Need the right charger for my Satellite C660D-153


Sorry to be a little ignorant but I need a replacement charger for my Satellite C660D-153. Just wondering if there was a good or bad to get?

Thank you


The power adapter DC PA3714E-1AC3 19V 3. 42A would be compatible

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  • Need new charger for my Satellite C660D-16th

    My laptop is a Satellite C660D-16th and the charger, I want to buy is a MMDTOSHIBA704. Says 19V 3. 42 a, 65W. What is a good charger?
    The polarity would be okay and everything?


    Your laptop has power adapter with PA3714E-1AC3 part number. Click on the part number to order a new.

    Output is 19V DC 3. 42A.

  • HP pavilion dv6-6198sp: using the right charger for hp dv6? 90 or 120 w? Which one? Help!

    Hi guys, currently im using a charger for my hp dv6-6153sa, but I need to cut this short story, so you'll understand.

    First, I changed the motherboard in this laptop, the motherboard is the HP pavilion dv6-6198sp however, the battery is a HP dv6-6b60sa.

    The charger I use is a HP dv6-6153sa, which is a 90w charger. 19V 4. 74A

    So am I right in thinking I would be better off using a 120 Watt charger?

    Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you

    The specifications I've seen shows that a 120 Watt power adapter is required for both. So yes, you must use a power adapter 120 Watt.

    HP Pavilion dv6-6b60se features

    HP Pavilion dv6-6198sp features

  • Must be replaced to the right arrow for a Satellite U400-15B

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement key for a Satellite U400-15B right arrow?

    As far as I know you can't buy replacement for a single key.
    What you can try is to put cheap keyboard. I saw today new keyboard for Satellite A300 for only 15 euro.

    The replacement of keyboard is not so complicated and you can do it alone.

  • I need the old Bios for my Satellite A100-233 PSAA8E

    I had updated my BIOS to version 6 and now my battery doesn t even hard 10 min... it see the 103 percent when it is fully charged...
    Is it possible that I can get my old BIOS... I think than v5.1


    It's very strange

    First of all you will not be able to download the old version of the BIOS for Toshiba page provides only the most recent versions.
    So if you need the old BIOS, you will have to ask the help of the ASP

    With regard to the issue;
    I'm not very well if the BIOS has something to do with it, maybe you should unload until the battery would be total empty m and then try to charge it again.

    Check it out!

  • Where can I get the right drivers for Satellite Z930 - PT23LA - 01 009?

    A little history: I recently bought a version of Win7 to a Z930 in Auckland from PB Tech shop. I've updated to a clean version of Win8 64-bit. My Win8 seems works ok but I noticed something strange in the Toshiba PC Health Monitor - apparently the Toshiba HDD/SSD Alert is not installed, so I don't understand not his iconic display in the health monitor (but the health monitor think my SSD is in "Good" shape - maybe it's reading the INTELLIGENT of my SSD interface, or maybe it's just saying 'Good' because the integrity monitor is apparently able to operate?)

    I can easily find different versions of the Toshiba HDD/SSD Alert Utility in questionable Web sites - download, but I really prefer to get my Toshiba support drivers. Which leads to my question:

    Where can I get the right drivers for PT23LA-01 009? NZ nor the webarea to Toshiba support have this model in their menus. The closest match seems to be

    There is probably not much difference between a PT23LA-01F and a PT23LA-01 P but it is a bit of concern to be download & install the drivers for a chip that is no my model...

    See you soon,.

    PS: advise me the area downloads for Toshiba support. He also advises "not all utilities are available for each model and operating system. During the installation of utilities, install the TOSHIBA value added first. "Sigh... so maybe my problem is that I installed the Win8 drivers & utilities order when build my own-building a Win8 pass win7? Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest... but if this is the case are here all other dependencies in these built?

    > Where can I get the right drivers for PT23LA-01 009?

    First series of Toshiba laptops (Australian, European, etc) is very similar to the other
    Your model of laptop Australian Satellite Z930 * PT23LA * series is the same as the European model Satellite Z930 * PT23LE * series.

    That's why the drivers, tools and utilities published for Satellite Z930 * PT23LE * series must be compatible with the Satellite Z930 * PT23LA * series.

    To get all drivers for Satellite Z930 * PT23LE *, you should check this page:

    There, you can get all win 8 - upgrade the drivers. Also the HDD/SSD Alert Utility v3.1.64.14

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  • Satellite L300 - 19N PSLB8E - can't find the right drivers for Vista 32 bit


    After you have reinstalled vista 32 bit, I can't find the right drivers for: Satellite L300 - 19N PSLB8E-00V011DU

    -VGA adapter
    -Realtek RTL8101Family PCI fast ethernet
    -Controller SM


    Thank you already!


