Need permissions in Win 7 to take possession of the corrupt administrator (user) account

I have a corrupt administrator user account that is only available in safe mode, at the command prompt.  I created another user account that gives me the Windows interface and I'm now trying to "own the administrator account to copy my files to my new user account."

I am not able to access or change anything from anywhere or management; (Registry, other user accounts, other folders or files, properties or fields etc.) due to the restrictions on my PC.  I tried to use the takeown.exe tool, but I'm not sure what should be entered in the command line.  I read on the parameters to TO, but do not seem to get any results.

Your advice is appreciated... Thank you!

Since you were using the command prompt window when you created the new user, I just assumed you have made using the command:

NET user newuser * / add

where 'newuser' is the name of the new user?

Did you also give this privilege to administrator newuser entering control:

net localgroup administrators newuser / add

While logged as administrator?

It would be necessary to perform the actions that you are trying to do.



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  • Take possession of the key to register via command line

    Is there a way to take ownership of a registry key without having access to the registry? Editing the registry is disabled, I could activate normally using command line, but I don't have permission to change the key. I was wondering if so there is a way to take possession of the key by command line, so I can set the button to activate the registry change.

    Give this extract a whirl:

    ... If the registry editor has also been disabled, you will not be able to run registry changes to fix the rest of the problems, then you must first activate the command registry editor run.  Even if the registry editor is not broken, these commands are safe to run.

    Click Start, run and enter in the box (copy/paste would be safer) the following text:

    Tracking Add HKCU/v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0

    Click OK and answer Yes, if you are prompted with a message of crash.

    Click Start, run and enter in the box (copy/paste would be safer) the following text:

    Tracking Add HKLM/v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0

    Click OK and answer Yes, if you are prompted with a message of crash.

    Now try your registry editor.

    If you inflict not on purpose to this situation on your system, no doubt there are other things on your system that are also affected... we can fix them then.

  • Need help to retrieve the password for user account Windows 8.

    I need help!

    I have configured my windows 8 "admin" or "user account" password for over a year now and I don't remember what it is. I tried to download a new antivirus on the computer software but it takes the administrators password to make changes to this laptop.

    How can I know what is this password and how do I solve the problem in order to be able to install new software?

    Thanks in advance



    "What to do if you forget your password Windows 8/8.1"

    If you have forgotten your Windows password, there are several ways to recover or reset:

    • If your PC is on a domain, your system administrator must reset your password.

    • If you use a Microsoft account, you can reset your password online. For more information, see the Web to reset your password page.

    • If you use a local account, use your index of password as a reminder.

    If you've tried these suggestions and still unable to connect:

    • If you have Windows 8.1, you will need to reinstall Windows.

    • If you have Windows RT 8.1, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your PC.


    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Here's information from Microsoft, explaining that the policy:

    See you soon.

  • Each time after clicking the icon of user account on windows xp to change a password is crashes with this error message: Microsoft (R) HTML Application host has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    Each time after clicking the icon of user account on windows xp to change a password is crashes with this error message: Microsoft (R) HTML Application host has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    There is a Microsoft Knowledge base article which sets up a few steps to perform in the computer in order to solve the problem you are experiencing, read the article that you find on the link I am mentioning below and see if it helps the measures mentioned:

  • Where the log file is located (Win Vista) for the actions of OTHER USERS have taken to using the boxes in user account control?

    Where the log file is located (Win Vista) for the actions of OTHER USERS have taken to using the boxes in user account control?

    I use the version of Vista Home Premium.

    While I don't really like how the UAC area enters the information that tells it when to display the box tell me about your work of things on the UAC (I know an article exist on the web), is not how to answer this question.

    There is no log of UAC elevation file.

  • How to take possession of the hard drive since the upgrade to Windows 7?

    I've upgraded to Windows 7 from XP.

    Unfortunately I can't access all the files on my old hard drive that is on my computer as drive E, nor I can access all the files on the external hard drive USB either. He says that access is denied. These readers are related to my old account on my XP system who crashed and died.

    How to "properly" take possession of these other drives on my new Windows 7 system?

    Previously, I tried to do with my user name on the Windows 7 system to have all permissions. It does not work. It changes the attributes of all files and folders on my other readers but once everything is done, I still have the same problem and I am unable to access it.

    I also tried to use a program called "edit permissions" and who did the same thing and I still have the same problem. No method worked.

    Please Microsoft, you designed these operating systems if please explain to me how to take full ownership and control hard 'MY' in my XP system discs so I can access all the 'MY' files and folders?

    Thank you.


