want to use it. I can only open an image at the same time on the iMac, and tedious it is to try to pick a photo of good clip art at the same time. I searched the Internet buy can't find what I want.

Anyone out there use a visualizer of clip art? I would like to have a viewer that shows several thumbnails at the same time.

DJInkers clip art images are jpeg or png files. They can be viewed in the preview:

or the Finder:

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    Thank you


    Original title:

    I'll be seller on the web site of teachers pay teachers. Is it legal to make spreadsheets and other activities using Word from Microsoft and your website software clip art for commercial use? Also, is it legal to do PowerPoint presentations to sell on TpT?  Is it legal to use your fonts as free cosmic in my products? Be sure to answer you in simple, all of the legal terms because my head spin.

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    When you register as a seller on TPT you can then go to their forum and find all your answers.  Click on your dashboard (you'll see that once you signed) and you will find the forums where the seller go to questions and support.  I hope this helps.

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    Hi there need assistance about a month ago, I remove my clip cam preloaded on my curve. Just curious to know how can we get this clip so I can reinstalled on my blackberry, that any information can be sent to (address email removed for privacy users)

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    stockups wrote:

    Hi there need assistance about a month ago, I remove my clip cam preloaded on my curve. Just curious as to how to get this clip back so I reinstalled on my blackberry, all information can be sent txxx

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    Do you mean preloaded wallpapers screen or photos? I can never remember the clipart being preloaded on the BlackBerry, everything.

    You want to also delete your personal e-mail messages... afraid that you'll find some of the webspiders pick it up and and spam your email in crumbs.

  • What are the copyright rules for the use of the clip art images in Microsoft Word?

    I guess you can't use them in an article you want to sell, for example, a book or a work of art.  You can use them in a binder for a seminar (you get paid to run the seminary, but do not sell workbooks).

    Clip art.

    Microsoft Clip Art Gallery provides a compilation of the work for your personal use. The following guidelines apply to your personal use Clipart:

    You can use clip art in your projects and missions of the school.
    You can use clip art in your church brochure.
    You can use clip art for personal and non-commercial.
    You may not use clip art to advertise your business.
    You can use clip art to create a company logo.
    You may not use clip art to illustrate the chapters of a book.

    Microsoft licenses work from third parties and cannot grant permission for that redistribute you the work. If you need work that you can redistribute, our clip art on Office Online partners offer a variety of images you can register.

    For more information on the terms of use that apply to the clip, please refer to the license agreement of the end user (EULA) that accompanies the product you got the clipart image. If you received the work from Office Online, you can find the EULA at

    Use of Microsoft copyrighted content & ie = UTF-8 & oe = UTF-8 & startIndex = & startPage = 1

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    I am the author of a book, can I use the free clip art for illustrations in my novel?

    Hi jacquelyn carruthers.

    Thank you for writing to Microsoft answers Community Forums.

    Free clipart for illustrations generally have copyright attached to it. But I suggest you check the download location.

    All the clip art use is subject to the terms of the individual rights of use. Copyright and clip art usage rights are important to understand so that the image is used legally and authorized. The three most common categories of image rights are royalty-free, rights-managed and public domain.

    Most clip art is sold with a limited royalty free license, which allows customers to use the image for applications more personal, educational and non-profit. Some free clipart of fee also includes limited commercial rights (the right to use the images in for-profit products). However, royalty free image rights often vary from one provider to another.

    Some clipart gallery is always sold on a managed rights basis. However this type of image rights have seen a sharp decline over the past 20 years as royalty free licenses have become the preferred clip model.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • Need help adding 'description' field of view for clips in bin

    I'm buried in confusion right now trying to learn Metalogging. Videos showing the older versions of the first show that there a "third party" field in the thumbnail view of clips in the tray where a short descriptive text can be added. I clicked the menu flying in the version of cs6 in the project panel where I have clips showing in thumbnail view and I've checked and unchecked about everything in the choice of metadata display and nothing changes in the thumbnail view when I go back to the window project and bin.

    Is it possible to add a summary in the thumbnail view field? I don't see columns to achieve either in list view. Also, I don't see all the fields where I can click on and edit existing fields.

    I'm done, watched no informative videos on the internet about it, many who do not apply to the CS6, here is my last hope.

    I would be grateful for links to relevant videos, description or any help on what seems to be a very useful to work with Premiere Pro, neighborhood, but I'm not able to penetrate so far.



    Only in the view of the list.

  • I maintain a colorful monthly calendar for my daughter on which there is a little clip art. With El Capital can remove some of the clipart. How do I now insert/delete clip art to change every month?

    L0.11.3 El Capitan


    Under El Capitan impossible to remove some of the clipart in a colorful monthly calendar I do for the daughter and change every month.

    How do I clear old clip art and new import?

    What application you use to create and maintain this calendar?

  • In Pages 5.6.1 where to store clip art?

    In Pages 5.6.1 where to store clip art?

    Create a separate document to Pages in which you copy / paste your works of art. When you need some work in the future, you open this separate document and copy/paste into your new document.

