need technical support for windows live update tool

need technical support for windows live update tool


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    I have a HP computer factory Windows 7 installed. Where can I get support for problems with Windows? Microsoft does not seem to give him, because it is an OEM license, but the HP technical support claim that they offer no support for Windows or!

    Y at - it no support for this kind of factory installed Windows?

    Escalate the problem and ask for a Manager. The technical support people general HP still don't know the facts that they should. You are a paying customer, so keep pushing and demanding support under your warranty.

  • No support for Windows Live ID support to validate my ownership of the Hotmail account despite me providing a lot of information

    After having been locked out of my account without any warning Hotmail, I answered the questions revalidation as well as provide a lot of additional specific information that ANYONE would be able to use to validate my landlord if they really tried, but for some reason, all I get are the SAME automated messages, saying: I have not provided the necessary information.  What do I need to get an answer, courteous and thoughtful of someone who of really watching my information and can offer REAL HELP?

    I would be very grateful if anyone here really can help me solve this problem.

    Nobody here can help with any aspect of Windows Live.

  • Support for Windows Live Messenger

    Hey all

    now I know microsoft probably don't even read this. but I just had to say something because what im shocked and appauled

    I use windows XP 64-bit. Yes, I know that XP Pro 64 bit the discontinued product

    But frankly, I love it.

    And I don't want to change to windows 7 at the moment, but when I went to download Messenger 2011. "windows server 2003 and XP 64-bit is not supported"

    After doing some research, it turns out that there's no plan to support XP 64 Bit in the future and the present

    This is appauling. i love Messenger and need to use it. and I don't have the money now, or need to upgrade or downgrade my OS 32-bit, XP

    64-bit isn't the most popular system, but it is used, and that we deserve more support and a service pack at least 3

    give us the support that we deserve from microsoft.



    Windows Live Solution Center

  • MS has stopped support for Windows 7 updates?

    I tried to get Windows 7 to download and apply updates after reloading my laptop from scratch. If I load MS System Center before SP1, System Center hog all the resources and the laptop has no effect.

    If I load SP1 right after I installed Windows 7, SP1 takes 8 hours, with TrustedInstaller taking all of the resources and the SPINST barely get all resources, even if the updates are disabled. A control is completed, for updates took two days until now and still nothing. I have an instance of SVCHOST that takes between 1.5 GB 2.5 GB, as it intentionally uses the resources to prevent updates of race.

    Last year, I successfully rebooted Win7 on more than 50 laptops, I support computers at a local college, so this is not something new for me. I also have been loading OS on the midrange and personal computers, including Windows, Linux and Mac, for 20 years.

    If this is the way for Microsoft to force updates to Win10 by closing the updates for Win7, I will seek to Linux or Mac.

    Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1520 with a Dual Core 2 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB HARD drive. Been running Win7 on it very well for a few years, reloaded just because the HARD drive failed.

    I also tried various patches KB as suggested by other posts of loading, but it does the same thing, just using all resources while doing nothing.

    The value of the automatic updates to "never check updates" and then restart Windows. Then, install KB3020369 and KB3172605.

    Best regards, VZ

  • Anyone who has used a company named companies in Southend to 210-888-9112. They claim that to be a subcontractor for Microsoft. They provide technical support for Windows 7.

    Anyone who has used a business company of Southend to 210-888-9112 names.  They claim that being a subcontractor authorized for Microsoft.  Their mission is to solve problems with Windows 7.  My computer was sending messages that my Windows 7 software is infected and Microsoft asked them to call me to fix the problem.  They are a legitimate/subcontractor of Microsoft company?

    A scam, leave well alone!

    Windows don't send 'messages' and Microsoft or their contractor back on a virus.

  • I now have a problem with the update for Windows Live Essentials 2011

    I don't understand how it happened, but maybe someone could enlighten me?

    First of all, I was informed of an update for Microsoft Security Essentials. So of course, I did the update because I didn't want to be protected.

    I don't know if this is related somehow. I think that my update understood also as a Windows Live Essentials package. When I checked my e-mail and instant messaging, I noticed that the format has changed, and now, I think it's the new WLM 2011.

