Need to drive recovery for Satellite P100-160


I desperately need a recovery for my Satellite P100-160 disc (I think that's what it is).

Can someone tell me how and where I can get one?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me!


You can order the CD from recovery of the EPA, which is responsible for your country.

Here you can find the database with the FSA throughout the world.> support download &-> find an authorized service provider

See you soon

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  • Need to drive recovery for Satellite Pro M70

    My recovery for my M70 disk was broken (don't ask!) and I'm in serious need to restore my laptop. Any help out there?


    He damage of s that you damage the recovery disc. But maybe you can order a new of the ASP (certified partner) in your country.
    I said maybe, because I m not leaving of course if the recovery for Sat M70 disc is available because the recovery disk for older models of laptop could be interrupted.

    However, I think you should contact the ASP in your country for more details
    If this recovery would be available then an ASP should be able to order it from Toshiba

    See you soon

  • Docking for Satellite P100-160

    I am struggling to find how compatible with my Satellite P100-160 docking station.
    What they do a?
    Could I use any docking station?
    Where can I get a (or even at all)?

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm kinda a thickie when it comes to this sort of thing.

    Any help appreciated

    Your phone model does not support a docking station. But you can use of external ports like Dynadock replicators.
    This beautiful little thing should meet your needs. Give it a try if you need to port extensions or something like that.

    Of course, you can use any other USB port replicator if you wish.

  • I need drive recovery for Satellite U400-10N

    Hi fans of Toshiba

    Please I need the recovery cd for my labtop. The model is Satellite U400-10N

    Quickly please


    In this thread, you will find exactly the same question:

    As I already wrote in the other thread the laptop must be equipped with HARD drive recovery and you should be able to create a DVD of own recovery using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    Please check your system and try to burn your own DVD of recovery first.


  • DVD_Rom recovery for Satellite P100 (PSPA3)


    I have a Satellite P100 (PSPA3) laptop, who originally XP MCE.
    Unforunately I accidentally lost my Recovery DVD-ROM.

    I always the serial number under the laptop. If you think that Toshiba could provide me the version XP MCE? Is there anywhere I could download another version that corresponds to the laptop I have? If this is not the case, everyone don't know if I can still buy this DVD from Toshiba?

    Do you know where to buy Windows XP today?

    Any help wil be appreciated.

    Thank you.



    No, as far as I know, you can download a picture of Toshiba.
    There is an online platform where you can order a Toshiba Recovery disk but I think your unit is too old.

    However, you can try the site:

    If it is not possible to order the disk, you need to install the Windows system and the single drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page.

  • Need graphics drivers nvidia for Satellite P100-286

    Hello, I hope I'm in the right place as TOSHIBA is bigger than I thought. I'm trying to update my NVIDIA driver on my 286 P100, I went to the NVIDIA site and they redirect me to Toshiba USA and I could not find them. So I came to Toshiba UK and it's more complicated that I first imagined. Could someone please give me maybe a url that I can go to directly. Thank you very much for your time,

    Hello Michael

    I produced future Satellite P200 and last game I played was Call of Duty 4. What is also a game or already old modern?

    In any case, I can understand why you write this but on the other side your sound quite illogical comment to me. You know very well that almost every day we have new and modern games on the market, and these games have more and higher hardware requirements. With short words: for modern games, you need modern equipment.
    Why you compare with powerful desktop computers with extremely powerful with designed cooling systems, special one side graphics cards, graphics processor integrated notebook? Can Hey Buddy, you really expect the same performance?

    Where is the limit for you? Perhaps at this moment when the graphics card died? And you can cry and say: Toshiba didn't do anything to protect my equipment.
    Yes you write about the mobile game but this portable game cannot offer more than a reasonable level of performance.

    Sorry Michael, but I think your comment is absolutely unjustified and certainly hypercritical.

  • Drive recovery for Satellite C650

    I have a Satellite C650 with a hard disk failure. I can't see the hard drive in the BIOS or using an external case and display Windows. Put a new hard drive isn't a problem, but I need an OEM Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit disk to restore the system.

    How do I get one?
    I tried a standard installation of Windows 7 Home Premium disc, but it does not accept as valid OEM code during online activation.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    > I tried a standard installation of Windows 7 Home Premium disc, but it does not accept as valid OEM code during online activation.
    I assume that you have used the product key on the lower side of your computer laptop, right?
    Well, this key doesn t work with disks of standard Microsoft because it affects s an OEM that belongs to preinstalled Windows 7 in Toshiba and t can be used.

    If you use a normal Microsoft disk, you must use the product key you received with the disc!

    Otherwise, you can order a drive recovery Toshiba but I m wondering why you didn't create:

  • Need to update Bios for Satellite P100-284

    My Satellite P100-284 has the number PSPA3E
    This does not correspond exactly with any BIOS update files for download from Toshiba.
    Please can someone confirm if the correct file is available?

    Hey Buddy,

    I Don t understand your problem. Just go to this site:

    Choose the correct product type (Notebook), family (Satellite), series of products (series P Satellite) and the model (Satellite P100 PSPA3E).

