Can I safely delete this file? Suspecting that he can hide a virus.

Hello pikejohn,

Where is the file?

Is the ntuser.ini file name?

If it's ntuser.ini then it is a file that is created by Windows for each user account on the machine and is used to configure the components of roaming user profile.

The file must be located in the folder root documents the user name.

It will be safer to have the files scanned by a reputible virus scanner (or multiple) to ensure that it does not contain a virus.

If the file exist next to this location by default so it can be a troublesome file, though I haven't seen any documentation whether a virus. That being said, if the file is "ntuser.ini.exe", it IS likely that the file is a virus (unless you have changed the name).

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    'C:\Users\Martin\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\profiles.ini '.

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    The sight of my screen to help is attached.

  • I just reinstalled Debian 6 and Icedove. I copied the profile in my previous installation and update of profiles.ini who has always worked in the past.

    I wonder now to create a new account. Once I have a workaround to default imap and use pop3 I can't open Icedove. I get an error message that Thunderbird is already underway, and I need to shut it down or restart. I can't shut it down because it is not running. pstree and top do not show it so there is no pid to kill. Given zero annoys me to create a new account and the same problem.

    I have never had any problems in the past. Copy the old profile at .icedove and by changing the profiles.ini always gave me my address list and my old emails. Import, said book mail and address were imported, but it didn't.

    I like Thunderbird and hesitate to throw. I don't like Evolution, but I use it maybe and try to recreate my address book. What a waste of time!


    I was not able to find a lock file. However I deleted profiles.ini and it copied from the backup and that seems to work. The lock was probably hidden somewhere in the .default file.

  • Can I edit profiles.ini to hide the name of the user from the Profile Manager list?

    Deleting the entry makes profile inaccessible as near as I can tell.
    I've tried combinations of name/value obvious but not luck (hide, show hidden, visible,...).
    Where can I go to learn all possible ways to change this file? Already looked in

    My file looks like this, "cr" is the one I would like to remove from the list (it is not in the location by default if it helps):

    StartWithLastProfile = 1

    Name = profile of Ron
    IsRelative = 1
    Path = Profiles / ps45kylq.default
    Default = 1

    Name = bee
    IsRelative = 1
    Path = Profiles / 7aorkyy5. Bee

    Name = cr
    IsRelative = 0
    Path = D:\Users\Public\cr\Firefox

    Hi the q.c., you can try to completely remove this profile profiles.ini and just run it with a custom shortcut in firefox:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -profile "D:\Users\Public\cr\Firefox"

  • How to mozilla.cfg, override.ini, all - companyname.js, work once and for all for all users files

    I'm trying to apply a patch for the browser firefox (version 23.0.1) on more than 250 computers. Setting default Web pages, disable the annoying guests as the default browser and import bookmarks and deleting history on shutdown or startup. It is very easily done editing the pref.js file, but I will not change this file, it is out of the question. Another update of FF will erase or overwrite all my changes.

    I run a computer lab at the University which is locked with a Net Support School console. You don't need to find out who. Virtually all Web sites are limited except those ones I list white. The Web sites we use have an extensive API for JS, CSS, Java, PHP, etc... We use technology so that students use calculators graphics, video, and the module test socket of the Whitelist, as Pearson or Aleks sites. Now, with that said, cookies and stored profile history become a problem, and on up to day 25% of students using computers need history deleted for a loading page. I think I solved this problem permanently by whitelist backend sites import plugins and API etc, I found the console developers. No matter what. What I learned from all this, is that Firefox can be very customizable, using the '...\Mozilla Firefox\mozilla.cfg' and '...\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\prefs\all-companyname.js' (or custom.js) the problem is little matter what I try I can't seem to work. Was the closest I have got here:

    Here again, even that ^^ did not work. I followed these instructions to a "T". What is the problem with the explanations above in the link? Why firefox doing harder and harder for us to optimize it for massive deployments through a company and a University? I won't do any fancy hacks to avoid the main problem. I need mozilla.cfg and all - companyname.js and override.ini files to work, if and only if they are still topical.

