Need replacement keyboard for my Tecra A6

I need a replacement for a Tecra A6 keyboard.
Where can I buy one?


Keyboard, you can buy a Toshiba authorized service provider in your country or order it somewhere online.
Many new parts, you can also find it on eBay. With a little luck you can find an it.

Last month I bought a new keyboard for my Satellite M70.

I don't know where you live you can't Google a bit.
You will find an online store in your country where you can order the new keyboard for your Tecra.
For example the UK K000039210 Tecra keyboard

Good bye

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  • Need to replace keyboard for my Satellite P200-1 a 4

    Some of the keys don't work recently because of water damage.
    If I start the laptop I get a beep for error and now I work from an external keyboard.
    But my question is where can I get a new keyboard for my Satellite P200-1 has 4.

    I can place the keyboard in me and I don t want to send my laptop
    to treat because it can take weeks/months.

    Is there some European/Dutch site that sells these products?


    You can either ask a [certified service provider |] for the Partnumber or check [THIS |] site to discover the appropriate partnumber of the keyboard. Since you swamped the keyboard you wouldn still get part of some liquids guaranteed repair, so it doesn´t matter if you swap the keyboard by yourself.

    Welcome them

  • Replacement keyboard for HP Pavilion dv7 1225ez.

    I have little of my broken keyboard keys and I would like to replace the keyboard with a new one. I guess I'll need some sort of 'keyboard number' in case of buy the right one. So how to find the good keyboard?

    Here is your maintenance and Service guide, look on page 71 to choose the correct keyboard for your country.

    Here's one from e - bay for a ticket, an American that there 6 brackets on top of the keyboard, it's okay. The later will have only four tabs and does not, however when you open you machine, you must confirm this to be sure before you order.

  • Replacement keyboard for Satellite Pro P100-465


    Does anyone know if there is another keyboard that I can get for this model?

    The current keyboard keys a pretty spongy and don't respond well except if pressed hard.
    Also, buttons which I use a lot, such as the right change key and enter key are below standard and difficult to use.

    I want to set up a keyboard layout different if possible. The keypad is not important to me.

    Thank you

    Replacement of keyboard should not be a problem. I recommend you contact the partner of service authorized in your country. They should have the numbers for keyboards with a different layout. Using this number, you'll be able to order replacement keyboard.

  • Need to drive for my Tecra S4 Diagnostics

    im a Senior Technical supporter and home use a Tecra S4 (PTS40E). I changed the motherboard and CPU and now I need a disk diagnostic for the Tecra S4.

    Where can I download this disk. Can you help me please? Please send me a link to download Toshiba diagnosis or the Image of the disk.

    Thank you.


    As far as I know that these diagnostic tools are not available for us users regular laptops, but only for service only providers. This is the reason why it cannot be downloaded.
    You are partisan senior technical so I'm 100% sure that you know very well how it works.

    All you can do is to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider in your country, to explain the situation and ask for help. Maybe they can help you with this problem.

  • Need new keyboard for my Satellite Pro L40

    Hi guys,.

    My L40 needs a new keyboard. Can someone be kind enough to advise those who will be compatible with this?

    I ask, as the last one I acquired did not even if it was listed as a keyboard for Satellite Pro L40. There were two studs raised who would keep forcing the keyboard out latches. My original keyboard didn't they.

    The reference on the original keyboard number is 04GNQA1KUK00 - 2 TB. It's a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 - PSL4BE-00M005EN.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Wait a boyfriend of the moment! You have the original piece for the right keyboard number and now you need some info on compatible keyboard?
    Sorry, but you have the info you need. I don't know where you live (assume UK) but use Google and find an electronic store where you can order absolutely the same keyboard and everything will be fine.

    Perhaps this page can help -

  • Need new keyboard for Satellite A500

    I have a PC laptop toshiba Satellite A500-025 and I had a bit of water splashed on keyboard and some keys are no longer works. I was going to replace the keyboard. Mine was purchased in the Canada and has a bilingual English/french keyboard.

    I was wondering if I can order a keyboard only English bilinguals are harder to find.
    Also if anyone can suggest a site to the order of which is reasonably priced.
    Thank you.

    Less expensive keyboard, you can find it on eBay. I ordered two English keyboards for Satellite P300 and L300.
    I paid 15 euros for a keyboard. It is not expensive.

  • Replacement keyboard for HP Pavilion dv7-6c60us

    On my keyboard up arrow fell and I bought a replacement keyboard. Are there guides or manuals on how to replace my keyboard for my HP Pavilion dv7?

    Please see the HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service of Guide for instructions on replacement components. Preliminary replacement requirements begin on page 41, Chptr. 4 and information specific keyboard starts on page 59.

    Please click the White Star of KUDOS to show your appreciation

  • Replacement keyboard for Portege A600-120

    can someone tell me what the size of the connector must be on the Portege A600-120 keyboard?

    My keyboard failed last week and I ordered a new one that was supposed to be compatible with A600 but the connector was too broad.

    Mine is a thin flat 15mm wide ribbon.

    Keyboard serial number is G8C000903EN, but a Google serach watch is the keyboard for the R500...

