Need old BIOS than 2.20 - WIN for Satellite A300 (PSAGCE)

Dear friends Iam using toshba laptop
Model name Satellite A300
Part number PSAGCE-00C006AR
Serial number 98020636Q

My problem is I am downgrade my system to windows xp sp3 before its vista and I'm upgrading bios 2.20, now its does not work properly problem with power... When I connect the power code system stuck... .all body have older bios please send me my Email:[email protected] sorry for my bad English please help
someone help me please...


If anyone can send any old BIOS you are trying to contact Toshiba service in your country. They have access to the database of Toshiba and they can get the old version for you.

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  • Win7 drivers for Satellite A300 PSAGCE

    Toshiba will support win7 for Satellite A300 PSAGCE?
    If so it will be soon? There is no driver for this model how is it?

    Satellite A300 will be definitely supported, but no one knows for sure when the Win7 drivers for some this model will be available.
    Every day there are more pilots. From time to time check the support page. I think that these days, pilots should be there.

  • Complete description of the BIOS Version 1.40 - WIN for Satellite L300-1BB

    Somewhere, anyone can find the full description of the bios BIOS Version 1.40 - WIN for the L of Satellite series, which was the site of toshiba on the date 01/14/09. Why should I do this update for my machine?
    Kind regards.


    I didn t find details changed in the BIOS update on the page of Toshiba Europe.
    I assume that Toshiba does not provide this information

    However, if your laptop runs without a problem, then I would not update anything you know
    I'm always that notice; never change a running system. And that's the best advice I've ever heard.

    PS: You're talking about L. Satellite... what Satellite L do you have exactly?

  • Can I use European 2.1 BIOS update for Satellite A300 PSAGCA?


    My toshiba's Satellite A300 PSAGCA-02Y010, bought in September 2008.
    I want BIOS update latest version 2.10 for windows 7, but in the Web of Toshiba-NZ site, I can only find the version 1.9, I find 2.10 for A300 Toshiba Europe, but Europe models are all different from NZ.

    My question is: could I use this BIOS 2.10 europe in my toshiba A300 nz? Thank you.


    I would not recommend using a BIOS that is not released for your laptop model.
    There are a lot of different series for laptop on the market.

    You must use the BIOS that is designed exactly for the portable model!
    As you know, the BIOS update is a reasonable process and can damage the ROM chip using BIOS wrong!

  • The noise of the fan with the BIOS update 1, 90 - WIN for Satellite C660


    Everyone has noticed that the fan turns on more frequently and made more noise right now than in the previous BIOS (1.80)?

    I thought that I had seen around the issue of noisy fan running on extremely low power/performance setting, but I don't know that it is worse now.

    To avoid any misunderstanding, you must follow the first post that you created on the same theme:

  • Need some drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite A305D-s6831

    Hi, I lowered my Toshiba from Vista to XP SP3, and there are still a lot of tinhgs in yellow on the Device Manager.
    I found the video, the sound, the pilot wi - fi, but I could not find the system drivers and motherboard.
    There someone now where can I download it from?



    Normally, the drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba site for your laptop model: download

    I checked the Web site of Toshiba, but I can only find drivers for Vista :(
    So you must search on external Web sites for the drivers or you look on the European website of Toshiba ( and search for Satellite A300 (it s the same as your model only for the Europe of the market).

    I hope that you will find all the drivers and if not please let us know!

    Good bye

  • Need new battery for Satellite A300-009

    I have a Satellite A300-009 and the battery is dead. I looked on ebay and there are lots of batterys for Satellite A300, but in the models list, there all models but my A300-009.

    Question is, can I just get any battery that says supports a different model of A300?

    > Question is, can I just get any battery that says supports a different model of A300?
    Theoretically yes, but what you can do is check the battery on the battery part number and use Google to find an online store where you can order. I recommend buying the original Toshiba Toshiba logo on it battery.

  • Fan replacement for Satellite A300-1 ms

    Hi guys,.

    * Do you know some reliable online stores where I can buy a fan for Satellite A300 *-model 1MS? *
    Where do you buy most of the parts for your used laptops?

    Here are two stores I found, but I have no idea if they are trustworthy or not.

    I've seen a lot of sites that say A300 but the case is silver metal and the original is black plastic.
    The plastic or metal is not a big problem I'm worry about a problem of fitting.

    Thanks for any help,

    + The message was edited: link has been removed - commercial +.

    You can order each part of the Toshiba laptop computer of authorized service provider available in your country. The ASP should be able to provide this part even if the laptop belongs to an old series laptop.

