Network Deskjet F370

Does anyone know how to make sure that the HP Solutions recognizes a Deskjet networked?

Traditional networks using, only the machine physically connected to the printer has access to the facilities of the solution Center. Other machines in the network can use the impression offered by various software packages but Solution center will not activate because the printer has never created directly on this computer - loading of the HP software on a remote machine stalls at "connect the printer.

I have the same problem that execution of Solution Center from a computer on which the printer was USB connected to the game and then moved to a NAS portal.



I'm not really familiar with other print servers as they are very delicate and often do not work as advertised.  Also, they almost always limit the printing functionality, not analysis or by fax.

So, in this regard, Solution Center can be looking for a device with a scanner and can't find it in the maze.

What operating system do you use?  If something modern (not XP), you may simply use the built-in drivers since scanning probably won't be taken in charge, anyway.

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  • HP Deskjet F370: Is it possible that a printer can t be detected by a computer because it has no cartridge or ink?

    I have a 3-in-1 printer. I plugged it to my computer and my pc didn't have any reaction. However, there is no cartridge. I tried the scanner that doesn t require ink and it didn t work too. When I press the "scan" button, the power button started blinking and the ink light became red with an exclamation point. I was told that the scanner is still usable even without ink and cartridges.

    I tried to install the HP software should detect my device and it cannot be detected, so I cannot continue with the installation.

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope that you are @Jen25,

    I noticed your post on disorders that you encounter some scanning with your Deskjet F370 without ink cartridges and wanted to respond with my own suggestions. I would say that if the printer is showing flashing lights, such as: Burkina Faso / ink installed, then this puts the printer in an error state. If the printer is in an error state, it generally causes problems during analysis and installation of software until the hardware problem (the ink is replaced) is fixed.

    In the end, my suggestion would be to replace the ink and try to analyze and to install the software again and it should work.

    If you have trouble, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    Hit the "accept as Solution" if we reached a solution and the "thumbs up".

    to say thank you for my help.

    Have a wonderful day

  • HP deskjet F370: HP deskjet F370 driver for windows 8

    I don't seem to be able to find a driver for Windows 8.1 which will allow me to use my HP Deskjet F370. Can someone give me advice?


    The driver can be downloaded below, make sure you do not connect USB until the installation asking you to do:

    If the USB is already connected, download the software using this tool instead:


  • Using network Deskjet 722C Windows 7 problem

    I have a 722C connected to a machine under WinXP SP3, this printer has been shared with another WinXP machine for several years.  I recently bought a HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Edition (64-bit), to which I am trying to add the shared printer.  After much trial and error, I have the Windows 7 set up machine to use the printer shared through the WinXP machine.  However, when I try to print, even the basic test page, nothing prints.  On the Windows 7 machine, the print job appears in the queue for the printer and the message print managed.  On the Windows XP-based computer, the work appears in the queue for a brief moment and then disappears, no error message, but without actually printing.  There is no activity on the printer itself.

    I started to study this problem with Microsoft technical support, but the comments, I thought it's a driver problem with the HP Deskjet 722C (actually using the 720C driver).  Is there a known issue with the driver on the 64-bit Windows 7 OS?  Is there a solution?  My printer still works as expected with other machines on the network, but the impression of the laptop is dead in the water, and after hours of effort.  Any help would be appreciated.

    There's a patch here which solves the problem of the spooler crashing into the 64-bit Vista or Windows 7.

  • Windows 7 is not network DeskJet 940c

    Hi, I am trying to get a PC running Win7 Home Premium (64 bit) for print on a DJ940c (USB) is connected to another computer on my home network, it's (the two connected PC the router) running Win XP.

    When I tried setting up as a network printer, he couldn't find a driver (or native Win7 Windows Update), but I knew from the Web site it is supposed to be a base in Win7.  So, I temporarily plugged the printer directly on PC Win 7 and followed the instructions on the site...

    Who finds a driver OK in Win 7 (not Windows update) and it worked (although, curiously, my apps couldn't see it when it has been set as default printer; otherwise they might not).

    As I can not configure the connection as a permanent solution, I then re-tried by the network installation, but it still says that it cannot find the drivers.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you


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    Follow these steps: install the printer via a USB port.  Now, unplug the printer and reconnect it to your XP machine.  On the machine Win 7 go to devices and printers folder, right-click on the Deskjet 940, printer, port properties, add a Port, Local Port, \\XPComputer\Printername (replace appropriate for the computer and the printer share names), OK.

