Negative percent change


Does anyone have ideas for problem of calculation of my analysis?

year 2013 year change in % 2012

sales 12 580 000-16 289 570 - 177

This is clearly not good variation in %.

Now, my formula is: (year2013-year2012) / year2012

He works very well with positive numbers and negative numbers cause problems. How should I change this formula, but I need to retain the ability to calculate numbers?

Thanks in advance

Something like that...

(year2013-year2012) set (year2012)

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  • Error of comparison while trying to round like Excel

    I have two different but related issues. First: my LabVIEW application is not passing validation of my client because the results in LabVIEW are not exactly the same as those that my customer buy when using MS Excel. The problem is with rounding: LabVIEW and Excel round numbers differently and (unfortunately) I have to round up the numbers in the way that Excel.

    Because I need to round up after the comma, I started using a beautiful VI I found here at called 'DecimalRoundingLV8.5vi'. However, due to the difference between LabVIEW and Excel, I can't use this VI as it is. For example, rounded to the third place after the comma:

    The number to round LABVIEW EXCEL
    0.0045 0.0040 0,0050

    So, my first question is this one, I need to round like Excel... However, the solution I implemented raised an odd question, and I don't know if I see a bug in LabVIEW.

    I changed the decimal rounded VI. Here is a picture of the code and I also enclose it:

    First of all, if the number is negative I change into a positive for rounding. In the end, I return the sign.

    Like the original VI, I multiply the number to round up times 10 ^ x, where x is the place after the decimal point, I would like to turn to, I'm rounding and then dividing by 10 ^ x.

    However, I also multiply the number of round 10 ^(x+1) time and divide the result by 10 to get the unit as the reminder and to evaluate this number. If the number is less than 5, I tour as usual; If not, round towards + infinity.

    So far, so good and everything seems to be fantastic. But when I tested this code I found the following bizarre scenario. For example, rounded to the third place after the comma:

    The number to round LABVIEW EXCEL
    0.0855 0.0860 0.0860
    0.0856 0.0860 0.0860
    0,0857 0.0860 0.0860
    0.0858 0.0860 0.0860
    0.0859 0.0860 0.0860
    0.0860 0.0860 0.0860
    0.0861 0.0860 0.0860
    0.0862 0.0860 0.0860
    0.0863 0.0860 0.0860
    0.0864 0.0860 0.0860
    0,0865 0.0860 0.0870
    0,0866 0.0870 0.0870
    0,0867 0.0870 0.0870
    0,0868 0.0870 0.0870
    0.0869 0.0870 0.0870
    0.0870 0.0870 0.0870
    0.0871 0.0870 0.0870
    0.0872 0.0870 0.0870
    0.0873 0.0870 0.0870
    0,0874 0.0870 0.0870
    0,0875 0.0880 0.0880

    Note When the flare 0,0865. LabVIEW is wrong! However, LabVIEW was not wrong for 0.0855 or 0,0875. When I ran the code using the highlight feature, it turns out that the problem was the comparison function. It is said literally than 5<5 is="">.

    I tested in LabVIEW 8.2 and LabVIEW 12. I use Windows XP SP3.

    These numbers are not the only cases with this weird behavior. Other numbers are 0.1425, 0.1725 0.1745 and more. I don't see a drawing (or a reason!)

    Can someone please test my code and report if you met the same behavior?


    It is a fundamental issue with the help of the binary representation over for numbers.  Event that you post and think that numbers like decimal representations, the computer stores in a binary format.  As 0.0045 or 0.004 number can be represented in binary format used by LabVIEW.  Place a digital control on a new VI. Set the display format to show ~ 20 significant digits.  Type in 0.004 or 0.0045 hit and hit enter.

    0.0045-> 0.0044999999999999996600

    The correct rounding for this value is 0.004.  Of course typing 0.004 gives 0.004000000000000000080.

    I don't have Excel so I don't know what it does, but it will have the same problem with approximate representations of numbers.

    There are a lot of posts on the Forums about number representation.

    In addition, the reason that the exact equality comparisons on the non-entier data types should be avoided or used with caution.


  • Why is this problem: illogical


    by making a gauge for this program based on state machine

    I note some entries as 0.9 and the center of her curly 200 addtion operating profit is negative while and their not negative number to the program!

