Need support of recovery to restore the hard disk full

I bought the laptop following one month before and now I want to restore his first album hard as it came from the factory.

HP Pavilion DV7-7003TX
Windows 7 Home Premium
Hard drive: 2 TB (2 discs 1 to each)

I really want the first hard drive with all partitions restoration as it came from the factory (System + OS + recovering + HP-tool)

How can I purchase the recovery media (DVD/USB) who do this work?

It's a good list to follow. It will recreate all the partitions.

Lately, I've been most successful with USB as the blank DVD media.

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  • How to recover files from the hard disk recovery partition?

    There are recovery (D) on the hard disk.  How can I recover all my old files and programs of this drive?

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    Hello sdf361,

    The recovery partition, that is what you would use to restore your computer when you bought it with the OS on it
    that was pre-installed. It is not your old programs and data on it. You will need to backup your data to restore and install
    your programs since the original installation discs.

    If you do not have the program disk, I suggest that the manufacturer of the computer.


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  • Why the hard disk is divided into partitions of two data (C:Vista and E: Data)?

    I just started a new A200-1V0 and found that disk space is divided into two partitions of sizes equal 'C:Vista' and ' E: Data "(and a small one EISA).

    WHY? What is the logic and purpose? It's not even as if the C:Vista partition is smaller and intended only to the tricks of the 'system' as the root 'Users' (user Documents) is on it also.

    This is the default for Vista (my first use of it), if not, who said that Toshiba could do this without asking me?

    How can I move the root 'Users' in Vista (in the data partition) - if I have two partitions that I might as well use it?

    I can resize partitions in Vista without a utility 3 rd-party (or a complete backup/restore)?

    Thank you

    Hello just YOU

    Please don't be offended because there is no reason for this. You bought the new product with the factory settings. Toshiba and other hardware manufacturer do not know every customer personally and, unfortunately, it was not possible to ask YOU how to set up YOUR laptop.

    Because of this, there is a recovery of product support that allows to configure the HARD disk according to your wishes and needs.

    Please use this DVD and install OS how you want it to be. What recovery procedure starts, you will see CONFIGURATION option on the right side. Click on it and choose the right option.

    Reinstall the OS and enjoy your life. Really, I don't have the time to write on the floors of two partitions, because this is basic stuff and you probably don't want to waste your time to read this.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Where could I find, live disc or other to restore the HARD drive recovery partition?

    Hello I have an A300 system 9 1M unit.

    I need to restore the HARD drive recovery partition, I had to change the hard disk drive, because he's dead.

    Is there a link where I could download the files? IMG to ISO or any other program that can create a new partition for recovery on a new drive?

    This computer is not under warranty, because it has more than 4 years.

    Thank you for all the support you could give me


    PS: second question: which little hard drive disk could I buy for this model? Wich, 2 1/2 hdd and sata connector? IDE? I do not know.

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    Hello, I have another question, how do I recognize the type of connector of the drive in this laptop?

    It's a sata II or sata 3.0 compatible?

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    Step 2: You can also check if the problem persists in the clean boot state.

    Put your boot system helps determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem.
    Try the steps in step 1 in the article to put your computer in clean boot mode.

    Thanks and greetings
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  • Help - need to consolidate the partitions on the hard disk after system recovery

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    Answered in the other Forum.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    message says 'unavailable activation server this time... error code 24:24.

    Error: "Activation Server is not available. CS2, Acrobat 7, pass a hearing 3

  • Satellite L450 - how do you start the recovery from the HARD disk?

    Hello world

    I just joined the forum and already I need help.

    I have 2 questions (10) I'm an ODP, and I volunteer for a local blind group who all have laptops and rewrite the textbooks in braille users. Now a desire to know how start recovery from the HARD disk drive and what you should do disks for this.

    and (2) another received a laptop computer Toshiba A 100 and it does not start as soon as the Toshiba screen appears it lacks a password, we tried all kinds of passwords, tails of start and a new record of program but it does not start. Can anyone help please.


    For instructions how to recover a Toshiba laptop with verification of HARD drive recovery procedure please this document >

    The Satellite A100, I presume that you need BIOS password. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. Accredited maintainer Toshiba can remove the password for you.

  • Cannot access the HARD disk drive HARD - Satellite P300 recovery

    Hi all

    I want to perform a Toshiba product recovery, using the partition on the HARD disk. I did it before and no problem.

    But when I press F8--> computer repair--> selection language--> then I have to select a user (Administrator / my name/guest) when I select the administrator, it says that my account has been disabled, when I select the user with my name (Kenneth) he continues to the menu where I can choose the different options for recovery. If I select the product Toshiba blah blah thingy a screen comes up saying it can't find 01 HARD drive. I did nothing with the partition containing Vista.

    My guess is that I need to log in as an administrator, which is impossible. My user account in Vista is a Director,

    Can someone please?

    I use a P300

    Best regards

    You have made changes on the second partition where is placed folder HDDRecovery?