  • The HP software update causes network deskjet 6940dt in status 'offline '.

    On 02/10/09, updated HP introduced an update marked "critical update to enhance reliability of network and USB connectivity and printing system response. I did the installation. Since then, my ethernet connected Deskjet 6940dt is in status 'offline '. Someone knows something about this problem?

    I am assuming that you are using a PC (Vista?).

    The printer folder, double-click the printer to open the print queue.  Select the printer in the menu bar and make sure that use printer offline is not selected.

    Then you can access the printer's internal web page by accessing its IP address?  You can find the IP address of the printer by pressing the check mark on the printer.

    Finally, power cycle the printer.

  • My HP Deskjet F370 was not sometimes feel.

    So I uninstalled, now I am unable to reinstall and my restore point system will not work because of an unknown unsigned driver.
    How can I get my printer on and how can I identify this driver?
    Thank you

    Hi dennisFC,

    Click Start, run, and in the "Run dialog box", type "auditor" without the quotes, and then click on 'ok'. "" Select "create standard settings" and click Next. Select "automatically select unsigned drivers" and click on finish

    Also, you can try using HP Scan and printing doctor to help diagnose and solve your problem.

    Good luck..

  • Where are drivers Deskjet 810C?


    I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7 64-bit edition.  I am trying to connect to my (networked) Deskjet 810C but I can not find the drivers for it.  Said HP website the drivers are all available from Windows Update (for Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, etc) and does so not all of the links to download.  So I went online to the Microsoft Update Catalog and sought to 810C, but there is no relevant hits found for this channel.  Based on info from other messages in this forum, I also watched the catalogue for C 812 drivers but I only found for x 86 and IA64 architectures, none for x 64.  I tried the x 86 and IA64 those anyway, but they do not work.

    Can someone point me directly and explicitly, I'm a-Morón-ly to where I can find some sort of useful for this printer driver?  Other people in the forum seem to obviously have their 810 C s up and running connected to Windows 7 (I mean, there is a patch for the driver I can't find and everything!), so what I'm doing wrong?

    The Deskjet 812c printer driver is a good match for the Deskjet 810C. For a network printer that is shared from another computer follow these steps: on the Windows 7 machine go devices and printers folder, add a printer, a local printer, create a Port, Local Port, \\Computername\Printername (use the name of the actual share of the computer and the printer), OK, and then click Windows Update and wait a few minutes as the list of drivers to update and then select the printer Deskjet from HP (Hewlett-Packard no) 812c.  For 64-bit systems, you will need to apply the patch from there after the installation of the printer before printing anything.

  • F370 off print format but do photocopy

    HP deskjet f370... .photocopy use paper, but print says paper

    Hi Joseph.

    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you follow these methods and check:

    Method 1: Printer fix problems

    Method 2: If the store does not find a solution, follow the HP article for possible causes and troubleshooting:
    "Out of paper" Error Message and the printer is not looking upwards or the paper feed

    If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to post, we will be happy to help you.

  • Printer HP F370 sleeps just for printing a page

    I would like to ask why my printer just sleeps for printing a page. I mean after the issuance of a print command to a page to print and print a page, for example it prints half page and sleeps there and after 30-40 sec it prints just another line and then stuck out there for even a few seconds. I don't understand the problem. What is with the software or the printer hardware?

    I have HP Deskjet F370 all-in-one, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

    There is no error message by windows. No changes are made to the computer. Modifications to windows as well.

    There may be a problem with the USB cable or port.  Try switching to another USB port on the computer and using another USB cord.  Make sure the USB cable is only 6 feet (2 meters) long or shorter.  Anything longer that can result in a loss of signal.

  • HPJ610a Deskjet 3050: Join the network wifi through router new Deskjet 3050 HPJ610a

    I moved into an area of network connected to fiber (NBN Australia) and installed a new router D-Link DIR - 850L.  I was unable to connect to the router using WPS.  I had to buy a HP Envy, which connected wtihout difficulty.  I just upgraded my router to a TP - Link Archer C9, with a richer control interface, so I tried again to connect my Deskjet 3050.  Once again, no luck.

