Never printed in color, off photo magenta

Yes I know it is a photo printer, but the way * beep * huge I use it for all my shipping label printing just so I don't have another machine in my office. So this troubles me greatly that my paper clear and simple, fast, prints black and white only aspire all my color inks. Black ink is always completely filled.

It is not always used to be like that. I bought new black cartridges for awhile, but for some reason, no change of my own, he now uses only all my color for black inks. I just had to replace all of them recently, and I haven't done a print color yet. Printer has 3 months. Is what I can do besides go to a brother laser printer, it's pretty ridiculous.


"... I use it for all my print shipping label... »

Right now, that you have discovered, is not the best choice for a shipping label printer!  That is, Best Buy $ 50 million or printer will be a better choice.

Second, if you print all B & W, the black cartridge is not yet full.  The problem is that the Pro-100 cannot print black true if we use only the black cartridge.  It requires that all the other cartridges to achieve this.

If you are printing photos, you really need another printer.  If you pictures, you should always get a dedicated shipping label printer.  Otherwise, you won't be happy.

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  • HP Envy 4500-cannot print in COLOR and do not give me an option. ONLY black and white shows option

    My test page for the HP Envy 4500 comes out beautifully with vibrant colors and without streaks.

    I can also print other devices with color.

    Not connected directly to my computer, I have no options to print in color.  Photos, web pages, PDF files all print in B & W.

    The other forum posts which give instructions to get out the cartridges do not solve the problem.

    I am printing from an OSX and I have genuine HP cartridges.

    If I unplug the USB printer and try to print wireless, it still doesn't print in color well can we of our two phones (ios and android).

    Help, please.

    I uninstalled everything and him reinstalled the HP Envy 4500 driver out of the site.  Now, it will be printed in color of all programs.

    Hope this helps someone

  • Photos will not be printed in color of Windows Photo Gallery

    Last year, I bought a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium.   I never had no problems printing photos in color in color until this week.  Pictures always print well in the color of the internet, inserted in a document, or to a printer test page.  However, they will be print in color directly from Windows Photo Gallery.   They would do so last week, but suddenly, all I get is black & white print pictures in color Windows Photo Gallery.  I even checked to make sure that I have a color cartridge in my HP Officejet 7310.  Does anyone have any suggestions how I can solve this problem?

    Hi Linda,.

    Thank you for visiting the responses of Vista forum.

    It sounds like your print options or preferences have been changed for your printer. To select print options, you must open the document, file, or picture you want to print. Most print options are located in the print dialog box, which you can access on the file menu in the program that you are using. The options that are available to you depend on the program and the printer you use.

    To access some options, you may need to click on "Options" or "Advanced Options" link, a button or tab in the print dialog box. To learn more about the print options for a program, see the information for the program.

    Printing options are determined by your printer capabilities are called printing preferences and may include printing separation pages, color or image quality options and Staples. Like program options, printing preferences are displayed in the print dialog box. Look for the buttons labeled "Préférences" or "Properties". You can choose preferences each time you print a document or preferences to default configuration to use for all documents that you send to a printer.

    To set the default printing preferences

    1. Click to open Printers.

    2. Right-click the printer you want to use and then click Printing Preferences.

    3. Select the preferences you want to use as the default the next time you print to the printer, and then click OK.

    Use print preview

    To see what the print will look like before you print it, open the document in a program that offers a preview before printing. Print preview is generally located in the file menu of a program. You should be able to get an overview of each page of the document. In some programs, you can choose print in preview mode options and then print directly from the preview. In other programs, you will need to close the preview, change the document or your printer settings and print.

    Let us know if you still need help.

    Dave D
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Photoshop 6.  Suddenly printing on a printer Epson 3800 using photoshop to control the control of colour printing and printer off, my magenta print terribly - washed and less red.  I contacted Epson and had a long conversation--went through a lot of proce

    Suddenly printing on an epson 3800 using photoshop to manage printing and turning off control of the printer, looked terrible magenta color - washed out, less red.  I had a long discussion with people of epson - tried many things - and concluded that the printer was OK.  In fact, allowing the printer control the color mgt produces much better images.  Same print a jpg file printed from the desktop (without using the PS) gave much better results printing through Psalm do any help?     Thanx

    When Photoshop suddenly changes its behavior and you have not installed new software try resetting you preferences.  In fact if you have installed the new software try resetting your Photoshop preferences.   In the past I have had red impressions cast my Epson 4 800, which has been fixed by resetting my preferences.