    Why does this happen

    program + machine graph below

    Best regards:

    You have an I8 feed your good feedback furtherst node.  So, this feedback node is forced to an I8, even if you use I32 else veerywhere.  Then, when you're corecring your I32 to an I8, you get the flipping and the value becomes negative.  Change the value for this node of feedback ot init an I32.

  • Hyperion FR reports - Division error

    Hi all

    I am trying to create a flow report for the profit and loss account where it compares 2 periods. I also do a % change column where percent change = (col [c] / [A] col) * 100. The only problem is when col [A] is 0. I'm trying to use an if condition but it somehow fails.

    Please let me know the logical reason to use.

    Thank you!

    Never mind. I thought about it!

    I used the fi then condition.

    Col A = Net revenue of the period 1

    Col B = Net income for the period 2:

    Col C = B - A (flow)

    (Hidden) collar D = IfThen (col [A] = 0, 1, Eval(col[C]/col[A]))

    Col = col [D] E * 100 (% change)

  • Action/Script Photoshop to place the vertical line at the center of the Image

    How to create an action (or a script) in Photoshop that creates a vertical line in the center of the page?

    Here is an example of what I'm looking for.


    First go to view > rulers, then right-click on the rule, and the percent change units.

    (so the action registers per cent and will work on different size documents)

    Then drag a vertical guide at the Center, drag one to the top of the image and the other down.

    (the goal is so the online tool is aligned with the top and down and you know where is the center of the document)

    For action, you can use the online tool and just save lines from the top of the image down along the center guide.

  • How to create a negative feedback on a case structure to estimate changes in speed among a range of speeds

    Hi I am new in programming with LabVIEW and I try to create a program that allows to estimate gear changes based on how fast the vehicle of support falls. The speed is measured by an OBD device and the results are saved in a spreadsheet. I created a sample program that contains a loop that reads the table of speeds of line by line. I then created a case 2 structures for example 2 speed brackets each support represents a gear (3rd 35-54 km/h, 4th gear gears 55-79 km/h). My problem is I want to count how many times the speed changes of support from one to the other to symbolize a change of speed. Right now my program will count only the number of speeds within each support the entire speed range.

    So in summary I need help, trying to create an effect of negative feedback while first gear which falls within a range of speed is counted as a speed change, but none afterwards speeds are counted until a new slice of speed came.

    I attatched the logfile and VI of suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you


    Hi Michael,

    I made some changes to your code

    1 replaced the 2 structures dealing with one, which displays the report.

    With the help of numerical values (instead of Boolean values) as the case selector - you can use whole; I see in the file CSV that all your speeds are integers of anyway, but I added a bit of code that allows to convert an integer, rounded down. So where logic says 35-54kph inclusive, because whatever between 54 & 55 be have been rounded down, this will also take to speeds up to 54.999999 (etc.) if need be.

    I then sent this 'current gear' variable to a shift register, so each iteration of the while loop allows to compare the report with the previous train. This case structure returns 0 if the speed is out of range (35-80).

    2. I added the code that essentially says "is the new different gear to gear for the last iteration? YES - to increment the number of variable gears. NO - do not change the number of variable changes"this variable is also passed in a shift register, it's can be passed from one iteration to iteration.

    3. I've got rid of 2 shift registers that you added, to write off the table index, because it is more effective and less code to just use the terminal of the iteration. (Don't forget iterations of loops are zero indexed).

    At present, the code I've written generates the total number of changes in speed (0-3, 0-4, 3-4, 4 - 3, 4-0, 3-0). If you only want to speed changes, there are between 3 & 4, you could put a structure affair around the section of code that I added a box of decoration autour and run that code if the current/previous gear is not = 0.

    I hope that this help - at least to give you an idea of how this can be accomplished.

    Thank you


  • How to change the display colors back to normal since reverse negative color?

    original title: negative color inversion

    Well, I accidentally used a keyboard shortcut to convert the colors of the screen to the negative terminal. I think that it is an accessory to help those who are blind or color blind when you use windows. I tried to go into the accessory folder that contains the keyboard on the screen and the magnifying glass... etc. I also tried to change the theme... etc, although no chance here no more. I googled my problem and found results for the exact asnwer solve my problem, but for other computer programs which are not windows. I also tried pressing the SHIFT, Alt and keys print screen to change the contrast, because that's what google suggests... Please help! Thank you very much.


    ·         What operating system is installed on your computer?

    I suggest you follow the steps below and check if it helps.

