Need old BIOS for Satellite A100 - 407 (PSAANE)

Hi, need of old BIOS FW (as 5.30 - 5.90)., only for this model. because after the 6.00 update, computer laptop will not start. Sorry for my English!



Old BIOS, you can find HERE.

Please note: these updates are updates to VICTORY and can be started by running Windows only.

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  • Need old Bios for Satellite M70 181

    Everyone knowes where I can get old Versions of BIOS (operating system independent) for my Satellite M70 - 181 (PSM70)?
    Look for the Version 1, 00 - WIN or 1 10-WIN-in the new BIOS, there is no need for cooler adjust :(


    > Does anyone know where I can get old Versions of BIOS (operating system independent) for my Satellite M70 - 181 (PSM70)?
    I m afraid you won't find older BIOS versions for download on the pages of Toshiba I have found that the latest versions of BIOS.

    If you want you could contact the partner of service allowed in your country and ask if it of possible to get older versions of BIOS

    But look, man. I doubt that an older BIOS would support or contains a few additional options or settings that are not available in the latest BIOS.

    Good bye

  • Need driver sound WXP for Satellite A100 - 044 PSAANE

    I bought a new laptop Satellite A100-044 PSAANE with Vista as operating system; I downgraded to Windows XP and I have downloaded all the drivers required for the Web from Toshiba site; But still I have no sound in my laptop.
    Can someone help to solve this problem please?
    Please note that I have this driver from the Web site: sound-xp-51005345_2
    and I get this error message: "Bad DirectSound driver. Please install the proper drivers. error 88780078 "code
    I'm waiting for your answer please


    I checked the page of the Toshiba driver and the PSANNE Sat A100-044 need driver audio XP version The zip file is called sound - xp -
    You have downloaded a sound-xp-51005345_2. Maybe's it a difference between these two audio drivers.

    Please check the txt-file of installation instruction on the driver page. This document contains an install command that is very important.

    One question; have you installed the latest DirectX software available?
    Remember that this software has been installed. It s necessary to the operation of sound and graphics.
    You can start this tool by typing the command: dxdiag

  • Need an old Bios for Satellite M70 151

    Hello everyone is able to share the old 1.30 bios for satellite m70 151

    Thanks Matthias


    Can you please tell us why you want to have the old version of the BIOS again? You have problems with your Satellite M70?

    Only the newer BIOS versions are usually available on the Toshiba page.
    If you want to install an older version of the BIOS of your laptop, you can try to contact the ASP in your country for assistance.

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A100-784


    When I bought it was insalled windows vista.
    for some reason, I prefer windows xp. so I formatted my laptop, insalled sucesfully xp operating system but there are no drivers.

    When I asked the seller why my laptop doesen't have driver CD for his equipment, he told me that I shouldn't be this becouse download drivers on the internet is a peace of cake.

    Can I get some help here because I thing I do something wrong.
    The question is ' t I find no driver in referring to my Satellite A100-784 in the web.

    The issue is that I can't find the product atall...
    looking forward for your reply because I need to address it quickly. It is for professional use.

    Thanks in advance...


    The Toshiba driver page offers drivers for Satellite A100 series and not for simple models like A100-784.
    Satellite A100-784 seems to be a part of the series PSAANE.
    Therefore, look for this number in the form of driver download!

    However, I checked this page of the Toshiba driver and found only a driver of sound for this camera!
    But not don t worry!
    The A100 series mainly come with the same hardware devices and drivers from other laptops A100 could be compatible and can run on your device.

    Take my advice and try to install the unique drivers of different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series. This can help

  • Need Drivers & BIOS for Satellite C660-M203


    I need drivers & BIOS for "Toshiba Satellite C660-M203. Please find me the download link, I am unable to find the model # in the download section.

    Thank you!

    It's really crazy. I can't find a right page either.
    Where did you buy?

    Can you please post the full part number?

  • Need old BIOS for HP Pavilion dv7-6b32us


    I have a HP Pavilion dv7-6b32us which has BIOS installed F.19. I want to try an older version of the BIOS if possible. Can someone please post links to the old BIOS for this laptop. Laptop was purchased in the United States.

    Downgrade bios procedure advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Hi all
    When I posted my original question, only bios F19 is available for download. I checked the HP website again today and to my surprise now previous two versions of the bios are also available for download.

