Need to correct the order of installation driver Win 7 for Satellite P500 / 01 G


I have a Toshiba Satellite P500 and had to replace the HARD drive after it was abandoned by the son.
I do not have the recovery disk so I loaded Win 7 image on USB.

Downstairs, I loaded all drivers but have been thwarted by a number of things.
The webcam seems to be impossible to run despite trying every difficulty that I could find online and some unknown devices in Device Manager.

The Toshiba site lists several audio, display and wgich wireless cards, it is difficult to know the correct driver to install.

I needd a list of appropriate driver and the order they are installed in

Model is Satellite P500 / 01 G (PSPGSA - 01 G 003)
Windows 7 32 bit

See you soon

There is an easy way to know which device has your laptop.
Look for the vendor ID and the device id in the pci database.

Here, you will get step by step instructions:

By the way: Toshiba recovery partition cannot be set manually. It will be created using the recovery disk

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    What is the consensus on this?

    Best regards,


    Dear Roman:

    I know that the standard installation order.  The product manual that I referred to is a published by a customer for their installation, not a OR Manual of the product.

    I'll ask my customer to change their manual.

    Kind regards


  • Qosmio X 70-A - need help with the recovery image installation

    OK, so I recently bought a new laptop (Qosmio X 70 - A) which came with pre-installed Windows 8.1.
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    Generally the recovery image installation should not be problematic.
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    Just follow the on-screen menu and choose recovery image installation (State out-of-box).

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  • Question about the installation of Win XP on Satellite Pro P200


    I have a lot of problems with Vista. First it took me a week to install my printer WiFi. (sollution: install local lpt1 as the printer, change port properties en gives a location network (computer/printername).)
    Last problem: vista give no right to copy my USB hd protable with xp files.

    Finally, I lost all hope and want to go back to xp.

    Is there anyone with experience in the installation of win xp on this laptop. And is it possible to tell me the steps that you have been taken to do so.
    Are there concerns as none have some drivers, things that do not work or problems with sata hd.

    Thank you



    It's a difficult topic-> XP on Vista machines.

    First: Yes, you can install XP on it because all the important factors are available (VGA, SATA, wireless, XP BIOS, BLUETOOTH) and that should be enough.

    Because your computer has a BIOS for Vista (I guess there a) Please install the BIOS XP first and then start the installation of XP. In the case that your HARD drive is not recognized then you need to install the SATA driver during the installation of windows XP. The procedure is described in the statement of the Satellite L40-> XP installation, so if you want to install and problems SATA (HDD, not during the XP installation), you must check the installation instructions for Windows XP for a SATELLITE L40!

    If you have additional questions, I recommend allows you to place your question here before doing something that may stop your nerves later. :)

    Welcome them

  • Need driver Sound WXP for Satellite A100 (PSAARH)

    My Satellite A100 is shipped with the version of Vista, when I downgrade to XP, the audio driver may install correctly but there is no sound. (I check software and hardware button).
    do you know that drivers will work on windows xp?

    I PSAARE (A100-011) and I spent from Vista to XP Professional and I need to download the new version of the realtek drivers 1.61 and it works perfectly. I wonder do you also have problem with PCI device unknown who in fact is Texas Instruments Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller. It cannot be installed with all Toshiba drivers, and it is the SD card reader.

  • Re: Hard drive Caddy need internal for Satellite P500-12F

    Hi, I have the Satellite P500-12F and I need to two new hard drive caddy from cheked they are absent in the two bays lol it was second hand so not a lack of Toshiba Fortunately!
    Thank you very much for all helkp offered.

    Sincerely, Wayne...

    Hi Wayne

    Use Google and check if you can order it somewhere.
    You can also contact the Toshiba service in your country and order.

    eBay is also place of God to find these parts.

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