  • Sudden failure to print photos in color (only photos)

    Operating a HP Photosmart C309g printer with OS Windows 7 64 - bit.

    Have printed several color photos, but suddenly will be only black and white printing.  Ordinary color scanning and printing is fine - just photos.

    Through a series of normal printing windows that display the image in color until the very last print statement when the picture goes to black and white.

    Verification of diagnosis on the printer shows all ok

    Tim, I would re - install the software that gives you problems.

  • PC control is no longer the printer to print in color from the windows photo gallery

    printer will receive the photo of the Gallery, but will only print in black and white.  I printed a test page for my printer without going through the computer and it will print in color.  Also, if I scan a picture and print it, it is printed in color, so I don't think that my printer is the problem.  I think that my computer does not have my printer to print in color?

    I think my problem is in the Windows Photo Gallery rather than on the computer that sends a command to the printer?

    I recently had some viruses removed from the computer and I wonder if in the process of fixing that, the person at the other end may have changed the settings or something related to sending a command from the PC to the printer?  Is this possible?


    1. what operating system is installed on your computer?

    2. What is the brand and model of the printer and the computer?

    3. have you made changes on your computer?

    If you are using windows 7, I suggest you to see link and check.

    Choose printing options

    I suggest provide you more information on the issue to help you further.

  • Color looks faded when you print pictures in Windows Photo Gallery

    When I print a picture of Windows Photo Gallery, the color is not at all clear, but very thirsty.  When I print a color document, the color is fine.  I have a new cartridge is installed.  Is there a way to lighten the color when printing?  I can't even use my printed photos because they are so bad.

    When I print a picture of Windows Photo Gallery, the color is not at all clear, but very thirsty.  When I print a color document, the color is fine.  I have a new cartridge is installed.  Is there a way to lighten the color when printing?  I can't even use my printed photos because they are so bad.

    I don't know exactly the cause of the issue you
    describe, but I wonder if it could be linked
    for a color profile.

    Take a look at the following article:

    (939395) when you view an image in Windows
    Photo Gallery on a Windows Vista-based computer,
    the picture is yellow

    And you may also have to go to your
    Web site of the manufacturer of the printer and research support
    for a Vista compatible printer driver updated. John Inzer - MS - MVP - digital media experience

  • Windows Photo Gallery is not print in color

    Windows Photo Gallery will not print in color, all other programs print in color. The cartridge made obvious, new color, printing preference etc. If I move the picture to a different file, i.e. MS Word, it will BE PRINTED in color. Am running Vista 32 Bit with 4140 HP all-in-One


    Thanks for posting on Microsoft Answers.
    Try these steps and check to see if that helps:
    1. go to your desktop and make a right click.
    2. Select Customize.
    3. Select display settings.
    4. click the Advanced Settings button.
    5. click on the color management tab.
    6. click on the color management button.
    7. Select your display in the device drop-down list.
    8. click on my settings for this box from the device to use.
    9. click on the Add button.
    10. in the section ICC profiles, select sRGB IEC61966 - 2.1 profile.
    11. highlight this choice under the profiles associated with this device:
    section and click the set as default button.
    12. click OK several times until you're outside.
    13. restart your computer.
    Kind regards
  • Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery will not print in color!

    I am running windows 7 and have a HP C309 wireless printer all-in-one. Whenever I try to print an image using Windows live photo gallery, it print only black & white! I checked all the settings of the printer and spent almost 2 hours in two days with HP trying to solve the problem. Because I can print in color using a different program they tell me that it is a problem with the program. All the tips are greatly appreciated.

    Problem with what program?
    Submit all Live queries on the forum right here:

    Windows Live Solution Center

  • My 13 x 19 prints are terrible off the coast of color perfectly after printing 8 x 10. What I've done wrong?

    My 13 x 19 prints are terribly off color after printing 8 x 10 perfectly; what I've done wrong? The printer is Epson P800.

    I don't think your problem is the type of paper... I think by selecting the type of paper, this only afects will get how much ink on paper only. Do you have a proofing before going to the print module?

  • I'll put up correctly "Photoshop manages color" when Photo printing?

    I have a new printer Epson AND 4500 with which I am trying to print a photo and let Photoshop manage color.

    I created a new ICC file for Canon Photo Paper Pro paper I use.

    In the dialog box "Print" of Photoshop, I chose "Photoshop manages colors" in the menu "Color Handling.

