New battery for Satellite Pro A60

What model of batteries (of batteries which are now products) can be used in Satellite A60 Pro?

Its predecessor was PA3382U-1BRS. I would like to buy a new battery, because the former does not.

I'll be very happy if the battery capacity will be greater.

Thanks for the reply.


As far as I know, you can use these batteries:


Seems that these batteries are compatible...

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  • Need new battery for Satellite Pro U200-182


    I m needing help on the purchase of new battery for Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 - 182
    No model origin. what I found on old battrey is PA3356U - 3BRS with parameters: DC10.8V - 4700mAh

    When I tried searching on the web I found that this trick
    http://smart-parts.NET/bsearch.php?brand=Toshiba&name=satellite%20PRO&SER ie = U200% 20Black & model = U200-182

    I would like to ask if I can buy it (if this battery will be compatible) and also if its possible to buy the battery longer "life."

    Thank you for the help

    I found the info that for your laptop model there are two types of battery only:

    So if you use Google and put these numbers, you should be able to find an online store where you can buy these compatible batteries.
    By the way: link you posted is OK and I don't see the reason why you shouldn't order of it. It is listed as compatible.

    To extend the life, you need battery with more cells and ability, but it is unfortunately not available for your laptop model.

  • Replacing the battery for Satellite Pro A60

    Can anyone advise where the the best/least expensive place is to get a replacement battery for my satellite pro A60, Ive. Ive left permanently plugged causing the batteries to be tired of apparentrly. If I turn the machine on at full load and nothing doing, the battery will expire in 15 minutes. Replacing the battery is cited as A £99, VAT in addition to toshiba - y at - it somewhere cheaper or better size. ?

    Any suggestion is appreciated.


    I put t know where is the cheapest place to purchase the battery, but in my opinion, the offers online are the cheapest.
    You can see the Toshiba site options and accessories:

    Here, you can select your model of laptop, and you will find the compatible battery.
    You didn t write about you model exactly but I think that the battery pack (Li-ion, 12 cells, 6450mAh) with the PA3382U-1BRS part number must be compatible. But check before you buy!

    In any case, you could Google for that number and I m you will find many offers online.

  • New RAM for Satellite Pro A60

    Hi guys, I got a Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 for about a year now and am lloking to buy little RAM for that I met two links that seem similar, but have different prices. The first link is and it is "Crucial 1 GB 200pin SODIMM PC2700 DDRRAM without parity"

    The link to it is hTerms = DDR + PC2700 & PageMode = 3 & SearchKey = All & SearchM ode = All & keys = 50090, 4294957152, 40387

    He has on the actual key that it is an essential product and this second link is and seems to be the same thing but different prices lite + Pro + series A60 & WSPN plus CT419262

    Basically, I was wondering if someone could help me telling me if these two are compatible with my laptop, or are the same as the other and which recommend you for me. And sorry if it is too much but can anyone give me any help on installation of the RAM chip? It is difficult to do at all?

    Thank you very much if you can help me out in any way possible.


    The original RAM module apart from the number PA3313U-1M1G (1024 MB PC2700). It is always recommended to use tested and original pieces, as many users have a problem after the purchase of the module to different inexpensively.

    In my opinion, you can buy cheaper and test. If there is no problem you can return.

    Good bye

  • New battery for Satellite Pro A100

    Long ago, I bought a Satellite A100 to my work. I'm going to college next year so it is important that my computer has a huge amount of battery time. Right now the maximum is 2 - 2.20 pm, but I want to get at least 4 hours...
    I can't seem to find batteries for this anywhere, but none of you know a place to find a big battery for this laptop?


    According to the specifications of the laptop, you can use batteries to follow:
    PA3399U-2BRS (6cell),
    PA3399U-2BAS (6cell),
    PA3478U-1BRS (9cell),
    PA3478U-1BAS (9cell),
    PA3400U-1BRS (12cell),
    PA3400U-1BAS (12cell)

    Of course, you should buy a 12 cell battery.

  • Replacement battery for Satellite Pro A10

    I'm trying to find a replacement battery for Satellite Pro A10, PA3284U-1BRS, 10.8 v original battery, 3600 MAH. A couple of merchants said that it is no longer available and has been replaced by PA3285U-1BRS, the amperage is a little higher at 4400 MAH, but declared voltage is now 11.1 VOLTS. Is this normal, or are they trying to just me to pawn off the coast with something that is really not compatible with the specifications of the original part. I can't find the part for the moment available on the Toshiba site, seems to have been the only way to get a true replacement who would be sure to adapt. Battery wizards there know what would actually?