    It may seem very nice and put up-to-date, but it caused a series of serious problems for me. Let me explain:

    First of all, I must clarify that I am disabled and use the speech recognition, Windows speech recognition Dragon NaturallySpeaking both, because I can't use my hands.

    In the original WLM before the update, if I were using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I was able to dictate with great ease and had no problem. If I wanted to then send the email I would say just 'send' and e-mail would go. With WLM 2011, if I say that now, it does not work.

    It's just a problem that I have. The next problem is much larger. In some cases, Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition will not work and I can't dictate anything. I then have to close WLM completely and then open it again. Then only, it'll work. This happens many times and it's very frustrating, as you can imagine for someone like me.

    Forgive me for saying, it may seem very well with all the new bells and whistles there, but it makes my life a misery at the moment. In my view, there are a lot of bugs that need to be sorted out first with her.

    My question is, can I go back to the original WLM somehow until the update meets my needs? Can I go back to the status quo when WLM 2010 worked well with speech recognition for me?

    If so, can someone tell me how to do what you please?

    If not, then how am I supposed to use these features now?

    Thank you


    You will find support for Windows Live Messenger in these Windows Live help forums: ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Trying to save the Grand Theft Auto IV game and needed an upgrade to record with the error message: Windows live update failed 0 x 80080005

    Original title: games for windows live update failed 0 x 80080005


    I had to GTA IV the first time when I wanted to save my game play. I'm logged into my account and he said that an upgrade is needed to save the progress. So I tried to put up-to-date, but after 10 seconds, he said that a problem has been found. I need to check my internet connection (no problem). So for support windows if the problem remained. On the note it says 0 x 80080005 I don't know what that means.
    Please help, and I'll hope you'll know the answer.


    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand you are trying to save the game Grand Theft Auto IV and needed an update to register with windows live error update failed 0 x 80080005. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will certainly help the question of fixing.

    Please follow the steps described in the links below and check the issue:


    Games for Windows - LIVE: how update by using Windows Update:



    'Download failed' error:



    Games for Windows LIVE errors:



    For more information:


    Xbox articles:



    Contact Xbox support:



    Xbox LIVE Support:




    I hope the above information helps you and your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution.

  • 22/07/13 - caveat, 'ZIRCON SYSTEMS, TECH SUPPORT FOR WINDOWS' CROOK, USING THE PLOY of id # 888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062

    Last week, and now on the longest phone conversation with me this morning, Mon, 22/07/13, phone swindler wants to CHECK the ID NUMBER OF YOUR COMPUTER.  A 3rd call repeat 'husband' today, from "Steve Matthew," of "Zircon systems", where the staff is all "Microsoft Certified technicians".  Said our PC has been disconnected from the server "universal routing" and needed to check the identification number.  Said computer infected and disengaged, errors with malicious files.  That 50% of Microsoft applications does not.  Finally, after several questions polite but stupid me, as if to say but our computer works OK?  the appellant was told that he is temporarily hung up a temporary server! but it must be reconnected...  After having his name and telephone number - strongly Indian accented man "Steve Matthew" on the phone # 408-498-3608, and have patiently give me the 888DCA60 etc etc 32 numbers, he indicated that he understood my being suspicious, but it is a Microsoft Certified tech, calling for Windows, have we not Windows 7 or XP or Windows 8, etc.?    And he said I could not find the computer ID number easily, it wasn't on our guaranteed purchase paperwork, etc, that I would need to go online with him, to find our location.

    Knowing that registrations for computers, go directly to the manufacturer only if you send the information on your purchase, and that no known iin manufacturer sends the modern world 'Oops, you're disconnected' phone calls, it seemed a bit of fun to keep to provide information...