    Here's what my files look like so far:

    name: all - lmc.js

    location: C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref\

    Pref ("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");

    Pref ("browser.startup.homepage", "https://(some url)");

    name: override.ini

    location: C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox\


    EnableProfileMigrator = false

    name: mozilla.cfg

    location: C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox\


    lockPref ("privacy.sanitize.sanitizeOnShutdown", true);

    lockPref ("privacy.sanitize.promptOnSanitize", false);

    lockPref ("", false);

    lockPref ("toolkit.telemetry.enabled", false);

    lockPref ("toolkit.telemetry.prompted", 2);

    lockPref ("toolkit.telemetry.rejected", true);

    I tried using it or not, the Configurator automatic mozilla. I tried to change lockPref pref. Nothing works. Not the override.ini, not at all - lmc.js and not the mozilla.cfg. I lost hours of reading through the blogs of experts telling us to change files that do not exist, or beat around the Bush. I did the search. If you have the answer, or you want to help me understand this just remember to keep it simple. Please, I beg you. In the end, I want to pack all the config files, with one how, in a zip on our shared drive folder. To have FF on measure and ready to deploy on different services on the campus.

    Error console warnings are OK.

    The general.config.obscure_value pref is set to the default of 0?

    You can try to save these versions of the files (open in a Firefox tab and save via Save Page As)

    I don't know if all these prefs are still supported in the current version of Firefox.

    local - settings.js



  • My profiles.ini contains an unknown and unusual profile


    Today, I noticed that my profiles.ini contains a second profile that I don't know anything. Here my profiles.ini redacted content:

    StartWithLastProfile = 1

    Name = default
    IsRelative = 1
    Path = Profiles / < my profile >
    Default = 1

    Name = < charaters alphanumeric 15 >
    IsRelative = 0
    Path = < 465 Base64 charaters >

    Profile0 is one I use, Profile1 is one I'm curious about. It does not resemble a life normal profile definition, in particular the path encoded in Base64. When I decode the value of path, I read a few strings of binary data, and in particular, there is a path to the company of people/tmp / < charaters alphanumeric 15 > (the same 15 characters in the name of the profile). However there is no such file in/private/tmp /.

    I tried to see if the profile has been listed in the Profile Manager, he wasn't, and the deleted profile from the profiles.ini file manager. I guess I could just forget about it, but I would really like to know what is this profile and what it was for. Any idea?

    On Mac OS, such a track encoded in base64 can be used to specify an absolute location elsewhere on the hard drive.

    There may also be some prefs that use this way to specify a path as the download directory.

  • FF22 and prefs.js custom installation, bookmarks.html and override.ini FF23 does not

    Try to customize the installation of FF22 or FF23 for business environment.

    I have done this several times with several previous versions. FF19 and 20 being the latest versions of success, it worked. (I wasn't 21).

    All I ever had to do was to extract the FF setup.exe and add three files. Then run setup.exe - ms to perform the custom installation. None of these files have changed for some time.


    With FF23 and FF22, none of these changes work not at all. What has changed and how to fix it? Or is it a bug that needs added to Bugzilla?

    TIA for any help.

    Hello pfurches, the path where these presets should go in a changed recently:

  • Desktop.ini on desktop windows 7 after update FF17.0

    2 updates (quicktime)
    Popup in FF for the update to 17.0
    After auto update at 17:00 FF icon desktop.ini appeared on the desktop and can not get rid.

    I have Norton Inet Sec 12-day.

    How to get rid would be nice

    Thank you

    You see probably the desktop.ini file that stores the office properties in Windows because you have turned on see the hidden files and folders.

    In the earlier version of Windows (XP?), it was possible to hide the .ini desktop in this case, but Vista and later to show them.

