Need to display for Satellite Pro M70 for Windows 2003 drivers

I am a university student and I have a project to present next week. I picked up my laptop and divide the hard drive into 2 partitions. I installed Windows Server 2003 on the 2nd partition. I need to update the display drivers for the windows, I tried to get these drivers for XP but it didn't work.
I need the VGA drivers, so I can make my presentation. What should I do?

Thank you
By Uncle Sam

You mean that Windows Server 2003?
This OS has been designed based on the XP and if I m wrong not XP drivers must run on Win Server 2003 operating system.
Unfortunately, Toshiba didn't release all the drivers for Windows Server 2003 and to be honest I didn t see pilots Win Server 2003 special anywhere in the internet!

This would confirm my assumption that drivers Win Server 2003 don t exist and XP drivers should be used.

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  • M70-159: need graphic driver for Windows 2003 Server

    Can someone tell me wheather I can install windows 2003 server to series M70-159 .
    I am trying to download driver for sound card and many other cards, but I'm not able to get one for windows 2003


    AFAIK, this device was shipped only with Windows Xp. In this case only the driver for this OS are available.
    Windows 2003 server edition is not a common operating system, and unfortunately, I do not know if you will find anywhere the right Toshiba drivers for this operating system of m.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L10 and Windows 7 drivers

    Hi guys,.

    I'm looking for a set of drivers for the laptop model above. I recently installed Win7, but I have no drivers for the machine at all.
    XP drivers do not work.
    If someone managed to install the drivers for this machine? I'm mainly interested in getting my wireless card working.

    I look forward to your responses.

    Thanks in advance for your responces

    Satellite Pro L10 is old enough for laptop and I do not think that you will find all the Win7 drivers.
    According to the Toshiba - - your laptop isn't supported Win7 and find the drivers won't be so easy.

  • Satellite Pro L300-PSLBDE (Windows 7 drivers & problems)


    I just installed Windows 7 on the laptop, when I checked the drivers download page I couldn't find Windows 7 drivers, although all other submodels in the L300 (PSLB9E-PSLBHE/PSLB1E) Branch have Windows 7 drivers listed for version 32 & 64, so what gives?

    I need especially the driver webcam, Windows 7 almost everything automatically identified except that I don't mind a pilot wireless network adapt (realtech) given that the Wireless does not work / connect anything I don't try, no idea why.

    I download the driver for the Cam for a different model and test on the lappy if it works so very well, and I hope someone can help me with the problem also wireless.


    I think that the Toshiba is under driver version. This means that every day more and more drivers are published
    Maybe you should just wait until the drivers would be released

    On the other hand, you can try some drivers released for other series from Toshiba that some unique drivers should work because the pieces of equipment are not really different

    PS: Here you can find the Wlan driver:

  • What RAM I need to use the Satellite Pro M70-144

    I have a Satellite M70-144. I need more RAM 512ddrII. I do not know the sound that I have in there now is the name of the "Samsung wk551k" RAM.
    Can someone tell me how to put extra RAM?


    It seems that this laptop just support DDR2 400/533 memory modules.
    You can upgrade the memory for max 2048 MB and you use these modules:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    These modules are 100% compatible and it works like a dream ;)

  • Expanded for Satellite Pro M70 PSM75E memory

    I need memory paged to my Lotus Symphony programs.
    But it does not work in this PSM75E-009005DU Toshiba Satellite Satellite Pro M70 with Windows XP.
    On my desktop with XP, it works... I can set it up in preferences shortcut on the screen.

    If you want to upgrade the memory?

    As far as I know, Satellite Pro M70 PSM75E was equipped with different processors and chipsets for upgrade memory can depends on model that you bought

    But I think you could increase the RAM up to 2 GB of RAM.
    You can use the modules of 533 Mhz 200pin 2 x 1 GB of RAM.

  • External USB floppy drive for Satellite Pro M70

    I just bought a Satellite Pro M70 Centrino Mobile 750 to replace my Satellite 5105 - S702, which exposes the same type of problems of corruption/crash video display described elsewhere in these forums.

