NETGEAR AC1900 R7000 several Xbox those open NAT Type

Hi all

What is the best solution for those multiple Xbox on the same network. I have two Xbox.

My question - get an open NAT Type on both those of Xbox. Both systems have a NAT open but not for multiplayer games. More specifically, black ops 3. I have UPnP turned on, but my black ops 3 nat type is moderate. When you look at the list of UPnP, I see a port for Xbox Live service in the list as 3074, but black ops 3 requires the port UDP 3075. At the same time, 3075 UDP has been registered for one of my Xbox and now it is no longer the case. So, what I have to do is setup port forwarding and add only my IP address of the Xbox as a personalized service with the port UDP 3075 and it works. That's fine and all, but my IP address for my Xbox (both) will not change from time to time. I thought UPnP would take care of this for me.

How should I handle this so that both those Xbox use the port UDP 3075 and I don't have to worry any change my IP? Or need to be updated for my router to Negear as Black Ops is no longer using port 3074 Xbox Live?

I'm on the last update of the firmware as of today (November 9, 2015) of V1.0.4.30_1.1.67. Yet once, I thought active UPnP would solve my problems with Xbox runing both on the same network.

Your ideas/suggestions are appreciated! Thank you for your time and help in advance!

p.s. I want to summarize... I have a NAT open for two small Xbox (if I go to the Xbox a settings/network settings tab), but I'll get one Xbox, one with an open NAT and the other with a NAT moderate when you play multiplayer on black ops 3. Treyarch said they use is no longer the same port as Xbox Live, now they use port 3075.

Hope this makes sense... Please let me know if you need more information or have any questions.


You can keep changing IP addresses using the address book. Log in to the R7000. Go in ADVANCED > Setup > LAN Setup. Inside will be the address reservation section. Add two entries to your Xbox.

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