Neither myDAQ oscilloscope bandwitdth

Hi guys I m plans buy the nor myDAQ, but I have a few questions on the function i´m oscilloscope control specifications, but I anithing find can´t on its bandwitdth, thank you

Yes I m new to this forum


Hi Rivera25081:

I think that what you need is the MyDAQ sampling frequency in order to know if you can measure the 3 MHz sine wave. The Oscilloscope max sampling rate is 200 kHz that means by the Nyquist theorem you can detect the frequency of a sine wave of 100 kHz. If you want a more accurate representation of a sine wave signal should be approximately 10 kHz. The signal you want to measure has a hi frequency (Radio frequency), it is necessary a faster and more robust equipment to measure this type of signals.

Check this equipment:

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  • Neither myDAQ


    My PC are Win10 and I can't use the nor myDAQ (badly installed driver or Automation). The driver is present and it worked before!

    I reinstalled labview, but nothing has changed.

    Is that someone had the same problem?

    Thank you

    Thank you for your information. After investigation it turns out that:

    -LabVIEW 2012 is not compatible with Windows 10 but is LabvIEW 2015: LabVIEW & Windows compatibility

    -The NI DAQmx 9.5 driver is not compatible with Windows 10: compatibility and NOR-DAQmx driver

    I invite you to download the drivers OR DAQmx 16 ( Driver OR DAQmx 16.0 ) and install. In the MyDAQ NOR made attention to remove MAX, then install the driver and then re-connect.

    Kind regards

  • NEITHER myDaq "drawing too much power."

    I broke out my myDaq and myProto today and was going to try to test it alongside my shiny new Virtualbench for EE Labs it and for the next quarter. With nothing connected to anything on the test setup, I tried to run the CC ELVIS level output to see if my camera was working and test its reported tension against the DMM Virtualbench. I turned on and as soon as I flipped the switches on the myProto itself the application tells me: "one or more connections to external supply rails draw too much power. The operation has been aborted to prevent the unit to use too much power. "He cut and refuses to turn on.

    Nothing is connected to the card. Any ideas?

    I noticed this topic is a bit of traffic and I wanted to update.

    I'm not entirely sure of what was causing the problem, but it is possible that the absence of a charge was panicking the software somehow. I tested the unit with a multimeter to ensure that I saw the expected, etc., output voltages and everything was fine. The issue went away when I prototyped a circuit for a laboratory.

    Very strange.

  • Neither mydaq against usb6008


    I want to control the speed of a motor 3 phases with the PID command. Can some recommend that DAQ to go with. NImyDAQ or the USB6008. I don't know that I read on this forum somewhere that the USB6008 cannot run with PID control. I just go with the NImyDAQ. Nobody knows the benefits that the NImyDAQ has on the 6008

    The myDAQ does not have the PID control either.  It's just a DAQ card.  You use the myDAQ or any other acquisition of data (like the USB6008) to read and write signals, but use a Windows program to control (usually under LabVIEW).  Maybe you thought the myRIO (which is a real-time computer with an FPGA that you use)?

    The myDAQ is an academic device while the USB6008 is for commercial use.  Other than that, check the entries and exits to see if he can meet your specifications.

  • myDAQ new installation self-test fails 88705

    "' Problem: NEITHER myDAQ"myDAQ1"- Measurement & Automation Explorer-online devices and Interfaces-online OR myDAQ" myDAQ1 "-online self-test does not work. The error message is "the self-test. has failed. -88705 the specified device is missing... »

    My environment:

    8.1 Windows 64 bit running under Oracle VirtualBox Version 4.3.20 running Mac OS x on a MacBook Pro 2012 10.10.1. I have no prior exposure to work with myDAQ, LabView, or any tool of NOR.

    I downloaded NIELVIS1400_downloader.exe for Windows 8.1 to and it is finished.

    During installation I secured guarded against the problems of Win8FastStartup by stopping and restarting the PC when asked.

    After the installation when I plugged it physically in the myDAQ device, it was recognized by Windows 8.1 because Device Manager has the 'data acquisition' entries under which "NEITHER myDAQ" appears. For NEITHER myDAQ device status is 'this device is functioning.

    When the myDAQ was physically connected, the window "NI ELVISmx Instrument Launcher" popped up. I clicked on the icon 'How to set up your hardware' and the 'get started Guide... "pop up. I checked the blue LED on the device came and it is stable on. I went to "2. Paragraph confirms the recognition of the devices"in implementing on the way, guide and follow the instructions to start the automatic test. There not as described above.

    I noticed similar problems have been reported in the past. Closest to my problem reported by flex11 on 05/05/2014. Reading through I don't see any resolution itself. Another similar problem was solved by manually starting the service 'NOR device charger '. In my case, this service is already running. "NO license server" is the only service stopped, but I guess that's normal for myDAQ.

