Network card problem


I have a MacPro mid 2010, 2x2.66 GHz 6 core, 32 GB memory DDR3, nVidia GeForce GTX 760, disk SSD PCIE.

It seems that I have the problem with the network card. At first, I noticed that control avid artist (a control unit for the music studios) lost connection randomly.

After months of trying to figure out why this happened, Avid were certain that there was something wrong with my NIC card on my mac pro. It seems they are right, because I tested and I also noticed that when I am connected to a VPN, the VPN connection fell back randomly.

I'm not sure if it's a hardware problem or not. I reinstalled it in OS X format from scratch. problem remains.

Any ideas...?

Thank you


After you have reinstalled the OS X from scratch we can assume that it is indeed a hardware problem initially. Then there are things to try-

  • Try the other network on the Mac Pro (he has two)
  • Try a different network cable
  • Try a different network Jack

If not, help above, then it may be the chip rather than the plug or cable, whereby cases that the chip is soldered to the logic board, you will need to seek a different network card. This could be a USB one or a PCIe one. See below for examples.

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  • Satellite A300-2 TB-Ethernet network card problem

    Hi all

    I have a laptop Satellite A300-2 CT with Windows XP SP3 for a year. There is a problem in the network ethernet card, I think.

    If I connect my computer to a wireless network, all right. However, if I connect the computer to a wired network via the ethernet card, problems begin.

    A little later after the connection. 'something' is happening and my windows theme changes to "classic", plus none of the applications that uses the beginning of the soundcard NOT working. In addition, the system slows down a lot for all the one or two minutes. When I check running applications during the"slow", I see that deferred procedure calls takes a lot of time processor.

    Problem does not end with this, after that I disconnect the ethernet connection and restart my computer, the application of the wireless (Atheros) adapter takes control of wireless connections, so I can not connect wireless networks I wanted. I have to restart the computer to resolve this problem.

    I've updated the network ethernet card driver, nothing changes.

    In conclusion, I think the network ethernet card has a problem and maybe it is in conflict with other hardware (such as the sound card).

    Y at - it suggestions to solve this problem?

    Thank you.

    Hi alp37,

    I have never heard of this issue, and I think all you can do is update the LAN and the audio driver. The two you can download from the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers

    If it doesn t work I think I think it is a software problem I would recommend reinstalling Windows Toshiba recovery disc. Who can restore the factory settings, and then you can test it again.

  • Wireless network card problem code 13

    I had trouble with my network using wireless for the past weeks. When I went to see what was wrong with my wireless adapter, it was no problem, but the 6to4 card and adapters itap had an error 13 code. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but my wireless still doesn't work.

    Read the above on 6 to 4 adapter problems.


    ·                        ISATAP adapter:



    On a Windows Vista-based computer or on a Windows Server 2008-based computer, the Microsoft ISATAP map appears with a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager, and you also receive an error message

    Windows cannot load driver (Code 31)

    You can ignore this error message. This error message does not indicate a problem with the adapter. The adapter will continue to function correctly.


    For wireless problems:

    Check that the wireless switch, if there is one in the laptop is turned on;

    Go to the website of the manufacturer of your router > make sure you have the latest Firmware in Vista for it.

    Go to the website of the manufacturer of your computer/notebook > drivers and downloads Section > key in your model number > look for it last network adapters Vista drivers > download/install the.

    Troubleshoot network adapter problems to Microsoft link above.

    Try without commitment TCP/IPv6:

    If you still have internet connection probs, one thing to try is the separation of the TCP/IPv6 (which is done by going to network connection > right click > properties > it uncheck > OK.)

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Please help wifi does not not ACER aspire 4710g (wireless network card problem)

    Please help me


    Windows IP configuration

    Name of the host...:-PC

    Primary Dns suffix...:

    Node... type: hybrid

    Active... IP routing: No.

    Active... proxy WINS: No.

    Wireless Network Connection 3 Wireless LAN adapter:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapt #.


