New email addresses go to the personal address book regardless of the book in which I select 'change details '.

When I double click on the star next to a name in the header area to add to my address book to shippers, it appears a small window "edit the Contact." I select the address book I want the new address to go in and click on 'change details '. I enter pertinent information and click 'OK '. The new addresses always go in my personal address book rather than the book I selected in the original 'Edit the Contact' window. It is in Thunderbird 24.4.0. Tried it on 2 different PC with the same result. A machine is Windows XP, the other is Windows 7. Any ideas?


I think I found a work around. Click on white star - it becomes yellow. Click again and select desired address book. Hit 'done '. Click on the stars 3 and select "change details". Enter the information you want and click 'OK '. An extra step, but it works.

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    When the new message is launched... you see a drop
    window displaying your email address?

    If_Yes_open the window menu and choose a different address.

    Choose a default email address in Windows Live Mail... to...
    Tools / accounts... Select (highlight) the address that should be the
    default and left, click the "Set default" button.

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    Go to add ons page and sort for manual sorting folder. It allows you to reorganize the folders pane.

    The lock icon indicates that this account uses a secure connection. You don't want to remove it.

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    You ask what their transfer of your former e-mail provider options. Once you stop the e-mail with your former provider service, you usually don't have that email address more unless you work something with them.
    Thunderbird is an email client software that runs on your computer. It has nothing to do with staging by email around the Internet. Especially e-mail addresses that no longer exist.

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    XP was the last version of Windows to use Outlook Express and that you are in a forum of Vista. Assuming that Windows Mail:
    Tools | Accounts and add the new address/provider and remove the old.
    Once the old account is removed, your second issue must be without object.
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    You can contact Adobe support for the resolution of

    I also understand that there is an obligation to communicate with the support of behance too.



  • BlackBerry Smartphones New email address creates new calendar?

    I'm having the following problem...

    From my desktop, I use a USB cable to sync my Outlook calendar and tasks on my Storm2 contacts.  Also, I have a laptop and use BlueTooth to sync contacts Outlook, calendar, and tasks with the Storm2.  The sync seems fine work.

    I wanted to access my personal email so I put in place by selecting and then CONFIGURE PARAMETERS of E-MAIL and follow the wizard.  It worked perfectly... but it also created another calendar which seems related to the new email address. This caused problems when you try to synchronize, my office has been updated a calendar while the laptop has been updated on the other.

    When I deleted the email address of the additional claendar has also been removed.

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    Thanks for your help

    Possible solution: I suddenly had the same problem, and I had made no changes to my phone or my account which I was aware.  But I came across this solution that worked for me.  First of all, I would recommend that you back up your Blackberry to your computer using the Desktop Manager.  I found that what I propose below is reversible, but just in case...

    Then go to Options-> advanced-> service book Options

    You will see a list of your e-mail, and associated with each of these accounts is a calendar.  E-mail accounts are labeled CMIME and calendars are labeled CICAL.

    Select the CICAL account for the calendar that you want to remove, press the menu button on your Blackberry and select Remove.  Do this for each calendar you want missing from your Blackberry.  I did it for the list of CICAL associated with each of my email accounts, and now all I have is the calendar by default list, which is that I have synced with my Google Calendar.  (It seems that you will always be able to 'Undelete' a CICAL if you opt for the calendar to return for some reason any.)  I can't promise this is the case, but so far I've been able to transform their market at will, even after turning the device off and turn it back on).

    I hope this helps!  As I said, I have no idea why it was suddenly happening, as I've had these same four addresses on my Blackberry for over a year and the synchronization with Google very well, showing only the default calendar.  Everything is back to normal now with the fix above.  I hope you can say the same thing soon!

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    She bought the TOSHIBA Satellite L300-2This and because she didn't have an internet connection at home, I order him to register his new Toshiba by our care.
    I took his laptop and I made a mistake by e-mail. I wrote the wrong email address. How to assign a new email address?

    Best regards

    SAMO Praprotnik

    Hello Samo

    If you have registration problems, please contact Toshiba [email protected]

    You should contact Toshiba in your country. Details are at

    Explain what is the problem and I hope someone will help you.

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  • Windows Live Mail - deleting email address but want to keep his e-mails in a new email address

    I change over my old email addresses (3 of them - one for friends, business, work) for 3 new, different e-mail address because I changed internet service providers.

    I exported e-mails from old e-mail addresses to save to an external drive.

    What I want to do is to import them into my new email addresses in the new Inbox folders where I store the correspondence.  Then it would be emails to or from an older email address, different enter one of my new folders of files of addresses in the Inbox where I separate topics/types of e-mail by e-mail.

    I tested it and it seems to work.  I imported a file, who appeared in 'Storage files' as a ' imported '.  Then I selected all the emails in a specific folder (example: invoices) and moved them to a new folder called (different) email inbox "bills".  They transferred and I can access and read emails - the old and the new, and it doesn't seem to matter that the old emails have been associated with a different email address.

    I just want to be sure I'm doing the right thing, or if it would have the unintended consequence of do - as I play until the file structure, etc., or do something that will cause WLM malfunction later.

    Worse comes to worse, I e-mail stored on a drive for expansion, but it would be easier to have the old and new e-mail consolidated on my current WLM.

    I did the right thing, or is that a no-no?  Or is there a better way?

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    It seems to me that if you do everything absolutely right. The program does not care which account a message has been sent to or-it's just a message, so you can put it in any folder you like. The only word of caution would be to allow Windows Live Mail enough time for large numbers of newly imported or - moved message index, perhaps even in working offline at the same time to minimize interference from sync/send/receive operations.

    A good reason to use storage folders rather than files under one account to store messages to archive, is that when you delete an account, all its files and their content is permanently deleted. If it is not easy, it is possible to accidentally delete an account.

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