    You can also select your graphic design in the page document, copy and then launch preview and choose cmd + N to open your image in the Clipboard. Now you can export your regular graphic design in the form of graphic files (jpg, png, pdf, tiff, etc.) in a folder named arbitrarily clip art. For new documents, you can drag and drop the images you need for your clip art folder.

    A cat, two skinnings.

  • clip art of the right of author or political usage

    I am a student and I chose microsoft as my topic. I need to find out what is the copyright for the clip or use is permitted only for the clip.

    More than 10 years, I have never, not even once, seen
    a definitive answer to the issue of copyright of clip art.

    Perhaps the following links will help you make a decision.
    (My humble OPINION... If you decide to use the clipart... Microsoft should
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    Microsoft service agreement
    (SEE # 17 Multimedia and Office Web App
    and models)

    What uses of photos, clip art and fonts images are prohibited?

    Use of Microsoft copyrighted content

    An excerpt from the MS Publisher 2007

    Models and multimedia elements.  You can copy
    and use images, clip art, animations, sounds, music.
    forms, video clips and templates provided with the
    software and identified for such use in documents
    and projects that you create.  You can distribute to those
    the documents and projects for non-commercial purposes.  If you
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    any other purpose, go to
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    Read the section "How you can use" of the
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    Good luck...

  • I can't paste clip art into windows mail. (copied from word document - using IE8) How can I fix?

    I can't paste clip art into windows mail. (do not give me the option.)   I copied the clipart in Word document.  I use IE8, IE9, but unnstalled have in the hope of resolving the problem.   Thank you, Pam

    You cannot copy and paste images (especially the cliparts) of the word.  You need to refer to a disk image.  So use Insert | Picture to insert the image.  The image must also be a format that IE can display, as it is used to show messages in WinMail.

    IE9 is not a problem for that. See here for IE9 questions:


  • Clip Art download

    Hello ,.

    I apparently saved my file of symbols of Clip Art as a white page somehow.

    Can I re - download these files from anywhere?

    I'm assuming that you don't have the original installation for your version of perceive (otherwise you wouldn't ask...)

    You can download the latest version of trial and them to get there. Note: If you have an older version of FM, you need to install as a trial and save them as MIF to be retro-compatible for the FM versions.

  • Add text and clip art

    I am fine tuning my first video clips and the addition of music, text and clip art. I use 8 first. When I add clip art and text, it's fine, but when I do a reading of an excerpt from the text and or clip art fanishes before the end of the clip. I put in 'time stretch' for the clip, is it possible to extend also the clipart image and text? I looked and read, but am not finding the answer. Thank you

    You are working in Assembly mode? If so, all you need to do is drag to stretch the text and clip art clips, so that they are as long as the background video.

    DO NOT use Time Stretch on your securities or clip art! It can lead to problems. If you have already applied, please delete.

  • Help on graphics card memory and upgrade for iMac


    I need advice on a good new graphics card for iMac 27 inch end 2012. My work is mainly in animation, Visual effects and game development soon, so I need an additional card to increase my speed.

    Currently, I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB card. Do you think I should stick to a similar card? Is there something new that will offer me better performance at an affordable cost?

    I don't have much money to spend, but I can certainly use additional graphics now.

    I have also 2 remaining memory locations that accepts DDR3 1600 MHz memory module, but it seems that this module is no longer available. If I had to choose between a graphics card and RAM, which should I go with?

    Finally, can I install these myself? I don't have any Apple Store around me and I do not trust the computer guys in my area.

    First of all, the iMacs are notoriously difficult to make something with except add RAM. Here is a good site where you can get some info on the dismantling, etc.:

    Usually, graphics cards should be replaced with the same model/type of work (if any) - see above site for this kind of info. I'm quite sure that you cannot add just one - iMac is not designed for it.

    Regarding the RAM, just check out OWC for necessary RAM:

    Check that your model is listed. I don't know where you would have been told that the RAM is no longer available (FWIW, Apple does not sell RAM and uses of third party RAM in the new Macs).

    I'd go with the RAM - how many do you have now? Adding RAM is easy.

  • Need a visual cue for the status of Plugins

    Need a visual cue for the status of Plugins:

    . . . "Ask to activate" - these are light gray - it's good

    . . . "Always enable" - should be in light green

    . . . 'Never turn on' - should be in red light - it currently goes to a slightly darker shade of grey

    Be able to sort them based on the State

    The above would make it easier to verify that they are the way you want

    There is only a ' true/false' = active tribute to work with, so you cannot always distinguish between activate and ask to activate.

    .addon-view[type="plugin"][active="false"]{box-shadow: inset 0pt 0pt 100px rgba(255,144,144,1.0)}
  • What is the best program of security for iMac and I have pad pro

    What is the best program for internet security for iMac I heard bad things about norton and McAfee to consider. But I read that apple computers are fix any help please

    None. or the other.  Mac has all the safety integrated, you need as long as you exercise logic and causion.

    3rd party security applications tend to cause more trouble than they solve.

    iPads are a system of closed sandbox, and so no security Apps can run on them for the same reasons that no virus can infect.

    As long as you exercise caution and use only reliable sites and Apps, you should be fine.

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