    I don't have any other product OR installed on the PC.

    I'm sure there is a simple solution to this problem, but I'm afraid it's escape. I'd appreciate any help I can get through this forum.

    Thanks for getting back to me. Your answer gave me stamina I had to move forward.

    I installed and finally managed to do work. The exact boot sequence I need is:

    (1) delete myDAQ by USB port and then start Windows 8.1 under VirtualBox.

    (2) after that Windows 8.1 will appear, fix myDAQ on a USB port. If a pop-up window appears asking you to respond, ignore (at the beginning I did not ignore it and myDAQ transformed into a charger USB device firmware such as reported by Device Manager).

    (3) at this stage most likely "VirtualBox VM features-online USB Devices" drop-down menu shows "National Instruments NI myDAQ [0003]" as an entry but without a check mark to the left of the name. Bring the cursor to the left of the name and click here. You should now see a check mark there.

    (4) my myDAQ Self tests started working.

    However, I need the functionality provided by ELVIS as well. So I uninstalled and installed from NI ELVISmx 14.0. My boot sequence that I have reported above, didn't work. Just at the moment it's just happened that Oracle has released Version 4.22 of VirtualBox that I wanted to try and ELVIS started to run. I can now use myDAQ DMM.

    One thing that contributed to my problems is fruitless attempts to uninstall the software OR. Unsuccessful uninstalls leave garbage behind who can or cannot cause problems in subsequent relocations. In one case, I'm done with the nidevldu (OR charger) service stuck in the system. I had to do a reset Windows 8.1 recovery operation to get rid of him. I decided to restart Windows 8.1 before uninstalling the software. This ensures that there is nothing in the limbo that past can interfere with a successful uninstallation.

  • mydaq with bench hand vernier

    Hi, I write a project with my friend in a course based on the labview software and our project area is of biosensors. We have received a Vernier hand dynamometer to be the sensor of our project and need to write 'everything' to use and display any type of results (the interface so that it connects with the pc is NEITHER-myDAQ). one of our problems is that we are unable to find the right way to connect it to the device of myDAQ (there is a description of broaching on the vernier site but it's only for the plug itself and not the actual sensor). We do not know which wires are active, which is the constants of conversion of the output of the sensors etc., anyone who has experience with this or something similar and maybe can offer help (even a place where to look for this information), would be greatly appreciated. I tried searching the forums with as few keywords that I could come up with (something like 'hand dynamometer mydaq'), but nothing gave no results, I'm afraid... Thank you very much in advance. I post the links to the bench of the hand and the connector that we were given.

    Hello abenigma,

    I'm not very familiar with the sensor of dynamometer hand vernier, but if it uses the same analog connector Proto connection should look like this:

    Connect the following pins for wire connector:

    1. AI0 + SIG1 analog connector Proto Board

    2. + 5V power supply DC to 5V analog Proto card connector

    3. Power supply to the GROUND to GND of the analog Proto board connector

    4. AI0 - GND of the analog connector Proto Board

      Give it a try.

      ~ Sandra

  • Error-9314 has produced Elvis comm - check elvis

    Could someone help me with this? I have windows 7 64 bit. I have installed 64-bit and 32-bit labview. I have NEITHER myDAQ connected to my laptop via USB. The CD that came with the kit disappeared, so I was download each disc that I could install and updated.

    Here's what I get

    [IMG] [line]

    All I'm trying to do, is get the myDAQ to act as a digital multimeter to measure resistance using the wires supplied with the kit myDAQ.

    I have to install a battery or something in the myDAQ? I saw a picture of the battery has a triple, but don't see any on the myDAQ battery compartment. There is a battery 9V on the myProtoBoard property, but it does not help the issue.

    Thank you


    Hi Jason,

    It seems that you have installed the legacy version of the NI ELVIS driver, which only supports the NI ELVIS device. Use an NI ELVIS II / II + or one NOR myDAQ and use the DMM feature, you will need the NI ELVISmx driver. The latest version is NI ELVISmx 4.5, which supports versions of LabVIEW 2010-2013. If you have another version of LabVIEW, let me know and I can direct you to the correct version of NI ELVISmx.

  • Error 200428 creating task in DAQmx Base

    I wrote a basic program that captures a voltage signal, plots and written to a file, but when I run it, I get this error message:

    "Error-200428 occurred at the value passed to the control task/channels is not valid."

    I enclose a copy of my VI. At first, I do not have the VI 'DAQmx Base create a task' in the block diagram, and I was getting the above error. After a search through some documents, it seems that the problem was that I had to put the VI to "Create a task" in when you use DAQmx Base. Unfortunately when I did, I kept getting the same error.

    Y at - it something I'm doing wrong here?