    Go to the page European driver Toshiba because it is European model:> support download &-> download drivers

    You will find all the drivers!

    Display VGA adapter driver
    Realtek RTL8101Family PCI fast Ethernet LAN card driver
    SM controller might be chipset driver or driver card reader

  • Need the original BIOS for Satellite A210 - 1AO PSAELE

    Hi all!

    long in vain looking for the original BIOS for my satellite A210-1AO PSAELE-03Q00FRU (Vista32bit preinstalled).

    Unfortunately I've updated and laptop lost the ability to disable.
    VERY noisy DWD - ROM (TS-L632H) through the BIOS (but it worked without a doubt with the original BIOS)
    It is also impossible to turn it off through the Device Manager (tried several times).

    I looked for BIOS anywhere where I could (Yes, I tried to download & support from Toshiba for Europe, USA, Canada, China, Russia - no. satellite A210 PSAELE BIOS in lists, even for the A200 PSAELE).

    Written in support of the Russia of Toshiba - no result. the point is that I don't know bios original version for my model, so I tried BIOS version 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.3 - no result.
    The latest idea is to physically remove the DVD-ROM, but it is the solution.

    So where can I find that BIOS? or you recoomend a truly customer friendly toshiba can support office?
    Thanks in advance!


    The Toshiba driver page provides us with all versions of BIOS for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU)

    Toshiba Satellite A210/A210 PSAELU US is the same series as series of Toshiba Europe Satellite A210 PSAELE

    [Versions of BIOS for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU): rpn = PSAEGU & modelFilter = A215-S4697 & SelCategorie = 2756709 & selFamily = 1073768663]

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  • Drivers SATA for Win XP for my Satellite C660D-1GJ

    I am looking for Win XP SATA drivers for my Satellite C660D-1GJ, can someone help me?

    There is no compatibility mode in the BIOS that is why I need these drivers.

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    You will find on the page of the Toshiba EU pilot the AHCI driver packs for Win 7 32 bit / 64 bit and win 8. There is no driver for the chipset AMD in Win XP.

    It seems that AMD does not Win XP AHCI/RAID/SATA drivers for this chipset.

    However, download the version of Win 7.
    Unzip the package. Now, you'll see an exe file. It's a package too.
    Right-click on the exe (TC40115700D) and extract the package.

    Now, go to:
    TC40115700D-packages-> drivers >-> SBDrv->-> AHCI SB7xx
    There you will find the files amd_sata/driver

    But again: not quite sure if Win XP would be able to manage it.

  • Expect a new charger for my Satellite A300

    I put t know if I am on the right place for my problem.

    I bought a Toshiba laptop on September 9, 2009. Model: Toshiba Satellite A300-1RY.

    Everything went very well with the laptop since the date of purchase, except for the fact that it is so slow to start and stop even if I am told that it is normal on Toshiba laptops, until last week when the charger has stopped working on it. It was working fine and then the next thing I know my laptop turns off and will not be put into service again once, I tried the charger on 4 plugs and it wouldn t work on any of them.

    I brought the laptop and the charger in my local branch of the shop, as it was bought. Found in an outlet he and wouldn t work then they said that it is certainly the charger that isn t working. I was told it would be sent to the coast of Toshiba and they would send a new and I could pick up in the store in the next few days.

    It was May 22. I called them yesterday to check so I still n t received any update on their part. First of all, I was told that he was deported for repair after they told me I'd be getting a new. Then I was told he wasn t even covered by my warranty but it was going to be repaired as a gesture of goodwill. And then told me that he n t been watched of all because the man I left the charger with the serial number down wrong had taken and I n t that said until I rang almost 2 weeks later to search for an update.

    I'm absolutely furious to be told that my charger isn't included in my warranty. I was told when I bought the computer he had a full one year warranty. I explained to the man, I bought it off that I n t a clue on laptops and had never bought an or used one before, so he recommended that I buy an additional 2 years warranty that cost me a lot of money on top of what I was after forking out for the laptop. I was told that it covers everything that goes wrong with my laptop for the next three years and after that, if something goes wrong, it's time to learn a new anyway. So to be told now that very little is actually covered in the warranty's really infuriated me. DID is categorical, is not the case and it's not what they are selling. If this n t the case I would not have lost money on additional safeguards if they do nothing to help me when things go wrong.