  • HP Elite 8100 sff: need support of recovery for HP Desktop

    I friend of mine has a desktop HP Elite 8100 SFF with processor i3 with 4 GB of ram was trying to upgrade to windows 7 pro or business pro (if there is a difference) 10 and all the process erased the hard disk windows and windows 10 has not completed the update/install.  There was a problem, but he's not sure what she was.  This attempt was several weeks ago.  After that it wouldn't boot obviously and beep (red light) 5 times in the models.  I think it is a ram problem.  Upgrading windows 10 will cause the ram to go wrong, because he could not bear?  There is also no recovery media for the operating system.  They always make it for this pc?  Thanks in advance.



    Windows may not cause the memory to go wrong.

    The first thing to do for this problem would be to remove and reconnect firmly all memory modules.

    If this fails to solve the problem, remove all modules but one and test each one individually in the black slot nearest the processor.  One causing the PC to 5 beeps is bad and must be replaced.

    If this fails to solve the problem, most likely the system board is bad because it is doubtful that all modules of memory could be faulty.

    If you live in the USA/Canada, call HP at this number of order recovery media.  Have the serial number of the PC handy to give to the customer service rep.


  • my laptop is hp 3020ee I update the hard disk of 500 GB to 6 GB patriot ram can I use recovery disk

    my laptop is hp 3020ee I update the hard disk of 500 GB to 6 GB patriot ram can I use 5 recovery disks

    Yes, you should be able to use the recovery discs.

  • Satellite P100-429, stopped after you create the partition on the HARD disk

    After you create the partition on the HARD disk. PC just stopped.
    After using the restore CD, nothing happened again, any ideas?


    Express media player has been installed on the partition of the laptop?
    I can give you a good solution for 100%, but there may be a conflict between the express media player partition and the new partition.
    Have you installed the OS on the new partition?

    Hey Buddy, try to delete the entire partitions in the HARD drive and format the HARD drive completely. Then try to use it again the Toshiba Recovery CD and install Toshiba image on the HARD drive.

  • Question on the hard disk on Satellite M40X

    I'm working on a clients M40x and the hard drive broke down and I would like to replace it and I have some options and I was wondering if they will work.

    Currently, there is a MK6025GAS in which is fried. Below are the options I have.

    1 MK6034GAX
    2 MK8032GAX

    Can I use a Maxtor? If Yes, what models?

    HUGE thanks :)

    Hi dude

    You can use the hard disks of each production. It s any HDD manufacturing is. The HARD drive is important! So you need a drive that supports the enhanced IDE (ATA-6) interface!

    The SATA drives are not compatible.

    The MK6034GAX 60 GB HDD and MK8032GAX 80 GB HARD drive looks to support the ATA-100 interface (ATA-6). So, in my opinion, the hard drives must be compatible and should run


  • Reformat the hard disk of the P105-S6114

    I need to reformat the hard drive to my PC by Satellite. I inserted the disc 1, off, turned back on while pressing F12. I chose 'clear the hard disk', and this part of the process went well. It took about 1.5 hours. However, he never asked the other disk. All I get now when I turn it on is a black screen with the letter 'j' in the upper left.

    Can you tell me what to do now to re - install the default software/settings of recovery disks?

    Thank you!


    If I understand correctly, you want to reinstall the OS with a recovery disk... In the Bios, set under the 1st boot device cd/dvdrom. Then, insert the diskette and reboot the laptop, according to the instructions on the screen that should start the installation process...
    > It took about 1.5 hours. However, he never asked the other disk. All I get now when I turn it on is a black screen with the letter 'j' in the upper left.

    To be honest, I do not know what that letter, j, means :) BU I know, the 1st recovery disk contains bones with driver and another disc with Toshiba Utilities. Perhaps, you should go to Bios and set hdd under the 1st boot device rather id cd/dvdrom

  • Equium P200D - Question about running out of space on the HARD disk

    First of all, let me say that I am a Silver Surfer and don't know much about how works laptop or where it stores information!
    I don't am not in the least HI - TEC so please be gentle with me.

    I use an older Equium P200d for 1 year with two 40 GB hard drives each.
    My C drive has only 2 GB of memory left available while my E drive still has 30 GB.

    I have only 3.7 GB of programs loaded (according to the research of control panel) and I know that I have 4 GB of music.

    My query is - where is the other 30 GB missing?

    I made the Scandisc option and deleted all the stuff from there and a defragmentation procedure.

    Y at - it searches I can run to find junk I have more need?

    Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.


    Hey Buddy

    If you are using Vista, then you should consider that Vista creates an additional partition on the HARD drive.
    It s hidden and it contains backup files in order to repair the operating system if something goes wrong.

    In addition HARD drive must also contain HARD drive recovery files (image).
    These files are required to recover the laptop HARD drive.

    So the hidden partition and the recovery of HARD drive that could be the main reason why you noticed smaller amount of space available on the HARD disk

    See you soon

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