    So I explained to Mr. Steve, when he repeated for the 4th time that it has been certified Microsoft Tech and trustworthy and kept warning me that our computer would break soon, that, by analogy, certified Subaru Techncians had simply taken a few classes to automotive Subaru training and were not necessarily qualified or guaranteed to work on my car the certification does not matter, you should still consult your dealer, the garage, make sure it's good reputation.    Then, I asked him directly, so, on a phone call from me, a total unknown, he would be willing to send me or transfer to me $2 000,00.  He actually misses, in dismay.  So I repeated it-$ 2,000, say, in US dollars, would it send it to me, if I had called and told him his bank account had been disconnected from his bank, and I needed to reconnect it?   He ate and asked me ' you mean $2,000! $? ' so I said yes, would he give me or transfer to me on this amount, based on a phone call?  He said absolutely not.  End of quote.   I told him how we would check with some type IT geek friends we know, took his phone, name and said I would be back to him and please DON'T NOT CALL BACK IN AN HOUR, BUT PUT us WE HIS DO NOT CALL LIST.

    At this point, I googled Zircon systems - and there is no such American society less than a jeweler or invest co. in Illinois), although I had a systems Zicom in India, which seems to be the sale of legitimate & electronic security systems and then I googled the identification number, find some great ads about what happen and asks what will be PayPal scam, if one agrees with the appellant and goes online and follow their directions.

    (See mutation 2012 of a David Jacoby to , who described a telephone scam quite similar, with the technical information, copy requested screens, orders).   Maybe giving a technical support genuine or scam to support people on your side, an idea of what was going on my caller to walk me through, if I had fallen for the Universal Server disconnected claim it does?

    Hope this helps to update your information, files.

    In any case, this is my first time ever having reported a telephone scam.  Thought it would do, seems since then I received a call from update and more sophisticated scam.  My husband simply hung up on the caller last week - he knows little re our PC, I ask more tech-savvy people to help if necessary.  But then, the scammer called back, too.  If something had to be done to put an end to the process?

    Don't forget, if you get that kind of call, simply ask the crook to trust YOU, say that you are a certified technician to bankruptcy with years of training from the IRS.  Ask if he is personally prepared to transfer $2 000,00 to you (via Paypal, do not give your bank account to him for any potential future direct deposit!), but preferably by cheque of... And it must be sent to the address of your worst enemy in life, as you need the alimony to a former spouse.  Or to a mailbox in a different city than your...  And then tell him you'll telephone him with the identification number of your computer, once you have verified that the money is in hand.

    Done politely, in a pleasant soft voice, you would be surprised how unprepared the scammer or snow must be befriended as a simple employee, but itself for you send funds then asked?  I'm looking seriously for the money from them here - I'm not asking in fact send me $2,000, but I said that I was trying to explain by analogy, with auto - trained technicians and requests for money, why I wanted to check with the best-known people before giving identification numbers.  Analogies, it seems well understand what we hear - an example?  I just him speechless when I wanted a large amount of course him sent me instead...

    Uh, Mr. Steve Matthew, Zircon systems, technical support for Windows company, also clearly didn't "want to send me a few thousand, and he hung up, after I suggested that he does not call again, asked him to put us on the list of subscribers do not call...   Clearly a new variant, although, in the wick on the Microsoft Certified Tech claims, the name of Zircon systems company and so I thought after that.


    I had a similar call from Indian women (?) strongly accented called 'Janet' of 'Zedconnsystems', based in Floria, USA. She had called asking to speak with my roommate to tell her at the computer (which is mine) showed the error messages.  She shook off the usual garbage and was unable to answer most of the questions I asked, but gave his phone number as 4084983608.

    As far as scams go this one seems rather transparent, but mention on the off chance someone saves a load of hassle!

  • How to get support for Windows XP Center operating system reinstall

    Original title Center: media

    I have a hp pavilion dv5000 that came with xp media center 2005 edition installed. It is not working properly and I was wondering if anyone has this program you may send me to re - install. I already have a product key, I just need the program since it is not claim more microsft


    Technical support for Windows XP Media Center Edition

    Because Windows XP Media Center Edition is included with your hardware device or your system, the hardware manufacturer provides technical support and assistance for this software. Your computer manufacturer may have customized the installation with unique components, such as drivers for specific devices and optional parameters to optimize performance on his material. If you want technical help with Windows XP Media Center Edition, contact your manufacturer directly. The manufacturer is no longer qualified to support the software that it is pre-installed on its products.

