New converter coard or screen?

I worked one day on my Thinkpad T61p and suddenly, I hear a noise, then my screen gets super dim. My question is what I have to replace the screen or do I need a new Inverter card, or should I get a complete assembly and transfer my stuff from Verizon on? Before the pop, I noticed the area where the inverter card was before was hot enough, but he died of cold now. What is the best way to go? Thank you

PS. I have WUXGA version


Pop could be the bulb, but it could also be the inverter. The inverter is a high voltage transformer, and if it fails, it can cause your symptoms and the noise. I recommend you try the converter first. It's not expensive. Also, a blown inverter can cause the bulb to die, so if you eventually change the Panel, you want to change the inverter still. You don't want to buy a new Panel and it burn because of a bad power inverter. They also used the same inverter in all 15.4 "T61 and T500, the T60 15.4 machines" models (not the big-screen 15 "ones). 41W1338

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    The following link shows the specifications of your computer:

    Means not compatible the chip inside the machine that is Intel HD Graphics (component video), not the screen. The machine is a bit old now. Please update then try the following link

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    Bill S.

    Looks like they have been added to the screen used for the lock screen background image. Try to change your lock screen background and see if the icons disappear.

    Settings > wallpaper > choose a new wallpaper

  • 23 - d160qd envy: new motherboard, now empty screen and 6 beeps. Cannot change the legacy BIOS. Help!

    Good ladies and Gentlemenof the Interwebulars, I hope someone can shed some light on my situation.

    Walked down one day to see that my computer would not start. A diagnosis which in a bad power port. Got a new motherboard because after desoldering (or that's what I tried to do) I realized that it was small to (re) welding in and I could not find the right part to reorganize.

    so I got a new motherboard. The number replacement part direct. Barefoot on my floor wood and ESD wrsitband on, I put in this bad boy. Double and triple check things and connections. Go to hit the power button and I get 6 beeps and 6 flashes of correspopnding of the powerbutton. The system does not appear to be on, fan is running with the other sounds of starting and running sounds, but I have a white screen and orange electric button. If I tap CTRL + ALT + DELETE it will restart and begin the process again. The 6 beeps by HP standards denotes missing graphics / card error. My original motherboard had a built-in graphics card so I thought that the same new part number card mother too. Obviously not. so I had a Geforce 2Go MXM graphics card update with heat sink. Barefoot, wood floor, bracelet ESD, thermal paste and turn it on to hear... SIX BEEPS AND SCREEN WHITE.

    After Googling around, some people say that I have to enter the BIOS and change boot legacy and fashion out of the UEFI mode that's killing me right now. I have join and would completely if I could see my screen of the BIOS, or anything for that matter. I can not go back also to my other card because it will not feed. So my question; How to make or change the BIOS settings so that my computer will recognize a graphics card or internal graphic that should be on the new motherboard itself so that it starts?

    I need this computer for CAD work soon so I thought help processor i7, 8GBs RAM, Geforce card and touch screen to perform a generation of PC.  So if someone has a great idea they would projected upward on this post, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

    Your computer is not posting, sound rather give an error message in the form of 6 beeps and red LED flashing, indicating graphics / video issue.

    You can never get into the BIOS of the device, if its not posting, not on a HP Desktop atleast.

    I recommend, you disconnect all components and fittings connected to the motherboard i.e. cables SATA, power cables, RAM, processor, heatsink, power supply and battery CMOS as well.

    Now, press and hold button power unit for a minute or two., with the power and everything is still disconnected.


    (1) Insert the battery CMOS back into its slot, install the processor and the heat sink, connect all cables power that goes to the motherbaord in the PSU and CPU and etc., less SATA cable and cable power to drive hard and Optcal drive and turn on the device, of course after you have connected the rear power cable.

    (2) check if the machine beeps and check whether it is 5 times.

    (3) If yes install a memory in the first slot (slot black), connect the monitor and turn on the power and check if there is no video output.

    (4) if so, connect the return which is always disconncted, to their respective locations and ports and turn them the unit on and get on with your CAD stuff.

    IF NO,

    2 options:

    (1) if the unit is still under warranty, call 1800-474-6836 and have a technician on-site visit your place and replace the parts needed for the operational unit.

    (2) or the motherboard you purchased could have been Dead On Arrival. Get a warranty replacement for the DOA mobo and re install a new Board of Directors.

    Good luck!

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  • My new Lenovo G580 - blue screen error


    I bought a new lenovo G580 (Intel B950/2 GB / 500 GB) with the BACK (Friday - 21 September, 2012).