    I need an external floppy drive, and the site of the Toshiba shop specifies an external USB Floppy Drive Ref. PA3109E-3FDD.

    However, I have an external drive USB Floppy, Réf. PA3109U-1FDD, I bought for the satellite 5105-S702 about 4 years ago.

    5105-S702 has USB 1.1 ports and satellite Pro M70 has USB2 ports.

    Issues related to the:

    PA3109U-1FDD will work with the satellite Pro M70?

    There are likely to be problems of compatibility, driver issues or any probability/possibility of damage to the Sat ProM70?

    Would appreciate any advice.

    Thank you


    Hi Alan

    I really don? t know why you ask if the floppy drive will not work. Why you don? t he try? As far as I know, it should work and you should not buy a new one.

    Just for info: a few months ago, I saw the Toshiba FDD drives with part number PX? And these drives are not bootable but on the lower side, there is a label with this information.

    Anyway, you can use your other more ancient. According to the specification tested for MS M70 is FDD Drive Kit PA3109U-1FDD (your one).

    Good luck

  • For Satellite Pro M70-220 laptop cooling pad

    I want to buy a block of cooling for my laptop Satellite Pro M70-220 (PSM75E) and would appreciate advice and recommendations on the most appropriate cooling pad. Plateau broken down to use the desktop, rather that the tower would use.

    The dimensions of the base of the laptop are about 34.5 cm (W) x 24 cm (P) - (or 13.5 ins (W) x 9.5 ins (D)).

    The laptop has 2 vents in fan - a vent is located on the left side (half back) of the laptop, and other the vent is located on the left side of the base in line with the side wind. Subject to correction, I feel that the cold air is sucked through the vent base and is blown through the vent on the left side. If that is correct, then I guess the cooling pad fan would blow air on the basis of the laptop, thus completing the airflow of the computer laptop cooling fan.

    Thank you

    Alan CB

    Hi Alan

    Before starting to discuss cooling pad, I want to ask you why you need. I have Satellite M70-159 and have never even think to buy this extra part.

    Have you ever watched on the net and found something that may be good enough for you?

  • Updates the drivers & utilities for Satellite Pro M70 (PSM75)

    How do you know if there are any updates available for the Toshiba drivers and utilities provided with my Satellite Pro M70 (PSM75), the Date of Production - January 27, 2006, and which are in the folder Toolscd (C:\ ToolsCD) on my laptop?

    Is there an update Service that recommend updates available for download?

    I checked the list of available downloads on the download page of the site of Toshiba UK ([]), for the satellite Pro M70 (PSM75) and compared the version numbers of downloads, against the same drivers & Utilities version numbers in the file Toolscd (C:\) ToolsCD) on my laptop (IE in the XML TVersion files), and they are exactly the same, even for 16 drivers and utilities with a "Date last modified" on January 17, 2006 or newer (with new - August 1, 2008)

    The only real update which seems to be offered as a download, is the update of the BIOS v1.50 - WIN (in the BIOS downloads), with a 'last modified Date' of August 7, 2007, for which there is no equivalent in the Toolscd folder.

    Thank you


    You can also check this page for the latest updates, as appropriate: (Support & downloads)

    I don't think that there is any tool, which continues to tell you that there are new updates available. For Windows, it is clear, that you can use the Windows Update feature. It has some function implemented tools can look for hardware drivers too.
    But for the rest, just keep on visiting the above mentioned page from time to time.

    In any case, if your computer works fine, you will not need any update.

  • What kind of SODIMM for Satellite Pro M70-137?

    I need another 512 MB ram module for my Satellite Pro M70-137. But I don't know what kind of SODIMM he uses, I mean it's 144 pine or 200 pin DDR2 PC2 -?.


    This unit was delivered with a module of memory DDR 512 MB and 2 slots.
    I found some interesting information it is possible to upgrade the memory for max 2048 MB (2x1024Mo).

    I also found a memory modules support.
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    Hope this info will help you.

  • Satellite Pro M70: buttons for internet and cd/dvd

    I have a portable Satellite Pro M70 with XP and - I believe - service pack 3. I bought it there is a little more than four years (Dec. 2005).

