Need to remove the old account from creating new a new Internet service provider. TB31.

New VAC .the see my old address 'Reply', forward, & "write". -Usually very inconvenient. -You should be able to remove the old according to that ISP no longer exists.


Do you need to delete the emails too?

If you delete your account

  • Go to Edition-> properties, then select the account. Then click Action account at the left bottom of the active window and delete your account.

If you remove the only shipping address, then delete the SMTP Protocol

  • Go to Edition-> properties and select the Server (SMTP) "outgoing" > choose one you need to remove.

By default, you can't remove them, if you want to remove the default value, and then create new SMTP and make default and remove the old SMTP

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    Here in this scenario, you will need to create a new user account on the phone, and then delete the old account. If you try to delete the old account before adding a new user account on your phone, it can create more problems. I suggest posting your query to create a new user account on the Windows Phone forums and check, you can also ask then how to remove the old account from Windows Phone.

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  • How to remove the user account from the connection Start Page (therefore restart goes directly to the desktop without the need for any clickthru)?

    On my Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit system, all I had to do was to remove all the accounts (other than 'administrator') in addition to my login information main user account and remove the password of the Admin account and I use a main user account, and then whenever I reboot, reboot goes all the way to the Windows desktop (i.e. through it does not stop with a cover page showing the user account).

    -It does not seem that this approach works for my Vista SP2 Business Edition 32 bit.  In fact - I get TWO accounts of user with the exact name even appear (my account "DougL12"), as well as the "Administrator" account  None of these accounts have passwords (I can just click on one of them, which brings up a screen to enter a password, then click again without entering any PW, and then I get thru on my desk).

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    Account, "DougL12" and should not click)?

    (2) any thoughts as to why the system could be displaying two Occurrences of the user account Login "DougL12" on the

    login screen?

    I would like to suggst you follow link which can help you solve your problem below:
    Turn on automatic logon

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    Enable and disable the built-in Administrator account
  • Unable to connect to the old account from Microsoft to test the new Microsoft Account.

    Original title: Microsoft Account

    I created my account Microsoft a long time ago when I put in place and has Xbox live "Gold". When I created the account initially, I've set up with an email address of "* address email is removed from the privacy *.» It's been some time that I used this email and I have more access to it. My Microsoft account has since been changed to * address email is removed from the privacy * however which connection to xbox live or when trying to set up my Microsoft account on my new laptop with windows 8, it asks me to send a verification code to the old email that I no longer and does not have access to send anything to my phone number. I would like to help you permanently erase this old e-mail and also to find a way to send me this code so I can start using my laptop computer Microsoft on the new account.

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    Write to us at the State of the question. We will help you.

  • need to remove the old updates, how can I know which ones who?

    I have so many updates in my computer, I think they use a lot of space - I don't have "have a lot of memory left. I have updates dating back to 2002. If I can delete some, can you tell me where?

    Thank you very much!

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    You should not remove the update but you can delete the uninstall information.

    I'll assume you mean the hard drive space.  You can also use Disk Cleanup to help the removal of junk. You can uninstall old programs is no longer, you use or alternatively, get a bigger hard drive.

    As to your question about updates - see:

    Folders that have uninstall as part of the name (for example $NtUninstallKB282010$ who reside in C:\windows (hidden files) are window Hot difficulty updating folders/files) can be removed safely (providing ever, you wish to uninstall the updates). I recommend you leave these records for a period of at least one month to make sure that the update works correctly.

    These updates can be removed individually or together. To learn more about the update/s go on:
    NB: XXXXXX = the actual number, not to mention the "Q" or "Ko."

    Once you have removed the uninstall folders/files, then go to control panel, add/remove programs. Select the title of the corresponding Windows fix on the folder/file of the patch you just deleted, and select Delete. You will get a Windows error. This is because you deleted the uninstall folder/files. Simply choose OK and the entry will be removed from the Add/Remove Programs list.