    Thank you.


    As far as I know, that you can also use this battery.
    Battery (Li - ion, 6 cell, 4400mAh) part number: PA3285U-2BRS

    Good bye

  • Buy a new battery for MacBook Pro

    How to buy a new battery for MacBook Pro from apple store? I would buy a new battery and replace it with myself, is possible?


    Apple batteries will be sold if Apple installs, NOT the user.  If you have a MBP, this is probably the best option because the batteries are pasted into the retina.  If you have a retina no MBP, look at the OWC site for NuPower batteries or search the Internet for brand batteries Anker.  Anything else can be 'high risk' in terms of quality.


  • Need to replace battery for Satellite Pro L500

    Hello, someone Koe the PN or battery type
    of my PSLS4E Satellite Pro L500-00C00HIT?

    Thank you

    Remove the battery and on the label of the battery you will find the part number.
    New battery for order by using the part number and you will be the right one.

    Can find you it?

  • New battery for Satellite C650/C650D


    I need a new battery for my Toshiba Satellite C650/C650D.
    The battery model number is PA3817U-1BRS. 10.8V (48wH).

    I searched around for buy one online at the United Kingdom and can not find a real one for a reasonable price. I have seem some prize of nearly £400 and I can buy a new laptop altogether with this!

    I know that spare batteries are not as good, but are there you can recommend which would correspond to this model. How time will it last they? Better yet, anyone can locate a real battery online for me?

    Thank you very much.


    I m not the United Kingdom and can not you with the links to order online but Googling around you assistance should be able to find the farm of origin for reasonable prices.

    What you can also do is to contact the nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and ask how much you must pay if they order a new one for you.

    What you can also try is to check eBay. Battery for my old A300, I found there. A friend of mine uses non-Toshiba battery. It costs a half price and it's not so bad. How long will he be working properly is another question.

  • Need XP for Satellite Pro A60 display driver

    My PC in safe mode when on game sites is now and I'm having truble locate the driver.
    I need help laocating and installation which I new complettely instead.


    Visit the page of the European driver Toshiba:> support download &-> download drivers

    Here, you have to choose:
    Archive-> Satellite Pro-> A-> Satellite Pro A60 Satellite Pro

    Then you could find the display driver and can download and reinstall.

    Good bye

  • Need new battery for Satellite M30 304

    Any advice on where to buy the new battery for this model pack?

    Hello Moira

    I put t know which country you live but if you use Google, I'm sure you'll find many online shops where you can order batteries for this model of laptop. Otherwise contact the Toshiba authorized service partner and they can order one for you.

    BTW for this model there are two spare batteries:

    Good bye

  • Need new battery for Satellite L10-142

    I need to buy a new battery for my L10-142.
    The part no is PA3420U-1BRS. I see that the Web of Toshiba site classes now as 'ABANDONED '!

    Any ideas/recommendations for what is the best place to buy a new battery of?
    Thank you very much.


    All parts can be ordered from authorized service provider who is responsible for your country!

    Please visit this link:

    You will find the global database of ASP.

  • Need new battery for Satellite P855-34J

    Can someone tell me where I can buy the battery for Toshiba Satellite P855-34J?
    Thank you

    Unfortunately I can't tell you where you can buy new batteries. Google around a bit and I am sure that you will find an online store where you can order.
    Please order battery original and identical with the PA5026U-1BRS part number.

  • Need new motherboard for Satellite Pro C50-A-1E0

    C50-A-1E0 Satellite Pro to my son is gone completely t * ts up. I think it's a common fault and requires a reset of the bios, or something. I think in any case that a new motherboard will do the trick.

    No help on the motherboard to get which is compatible and it would actually help?

    Thank you.

    Hi nessie

    It is not easy to find the new motherboard and believe me it's quite expensive, you can buy the new notebook.

    What you can do is to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider first. Explain the situation and ask if they can help you with this. They are also able to get the new motherboard for you.

    Addresses and phone numbers, you can find on

  • Where can I get a new charger for Satellite Pro L500 - 1 4?

    Hi, I would like to get a new charger for Toshiba. My first charger was lost and the second charger that I bought on ebay 3 months ago for £10,-a stopped working. Where can I get a charger? I googled and found a few wesbites for example

    Chargers cost about 25-30 GBP. I don't want more problems with a charger. I have the late...
    Where can I get a good charger where that is authentic. Other suggestions are welcome

    Thanks in advance

    The magazine you found is OK and I think you don't need original Toshiba charger.
    If you want to have Toshiba we part number is PA3716E-1AC3.

    Check it out. Googling around you can find it.

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