    I installed another 2 GB of RAM in the extra slot. So, I now have a total of 2 + 2 GB of RAM.

    I installed Windows7 inside. It worked fine for 1 day, but when I installed bluetooth G580, wifi drivers, it began to break up with blue screen by creating a dump file. Now, I'm not even able to boot the system. I formatted the system twice and could not draw it. I've seen other forums and found out that it is due to some problems of dropbox etc, but I have not installed same software 1. As soon as I installed windows7, I started with drivers (Drivers DVD came with my laptop)

    Please help me.

    Thank you best regards &,.

    Sainaba K


    Before you try what you say, I tried just remove my RAM extra2GB,.

    Now everythng works very well...

    installed all the drivers...

    nothing has no...

    except a little less windows experience rating.

    fell to 4.6 to 5.1 (after removing the 2 GB of RAM)

  • HP 15: New 15-inch laptop screen is begging to fail

    I love the performance of my laptop HP 15 of 4 months with the warning that as of today, all of a sudden, I noticed that the top 2 inches of the screen from left to right, are "spotted" with marble whitish discoloration, opaque to scratches and swirls.

    The machine is in my air-conditioned office, never fall, abused or even moved. There is no moisture problem, which I mention because after inspection, discoloration looks as if it might be a moisture problem (actually, I grasp at straws here trying to make sense).

    Any advice?

    Thank you!


    Since it is a relatively new machine, instead of hurt for hours to fix yourself, why not just let HP repair at our expense!

    You must contact the HP Customer Support directly so they put you in contact with HP Tech Support to see what they can do on the diagnosis and repair of your machine remotely.

    I did recently, and HP technology was able to remotely access my PC on the Internet and to make the necessary repairs.

    If you live in the United States or the Canada, details are on this page:

    If you live elsewhere, contact details are on this page:

    Good luck

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    Thank you

    Kevinc88 wrote:

    someone knows how to fix this? his Facebook, but in editing parameters he says same 'birthday reminder' and 'none', but even when his game against zero recall still exists, so what I did I turned off sync and it went away, but now another new event appeared and the funny part at this time is its someone I don't even know , I have no friends under the name of lincoln and his telling me its his birthday in 2 days... need help please this is not a big problem but the fact is, it's his doesn't work how I want it to be.

    Thank you

    I actually just talking about that the other day. Unfortunately, the timing is all or nothing. I have connected, but more deleted contacts from Facebook. I still get alerts on their birthdays. I don't want notifications for each group, only some of them. I decided that I should just disable all this, which has resolved for now. If all goes well at some point in the future, we can select which show people, or at least have more control over the notifications on the lock screen.

    Re: your 'friend' Lincoln... do you by chance a calendar with the parties on this subject? Tuesday's (president Abraham) Lincoln's birthday.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon on the screen

    Hi all

    recently, I noticed a new icon/symbol on my screen when I have a call in progress. I have never seen this.  He appears in the upper right of the current call screen and looks like a rectangle with 5 points of diagnal inside the rectangle.  any ideas?  I tried to understand.  I'm stuck. Help!

    Looks like you have the opportunity to improve call lit. Check that, by going to your phone icon, click the menu button and go in the Options. From there, go to the General Options. See if you have the choice, called "enhance call Audio ' or ' enhance headset call Audio. If so, change the settings to normal.

  • NEW MSG ON MY SCREEN BUT USED blackBerry smartphones to go?

    Hey, just a quick question, I have 2Nouvelle msgs icon on my home screen, but I checked my Inbox sms and mms and there is no new msgs here and I also checked my e-mail inbox n no msg is here. .

    I turned my phone off and even out my battery but the icon is still (who resembles a envelope with a red star in the upper right corner of it), but its always there

    Does anyone know what this means and how I can see?

    Thank you in advance xx

    Ah ha, I discovered what it was... It was two new PIN sitting in my msg record instant messages. .

    Once again, thank you guys for your help. .  XXXX

  • Icon Smartphones New blackBerry on my screen

    I have a new icon that just showed up on my screen beside the number of unopened messages.  It is a yellow circle similar to the browser icon but without the arrow and there a 2 to the left of it.  Anyone know what this means?  It does not appear in the "Start Guide" or the online manual that I see.  Thank you, Pat

    Try the folder browser Push messages.

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    Here is a plugin that allows you to export to a screensaver directly from After Effects or Prime Minister: exporting screensaver - aescripts + aeplugins -

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