    Don't NOT delete the folder $ $hf_mig

    Cleaning after installation of SP2


    XP SP3: Post Installation Cleanup

    Please note this is only for Windows XP and is not on Vista or Windows 7

  • Need to access the user accounts from previous installations

    I am running Windows XP Pro, and I have installed new software.

    When I have it ran for the first time my PC crashed. Now, whenever I try to load it up it just keeps restarting before you get to the login screen. Safe mode does not help you, or doesn't last known good configuration. There is no recovery point recorded.

    I searched online for help and tried to repair the Windows version by inserting the CD and choose 'Repair', but there is no repair option. He wants me to install a new version of Windows on the partition, which, from what I understand, going to wipe my user accounts. It would be a big problem, as I have a lot of data out there that is very important for me who is not saved. My fault, still backward, etc. No not after the sympathy, just stating the facts!

    I also have Windows XP 64 is installed on a separate partition, and I loaded this up to see if I can see the user account I want to access. I can. But I can't access it because it is password protected, and it just comes up saying 'access denied '.

    So, how do I gain access to this user account? Doing anything to the working version of XP64, either by repairing the other partition inactive?

    All welcome, no matter how much of a long shot it is advice. I'm getting desperate!

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Malkeleah,

    I had real problems trying to get Knoppix to work. I downloaded on my laptop, then had to put on a USB key to burn on the PC with Win 64 on (portable DVD player is read-only), but I couldn't do burn. I kept of burning errors using the built-in burner after first unpacking the ISO on the laptop (no support ISO native in Windows XP), or when I tried to install on win 64 the system burning software I got error messages saying: the software wouldn't run as soon as I clicked to install it. And Yes, I checked that I was using the software compatible 64-bit! No idea what it was, the 64-bit version has never really been used, not even well why it is installed.

    In any case, after that much hitting my head on the office followed a couple of pints in pubs, I managed to find another way around this problem, which was to take ownership of the files according to the instructions on the Microsoft Web site:

    It worked wonderfully for me, and I have been able to support Windows 64-bit, re - install XP 'normal' and then appropriated again under that. 2 files come with errors and would not sell the property, but they were not even remotely important if everything is good. I got literally thousands of other files that flies over without any problems.

    In any case, thank you for taking the time to help me, I'm sure that your method would have worked if I had been able to create a CD (I would have posted off the coast for one if everything else has failed because they will send one in the world for any $2 IIRC), but for someone else who did a search and found my ad the above that I mention is worth a go as an alternative method.

    And no, I didn't have the encrypted files. Just locked the account of some simple password protection.

    Thanks again,


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    I'm trying to delete several comments that I left in the AppStore that were associated with an old iTunes/e-mail account.  I had 1 account and past to a new and so when I go in "settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > review Apple ID > comments and ratings" with my new account, none of the comments I left appear.  I don't want these available comments appear on search engine sites and others.

    If you did comment on your old account, then you must connect on this old account: store > Sign Out to log out of your new account, which will then change to the store > connection, and then select the account settings section

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    New computer installed Windows 7 and gave me an option to use Windows easy transfer to transfer files, data, programs, etc. from my old computer.  All I have from the old computer's hard drive; a lightning strike fried either food or his mother by car.  I have attached the hard as a disk to the new computer using the usb cable provided with the external hard drive case.  It is recognized as drive E: on the new computer.

    Trying to follow the instructions given by the Windows Easy Transfer software.  Get the software/folder from the old hard drive (drive E), but trying to run the software that I can't seem to do anything on the old disk.  When asked what is the former or the new computer - I respond to old, but no new file is created for the transfer.  When I answer again, a new file is created on the new computer (rather than the old HDD) and then he transferred again to new.  I can't create a file of whatever it is I want to transfer from the old HDD.

