Need to buy 19V 4. 7 a charger for the Satellite L300D

I would be delighted if someone could help me.

My charger for my toshiba satellite L300D broke recently I bought a 19V 4. 74 a charger and it blow my battery even though I was told it was only a little more powerful and would not effect the laptop!

I have searched a 19v 4. 7A charger but can not find on the internet or anything!
Can someone please help me if I can't find one I'll have to buy a new laptop.



I suppose you might find at the bottom of the old power adapter part number.
The easiest procedure would search internet this partnumber to find an online retailer.

As the last option, you can order the part of Toshiba ASP in your country.
Guys can always provide the laptop parts compatible.

Good luck

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