  • Re: Satellite A300 PSAGCA: how to install Win XP as 2nd OS

    Hey any reader for the first time and shows for the first time.
    My comp is the Satellite A300 PSAGCA-02U010

    You 2 questions, hopefully someone can help me with.

    The issue of the first: like many people, I hate Vista.
    How can I run XP as a second OS that don't live my warranty?

    2. the volume level is not very strong (sound) when you watch a DVD etc. I tried different settings, and every time I do I have to restart to take effect, which is a pain that vista is slow to restart. I have downloaded the driver, but noticed that it is exactly the same as what is installed already :(

    See you soon

    > How can I use as a second OS XP who don't live my warranty?
    Installing programs or operating system would not avoid the warranty!
    You can install the Win XP as second OS without fear.

    But before install you anything, I would recommend the Toshiba recovery disc creation!

    With regard to the sound:
    As far as I know the parameters which are changes in the player are not not in trouble. You must increase the volume of every time when you start the software again.
    But have you tested different actors? For example, VLC player is a simple and free tools.
    I recommend to test

  • Satellite A300 PSAGCE: is it possible for a start of the external CD/DVD drive?


    Could someone tell me if it is possible to start the toshiba satellite a300 psagce of cd player external usb?

    Best regards
    Miguel Alves


    The BIOS supports bootable devices on:
    -USB FDD,
    -Primary HDD,
    -Optical devices,
    -Network (LAN)

    So * USB ODD * is not supported by the BIOS

  • Re: Double head graphics card for Satellite A300

    In laptop Satellite A300 - the graphics card is integrated or external?

    It is a graphics card double head for Satellite A300?

    Thank you

    As far as I know the graphic card on laptops are integrated and placed on the motherboard.
    What do you do with an external graphics card?

  • Need old BIOS for Satellite A100 - 407 (PSAANE)

    Hi, need of old BIOS FW (as 5.30 - 5.90)., only for this model. because after the 6.00 update, computer laptop will not start. Sorry for my English!


    Old BIOS, you can find HERE.

    Please note: these updates are updates to VICTORY and can be started by running Windows only.

  • Need old BIOS for HP Pavilion dv7-6b32us


    I have a HP Pavilion dv7-6b32us which has BIOS installed F.19. I want to try an older version of the BIOS if possible. Can someone please post links to the old BIOS for this laptop. Laptop was purchased in the United States.

    Downgrade bios procedure advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Hi all
    When I posted my original question, only bios F19 is available for download. I checked the HP website again today and to my surprise now previous two versions of the bios are also available for download.

    In case a person at HP has decided to post links to older versions of the bios after reading these forums, then its totally awesome. I am impressed.

  • Need old bios version 4.0 or 4.1 for Satellite P100

    I tried now to update my bios on 4.2 32 bit

    However, this result without DECO fan in windows.
    My good warm sound.
    SpeedFan said about 100 degrees Celsius.

    If someone don't know where I can download older versions of bios.
    I have a PSPA3 satellite P100-293

    In the bios, the FAN is functioning normally but when windows starts the fan stops.
    I tried to reinstall with XP and Vista and the problem is still there.

    So I really hope someone has a url or local @ their pc file.
    I tried reading the forums here and see many mistakes after the update to 4.2 either stop fan or he runs at full speed.


    Thus, as a first step: 100 degrees celsius are false. SpeedFan and another of programs like this are usually 20 to 30 degrees higher then in real-time. We checked this home with another brand of laptop with a similar problem and we he measured with special equipment.

    Regarding your problem: do you have that you have installed some third-party drivers from other sites? Finally, it would be a reason why the FAN won´t burp more since the VGA drivers play a really important role concerning the whole cooling system in your machine.

    Please try with the original toshiba drivers or recover your machine, maybe it helps...

    Welcome them

  • Update BIOS v6.00 - WIN for Satellite A100 - 811 (PSAA8)

    I want to know if this update works great for the A100-811?
    The latest version 5.9, I realized he had a problem with it. In fact messed up my computer.

    I took it twice for the service guys, because I thought I did something wrong, but I followed all the instructions corectly. Link to IOS & FID = TRO0000000b07

    Thank you in advance.

    Post edited by: mariuspmg


    I ask myself why Toshiba is expected to publish a bad BIOS?  :|
    It makes no sense to me, you can find a lot of people with a Satellite A100 and as far as I know nobody had and problem with 5 BIOS update, 9 - Win for A100 PSAA8
    So I guess you did something wrong.

    However, according to the European Toshiba 6.0win driver Bios page is available at this time and should work fine

    But I have an important question; Why do you want to update the BIOS?
    Is there something wrong with your laptop?
    If not, then the update of the BIOS is not necessary and as you already know an update of the BIOS is ALWAYS risky ;)

    take care of the GUY

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