    1. In 'My Computer' (or simply 'computer' now), click on the drive and choose Properties.
    2. On the Security tab, click Advanced.
    3. On the owner tab, change the owner to be your username (you will need to search for and select your user name).
    4. Apply the new owner to "all subcontainers" (all files on the disc).
    5. Click OK until all of the settings are saved.
    6. Try to explore the disc again.
  • Take possession of the System32 folder

    I have problems to install things like Visual Studio, the GPU drivers, printer drivers, file transfer from desktop to a folder on the desktop do not let me use or delete the new file, update Windows Defender and who-knows-what else that gives me an error immediately. Understood the problem with the GPU drivers by taking possession of the 'pilot' and 'DriverStore' files in the System32 folder with 'Appropriate' in the context menu. My old PC is running the same OS without any problem at all.
    Tried to buy permissions System32 the usual way, but I get an error. For the "pilot" and 'DriverStore', I used the context menu. It works, but it gives me the permissions (Administrator) AND I (users) defines as the owner. I just want to have permissions to change (installation, etc.) things and let the owner of the same. Now, the owner is not the same thing in other folders. SYSTEM and TrustedInstaler all the way with different permissions for them. Generally 'Users' have 3 permissions, 'Administrator' has 0 permissions, 'TrustedInstaler' has 1 authorization, "CREATOR OWNER" has 0 permissions, 'SYSTEM' has 0 or each authorization. Sometimes, there are even my username with 0 permissions, but especially it is not at all here.

    I already tried to solve crash Visual Studio start in a forum:
    but they pointed me here. Now, I know for some that this mess of property is the problem in all.

    1. is it safe to take ownership of the whole System32 or even Windows folder?
    2. how to set full control in permissions without getting an error?
    3. as a last resort: if I format my HARD drive and do a clean install, will this problem persists? Or is there a way to prevent it from happening?

    1. is it safe to take ownership of the whole System32 or even Windows folder?

    -> No, this isn't. This could destroy your system.

    2. how to set full control in permissions without getting an error?
    -> You do not because he didn't need to. To install the software, right click on Setup, then click "Run as Administrator".

    3. as a last resort: if I format my HARD drive and do a clean install, will this problem persists? Or is there a way to prevent it from happening?
    -> It's a perception problem that does not exist when you adopt methods applicable to the installation of a program.
    In other words: leave the Windows folder and its subfolders only.
  • Cannot take possession of the hard drive Partition

    I have a partition on my hard drive to store media. OS is XP home SP3. For some reason, I didn't have full access to certain folders on the partition so I tried to change the permissions for the entire score. I don't remember exactly what I did, but the main thing is that I have more access to the root of the partition. (I can always access all files using the file Explorer). I tried to appropriate the partition via the safe mode and the administrator account, but it won't allow me to take this way. I also tried to merge with the c drive partition using partition magic, but I had an error half way through the process. I suppose that the permissions would not happen. I read on the internet that "you can always take ownership' and I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

    Can someone help me?

    Manually apply permissions to a file or folder, follow these steps. Manually apply permissions, it's something that only advanced users should do because you could end up with unexpected results.

    1. right click on the file or folder and then clickProperties.

    2. click on the tab Security and then clickchange.

    3. If you want to set permissions for a user who is not listed undergroup or user names, click Add, type everyone in the name of the user or group, clickOK, select permissions and then click OK.

    For more information, visit the below mentioned link:

    You can also check out the link below.

    See the answer of Alex B-

  • Windows 7 security, permissions, administrative user accounts, access

    My old computer does not start and it was recommended to me to buy a drive external hard drive enclosure, I did.  I put the old hard drive in the enclosure and connected to my laptop.  The laptop added drivers, no problem; However, when I tried to access the drive, I have no access.  I bought the laptop as an obsolete prior to a rental store and removed as an administrator.  I'm the only user and administrator privileges assigned to myself but continue to have access problems.  I tried to change the permissions to grant me the property nothing helps.  Help, please!  I'm in the middle of a very important project and all my data is on the hard drive that I'm trying to access.  I look forward to your reply.

    You may need to take possession of your records - see here:

    You back up your files after the event: you should consider this incident as a warning shot. Regularly backing up files is not just for wimps. Tough gals lose files too and you is maybe not so lucky next time you have a problem.

  • You need to reinstall Win 7 Home Basic which entered the pre-installed on Dell Inspiron n5010 laptop.