    In case a person at HP has decided to post links to older versions of the bios after reading these forums, then its totally awesome. I am impressed.

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A100 PSAANE

    Why is there no drivers for Win XP, computer toshiba laptop, a series A100 PSAANE.

    There is one and only fair for HER.
    I have such a laptop, with vista preinstaled, and he works very hard.

    I am looking for drivers, I installed them, but I had some problems with them. I took the drivers of the other notebooks SERIES A100, the American site, but nothing.
    I need help here.

    Y at - it someoane coul help me?


    Don t look at the Toshiba site us but on the European driver from Toshiba site.
    This laptop is really designed for the European market and therefore the drivers from the US site could not work as it should.

    Check the different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series and drivers only.
    Unfortunately, this is my best idea and I fear that it could be a last :| m

  • I need an old BIOS for Satellite M40x - 123 (PSM4XE)

    After update (BIOS 1.60) my pc do not work properly.
    I need an old BIOS image. Please send it to me if you have one.

    Thank you

    I have V1.2 for you.

    Windows version

    DOS version


  • Need BIOS for Satellite A100-773


    I need a new BIOS for Windows 7 32 bit. I can't start my OS by DVD

    Thank you

    As far as I know Toshiba doesn't offer some special BIOS of Win7.
    What exactly is your problem?

  • Can I go back to my old BIOS settings - Satellite A100?

    My laptop (SATELLITE A100 - 225 PSAA9E - 03U01EEN) started disconecting my router wireless (for 5 seconds at a time every 5 minutes or so) since I updated my BIOS on Toshiba update page.

    How would I go back to my old BIOS settings?

    Thanks in advance, Genghis.


    As far as I know it is possible, but this must be done by service. They can install old version of the BIOS using special tools.

  • Need drivers Vista for Satellite A100-233

    I have a Satellite A100-233.
    Where can I get the Vista drivers? I need to get the product for her number.


    Why you n t check the bottom of the unit?
    All of the numbers are placed on the label at the bottom. It is a normal case!

    I think you will find a number of PSAA8E.
    I checked the form Toshiba and laptop A100 PSAA8E series is certainly.
    So what s problem?

  • Need update BIOS for Satellite L50 - has PSKJNR

    I need a BIOS update for my PC.
    So I move your site to the category of drivers.
    Download "" 09/04/13 BIOS update Toshiba OS independent 1, 10 - WIN World Wide ".
    And the archive is broken! Please reload a driver to your base.
    Thank you!

    I found the same version on BIOS download page
    Is this version you need?
    > And the archive is broken!
    I don't think so. I ve checked the option archive for my old notebooks and everything is OK.

  • Need driver network for Satellite A100-233

    I just did a reinstall of Windows XP Home on a Satellite A100-233 bought in the Middle East. I have downloaded Intel chipset, then looked up some network driver, the only one that I found that I downloaded (zip file) when I opened there was no facility or the executable file.

    Can you please post the URL for the network driver and all the other necessary drivers for a new installation?

    Thank you

    PS: by the way search gave 0 results whenever I used it.

    You n t need any exe file to install the LAN driver.

    The LAN driver can be installed via the Device Manager. Here, you just mark the unknown device located in the network controllers and point the installer to the place where the LAN driver files have been decompressed.

    All that s.

  • Need driver XP LAN Satellite A100 - 036 PSAAN

    I uninstalled my Home Vista and install Windows XP and then all the necessary drivers. But I cannot run the LAN driver and cannot connect to the internet. I do not have the model of my LAN...
    Please link me where I can download this driver
    Satellite A 100-036

    Thank you.

    p.s. is - it possible the LAN card to be intended to be used only with Vista?


    Just for info:
    Satellite A100-036 supports a LAN Intel Ekron-R 82562GZ chip.

    The European driver Toshiba page provides all the necessary drivers and tools for XP.
    Two different LAN drivers are available on this page!

    The Intel LAN v. driver supports standard LAN Pro100
    The Intel LAN v. 9.2.24 driver supports standard LAN Pro1000

    Try them both!

    By the way; Why you n t search for similar topics here in the forum!
    The replies have been given 1,000 times here in the forum!

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