    For more information, see:

    Support for Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition

  • key questions that need to be addressed as a result of Microsoft removed support for Windows XP in 2014

    I'm looking to find some key questions that need to be addressed as a result of Microsoft removed support for Windows XP in 2014

    If you have links to areas would be great.

    I know more obvious as security and updates, drivers, hardware support - would be good to have a list that is known. mainly on the basis of the company.

    Thank you very much

    I'm looking to find some key questions that need to be addressed as a result of Microsoft removed support for Windows XP in 2014

    If you have links to areas would be great.

    I know more obvious as security and updates, drivers, hardware support - would be good to have a list that is known. mainly on the basis of the company.

    Thank you very much

    Stop using XP in April 2014.

    Although I know that some companies still using Windows 2000, so...

    You're not real specific-, but the basic answer to your question is to find a list of the updates through the catalogue and download/save to some media.  Integrate as much as possible in support of installation that you plan to use after the date of 'dead' of the then 13 year operating system and several.

    Drivers are not the responsibility of Microsoft unless it happens to be Microsoft hardware.  Go through the manufacturer (and it is possble the manufacturer will be * no * drivers for older operating systems supply - like XP.)

  • How update the payment information for Windows Live services?

    Original title: payment to the window Live Services

    I received your message updated my credit card to pay for windows live. I followed the link. I went to 'Payment Type' but it has no connection with the update of credit card, is it has codes that shows specific period and each period shows no activity for us. How to upgrade your credit card information so that we can make.

    More far away why are you keeping it so confusing for one single payment? I am pasting the message that I received from windows live that doesn't work not as indicated: -.

    To view or change your billing account, go to , then select one of the following options:

    • To update payment information, click on link of payment under "Type of payment" on the next page, click on 'Go to payment method information' and on the next page, click "Edit payment method information.
    • To view a statement for a payment method, click the method of payment under "Type of payment".

    Thank you

    Dushyant Parikh


    The question you have posted is better suited to the Windows Live community. I suggest you to send your application in the Windows Live community on this link.

  • What is the normal procedure for windows live support call and offer to fix errors on my computer?

    What is the normal procedure for "windows live support" to call and offer to fix errors on my computer?

    What is the normal procedure for "windows live support" to call and offer to fix errors on my computer?

    N° !!!
    Ignore and hang up. For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Impossible to update Games for Windows Live

    Games for windows Live will not uninstall

    I can't upgrade to the new version of GFWL because that will not uninstall, it keeps asking me for a CD.

    I tried to use the redistributable that I got from a game to uninstall, but it does not work either.

    You can still get a working copy of the "Windows Uninstaller Utility" from Softpedia. Simply click on the 'blue box' to the left of the description and avoid downloading the rest of the Junk software listed as "Download." now

    I have this installed on my Windows 7, 64-bit and used more than once. Good luck, I hope this helps.

  • Games for windows live client cannot install

    Please help me to install Games For Win Live
    Vista home sp2 with 2 n 2g of ram 32-bit core system.
    After downloading the file necessary gfwl, after installation, when I try to connect using my valid passport id in the Launcher error message will produce.., stating that my client had problem and work stoppage. Need help please, I have tried with my laptop xp no problem at all, it is only with my office. I tried to many now install and uninstall process.
    Thank U.

    Hi D33Viilz,

    I found a post on the Games for Windows Live site that has addressed your question.  Here are the steps and the link to the original post:

    If you're running Vista, you can not uninstall all .NET Framework before 3.0.

    If you haven't already, you will need to download 3.5 SP 1 here:

    If you are running Windows 7, it should have the most recent of the .NET Framework.

    Also, I would say that you are using the tool Mod proposed ( to completely remove Microsoft Games for Windows LIVE and LIVE Redistributable.

    When you have finished using the cleanup utility, check that it has been removed through programs and features.

    Restart your PC, and then re-download the newest Client of Games for Windows LIVE here:

    Original Link:

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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