NEITHER 6229 Analog channel to generate the current


I use PXI-6229 to generate values of current analog output channel, but I get the following error:

"Physical channel selected does not support the selected property. Select a channel that supports the property, or select a property that is supported by the selected channel"

I tried with all 4 channels of analog output: ao0, ao1, ao2, ao3, but I got the same error with all. Also, when I run the examples OR to

'CVI\Samples\DAQmx\Analog Out\Generate Current\Cont Curr Wfm - Int Clk Gen' location, I get the same error.

Kindly let me know the solution for it.

Thank you



Outputs analog 6229 are sources of tension - not a current source constant.

Tags: NI Hardware

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    I'm getting an exception '{error =-50103 = "is reserved for the resource specified. The operation could not be performed as specified.\n\nTask name: _unnamedTask<5>\n\nStatus Code:-50103 "} ' when I call Control(..Commit) on a task with Analog channels, I just created."

    At the time of creation, I have another task set and running in the "we demand" move that uses another set of analogue channels in the same card to acquisition of data (NI6229).

    Is there a limitation on the number of tasks that can use analog in the channels of a single card?

    Thank you

    Go Paul

    Because the analog inputs share a unique clock, you can have only one task running. You can have as many channels as you want in a single analog input task, however.

  • NEITHER 6052e: can I re - route the analog output of DAQ for PFI?


    Does anyone know if it is possible to route analog output to one of the PFI (e.g. PFI0)? I use NEITHER 6052e and I would do the following: 1) output a signal to DAQ0; 2) then a few hundred milliseconds a signal of DAQ1; and then 3) read out a simple analog pulse on any output connector external to trigger an external device.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Hello sometimes.

    Could you please provide more information about your hardware configuration:

    What devices are DAQ0 and DAQ1?

    Are you using a PXI and PCI 6052?

    When you say AO reroute to PFI do you mean you're trying to wire AO into a PFI line for release purposes or are you trying to exit and the analog signal of a PFI line?

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  • Select the analog channels by custom names

    Hello friends of the Forum,

    My stuff:

    LabView 2009 SP1

    Windows 7

    I am rewriting code of LV7 LabView with the 2009 version.  The old code has a vi called "IA waveform" and it allows the user to specify the DAQ hardware and also select channels by simply enumerating as numbers (0,1,2,5,6 etc.) in a channel of the front input box.  I understood how to create something similar to 2009 using daqmx channel, but I list the channels like this: dev1\ai1, dev1\ai2, etc.  Is it possible to choose a figure like LV7?  From what I've read, I think it is, but I have been unable to make it work.  Thank you.


    I understand your question, but I don't understand why a list with ai1, ai2, ai0, etc., is so difficult to understand. In any case, its easy to convert numeric values Plains actual channel names. The format based on the string seems appropriate. You must create an array of channel numbers. A string is an acceptable entry in the DAQmx Create Channel function.

  • How generate the waveform analog multi simultaneously.

    I use the relay Gen to generate a waveform.

    I want to create another form of wave and start at the same time.

    Any suggestion?

    Hi turbot.

    The easiest way to make the two tasks simultaneously is to have two copies of this task in the block diagram. In LabVIEW, any function that has all its entries ready or a Subvi runs "simultaneously", so no additional real action must be taken to make them simultaneously. However, you must make sure that all entries of all your screws are to be executed simultaneously are ready at the same time (which means a set of functions that generate the wave does not need any input on the other). It's called the data flow model in LabVIEW. Read this for more information:

    I would you suggest to use an other sub - VI for opening and reading your file (as well as use a different file for each reading Txt Subvi relay). You can also make your Subvi re-entrant. For more information on screw reentrant, refer to this link:

    I would also say that you pass the path to the main file of your VI by using a control in your Subvi, rather than using the constant you have now.

  • generate the TTL signal for synchronization from another device with Labview

    Hi all

    I use NEITHER-6071E and try to generate and send a TTL signal so I can synchronize another device with my Labview code. My code (code attached) generates a sine wave, and I want to send a singal TTL out at an angle of phase on the sine wave. Currently, the code sends a sinusoidal signal and a square using similar wave output on BNC Plug. I thought I could just use a square wave, and send it out as analog output for the other device, but apprantly that he works with a TTL signal.

    Could you please take a look at my code and advice me how to generate a TTL signal while being able to send it to some phase shift?

    Thank you davance


    There is almost everything using examples > find examples... menu

    but here is one which simply sends a single impulse:

    Note that I expect the line have been pre-defined in MAX (it's always a good idea to check that your DIO line behaves as expected by trying it in MAX).

  • NEITHER 9871 best way to create the customization to veristand

    I would use a NI 9871 module with NEITHER veristand to connect with over RS-485 devices using the modbus Protocol. I know that this device can be used in mode of scanning and orders VISA, but won't work with the custom device EtherCat Scan Engine.

    I was wondering the best way to change NOR veristand.

    1. Create custom FPGA personality and write the drivers to directly interface with the ports on the device by modifying cRIO Modbus.lvproject Expose the commmands as channels passed from the FPGA personality to the workspace and command those from the workspace.Current limitation, I am unsure how to modify this into a custom device or model due to the FPGA IRQ in the RT application used for timing. Can this be included in the custom device?