  • Change number of positive to negative


    I use the SUM function in a calculated field to add and subtract values and display the results in a 'Total'.  Subtraction requires the user to enter a negative number in the field of "losses".  I would like to create a user just enter a number and to have the field automatically change to a negative number.  Is there a way to do it, or should I move it in a different way?


    A negative number in a column where the color (sign) is negative would indicate a positive number.

    I would make the calculation by using the subtraction operator. This can be done in the simplified or custom JavaScript options.

  • I would like to know how to change a negative image of a positive on PhotoElements for Mac

    I would like to know how to change a negative image of a positive on PhotoElements for Mac

    Start by being in the Expert mode and cmd + I or filter > adjustments > invert

    It might take longer reversal to make good image if it is in color.

  • change the result of the calculation to the negative

    I have a calculation script custom in an Acrobat form field:

    var myFormat = "mm/dd/yyyy".

    var startDt = this.getField("PolicyEffectiveDate").value
    var endDt = this.getField("ChngDate").value

    startDate = util.scand (myFormat, startDt) var;
    var endDate = util.scand (myFormat, endDt);

    xdays var = Math.round (Math.abs ((startDate.getTime () - endDate.getTime (()) / (86400000)))

    Event.Value = ((365-(xdays)) / 365) .toFixed (3) * (this.getField("AnnualPremium2").value)

    How would the total resulting calculation to the negative change?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    I found a solution... I just multiplied the event.value by negative 1.

  • SQL change the positive to negative


    What is the most simple and quick way to change the positive value to the negative terminal.







    Output should be:







    you will be surprised, because very simple solution

    Select salary *-1 of...


    Ramin Hashimzade

  • How can we change the negative symbol on the Quick Selection of a symbol tool more? Im having trouble to select an area.

    How can we change the negative symbol on the Quick Selection of a symbol tool more? Im having trouble to select an area.

    You can use the Alt/Option key to switch between add + and subtract.

    Well first select the Add to selection in the options toolbar to make it work.

  • Change in prior calculation percent after loading data

    Hi all

    I have a cube for which I set the calculation prior percent than 50 (for background wall). I loaded data in a partition. Now I want to change the preliminary computation for cent to 35 and load data into another partition. I can do without falling and re-create the cube? Can I change this dynamic parameter at any time?

    OLAP Version:

    Thank you

    Changing the level of precompute modifies the AGGMAP, and this in turn requires the data in the cube to re - aggregate. Do not charge anything, and other objects should not need to be touched. This should do the trick (with changes appropriate for MY_CUBE and X).

    exec'MY_CUBE USING (CLEAR AGGREGATES, SOLVE)', parallelism=>X, add_dimensions=>false)
  • SQL to change the negative number to positive number

    My apologies for the no doubt high 'thick-as-a-Board' nature of my request.

    Is it possible to convert a negative number by a positive value using SQL. I have a report that joins the 2 tables and I want to join the tables on a field 'amount '. Problem, is that in the 1 table QTYs are negative, and in another QTYs are positive. I know that this is in itself is a stupid thing to do, but anyway.

    I was just wondering if there is a simple way to get positive number versions of numbers:
    GET sampledata
    WITH sampledata AS
         (SELECT -345 var_num
            FROM DUAL
          UNION ALL
          SELECT -423423
            FROM DUAL
          UNION ALL
          SELECT -323.5
            FROM DUAL)
    SELECT *
      FROM sampledata;
    Any advice much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Published by: jimr on February 9, 2010 12:38
    Change of subject

    you mean this:

    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  WITH sampledata AS
      2       (SELECT -345 var_num
      3          FROM DUAL
      4        UNION ALL
      5        SELECT -423423
      6          FROM DUAL
      7        UNION ALL
      8        SELECT -323.5
      9          FROM DUAL)
     10  SELECT var_num
     11       , abs (var_num)
     12*   FROM sampledata
    SQL> /
    ---------- ------------
          -345          345
       -423423       423423
        -323.5        323.5
  • Zoom percent does not change

    I have 29 installed Firefox and I added the zoom to the new menu box.

    When I touched the most or minus the percentage does not change, but it is at the origin of the content of the page get the smaller or more.

    Hello, you can try to replicate this behavior while you run firefox in safe mode, once?

    Troubleshoot extensions, themes, and issues of hardware acceleration to resolve common problems of Firefox

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