    Here is my software/hardware information:

    Operating system: Mac OS X 10.11.14

    Material: NEITHER myDAQ

    Software: LabVIEW 15.0 (64-bit)

    Drivers: DAQmx Base 15 OR 15.5, 15.5 OR-488 VISA. 2 NOR-DAQmx for myDAQ on Mac OS X (all for OS X)

    AliMoradi wrote:

    I wrote a basic program that captures a voltage signal, plots and written to a file, but when I run it, I get this error message:

    "Error-200428 occurred at the value passed to the control task/channels is not valid."

    Here is my software/hardware information:

    Operating system: Mac OS X 10.11.14

    Material: NEITHER myDAQ

    Software: LabVIEW 15.0 (64-bit)

    Drivers: DAQmx Base 15 OR 15.5, 15.5 OR-488 VISA. 2 NOR-DAQmx for myDAQ on Mac OS X (all for OS X)

    Hi Ali.

    You encounter this error, because NEITHER-DAQmx Base does not support unit OR-myDAQ . You have NEITHER-DAQmx for myDAQ installed, however, that supports this feature.

    See the instructions here to confirm that the device and the pilot communicate properly:

    Get started with NOR-DAQmx for myDAQ on Mac OS X

  • Error-50303 occurred at ELVISmx_DAQmx create channel


    I used the myDaq in my electronic class earlier today and the suspect, I have damaged the myDaq. I had an external power supply connected to my circuit on a Protoboard - the circuit was not directly related to +/-bus on the protoboard, but the Council itself was hung in the myDaq.

    I noticed this caveat statement myDaq Manual:

    Power supplies
    Caveat! Do not mix the power nor myDAQ with power of external power sources.
    When you use an external power supply, remove all connections to the power supply terminals on

    Since then, I get the following error message when I try to take my multimeter (NI Elvismx) readings:

    Error-50303 occurred at ELVISmx_DAQmx create channel


    This message means that I damaged the myDaq? Could I have generated too much current with voltage circuit / applied and brought to save in the myDaq? If so, it would damage the myDaq or are there internal safeguards in order to protect the device (i.e. recognizing when internal resistance reduction) and trigger an error code (i.e. could reset you HAVE resistance)?

    I am new in the field of electronics, so please forgive me for any obvious incorrect statement above!

    Also, I went then to download the troubleshooter of myDaq - I managed to unpack the file, but it would not be completed installation (i.e. the 'next' button is grayed out on the summary screen, the only options to the choices were 'save' and 'Cancel').

    Thanks in advance for any guidance/direction you can give me!



    Found a miracle solution!

    Under the tools NI MAX button, there is an option to select "reset Configuration data".

    After selecting this, he reset the Configurations OR and restarted my computer. I noticed that when I reopened NI MAX, I had more options to choose when I click on the myDaq device (i.e. before I could only choose 'Save' and 'Refresh'... now I have more options including a reset, self-test function, test panels, etc.).

    I was able to use my features NI Elvis DMM and no longer see the error message (just did a simple test with a resistance).

    See you soon!


  • myDAQ recognized as USB flash firmware

    When I look in my device manager, my myDAQ is recognized as USB flash the firmware, and it is not also recognized in all LabView instruments as it says "no device is supported." I tried to update the driver for the USB, and I also tried stopping and restarting the charger OR in the Services. Neither have worked.

    What should I do?

    If you are requesting information please tell me the steps on how to get it.

    Thank you


  • mydaq no supported devices


    I'm having a lot of difficulty working with myDAQ. The DMM and other applications say that there is no device in charge when I installed correctly myDAQ (at least I think). I saw this topic came on the previous posts and I tried to apply some of them. I tried to reset the MAX database. It worked ONCE, the question has been raised again and I tried to reset but then it didn't work. I tried sort of messages of the solutions:

    but my device in Device Manager is recognized as a Data Acquisition device.

    Am I missing a driver? Is my USB cable for the myDAQ nine went haywire already?

    Could someone help me with this? I would be very grateful!

    I've also attached the MAX screenshot that shows what it shows on my myDAQ.

    I finally got the device works!

    The thing was actually that neither device loader service has not been started. So I went to services in Windows 7, and began. Lo, behold, my camera has been detected! Now, I use the Elvis 4.5 now, I update 14.0 and if all goes well, everything will be fine and my device can always be detected.

    Jeff, it seems that my anti-virus and firewall are behave normally. Thank you for watching my concern!


  • half-wave rectified filter circuit/oscilloscope measurement

    Hello everyone, I hope I can get help on this fundamental issue, I'll have. University online, with which I will not help me, so I hope that I can quickly get assistance here.

