New computer HP Pavilion will show most of the miniatures on the internet

I have HP Pavilion p6-2120 PC. Product number 00359-OEM-8992687-00010. Running Windows 7.

Thumnails in 10 items work very well. But can not display thumbnail or small pictures on the slide show of the New York Times, 3 titles under the main photo of the NY Post, the photos and a few pictures on Web sites. It has not worked since the day 1. Computer installed at Staples where I bought it. Maybe they got an incorrect setting.

Thank you.


I called hp who tried everything to fix it. They also could not access my computer remotely. so, between the problems of 2 eccentric they concluded it must be a corrupted file and wanted to do a recovery or whatever that it's called. I said not yet.

I then took to Staples this am. their guy tech initially could not understand and said that he would probably recover if he couldn't fix it. but surprise, surprise! He has figured out that missing thumbnails have been from the screen monitor of high contrast setting. how easily you can get.

Thank you for your help and wanted to let you know the conclusion.

besst wishes,


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