Need the difference between strong Ref Cursor and weak Ref Cursor examples

Oracle 9.2

It would be great if someone can help understand the differences between
1 Strong Ref Cursors(return type)
2. weak Ref Cursor (no return type)

What I read is weak ref Cursor as sys_refcursor is better to use the ref Cursor, because in the case of slider strong Ref object type that will be returned must be declared in advance. It dosent make sense to me?

I start with the examples would be appreciate for advice

Strong Ref Cursor

create the package str_pack
type sref_type is ref cursor return emp % rowtype;
SVAR sref_type;
end str_pack;

Create procedure st_proc (eid in number, c1 on str_pack.sref_type)
Open c1 to select empno, ename, sal from emp where empno = eid;

str_pack.sref_type C1;
type rec is RECORD (eid, ename varchar2 number (20), number of sal);
SheikYerbouti rec;
When exit c1% notfound;
Fetch c1 into SheikYerbouti.
end loop;
Close c1;

There could be errors in the above example but its basically to get a better understanding.

For weak Ref Cursor

procedure of the child

Create procedure child_proc (in number, c1 on sys_refcursor eid)
Open c1 to select empno, ename, sal from emp where empno = eid;

parent process

Create procedure parent_proc (recnum varchar2)
p_retcur sys_refcursor;
emp_row emp % rowtype;
child_proc (eid, p_retcur);
extract the p_retcur in emp_row;
dbms_output.put_line(emp_row.empno ||) e '|| emp_row. Ename | "wins". emp_row. SAL);
end loop;
end parent_proc;



the fundamental difference is to do with the compiling and linking of runtime type that occurs.

The he should explain a lot more detail than I could ever!


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