NetExtender error must perform maintenance tasks.  Does not work after giving permission to do so.  Just upgraded to El Capitan.

I just upgraded to El Capitan.  I get the error message after following the notation in NetExtender: "NetExtender error must perform maintenance tasks.  You will need to enter your MAC administrator password in the next window. "After you type that in, it says it connects to NetExtender but then disconnects me.  This goes on and on.

Having never heard of before NetExtender, I can't go on how you described in your post, and I must say, Macs need not third-party programs of 'maintenance' on them.  One thing I can say, is that before you upgrade your operating system, you should always make sure that all your applications, plug-ins, drivers, extensions, etc., are compatible with what you have upgraded to.  This could be part of the problem, this program should not be what I think it looks like.  You are running the most recent version, and the version is compatible with El Capitan?

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    Thank you for your response.

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    It sums up my thoughts exactly.

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    I think this team comes with a default factory that his solution is not easy, because even the technical service told me I didn't know what to do with it.

    Sorry to hear all this. Unfortunately, we can not help you much so try please clarify this service. They help you with your laptop even if all must be exchanged.
    > Warranty Toshiba does not work after having been repaired by their service
    To be honest I don t understand this sentence. How old is your laptop? warranty is already expired?

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    Hi there @BryanHech,

    Thank you for joining the Forums HP's Support and welcome! It is a great place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! I read your post on the Forums of HP Support. I wanted to join you and help! I understand that your touch screen has stopped working after update the drivers on your laptop PC HP Pavilion 11 - n001tu x 360 .

    How you did update the drivers?

    You use Windows Update?

    Have you checked to see if the driver has been disabled?

    Have you tried to run the Troubleshooter in Windows?

    Have you tried to do a hard reset?

    Have you tried a update the BIOS and graphics driver?

    Have you tried to perform a screen touch diagnosis the HP Hardware Diagnostic tests?

    Have you tried to Configure the display key?

    Have you tried to activate the driver in touch screen device manager?

    Please follow these steps to see if you can activate the touch screen:

    • Open the Device Manager
    • Find "Human Interface Devices"
    • Expand "Human Interface Devices"
    • Right-click on "touch screen HD compliant."
    • Click 'Activate' (if available)
    • Restart your laptop.

    If losing your touch screen happened after you had made a set of Windows updates, use the system restore feature and choose a date that was before the problems began.

    To use the system restore in Windows:

    • Go to the Search
    • Type of Control Panel
    • Click on Control Panel
    • Click System
    • Click on the System Protection
    • Click the System Protection tab
    • Click on System Restore
    • Click Next
    • Choose a restore point
    • Click Next
    • A box that says "once started, the system restore cannot be interrupted. Do you want to continue? ' displays
    • Click Yes to confirm

    When the system restore is complete, you'll be up a pop that says that it has been completed.

    Please let me know if I answered your question by clicking the "Thumbs up" if the troubleshooting in this post steps solves the problem for you please click on the button "Accept as Solution" . This will allow to the others is that present the same problem a solution also. If you need assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please just re-post with the results of the resolution of the problems.

    Thank you!

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    Hey Buddy,

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    At this moment I can only offers to install latest driver of the webcam of the official website of Toshiba. Make sure that this driver is released for Windows 7 and not Vista.

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    Please take a look in this thread:

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    Thank you!

    If the printer is connected using a parallel printer cable, please see the link below for the solution.

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    Installation of Windows service does not work after Explorer 9 uninstallation and reinstallation of 8.  I followed several suggestions on this forum, but still no luck.  I ran the SFC system twice, who told me he had corrupted files.  "Some have been repaired and some might not be."  I then went in the event viewer after a start to the top and he stated that the 'Adobe APM service' is not found.  Also the "hpqddsvc' and the 'gupdate' is not found.  He tries to install something every time I start, but he abandoned.  I checked whether the system is on and disabled.  It's on.  There are a lot of small problems, but my main concern is the Adobe program.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe, but still get an error message that the Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. Other suggestions?


    I suggest you follow the link and check.

    How to troubleshoot issues that may occur when you install, uninstall, or upgrade one program on a Windows computer

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    1. do you have an error message?
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