    The fact that the charger has stopped working after only 9 months was a complete surprise in the first place, and then to be told yesterday that he isn't covered by its guarantee of original one was quite a shock for me.

    I am really upset about the whole thing, mainly due to the fact that after almost 2 weeks of waiting for the updates, I thought now and also the fact that when I left the charger in the shop told me it was not a problem and I would have a new in the next few days.

    I'm not 100% sure but I think that guarantee a year is any product including the AC adapter.
    As I see the problem is the guy who works at your dealership.
    What you have done is just and, probably, I would do the same thing but you can try to ask them who is the Toshiba service provider they work with and try to contact them directly.

    Explain the situation and attempt to clarify this point with the Toshiba service provider directly. Be cool on the phone, or directly to the service. Take the ticket with you where you can see the date of purchase.
    In my view, that they will help you with this.

  • What is the number of correct part for the ac charger for hp mini 110-1191eo (part vj213ea #uuw)?

    I need to find the right part number for the ac charger for hp mini 110-1191eo (part vj213ea #uuw).


    Here is the link to the service manual for your laptop.

    See Chapter 3, page 29. It seems that they all use the same card, but the power supply must be ordered separately by country.


  • Portege M200: Can't find the right driver for the TouchPad


    I have a problem with my Portege M200.

    Can't find the right driver for the TouchPad or a pencil,
    I read that it must be a Wacom Touchpad, but no driver I've tried has worked.

    I hope someone can give me a list of all the drivers that I need to use my pen on the screen!

    Thanks in advance.



    All the drivers are located on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Please check again.

    The touchpad needs an Alps Electric touchpad driver. It s is available on the page.
    In addition, you should the Tablet Pack (on the page too)
    This tablet PackMicrosoft Pack Microsoft Office XP for Tablet PC (Tablet Pack) allows you to write directly with your stylus in the documents of Office XP on your Tablet PC.

    By the way; You must use the pencil that was equipped with the Portege M200

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  • Need to right W - LAN card Satellite 1130-Z23


    Im looking for the right card for the Toshiba Satellite 1130 ' W - Lan' - Z23.

    The Notebook already W - Lan ist prepared, but I cant´ find the right WiFi card for this.

    I'm looking for this card? And how is the name of this card?

    Thanx Kay to Germany

    Hello Kay

    I googled around and found info the wireless network for your laptop card followed part number: PA3212U-3MPC.

    Google a bit and you will find the store where the card can be ordered.

    Good bye

  • How can I download the right software for my new epson perfection scanner?

    How can I download the right software for my new epson perfection 1250 scanner?  I have already downloaded TWAIN driver but that does not seem to do.  He came with a disc, I got from the thrift store.  Thank you Lydia

    Monday, February 27, 2012, 21:57:09 + 0000, lydia111111 wrote:

    How can I download the right software for my new epson perfection 1250 scanner?  I have already downloaded TWAIN driver but that does not seem to do.  He came with a disc, I got from the thrift store.

    Go to the Epson website and find the Epson perfection 1250 for
    your version of Windows. I don't know if it exists or not, but if
    for this, you will find it here.

    Whenever you switch to a new version of Windows, you must install
    drivers (software that interfaces between the hardware and)
    Windows) for printers, scanners, video cards, etc., which have been
    written for this new version of Windows.  And also note that you need
    different determinants for a 32-bit version of Windows and a 64-bit

    It is the manufacturer of the hardware to write and
    available to download these drivers. Especially if your hardware is
    older, it is quite possible that the manufacturer has decided that it is not
    a value of his time and effort to develop drivers for the hardware that it is
    selling more.
    Check with the manufacturer or on their web site to see if a pilot
    There are. If it, download and install it. If it isn't, you're out
    lucky. Also consult their websites in other countries, if there is
    None; Sometimes you can find the driver you need in this way.

    In the future, before making such an upgrade, make sure you have
    done the appropriate research to find out what drivers do not exist,
    and so what equipment you need to replace if you upgrade.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • I tried to play some movies that I downloaded, but it says that I need the right codec to play.

    Original title: watch videos on media player

    I have an old computer for my son with XP on it. I tried to play some movies that I downloaded, but it says that I need the right codec to play. How can I fix that I can watch these videos?


    1. what version of windows media player do you use?
    2. what type of media files are they?

    Check the following article to see if these files are supported by the Windows media player installed on the computer. If these files are not supported, then you will need to download the third-party codec to play.

    Information on the types of media files that supports Windows Media Player


    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    For more information:
    How to Download Codecs automatically in Windows Media for Windows XP player

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