    2 use the 9871 in scan mode and write a custom device to interact with it using the VISA. Deploy with e/s Modbus device custom servier and send orders to shared variables in the workspace. It would be easier and more robust driver, but I'm not sure how to implement if my other 7 modules use the custom scan engine. I can't apply it in scan mode and the other seven in FPGA because of the DMA only 3.

    3. change the Scan Engine custom device to support 9871? Not sure if this is possible.

    Thank you


    4. do not use the NI 9871 and use the serial port on the Crio with a custom modbus device. This leads to a problem of timing, as five devices I want to interact with, I a port. Can reduce functionality.

    An update, since I've found a method that worked well enough and was easier than I expected.

    If you use the cRIO in scan mode with custom device of the scan engine, the ports will appear in MAX for the module 9871. I didn't when I started at the beginning of the post above. From there, you can use all the functions of ports similar to the rs232 port which is included on the NI 9074.

    I wrote a custom device which opened a VISA session at my port and then was able to apply the code I need to communicate with my camera rs485. I worked with modbus Protocol and functions worked within my device custom without modification. I could also adjust VISA settings in MAX and could run a VI of my pc that would send/recieve data ports. This will be useful as an additional way to test or change the settings on my outside NIVS rs485 devices.

    It should be noted in my last post, deploying a Modbus Library did not work. Shared variables of Veristand work incorrectly with the variables that they have been configured in the modbus library that I deployed. I was able to set these manually from the Distributed System Manager. I could also do standard shared variable variables and would update the workspace NIVS in distributed systems manager, they would not change the value in the modbus server. I decided to abandon it and create a custom device that just use VISA vs. shared variables.

  • How to write table values to analog channel?

    Hi all

    If I have a table of values, is it possible to write these values as an analog voltage and then stop writing when he arrives at the end of the table? If so, how does do this?

    I have attached my code that generates a table of frequency swept sinusoidal voltages and I write that out to my analog channel, when I consult my output however, I get the same display of sinusoidal repetitive time and time again. I expect for example:

    writing of wave of 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 3 Hz etc...

    but I'm getting the 1 Hz wave over and over again, I selected samples in the sample clock and pretty much done a lot of trial and error and still no luck . Any help would be appreciated!


    Hi Daniel!

    Take a look at this example (you can find examples of LabVIEW):

    Gen CONT tension Wfm - Int Clk - no

    Here is an another VI I did (see table). It is slightly different from the example of the LV and it should help you.

    It could be that useful...


  • Using the DAQ USB-6009 meter and an analog input voltage at the same time.


    Currently, I'm reading the two channels of voltage with the USB-6009. It happens that one of the channels is the output of a digital coder, and it would be much easier to use it directly to the PFIO entry that is defined as a counter. The problem I am facing right now, it's that I can't use the DAQ Assistant to use the analog voltage to a channel and the digital channel counter at the same time. Once I put the DAQ Assistant to read the input from analogue voltage, I won't be able to add analog inputs. And as I put the DAQ Assistant to use the PFIO as a counter, I can add more entries to read analog voltage is.

    I wonder if it is possible to solve this problem using the lower level data blocks? Another solution would be to read two channels in analog input voltage and that the use of Matlab to process data resulting from it, since I was not able to do the counting to work simultaneously with the acquisition in Labview to impulses.

    Hope you guys can help out me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Using a simple wizard of DAQ is incorrect. You need one to acquire analog inputs and one for the meter.

  • Output 2 length of time different voltages while recording the current of one of the outputs

    I create a vi that generates output 2 waveforms of voltage different (AO1 and AO2). These signals is different in duration and number of times it will be produced. AO1 must take place several times while AO2 is running her first time. I also record the entry of AI1 output in AO1. I have attached a vi that I thought it would work. I thought it would be good to have the AI/StartTrigger initialize the acquisition and the output voltage. However, this arrangement results in an error. The error I get is-200802. Am I going about this all wrong? Any ideas?

    At first glance, I see some problems with your code:

    -You arecalling DAQmx writing before calling DAQmx Start. The departure must be called before writing.

    -You have two tasks of analog output. Only analog output task is allowed per unit. If both of your analog output channels are on the same card, they must be in the same spot.

    Here is a great resource for getting started with DAQmx programming.

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    Have you noticed too there was an update of Mozilla on my laptop the day before that this problem then this could be the reason?

    Unable to connect using the current password

    It is far from a complete problem description.
    Please explain in detail

    • what you were doing
    • That's happened

    Using the current password which only had 6 characters

    6 characters is a very weak password. Consider using a password manager to generate longer and more complex passwords and to remember these passwords.

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    Firefox tells me I 24.0 version and it is up to date.
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    I'm really up-to-date with the version 24?
    Is the latest version of Max OSX really 24?
    How can I get the latest version?

    mspohr, you are using a version of Firefox 24.0? or a build ESR which is currently based on 24.0 as 24.4.0 or the current moment 24.5.0 update that came out when 29,0 made. Versions of Firefox 24 esr will not update to a current version, because they are on separate channels.

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