Need to transfer all the data/program/music of old notebook Notebook again.


I am planing to buy a new laptop PC: Hp pavilion Dv6-6190SE or Dv6-6166TX is Dv6-6168TX.

I have Hp pavilion Dv6 - 2177ca and plan to sell before you buy a new laptop.

I have some data/programs/music and software on the Dv6 - 2177 ca, I need to be on my new laptop.

I thought I'd take a backup using Windows7 backup of the Dv6 - 2177 ca and restoration for the new laptop.

Do you think it will work?

Will you please suggest me the best alternatives to transfer my programs/data/music/contacts whole without installing them again manually because it is a very painful process.

Will you please answer soon because I'm going to buy this new Pc soon.

P.S. Please also tell me if the Dv6 Dv6-6190SE-6166TX or Dv6-6168TX have backlit keyboard. I tried to communicate with the local people of Hp in my country, but they are of course not themselves and advise me to search the Internet. That's kind of weird because they themselves do not know what they are selling.

sailare wrote:

How about you than mere transfer option windows in Windows 7?
It will transfer at least my music play stops, Photos, etc.?

I tried to ask them, but the laptop are sealed inside it models box and display are turned off. Backlit keyboard cannot be determined.


You wrote:

I suggest to download, install and use the free version of Macrium Reflect. Back up your files to an external drive.

I have no idea how this program will back up my files from the free version does not support files and folders.

Do you think that Windows Easy Transfer will work in this case?

Macrium Reflect allows cloning. Once you have a cloned partition, you can see inside the clone and recover files and folders from it. Here is a well written tutorial from the how-to Geek on the subject.

I have a Belkin Windows Easy Transfer cable and have used it a few times. My results with Windows Easy transfer, and that is why my preference is the use of a cloning utility instead. Macrium Reflect has never failed me, and I've used dozens of times.

Best regards


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    Hi Eba

    Another way is to copy the source data to another table (two copies).
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    Hello TomZork,

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Forum.

    In another forum, I found the instructions to move folders of users to another drive.
    You can follow the post here. This is attributed to Jimmie R. Houts.

    You can move the entire folder C:\Users to another drive quite easily once windows is installed:

    1. Boot from the installation media and access the command prompt (I think you need to click on fix everything first)
    2. Use Robocopy to copy C:\Users to D:\Users: robocopy c:\Users d:\Users /mir /xj
      a. /mir says robocopy to mirror directories, this will copy all files and permissions
      b. /xj is very important, it means robocopy does not follow the points of junction. If you forget this, you will have a lot of trouble.
    3. Make sure that the files copied successfully
    4. Delete c:\Users
    5. Create the junction pointing d:\Users: mklink /d c:\Users d:\Users

    That's all. I used this process for Vista RTM with no problems.

    Here's an article that explains as well. Just use robocopy instead of xcopy as it does in the article in order to avoid possible ntfs permissions problems.

    Update: because I discovered the hard way, I thought I would mention also that if you plan on switching "Program Data", or "Program Files" with this method, you will be disappointed to know that everything works as expected, but the windows updates will install is no longer. I don't know if this problem has been fixed in Win 7.

    With the foregoing, it is not a Microsoft forum or Web site so you will have to use at your own risk. I also recommend to do a system restore point before making any changes in directories that you can then go back to a previous state.

    Please reply back and let us know if these suggestions help you to solve your problem, then to benefit others.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    If you have a full backup of the old Blackberry, use this .ipd file to restore only the contacts on the new device.

    If your contacts are up to date in Outlook do a one-way Outlook for contacts device synchronization.

    Thank you


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    Mr. Shekar Iyer

    Tuesday, October 13, 2015 12:45:15 + 0000, SI3470 wrote:

    I have some important files in the windows 95 operating system. I want to transfer all the files / documents, information on Windows XP or 7 or 8.

    How to do this.

    What version of Windows you want to transfer is irrelevant. What
    you need to do is just transfer to another computer.

    There are several approaches to do this. What is the best for you
    based primarily on the amount of data you transfer. Here are a few

    1. transfer on diskettes.
    2. transfer to CDR or DVD.
    3. by email from the old machine, and read e-mail on the new
    4. the two computers on the network and simply copy the files on the
    5. temporarily (or permanently) install the old computer's hard
    drive in the new computer and just copy the top.
    6. use a USB

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