Need to reset the date and time

My system has decided that it is Jan.4th 2004 and everytime I turn it on, I need to reset the date and time. How can I cure this?


Packard Bell's Web site does not recognize the 'ALT' CO2 as a model.  Despite this, however, PB seems only to provide a 'generic user guide"which is not described the replacement of the motherboard or the battery at all.  In fact, the only thing he has to say about batteries is be careful how get rid you of them.

Your computer is a laptop or Desktop/Tower computer?

If you have a desktop/Tower computer, you can look here--> and see if you can identify the motherboard used in your computer.

However, if you have a desktop/Tower computer, the best thing to do is to unplug your computer from the network and, taking the precautions perfectly static electricity, open the box and inspect the motherboard yourself.

A newish mother on the above site,, shows the battery on the center line vertical and more to the left.  It's just below the 3 PCI slots.  If you have something like that, a Visual inspection should be enough to see how to remove it.  The type of battery will be engraved on the top of the battery.  In the photo, it looks like a model CR-2032, but there are several models of battery on this size.  Battery CR-2032 (or equivalent) is available in almost every pharmacy chain in the United States as well as online and stores like Radio Shack.

The page for an old motherboard,, indicates that the battery is a '3.0V DC Lithium soldered to the motherboard"and if that were the case, it would probably be something that you wouldn't do yourself.  However, this thread is to think that all you have to do for this particular mobo is actually finding the right type of support plug-and - battery.

If you have a laptop, things can get quite a bit more difficult.  If you can find a different model for your computer name, you may be able to find the manual here--> , but some of these manuals can not explain clearly how to get to the CMOS battery.

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    I did not change my system.

    No error message.

    My OS is Snow Leopard 10.6.8


    1. On the Control Panel, press the Setup icon ( ), then tap Tools / Preferences.
    2. Tap the Date & time option.
    3. Tap your desired time zone. Set time is displayed.
    4. Press the arrow pointing upwards ( ) or the down arrow ( ) to set the hour and minutes.
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    OK could not hang out long so here my problem feel free to move it if you must.

    Hi everyone I'm new here and I'm looking for the answer to what should be a simple question, but I can't find the answer, anywhere, not even after much research on the internet.

    My problem.  I woke up in a constant demand press F1 at the start and I had to constantly reset the date and time. A friend told me that he knew the solution and he replaced the battery Cmos and during one period of time applications of F1 and the need to reset the date and time on start arrested. Then, after a few weeks the F1 ask on startup and delivery to reset the date and time again.

    The situation at the present time, is that I replaced battery comos with the same type and the F1 started queries rearrested again. But once again after a few weeks the demand of the f1 and the need to reset the date and the tooth is distributed.

    I wonder if my friend used the bad battery when he replaced everything first, can someone out there please tell me the correct Cmos battery number and size, I need to motherboard below.

    Acer Apaire E380-CB7L mother board HT 2000 MCP6PM - Re3v:1.0 AM A what is battery correct Cmos?

    I found my answer in a response to another thread. It seems that some how the bad battery had been mounted and in my ignorance of this I still once mounted battery hurt it then compounded the problem further.

    It seems that the CMOS battery on the motherboard usually is a CR 2032 3V , I now nested together for my MB. I'll let you know if it works.

    BTW thanks to the person who advises I took on it.

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    I didn't want to factory reset and did the thing turned off, etc..  Instead, I went into Setup and turned off the web services 'HP eprint' sign and "HP printable" I was sure that my reset requests were in response to certain functions attached to these.  This seems to have solved my problem.  Please send to HP if you can that their links with the web services are intrusive and therefore undesirable.


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    <! - concatenate fields - >
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    You use any of dateformat. The createodbcdatetime sends the correct your DB value if you do it right.

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    You are also looking to taste to 1 Hz data acquisition?

    My approach would be to use the DAQ acquisition to time your loop display reading each acquisition, then use the loop counter to control the logic of your writing to file.  For 1 Hz and 10 minutes write I would use 'quotient and remainder' I / 600; If rest = 0, then write the data point.

    For the date and time, under Calendar palette use the time get in seconds food a DateTime Format to a string.

  • Problems with the date and time - have to reset the date & time on reboot

    original title: problems with the date and time

    Whenever I turn on my computer (Windows XP 2002) I click on F2.  Then I re - set the date and time it occurred in January 2006 1 h every time I have turn off the computer.  Can someone tell me what I need to do?

    You need to replace the battery in time clock (RTC) real of your computer.  It can also be called the CMOS or BIOS battery.

    Many computers, this battery is an inexpensive CR2032 button available in almost every pharmacy corner.  There are, however, some computers (especially laptops) that require a different (and probably more expensive) battery.

    Whatever the expense, almost all of these batteries are easy to replace.

    To get help, post back with the brand and model of your computer.

  • Vista-the date and time are reset to dec 2007

    Whenever my computer load now, the date and time are reset to dec 2007 and I continue to have this change manually. I am owner of Acer - windows Vista purchased in 2008. Help, please!


    This time is normally caused by a battery CMOS failed in the motherboard.

    Time/date settings are preserved after turning off the power when that battery works

    They are a piece of currency-sized battery and cost about $5 to buy.

    "How to replace the battery CMOS.

    See you soon.

  • Evrytime I connect me, I have to reset my date and time, why?

    Why my date and time do not be saved? Why should I reset each time my date and time?

    Hi NarendraNP.

    Here are three possibilities about why this is happening to you.
    1. The time in the BIOS is not set correctly. Therefore, every time that you start the PC the incorrect time is displayed. To correct, shut down the computer, turn it on and immediately go into the BIOS settings. Check that the date and time is defined, save and exit, then start the computer normally.
    2. The CMOS battery is dead and needs to be replaced. To fix, you have to expose the motherboard and replace the small type CR2032 on motherboard. You can find many videos on YouTube that will show you how to replace a motherboard CMOS battery.
    3. You don't have administrator rights to the computer to change the date and time, or there is a program installed on the computer that locks the system setting changes (an example of a program that does this is Faronics DeepFreeze). The only solution for this is to temporarily disable the program that is to lock the Control Panel, or ask a system administrator set the date and time for you.
    One of these explanations\fixes help it?
  • As of the 31 version, why is there still no option of Thunderbird to insert the date and time in the message that you write?

    As of the 31 version, why is there still no option of Thunderbird to QUICKLY insert the date and time in the message that you write?

    Literally, saw this option very well needed - and opportunity-"promise" for three years now, and even if there are only one or two formats that could be used, at least the option is there.

    It seems that only is to bind a Macro, and the tool to Thunderbird and do it this way.

    Joe Rotello
    [email protected]
    Skype: joerotello

    If the installation of the add-on of TimeStamp is unacceptable for see you if there is a related add-on that you that you already might have managed to convince author to add your function. The Add on more for example has many variables that can enter the body of the message that get automatically replaced with the appropriate data when you merge a message.

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    Try this extension:

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    To write directly to the photo, you can use the

    Export the photo to go to Photos and then open it in preview or install the extension of"external editors" of the App Store. Then you can open preview directly from the Panel of editing in Photos.  See this tip for user: external photo editors are here

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