    Thank you


    As far as I know the keyboard cable is connected to the CN3230 on the motherboard.
    The CN3230 is a dish * 30pin * I / F connector

  • Re: Need new keyboard for my Satellite M40X-163

    I have an old satellite M40x-163 with a broken keyboard. I found some keyboards for my laptop, but im not sure if they are compatible.

    * My keyboard: *.
    Moden not. NSK-T470L
    DARFON REF: 99.N5682.70L
    K/B K000026030 WK 533K

    I would like to know if it is compatible with the following keyboard:
    (I can't find my product on this number, and the photo looks exactly like my keyboard)

    TOSHIBA Satellite A 10 bis 15 to 20 has 25 to 30 series black keyboards

    Compatible numbers:
    K000029390 UE2024P135, P000349000, P000405490
    T4001-US, 48.N 5601.001 has (model number of the ribbon cable), K000001600, K000016050, PK13CW10200 (MP-03433US-698), G 83 C 0000E510, P000377360, G 83 C 0001 K 210, K000011870, NSK-T4001, G G 83 0003, 110, NSK - T 4 a 01, V000040140, 99.N5682. A01, MP-03433US-930, NSK-T4301, G, 0000EA10, V000011350-R, 83 WLJ-5528W, PK13CW10100, N860-7630-T101 - 03A, NSK-T4D01, K000009780, PK13AL00000, PK13AT10600; 99.N5682.701, NSK-T4701, NSK-T4101

    the link is this:
    [ sh = item3379ccb1e6]

    Thank you

    The keyboard on the ebay page seems to be compatible.
    In general all Toshiba parts can be ordered from Toshiba service partner in your country.

  • Need new keyboard for Satellite U500-1F4

    I was visiting my friend in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, it has a Toshiba Satellite U500 - 1F4 Laptop, the subtemplate is PSU9ME-OOCOOXAR

    She bought while working in Dubai, Saudi

    She spilled coffee on the keyboard, and of course, it now does not work correctly.
    I thought that it would be possible to remove and just wash it in hot water, perhaps to dissolve the coffee, but it does not work. There are six or seven key doesn't work is not on the keyboard.
    The rest of the laptop is great, no problem.

    I am now back in the United Kingdom, and I will try to find a keyboard for it. There is a lot on eBay and other places, but whenever I do a search for its model I get nothing.

    The numbers on the back of the keyboard are:-

    MP - 08H56A06528


    OKNO - VGIAR0209493000523

    I found various models U500 and U505 keyboards, so one of them would be?

    Thank you

    On eBay you can find so many keyboards. Just find one for U500 and it will fit for sure.

  • Need to keyboard for Satellite 1130

    where can I get the keyboard for satellite 1130?


    Google around and you'll find a few suppliers. If this isn't the case, you can contact the partner of service authorized in your country. They can order one for you.

    Good bye

  • Need new keyboard for Satellite A660


    I need to get a new keyboard to replace the one in my laptop Toshiba Satellite because some keys stopped working.

    My computer is a Toshiba Satellite A660-PSAW3A-07P00R.

    I have been looking online at different and a single list as "fitting Toshiha Satellite A660 laptop computers".

    Does anyone know if different laptops of the A660 other shape series computers laptops, or I need to find the specific part that is compatible with the number of my computer?

    In addition, the keyboard of my laptop doesn't have the function of backlit, but in some lists I could find that didn't function backlit.

    Anyone know if the backlit keyboard is a size different from that which is not backlit and therefore it does not my laptop?

    I would be very grateful of any help.

    Thank you.

    When the keyboard is removed on the back side is a sticker with part number that you can use to search for and order new keyboard. In my opinion this is the best and easiest way to find a good keyboard.

    Keyboard with backlight has additional cable for power and you cannot use it with our machine, so, in my opinion, there is no sense to buy it. Remove the keyboard and we part of the keypad number.

    I don't know if you have experience with disassembly, but be careful if you want to do it yourself. Small mistake and something may be broken. If all this is too risky for you I recommend you to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can order the original keyboard and switch to... I think only 20 minutes.

  • Need replacement screen for my computer pavilion laptop of 17 inches

    I need the part number to replace the screen of my hp Pavilion
    Model # 17 - g113dx
    I need to buy the cheapest please help if I replace my car

    Thanks in advance

    HI @Lydia6,

    Welcome to the HP support community!

    I see you need the part number to replace the screen of your HP Pavilion Notebook g113dx 17. The room is 809313-001, I am technical support only, not price. If you are looking for the part number it will help you to find the price.

    I hope this helps.

    Please click accept as Solution If your problems are solved.

    Thank you.

  • Need driver 'Wifi' for my Tecra A11 - 1 9


    I have a Toshiba Tecra A11 - 1 9 PTSE1E.

    I need the wifi driver and can not find. The Web of Toshiba site does not recognize my computer with serial number.

    I need help, thank you.

    If you can't find the drivers by using serial number please look for it manually.
    All the drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on
    I can't get it for you because I do not know what operating system you are using.

Maybe you are looking for