    IAM using dell inspiron n5010 Lapop
    who came from Windows 7 Home Basic... I could not find my product key during that...
    later I installed trial windows 7 ultimate... so far I'm used it...
    now, I would like to install pre installed win 7 Home basic... How can I do that... now I dnt have any restore disk, is it possible to take recovery media...
    help & offer me please someone...
    Thank you & best regards
    Original title: pre installed os to format


    With a DELL, you press F8 to start the process of recovery/reinstall to Windows 7.

    CTRL + F11 is for DELL computers that took place of XP.

    "How to restore your Windows 7 computer to factory settings.

    restore your computer Windows 7 settings

    1. Back up important files and data. If you do not back up your files, you will lose them.
    2. Turn off your computer.
    3. Disconnect everything but the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This includes your:
      • Scanner
      • printer
      • modem or network cables
      • mobile phone and Tablet
      • Another external hard drive or USB flash drive
    4. If your laptop is docked, remove it from the docking station.
    5. When the Dell logo appears, press F8 to open the Advanced Boot Options.
      Note: If the Advanced Boot Options menu does not open, wait for the Windows login prompt. Then, restart the computer and try again.
    6. Use the arrow keys to select repair your computer and press enter.
    7. In the System Recovery Options menu, select a keyboard layout and click Next.
    8. To access the recovery options, log as long as administrator, and then click OK to open the Dell Factory Image Restore.
    9. Depending on your configuration, you may need to select Tools Factory Dell , then Dell Factory Image Restore.
    10. Click Next to open the menu to confirm the deletion of data.
    11. Select the Yes, reformat hard drive and restore the factory State system software and click Next.
      Note: The restore process begins and may take five or more minutes. A message appears when the operating system and the applications installed in the factory have been restored to the State of the plant.
    12. After the restore operation is completed, click Finish to restart the computer.
    13. Restore all data or programs that you want to back up files.

    See you soon.

  • Need a home WiFi router, which takes in charge the NAT Loopback


    I need to buy a new router that supports NAT loopback so I can access internal LAN servers of other customers of LAN by using the public URL address (external).

    Ideally, I would like to talk to services to customer or technical, but support at an alarming rate, Netgear make that available. It makes me seriously concerned by the lack of technical support and maybe I wouldn't even go with Netgear in these first impressions. In any case, let's see how this investigation goes first.

    So I need a cheap home router, which offers a good reliable fast WiFi connection like wired connection, IP and of course NAT loopback address reservation. Oh, and it should be on sale in the United Kingdom.

    Thank you for your thoughts people!

    @Frankie3142 Our routers Nighthawk support NAT Loopback.

    You can see our R7800.

  • Cannot take possession of the two machines after power failure

    Greetings...  Recently, I experienced a power failure to my office when I was running two different virtual machines.  After the reboot, I am unable to connect to machines like VMWare tells me "this virutal machine seems to be running."  If I press the button "Take Ownership", he immediantely is back with a dialog box saying "Appropriation of this virtual machine failed."  How to unlock these machines?

    Thanks in advance



    First stop of VMware Workstation, then go and have a look at the folders where are stored the your virtual machines.

    It is likely that you will see some .lck .lock files or folders. Which ones you will see (lck or lock) depends on the version of your VMware product.

    Delete these files (move them to another folder if you are more comfortable with it), and then return to VMware Workstation.

    Reopen the virtual machines and chances are big enough to make them work as they used to be.

    Good luck!



  • How can I start with administrator user accounts in Win 8 if I have the standard account?

    I have a standard account and an active account manager. I need administrator privileges to manage some apps, such as Iolo System and so for...

    I would like to know how to access this two accounts alternately.

    Thank you


    Please go back and let us know the status of the issue.

    Your Microsoft account is an administrator account or a standard account?

  • Need to change the control of user account for some updates

    Why are what some updates not to install until I have change the User Account Control NEVER notify?  Are more often the upgrades to Office 2007 but today 6 1 which was not KB2160841 for .NET Framework 4.

    When I get the update has no notification, error codes are usually 646 but for KB2160841 was 80070005.  After I changed the User Account Control never notify and restarted, 6 updates succeed.  I've been changing this setting to get updates since May 15, 2010 after receiving an email in response to the request of Service SRX1131577276.

    run the fixit. It should resolve the error 646. "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

  • you need permission to perform this action message appears when the saved copy of records of previous installation driver.

    I just picked up a faulty installation of windows 7 and I am trying to copy my backup driver files of this installation in driver in System 32 files. Unfortunately, I can't cross the message I need permission to perform this action. I have the administrator account only on the computer that I use. but this does not seem to help any. Help, please? It would be greatly appreciated.

    You must take possession of the car.

    Right-click on the drive in Windows Explorer, select Properties, then the Security tab and give your user name a total control of the order.

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