  • NB200 - 10G - recovery process failed - Setenv.ini question

    Hello, I have a problem with my netbook.
    I want to recovery my windows with operating system windows xp delivered in my hard drive, but this reconstruction process failed.
    On the recovery screen GUI (RecoGUI) displays a message box and a message:

    "ERROR: Setenv file D:\Setenv.ini or X:\tools\Setenv.ini not found!

    wrote about this.

    so I tried to change the Mode of the controller SATA in the BIOS from AHCI to compatibility.
    But this change does'nt have effect.
    This error message always appears when I tried recovery and I don't have a recovery disk.

    What should I do?
    Thank you

    This s pity companion
    Seems that something was wrong with the partition of HARD drive and the HARD drive recovery procedure.
    From my point of view there is no much to do

    If the recovery of HARD drive does not work, then you can install the operating system only using a disc.
    Either you use a Toshiba Recovery disk or a Windows shared drive.

    Recovery disc can be ordered here:

    By the way; Need a CD/DVD USB drive in order to install the operating system from the disk.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 - invalid boot.ini file message at boot


    Don't know where to start.
    I want to just run Office 2003 from my Satellite Pro. Had problems with the HDD so I decided to format using the recovery discs.

    Now, when I start the machine initially I get the following message: * invalid boot.ini file. Starting from c:\windows.*
    After a minute or so, the following message appears. * missing or corrupted system32.hal.dll file *.

    Any ideas how to fix this please?


    Looks like the laptop cannot start the Windows operating system and a few files damaged or are missing.
    In your case, I would try to reinstall new OS.
    Format the whole HARD drive and try again.

    If the second installation does not help, then a HARD drive should be checked may be that you need a replacement.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite U400 - I confused speed up my system - removed desktop.ini icon

    Some time ago I moved (or deleted) a desktop.ini icon.
    This changed the way files/documents are stored on my computer.

    I get a lot of shortcuts that I did not do and seem to not be connected to anything.
    There are a lot of ntuser.ini and NTUSER. Icons DAT in different folders.

    The files are duplicated, and appear in paces I put them.
    No document is missing, but it takes time to find them; the logic of the production system seems to be lost.

    How to restore the original system? I don't remember when I made this mistake, and I wonder if I did a system restore or something like that could happen to all the software that I subsequently towards the down loaded.

    I'm not very expert in computers, as you may have guessed.

    I have Satellite U400 and Vista.


    Have you tried using Windows Vista system restore? You can set the operating system goes back to an earlier era. Therefore, you must go into the advanced boot menu, select fix my computer, and then click System Restore.

    In the worst cases, you reinstall the full operating system. You can use the function of HARD drive recovery or the Toshiba Recovery disk you burning?

    Good luck!

    Welcome them

  • Error message 'setenv.ini' not found during installation

    I want to install the XP Pro version of the cd but I get the error message "setenv.ini" not found


    This occurs if you install Windows from the Microsoft or Toshiba Recovery disk?
    In addition, it would be interesting to know what laptop you have.

    The disc is maybe scratchy check it!

  • Satellite A105: Unable to create recovery CD - missing rdc_info.ini file

    I have a SatA105 without a recovery disk, but there is a utility called Recovery Disc Creator thereon. But when I try to start it, it gives me an error message that the rdc_info.ini is missing or damaged.
    It's there, so I opened it, and he is looking for a plug to the address Z:\giinfo.ini which is not found!

    What does that mean? I can't make a recovery disk? or can I get a copy of someone, and then going to work? Or is recovery not a disk info only the computer not more?

    What can I do now?

    Hello Jim

    Unfortunately, I don't have a model of cell phone US and don t really know what the problem is here. Generally avoid problems if you use the pre-installed recovery disc creator. The image is stored in the hidden partition.

    Be sure that you do it on the right track. How it works exactly, you can read HERE

    Otherway you should contact the partner in your country. I'm sure they can help you or perhaps to create a recovery media for you.

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