    I have the myDAQ NOR, I have to build half rectified filter circuit with a resistance 2.2kOhm, I also use the multi-sim to confirm the measures of waveform. Everything goes well on Labview multisims Tektronix Oscilloscope compared to before I connect a capacitor 100uF my comparison heres:

    The model is just the Diode with a series resistance 2.2kOhm, I'm not sure if the analog inputs to the LabView Oscilloscope are configured correctly this is the air I get:

    This satifies my simple comparison on the Multisim circuit, since I came here for a few hours to play with probes analog input, I know that something is wrong out of these measures, I get.

    With a capacitor 100uF in parallel:

    I think the question is how I inputs analog and STILL plugged, I'm not sure that this is where I would really like some help or any type of assistance. Once I get this set up right, I'll be able to take measures for the frequency, load DC, P - P Ripple voltage ripple and then move to a full-wave rectified circuit. I just started a course and received the myDAQ.

    Henrik_Volkers wrote:

    Compare it with the current specification of output of your myDAQ

    Here is a link to the specification:

    Henrik hit it on the head.  The myDAQ can, at most, out 2mA with analog output.  So, with a 2.2kOhm charge, which puts you in 4.4V without the diode.  The led will also require an amount of current.  According to my estimates, subject of 1mA (your pic is ~2.5V, divide by the 2.2kOhm to get ~ 1mA).  You will see only that on the positive side of the sine wave as the diode blocks all the negative side.

    The lesson here is to make sure that your outputs have enough power to do what you want.  You can go to get a simple op-amp from digikey and use a follower of tension for editing the current upward.  You will probably need another power supply or two (+ 12V and - 12V) to power op-amp.

  • How to design the oscilloscope... need idea, advice and suggestions...


    Student MI... so I'm new to LabVIEW... so I use LabVIEW 8.6 and NEITHER cDAQ-9178 for the connection between the material... and my PC... now, I have final project... I have to design digital oscilloscope using labview, but I have several problem...

    1) How to design the scope of design

    (2) I have the simple design pattern to display the wave... but stil have some problem, this block diagram... how I want to develop the other party such basis of design time, control vertecal, cityscape control, capture the wave... and etc.., I was the previous oscilloscope in labview reserch and I desgin again by reffer the previous... but still no function...

    Hopefully, someone can help me... to give me an idea, opinion or suggestion for me to complete my project... fnl plz... now, I declare my design... and all I recommend and agree with the suggestion of someone... Thank you very much


    That must be validated in the jury of LabVIEW so I'll move it for you. The jury of feedback is used specifically to provide feedback on the forums and their features.

    In order to receive the best support on the Forums of Discussion OR, please post your question publicly on the map that best matches the products you use. This allows your question be seen by members of the forum in the world, thus allowing users the most expertise in this field for you help. Additionally, once your issue is resolved, users of the forum with the same question in the future can benefit from your experience.

    To start a new thread on the Forums OR, go to the correct product management on Board and click on the "New Message" button. You will be directed through a search to see possible solutions. If you don't find a solution, you can proceed to post your question on this Board.

    Kind regards
    The Forum Moderator OR

  • Windows 10 - myDAQ driver does not work

    Hello, I just "upgraded" to Windows 10 and everything for myDAQ installed and Windows is not recognizing the driver. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

    I installed the latest drivers for DAQmx (15.0.1) and Elvis (15.0) without a bit of luck. I have attached the NI MAX errors and Device Manager

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Hi jtkrenz,

    Unfortunately, Windows 10 is not yet supported by Elvismx and DAQmx.  This can be seen under the OS Support in their respective Readme file:

    1 NOR-DAQmx 15.0.1 Readme

    2 NEITHER ELVISmx 15.0 Readme

    Thank you!

  • myDAQ Software Upgrade

    I am running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and 32-bit LabVIEW 2010.  I use a myDAQ running NI ELVISmx 4.2.2 and NOR-DAQ 9.1.5.  Everything works fine.  I used this myDAQ a couple of years ago and now I need it for a new class.  I just tested the feature today and the (basically all analog for me) the measures are accurate/compatible with what I expect.

    Of course, I'll not upgrade anything if someone can tell me that NI ELVISmx 4.5 offers all of the features that my installed NI ELVISmx 4.2.2 does not work (I doubt that), so here's my question:

    I want to upgrade the software to NI ELVISmx 4.5 so that the Instrument NI ELVIS Launcher has the latest features.

    I guess I have to do is:

    1) update the firmware

    2) upgrade the software NOR-DAQ 9.1.5

    3) upgrade the Software NI ELVISmx 4.2.2 to version 4.5

    Of course, I know that the perils to assume.  But, I can't find anything that will tell me the steps needed to pass through these steps.  I need the docs for all stages.

    Can someone help me with these questions in detail the correct steps if I'm wrong and provide me links to the files I need?

    Hi rajames429,

    In order to update, all you need is to install the NI ELVISmx 4.5 which includes NEITHER-DAQmx 9.7.5.

Maybe you are looking for