    There is a series of six buttons to the right of the keyboard, just below the power button. The first button has been programmed to launch my internet browser to a key. The other buttons have been to launch the media player and control CD/DVD discs (play, pause, stop, forward, backward).

    These buttons were a convenience, but for some time, they have not worked. I have no idea why. Can anyone help? Can they be fixed easily?

    > These buttons were a convenience but for some time, they have not worked.
    What does that mean? They are broken and do not work or you cannot start defined applications?
    Have you tried to set them using Toshiba control.

    You can start this application from Toshiba Assist > Optimize.

  • 160 GB hard drive update for Satellite Pro M70 - 220

    I want to upgrade my satellite Pro M70-220 portable HARD drive the current 60 GB HDD to a 160 GB HARD drive and you drive would be grateful if someone could provide information on the standard/type of HARD drive I should like being looking for and, if possible, specific manufacturer's recommendations and the model number of an appropriate 160 GB of disk HARD.

    Thank you



    The laptop uses a simple 2.5 SATA HDD.
    It's not really important what the speed of the HARD drive is supported, but I recommend to use the 5400 RPM or faster 7200 RPM HARD drive

    Generally all HARD drive size should be compatible because the SATA controller has no limitations.

  • For Satellite Pro M70 boot sequence

    Issues related to the:

    1. What is the default setting for the boot to the Satellite Pro M70 sequence?

    2. What is the procedure for changing the boot during the start-up phase sequence?

    3. What is the most 'sensitive' boot sequence, with & without an attached external floppy drive?

    Thank you

    Well, I'm not 100% sure but I think the default start setting is:
    However, you can set and change parameters in the Toshiba HWSetup that is located in Control Panel.

    Just FYI: by pressing a key during POST, you can choose the boot device.
    D - default system
    1 - disc HARD bed
    2 - slim select bay (if available) HDD
    C - CD rom
    N - network LAN
    P - PC HDD (PCMCIA) card

    But these options are not always available.

  • HDD upgrade for Satellite Pro M70

    Is anyone know the upgrades available to change the standard 60GB hard drive in the Satellite Pro M70 (PSM76E-00100KEN) with something bigger.

    The Toshiba Options site shows only optionally available external hard drives, but noticed that the newer models of the same family have between 80 and 100 GB discs, so I asked if any of these would correspond, for example:

    PSM75E-00P004EN uses a 100 GB drive
    PSM76E-00500KEN uses a 80 GB drive

    You can also all drives available from other sources that might be suitable - what spec should I look, speed, installation size, connections etc. and BIOS compatibility

    All the info appreciated, surprising how fast the disk fills up, and I would like to keep in-house, although I also use an external drive of 250 GB for home storage and backups etc.

    Thank you


    The Satellite Pro M70 series is great, but I think that every m70 must support a HARD drive with serial - ATA interface.
    Some units have been delivered with a 80 GB HARD drive. In my view, that a 100 GB HARD drive should also work.

    I found a few properties of the HARD drive:
    Rotating disk: 5400 RPM
    Buffer size: 8 MB
    Number of discs: 2
    Number of Heads: 4

  • Vista drivers for Satellite Pro M70 mass storage

    Hello everyone. I would like to know if there are and where I can download updated device driver for my Satellite Pro M70 (PSM 75-E) mass storage. I tried searching but I found nothing.

    All other drivers are ok. Infact for audio drivers I used the Xp one and it's ok. The only one who is not installed is a 'mass storage device' I think it's for multireader memory card. Can someone help me? There is a way to install the Xp drivers as for any other material?

    Thanks for any response.


    Driver Toshiba page provides all the Vista for the Satellite Pro M70 drivers!
    Only the BIOS and driver Vista BT's are available for this laptop.

    I checked the XP section and Cardbus driver and Chip Set Utility are available.
    I guess that these two applications are required.
    I m do not know if you will be able to install these utilities on Vista, but a train is free.

    If the two applications will not work I guess you have to refrain from the use of the reader of memory card on Vista.

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