    Physical address.... : 00-1F-3A-1B-2D-F5

    DHCP active...: Yes

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Wireless network connection Wireless LAN adapter:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Network adapter on Broadcom 802.11 g

    Physical address.... : 00-1F-3A-1B-2D-F5

    DHCP active...: Yes

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Address IPv6 local link...: b 3 fe80::4e8:4: 4d49:acc2% 16 (Preferred)

    Autoconfiguration IPv4 address. . : (Preferred)

    ... Subnet mask:

    ... Default gateway. :

    DHCPv6 IOOKING...: 318775098

    DHCPv6 DUID customer...: 00-01-00-01-1B-50-87-0D-00-1D-72-1B-B7-7D

    DNS servers: fec0:0:0:ffff:1 1%

    FEC0:0:0:FFFF:2 1%

    FEC0:0:0:FFFF:3 1%

    NetBIOS over TCP/IP...: enabled

    Ethernet connection to the Local network card:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Broadcom NetLink (TM) gigabit Ethernet

    Physical address.... : 00-1D-72-1B-B7-7D

    DHCP active...: Yes

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Adapter Ethernet Local Area Connection * 11:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Adapter Anchorfree VPN #2 HSS

    Physical address.... : 00-FF-03-C6-CD-54

    DHCP active...: Yes

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Adapter Ethernet Local Area Connection * 9:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Card Anchorfree VPN HSS

    Physical address.... : 00-FF-EF-4A-57-34

    DHCP active...: Yes

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    C:\Users\ali >


    There is a problem with the wifi adapter "wireless network connection Wireless LAN adapter:" the driver is corrupted or it is incorrectly configured.

    I would start by removing the current driver of sifi and install the latest driver available.

    The IP address for the above connection is

    Autoconfiguration IPv4 address. . : (Preferred)

    This state it does not connect with the router.  Alternatively, you can try to restart the computer and the router at the same time.

  • G62-233NR wireless network card problems

    Okay, so I tried to do a little research, but I'm not sure I found my problem or a solution.  I have laptop HP G62-233NR and it worked fine up until tonight.  He won't have a wired or wireless connection to the internet.  The troubleshooting tool Windows says there is a problem with my adapter wireless and wired.  I have the Realtek RTL819SE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter and under my connection to the local network, it says the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller.  Now, I tried to download the latest drivers on my desktop and install via USB key, but even after that I have do always run into the same problem.  So I have two questions, is any way to fix this and if it requires one or more network cards new that it would be better that I can get which is compatible with my laptop?  Thanks in advance!


    I doubt the two cards that jump on you at the same time, but who knows...

    You can install one of the cards in your maintenance manual with the part number of HP wireless. The wired adapter is part of the motherboard and cannot be replaced individually.

    While I don't have a definitive answer for you, I suspect some sort of software problem.

    It may be worth it to you to back up your files and perform a system recovery and see if that solves the problem before the purchase of new equipment.


  • Windows 8 wireless network card problem


    I have problems with my wireless adapter (Atheros AR5b93-already updated to the latest version of the driver). Often some time after I watch videos (offline). There will be delays in the video, and then all of a sudden the wireless network disconnects and shuts off even when my Acer wireless button is showing its active (orange led is lit). Usually I click on troubleshoot and it gives the network card and all goes well for a while then it happens again unless I close the video. Sometimes the adapter will be hidden and it will say my hardware is not found (CODE 12). What is going on?

    I have made yet. I made a few adjustments. I went to the network & sharing Center > change adapter settings > change the wifi settings and I have checked this box (LLDP Microsoft protocol pilot) and disabled my ethernet (I used never she and doubt if I ever will be) well. Hope this solves. Blue microwave THX! Will follow your advice if it does not work

  • Lenovo sl500 network card problem

    Hi guys

    My lenovo sl500 network card does not work when it is connected with the AC adapter (power cord). When I run on battery... This works perfectly... I use the latest version of the driver realtec... anyone has an idea please?

    Thanks for your help...

    Thanks for your efforts... ssend it to the service center... lets see what happens...

  • Pavilion TS 11 portable WIFI & network card problems!


    I bought again notebook Pavilion TS 11 with 8 64-bit windows. His new cell phone. WiFi card and network works fine, after that 1 windows update my wireless connection and interent closing. I try to use every single driver on the hp website - nothing works.

    After I configure a new installation of windows 8 since the recovery partition, internet and wifi only ' works from the beginning.

    This is my windows report screen 8 [PL]:

    He said: do not work driver for network card and wifi.

    Can someone help me out here?

    It's interesting.

    Wifi connection in the systray icon, as seen usually indicates that there is a wifi connection. Click on it to see if it shows a connection.  Is the wifi led lit and white instead of amber?  Can you put a picture of the device manager that shows the wireless network card?

    An option would be to connect the CAT5 cable to your router or modem, and then use the HP Support Assistant.  Click on the HP icon in the toolbar start the HP Support Assistant. Take a look at the section updates and optimizations. You can click on it to find the driver ojnthe HP Server support as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Internet access via Wlan - laptop A660 Sateliite network card problems-


    My Satellite A660 will not access to the home network to connect to internet, repair program says it cannot fix this problem of connectivity. Other my own network I can connect without problems.
    Latest Broadcom drivers are installed.