    I can't use an easy transfer cable because the old computer does not only the hard drive.  I can't connect to a network for the same reason.  I only have the hard that I can attach to the new computer.  But I can't get the new computer to process the old hard drive separately for transfer purposes.  The only other option I can think of is to attach the old HDD to another computer, and then try to run the software in this way, but I don't want just the stuff on the old hard drive a copy to the other computer.

    Can anyone help?  Suggest how to get the old hard drive files, data, transferred etc. to the new computer.  What are the steps?

    Thank you.

    Do yourself a favor, with the old drive connected externally, in the browser, simply copy the data files to the location of Documents of the PC win7. You can not copy programs, they need to be reinstalled from media origonal. You can copy all the downloaded files instalation

    You may need to take possession of your old documents folders - see win help to find out how

  • Impossible to update - unable to remove the old version and install new - constantly asking me to close Firefox - it IS closed!

    Having been invited to update I clicked Yes. Update failed. I tried to update manually on the site but had to close Firefox before you start - Firefox was closed. I tried to uninstall the old version so that I could install the new le neuf-- once again asked me to close Firefox before it could be uninstalled and again, it was already closed. Stuck now - no idea what it takes to get the new version. O.

    Hi Jean Claude,

    Firefox can always run in the background. This happens sometimes. I suggest that you try to restart your computer, and then try to uninstall the old version. Alternatively, you can try to right click on the task bar, then opening the Task Manager. This will show you the list of processes currently running on your computer. If Firefox is running, you can manually kill the process.

    There is also an article in the Knowledge Base containing information on what to do if the How to resolve the failure of the update of Firefox update error message. There is lots of useful information here.

    Hope this helps!

  • Running out of disk space and the need to remove the old clichés

    I recently joined a company owning an ESXi 4.1.0 (build 260247) server with 4 500GB data warehouses.  One of our servers main database (Ubuntu/Postgres), which uses only one of the data warehouses (4 datastore) has 21GB 465 GB free.  It is currently configured to store all settings, storage and snapshots on this unique data store.  The hard disk is configured as thin.

    The virtual machine has crashed a few days ago, when it ran out of disk space.  We removed a small second partition (which was in the same data store) and cleared space, but we receive extremely weak with only 5% of the data left store.

    I have read many posts and wanted to get the opinion of this community before I move forward.   Because we do not use the 4.1 last I heard some issues using the option "Remove all" that it may require more disk space and others recommended to manually delete snapshots from the closest to the base, but it seems that in this case it can merge the snapshot with the original without freeing all the space.

    We are not all of the snapshots and I'm fine with delete them, but I assure you we will not run out of disk space in the process and complicate things further.

    It is best to manually remove these snapshots starting with the one closest to the base or by using the "Delete All" (or something else)?  In addition, if we go with the manual option, is it possible with the virtual machine upward or do we need to close first?

    Current snapshots:


    Current data warehouses associated with VM (really unique using the 4 data store)


    Actual files on the data store 4


    Thank you


    Welcome to the community,

    After the screenshot, your virtual disk 'arrow_db1.vmdk' stocked thickness!

    With the thick disc service and ESXi 4.1 (the problem with "Delete All" is related to version 4.0), you can run safely "Delete All". However, due to low disk space, I recommend that do you with the virtual machine off. If turned on, a new temporary snapshot will be created, which - according to the workload of the virtual machine - can grow and fill in the data store.

    Due to the size of snapshot and depending on the speed of your storage space, you need to plan a few hours well downtime.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones impossible to activate the old account to a new device

    Hello. My Bold 9780 has got the white screen of death. I sent for fix, but while what is happening I have switched back to my old Bold 9700. When I try to move my old email account it says to put my password by e-mail. I put the correct password and when I press activate it says "sorry, impossible to continue your session. Please log in again. "I tried loging again several times but it still does not work, what should I do?

    Hey Optimus_Prime456,

    Welcome to BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

    To resolve this issue from the browser on the BlackBerry test visit to setup e-mail account you.

    Thank you.

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