    Download the WINBIOS file and update your bios...
    So now I ask you again, what is the problem? :)

    Welcome them

  • Where to get the replacement drive recovery for Satellite 2450


    Miss me the recovery for my 2450 disk, anyone know where I can get a replacement?
    It is running a bit slow and you want to re - install XP

    Thank you


    Hi Michael

    You didn't check other threads in this category and didn t find the answer. Am I wrong? ;)
    This question has been asked and posted several times here in the forum, however. because you are a new user, I'll try to help you.
    So in general all devices, Toshiba, s CD, etc. can be ordered and purchased from authorized service provider.

    So just to say, communicate with the guys from the services in your country and you will get the new recovery CD :)

  • I need to drive recovery for my Satellite Pro L550 - 1C0

    It's the first time here. I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L550 - 1C0
    Part No. PSLW9E-01M00EDU, serial No. Z9289857K. I also have the product key.
    I need a recovery disc/download to fix my laptop.
    I wonder you have some that you can send to me. I need it is very very bad.

    Let me know,
    Thank you


    Using the recovery disk you can not repair the version of the OS preinstalled. Using the recovery disk, you can reinstall entire OS and give your laptop to factory settings.

    All you can do is to order this disc. Please note that this is not for free.

  • I need drive recovery for Satellite L45-S4687

    I bought an individual Toshiba L45 S4687 as an open box.
    Recently my Windows Vista crashed.

    I don't have a recovery disk.
    Where can I get one?

    I tried the Toshiba site, but to no avail?


    It is a model of cell phone US. You're from the US?

    The recovery DVDs could be ordered in the Toshiba ASP in your country.
    Then, contact the guy and ask for this disc

    Best regards

  • Need good drivers for Satellite P100 - 160 PSPAAE

    I do not speak English very well, sorry about that, but I need help because about 2 days ago I bought new Toshiba and I want to install XP. I downloaded from the toshiba support pages each drivers but for PSPAA not PSAAE so maybe that's why does not fit. Can you give me all the links for the right drivers for my laptop? I've been on with other manufacturers chat suppport and these people give me any links for properly the drivers so I have the same request for you. Thanks a lot for all the replies. The sequence is very important so please give me the proper sequence. Thanks for your help and I hope you're better support than other manufacturers :)


    Thus, you´ve downloaded the drivers without success? OK, here are all the links, that I know of toshiba, just try em and maybe you'll find something: (Toshiba Europe) (Toshiba Canada) (Toshiba, USA)

    Hope you find what you need. :)

    Welcome them

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite P100-160


    I just bought this laptop and tried to install Windows XP on it. I have not found all the drivers however.
    Anyone know where I can find drivers for microphone and audio device for XP? In the area of support, on the download page, this model is not at all.

    Thank you


    I guess you laptop came with Vista
    Well, I m also a little surprised that the XP drivers for these laptops are not listed on the page of Toshiba.
    Well, I put t don't know if this helps but many laptops are delivered with the same hardware specifications are trying to simply use different P100 series pilots.

    Maybe it helps

  • Need to drive recovery for Equium A200-15i

    I'm a noobie and posted this query in the box Equium, so apologies for swap. I bought an Equium A200-15i computer about a month ago. There was _no_ recover CDs in the box just the Windows Anytime upgrade disc. I contacted the store where I bought the computer to be told to put in the computer and they would take the details of it in order to create or order the CD. I did this and then said that they would have to wait until 'a guy' is established at the end of week, who knew how to create these discs and back again once then.

    Because of the great distance involved in travel, I was reluctant to make a second trip to the store and suggested that if they take all the details of the computer now, they should be able to create this disc and then after it me. I still have not received this drive at all. Now at the same time, the guys at 'tech' in the shop said they believed that I wouldn't need a CD master. In addition, they imply that it should be possible to create this disk myself at the first start-up or windows environment itself. I do not remember this option of provision for me at this time and I can't find anything on the computer that would allow me to accomplish such a task.

    Here, I'm confused. I know not enough about computers to realize that you need a Master CD to recover a system failure major hard drive or simply to clean and re-all over again!

    What are your thoughts on this situation? Should this model really a MAster CD. How do you create one. What should I do next? Thanks for your time and your patience with me on this



    I wonder why you did not receive the Toshiba Recovery CD with your laptop.
    I'm 100% sure that the CD or the DVD should be bundled with the laptop Toshiba together
    I put t know if the package was already opened or not, but the DVD must be available!

    SO either you go ask your original dealer of laptop to a Toshiba Recovery CD or simply contact you the Toshiba ASP and will be stopped a new!


  • Buy drive recovery for Satellite P500?

    Old ladies gave me his laptop to fix his HARD drive make a lot of noise to clang/click and can not be read so that I can t use the system recovery partition.
    Y at - it a disc image system - default factory that I could purchase to load; any return on the new HARD drive.

    It s a Satellite P500 win 7 hp pspg8a-01u004 race

    If you need recovery disk you can order on
    Using this disk, you can install Recovery (Win7 Home Premium 64-bit) original image after Exchange of HARD drive.

Maybe you are looking for

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