    No idea if the problem is with the router?

    Have you tried to use the WLAN by friends?
    Have you checked all the WLAN settings?

    Wireless network adapter must be enabled
    Standard WLAN must be correctly defined

    Your WLAN is visible for your laptop satellite?

  • Satellite C660 - 2 7 - wireless network card problem or not?

    A couple of days, that I dropped my laptop maybe 3-5 inches above the ground and he hit the brick of charger with a small thunk. I have use it again until the next day and since then, internet connection has been patchy, at best, for the most part drops every 3-4 minutes (he always considers it is connected for awhile, but no page doesn't load and Skype shows no connection) and slow when you are connected.

    Running the tool to diagnose windows usually resets the wireless network adapter, also tells me reset the router and will often complain of DNS...connectivity/nameservers/something of this type, usually that they one after another, what is the problem is not really clear. This problem only occurs on the floor and everything seems fine down (the router is downstairs, but is not really further and is located next to the open staircase), but as it was only a few days, this could just be lucky and not relevant. Also the internet connection (ISP, BT terrible btw) has been terrible lately in general, have been on the phone to BT about it several times to complain with no improvement (because they have not done anything).

    Thus, it + pourrait + just to be the internet connection, I really only has not let down any high rise (it was a landslide while reaching to position it on the ground), he is poor at the moment and reset the router seems to have an effect, but does then reset the wireless network adapter (temporarily) and timing is a bit co accessory. I think that this is probably the Ondaaah just lost, but I'm not an expert or a techie and this is my first windows laptop to... Well, never! And I could be totally off. It is also been connected all the time that I was typing without problem, but I got it with the keyboard tilted up slightly to rest.

    Can anyone help? I don't want to get it looked at if nothing is wrong (especially if it's just BT once again, I'm about to give them up for another access provider), but I don't want to leave if it needs fixing and find it does any connect. Even a "Yes, it could be that" or "no, it won't be this" kind of reply would help ^^

    * Edit I ran the Toshiba assist, diagnostic tools and it passed all the tests by default, but he will try next time stops internet connection (probably soon)

    Post edited by: idleRAT

    What is with the local network connection? Have you noticed similar problems link your laptop by using the LAN connection?
    >... but will try next time stops internet connection (probably soon)
    Test it and send feedback.

    At least, you can install original recovery image and test the feature with the factory settings.

  • Network card problems

    Hello world

    I have a serious question, my boss gave me a hp probook 6360 b who is having problems with the connection to the Internet. It uses windows server 2012. I noticed that the pilot 'Broadcom 802.11n network adapt' does not have a working driver. I tried to install, but everything I tried did not work. I used a system partitioned to download all the drivers that Google linked me, including a microsoft form, but he always tells me that it was impossible to install. I even watched videos. I reinstalled the operating system, but still, I got the same result.

    I don't know if that's the only problem, so I would appreciate all the help I can get

    I would kindly appreciate that am responded to our days. Patience is not a virtue where I work.


    When you use Windows server, we ask you to send the query in the link depending on whether they are the experts.

    Thank you.

  • Aspire 4730Z wireless network card problem

    My internet connection suddenly stopped wireless adapter. He pointed out that my wireless router cannot connect to the internet. However, I know this isn't the case since all my other devices connect via the same router. The same thing happens when I plug into the ethernet cable.

    Sometimes, he says that the IP configuration is wrong on the router. I wonder if something happened to the Aspire that it prevents to read the IP configuration, and the error message is an error of interpretation of this problem.

    I would discuss with support on this point, but my series/snid number rubbed on the label, and I don't know what it is.

    I had already tried these suggestions. Here's what worked - I downloaded and installed version 8.1 of Windows driver for the card. So far, Microsoft update he crushed once more, but now that I have the installation of the adapter installed on my desktop, it's easy to put the old one back. Apparently 10 Windows is not stable drivers for all Broadco / Atheros adapters again. It's the wrong Microsoft adapter driver in Windows update that caused the problem. To fix it, visit the website of your computer manufacturer and download and install version 8.1 of Windows.

  • Network card problem Code 31 on Tower Dell Vista


    I have a Dell running Vista OS base tour

    In the Device Manager both wireless and cable port broadcom usb are yellow exclamation Code 31.  The proper drivers are installed, and I even bought a different usb wireless brand companies and who show the same thing.

