New computer. Cannot print from Firefox. HP compjuter and printer. Can print from Outlook and explore.

I just got a new HP with Windows 7 computer. I use a HP Officejet 4500 printer. When I try to print from Firefox it brings up a window FAX as I am trying to send a fax. This happens regardless of how I try to print. Go to file then print or the button "impression" on the toolbar navigation or by using the button "print" on the web site. If I try to print from Outlook 2007 or from Explorer 9 everything works fine and the page is printed. I prefer to use Firefox on explore. It's just something that MS put in Windows 7 to force the use of Explorer?


{Ctrl + P} to print at the top, select your printer in the printer - name box. Currently, you have a "virtual" printer selected.

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