    I read a number of posts about this, and they all back down to the re-use of your installation of the printer software.  The problem is that the software driver for OS X El Capitan comes from Apple and is already up-to-date. I am able to run the printer when it is connected by a USB cable, so if I could work out how to emulate an installation, I might be able to get connected.  Is it possible to do this?


    Sorry for jumping in, but the steps in Mac OS X are in fact incorrect.

    In System Preferences, select Printers and scanners.

    Double-click the listed USB printer, and then select the printer settings / Options.

    Open the Utilitiy tab, and then click Open Utility.

    In the screen, select Convert to wireless and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the pritner to your wireless network.

    Note: If no option appears, click the top phone menu and select Connect a new printer, and then follow the steps by choosing a wireless connection.

    Kind regards


  • DeskJet 2510: How-to: scan in a network (2510 series Deskjet) printer

    Hi everyone, I can't scan on my printer connected to the USB router but I can print without problem. Everytime I open the printer ' sotware (HP Deskjet 2510 series), I will be directed to install the printer driver and software (which is already installed). I tried to use printing HP and doctor Scan but it did not help. It just says I need to install the drivers and software for what more is already installed.

    Here is a map on the way in which I print on my printer:

    Laptop-> (WiFi)-> router-> (USB)-> printer


    Your printer is not a network printer, it is a single USB printer.

    By the printer connected to a print server (a USB port of a router), such an impression offers only sharing through the network, a connection scan is much more complex and requires a direct connection to the PC, only the active network devices (wireless compatible printer or a printer with an ethernet port) allow scanning from multiple computers.

    Kind regards


  • HP Deskjet 2050 print in a wireless network?

    Hello world!

    I watched this videoand follow these steps, but it seemed impossible to print my printer wifi, then what should I need to print in my network.

    Also, I have 2 desktop computers (1 router to connect to the internet and 1 printer, use wifi) and 1 laptop (wifi use).

    1. Office has the modem, Windows 7 64 bit.
    2. Office printer, use Windows XP SP3.
    3. Laptop using Windows 7 64 bit.

    If it is possible to print in a wireless network of my HP Deskjet 2050, I can print from my laptop without turning on 1 desktop printer or not, just that the printer lights? And what I have to install each office and cell phones, drivers of the printer? 

    I mean just 1 desktop computer a Modem lights and I'm working on laptop.

    Thank you for reading and re-reading!

    Well, you can turn the impression on the host PC sharing, then load the drivers on the other PC and print via the host PC.

    The host computer must be turned on (not sleeping).  Also, this is going to share the printer, but cannot share the analysis.  If the host computer has to one different operating system than the others, it can be difficult and is not all that reliable.

    It's as good as it gets with a USB printer only.  If you want more you have to get a wireless printer.

  • How do for hp deskjet 6940's network light will light up.

    I just got a printer hp deskjet 6940. When I plug the ethernet to the printer the network in the back lights do not illuminate. I have the cable plugged into my printer and my router is a Linksys. My router on my computer works, but nothing clear to the printer.

    Thanks for the information. I continued re - connect the ethernet cable and the fire came finally. Thanks for the help.

  • Reconfiguring a printer wireless deskjet 3520 on the new network.

    Hello... I bought and installed my deskjet 3520 on my wireless network and 2 laptops about 1 week ago.

    Everything was fine but then a PC started refusing to connect to the network.

    Technical support to the Belkin unhooked all the network and uninstalled everything... then reconfigured a new wireless network. Call Net2.

    Access both the web very well on Net2 PC but the printer connects is no longer makes sense if he still thinks I'm on Net1.

    So... the question is... What is the best way to get the 3520 to be accessible on Net2 on BOTH computers.

    I didn't want to screw up whatever it either so have not tried whatever it is me again!

    I'm reasonably notified have the installation disc. Win7 operation on both computers. Wired ethernet connection available and can connect each PC with a USB stick if necessary... but really want to use both wireless. I also have original HP print and scan doctor installed from the installation process!

    Hope that helps and thanks in advance!

    No problem!

    When you post again, I'll check in.  I wish you the best in getting the printer is connected to the new configuration of the network.

    If you need assistance I am more than happy to help.  Have a wonderful and safe trip!


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