    On startup, I get the message "Windows has encountered a problem installing the software driver for your device.

    So I have no internet access

    When I run the Broadcom driver installation software it runs and then gives me "The wizard was interrupted before the Broadcom 440 x 10/100 integrated Controller could be completely installed"

    When you load them manually drivers for the USB wireless system can't find the sticks that work.  Work in the same ports Usb flash drives so I know this is not a usb problem.

    I have haved tried in high cmd prompt netsh winsock reset catalog and reset netsh int ip ipreset.txt

    Since I can't send them, here are the 3 (1 for the broadcom), 1 for the linksys USB and 1 for the Netgear USB reports "problem reports and solution."

    Windows has encountered a problem during the installation of the device for your Broadcom 440 x 10/100 integrated controller drivers

    Signature of the problem
    Problem event name: PnPDriverInstallError
    Architecture: x 86
    Win32 error: 0000001F
    The INF name: b44win.inf
    Driver Package hash: a4ff09c646cf97a72e7241c9a8d160636a21e4f9
    DDInstall section name: BCM4401_B0_DEXP
    OS version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver has encountered a problem when he tried to run. The problem code is 31.

    Signature of the problem
    Problem event name: PnPDeviceProblemCode
    Architecture: x 86
    Hardware ID: USB\VID_0846 & PID_9011 & REV_0001
    Configure the class GUID: {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
    PnP problem code: 0000001F
    Driver name: bcmwlhigh6.sys
    Driver version:
    Driver date: 05/05/2009
    OS version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver has encountered a problem when he tried to run. The problem code is 31.

    Signature of the problem
    Problem event name: PnPDeviceProblemCode
    Architecture: x 86
    Hardware ID: USB\VID_13B1 & PID_0026 & REV_0006
    Configure the class GUID: {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
    PnP problem code: 0000001F
    Driver name: usb8023.sys
    Driver version: 6.0.6001.18000
    Driver date: 01/19/2008
    OS version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Thanks for any help you can offer

    Hi Pogaria,

    You can try to perform the clean boot and check if you can try to download and install the network drivers.

    Clean boot will start Windows Vista by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs and help to eliminate software conflicts.

    The following link has steps showing how to perform the clean boot:

    After completing the clean boot trying to install the network drivers.

    Note: After you have installed all the drivers, please to ensure that the computer is configured to start as usual according to step 7 of the above article:

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Adapter Dell Latitude D620 WiFi network card problem


    I have a previous post that I made a mistake on assignment to the audio from the laptop, so I'll be back to ask what I can do to solve the problem. It was previously owned and I bought refurbished from Amazon. It was the XP but now has win 7 pro. My unit is 32-bit. I started having problems with the wireless card with six months ago. I replaced the card with the recommended legal replacement. I downloaded the correct drivers (or at least that which applied for 32 bit, same drivers Vista just in case). I downloaded all the drivers and even those who would deal with the problem. I tried and exhausted all other avenues you can imagine. I'd be more than happy to provide news service as well as any other exhibit in nature tag to ensure that this laptop is not stolen, and I am extremely satisfied with this prouduct and cannot afford to replace it at this time.

    Two of the problems are that the old 3945 ABG will no longer display with led WiFi when I reinstalled it, and used to install drivers for the new ABG 4965. My laptop recognizes the 4965, but impossible to install the drivers. I was warned that there was a problem in installing these drivers.  What I am doing wrong? ATI Intel Device Driver Update Utility installed on the laptop as well, but cannot connect to my internet connection to get the appropriate drivers, or diagnose any additional problems in nature.

    I downloaded the two sets, for win xp and win 7 32 and 64 bits, the two just in case, and none works. Can you please provide me with the correct drivers necessary?  I use a tablet to communicate with you at home and allows you to download the drivers for a USB WiFi public key. It is perhaps part of the problem, but I have no other right of appeal. You can provide me with any assistance would be most welcomed and greatly appreciated.

    Warm greetings,


    You have installed the new wireless card, making sure that the antennas were attached? Have you tried this driver for Windows 7?

  • HP Pavilion g7 network card problem

    I have re-installed windows for windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. After installing the NIC does not appear in Device Manager. I tried to install the driver from the internet device, but none of them worked. The computer display indications etranet or wireless cable Internet. I appriciate any help that you can give me.

    Series No.:[personal information deleted]
    Product: a7a43ua #aba
    Model: g-7-1318dx


    According to the list of parts for your laptop, this is the driver for the wireless card you need.

Maybe you are looking for