    I chose my ICC profile created for paper and she is clearly identified in the menu 'profile of the printer '.

    I chose "Normal printing" and "Relative Colorimetry" for the "rendering intent".

    "Black Point Compensation" is checked.

    At the top of the dialog box, I clicked 'Print Settings' and it then opens a dialog specific to my new printer Epson AND 4500.  In this dialog box, I chose:

    o Type of paper - Premium, glossy Photo paper

    o high - quality

    o color

    There is one menu item "Other Options" and I click on that to open another dialog box.  In this box, under "Color Correction", the choices are "Automatic" and "made to measure".  I choose "Custom" and then click on the button "Advanced".  A new dialog box opens that says 'Color management' at the top and allows you to choose one of four options:

    O color controls

    o Photo fix

    o ICM

    o No. color setting

    I chose "CIM".

    I then print the image.

    My problem is that in my view, there is absolutely no difference in the colors of the printed image compared to when I print the same photo, but choose "Printer manages colors" in the dropdown menu of Photoshop for 'handling of color.

    I'm doing something wrong?  It just surprised (and disappointed) me that I don't see any difference when I let the printer manage colors and when I have Photoshop manage colors using an ICC file I created specific to my new printer and the paper choice.

    Thank you for your help.

    Len Jacobson

    No, you should use no color adjustment (which is supposed to be set automatically when the application handles color). By selecting ICM, you have transformed the image twice and mutilated the color.

    ICM should be chosen if you let the printer manage color (in which case Photoshop do anything to your color data).

  • my hp officejet 6700 stopped printing in color. the levels of gray is OFF. Help.

    I have HP Officejet all-in-one Premium 6700, use Windows 7 64-bit; no error message; just will not print in color. Use a black non Hp cartridge, which ceased all impressions; bought the new black 932XL cartridge; now the printer prints, but only in color B & W, other cartridges are HP and will not empty (1/2 full). Advanced grayscale setting is DISABLED. Still will not print in color. All the test pages are B & W. diagnosis & questions do not address this problem.

    For the problems of quality of printing, such as missing colors, there is a document located here with steps to help solve the problem.

    In addition, if you print a Page of Test of autonomy of the device it also print without color in color blocks?

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Deskjet 3050: Problems with printing in color?

    Hi all, I have problems printing in color. No idea what to do. Here's the problem: I'm trying to print in color and the colors look darker on one page, my colors are fine then saw green to halfway through until its finished. On another page, the colors are ok, but some colors are missing.  I tried the cleaning test, the colors seem to come out ok! Tried to see the ink and the remaining portion. It seems to be more left black and yellow, cyan and magenta. No idea what do then, never had this problem with the printer before. Thanks for any help!

    Looks like you have a cartridge that is short of magenta or default.  This can happen to cartridges that are very old, even if they still have ink or third party cartridges that were not filled out properly.  The steps of troubleshooting in the paper here may help, but I suspect that you need a cool color cartridge.

  • How can I chanage the printer in color selection?

    I changed gray and I thought that he would return to the color when I chose gray 'off' but now I have no color on the photos. I can print the colors in word.  What should I do?   I'm not a computer expert of course or I know what to do.  I can not even find my way through all the stuff to help for win 7 thx

    Hello candy,

    Thanks for posting your query on Microsoft Community forum.

    I would be grateful if you can provide us with the following information to help us better understand the issue.

    1. What is the brand and model of your computer and the printer?
    2. What program or application that you use to print photos?

    As you mentioned that you are able to make a color word impression, then that means that there is a problem with the photo app that's why we are willing to know the application of the photo that you use.

    Get back to us with this information so that we can offer you additional troubleshooting steps.

    Kind regards.

  • Cannot print in color. Prints only in black and white

    Original title: printer

    I can't print in color.  I click on "print" and the image is replaced by b & w.  The cartridges are ok, and I've never had any problems with before printing.

    Hi Ian,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community Forums.

    According to the description, you are unable to print in color, even if you have a color cartridge. I will definitely help you.

    1 did you changes to the computer before the show?

    2. What is the brand and model of the printer?

    First of all, make sure that the color cartridge/toner is not empty or blocked.

    You may have accidentally changed the print options that would have caused the problem.

    For more information about changing the printing options, see the following articles:

    Print a photo

    Choose printing options

    Please post back with the result. If the problem is still not resolved, we will be happy to help you further the question.

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