New Firmware Update - where is the change log?

I see that a firmware update was sent to my phone. However I can't find a change log. Where is it?



HP and Microsoft has released an update (online) of the OTA for the X 3 elite on October 25, 2016. The update installs Windows Mobile 10 for the following versions:

Firmware revision: 0002.0000.0014.0100

Build of the OS: 10.0.14393.321

Bootloader Version: 520101

New features:




High brightness Mode is activated when the brightness adjustment is suggested by default.


Reset functionality is enabled. However, the existing user must reflash phone with this software with Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT).

The issues addressed (Items with * are fixed by OS updates):




App Instagram, have green lines during use is fixed.

Launch of view inconsistent HP on docking tools is fixed.


Detection of the helmet is not reliable is fixed.


Auto focus performance and stability in low light conditions are improved.

Model tapes preview screen is fixed.

Video recording after that tap put in pause/resume many times received message 'something went wrong' is fixed.


Blue BitLocker Recovery screen on reboot with active device encryption is fixed.

User interface

Tap to wake up the wrong feature turn off screen is fixed.

Hello Windows

IRIS is unblock, followed by sweeping to unlock quickly led to the prompt error is fixed.

Fingerprints and Iris being setup one after the other, one of them will not functional, is fixed. **

Known issues:




Skype for business app can be run from external display of Continuum.


Dock desktop LAN port of HP has no configuration of the user interface.

User interface

Missing tiles with update settings. The user can go to the list of applications, press the settings icon and select PIN to start restoring the tile.

Tile 2 Messaging becomes white with update. Touch on the tile once it restores.


Too many failed unlock attempts, the device will be blocked for security reasons. User can unlock the unit to

Thank you

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    Just checked - records to audit for these fields are placed in the SU_EXTENSION_AUDIT table. In any case the RV_CI_AUDIT_TRAIL view should display them as well. BTW, I use v.9.1.5 VSM and other versions may behave differently.

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    Option updte to remove the functionality of dynamic security listed in the document is only intended for a Windows PC.

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    Kind regards


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    Harold Horne / TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011. The information has been provided * being * with no guarantee or warranty.

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    Where will be stored in the server log files?
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    What newspaper will contain details about the errors of pdf?
    Where will be the log files stored in server?
    What all log contains what all details? 

    BI Presentation Server log can be found in HOME\OracleBIData\web\log\sawlog0.log

    This log is useful for Presentation Server login questions and answers/questions about dashboard.

    You can increase the recording on this server to get a detailed logging to solve the problems of SINGLE sign-on and integration by editing the logconfig.xml file in the HOME\OracleBIData\web\config folder

    Server logs BI is NQServer.log and this NQQuery.log in the HOME\OracleBI\server\Log folder

    NQServer.log is to start the Server BI issues and responsible subjects and connected data sources
    the RPD. If the NQSConfig.ini contains errors or if the RPD has version problems or if appropriate RPD is not loaded, the BI server does not start and this is part of the NQServer.log

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    BI Scheduler can be located in HOME\OracleBI\server\Log\NQScheduler.log. It is used to identify the problems associated with the supply/Planner. To increase logging on Scheduler, set debug to true indicator in the scheduler jobs Manager configuration window.

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    can be jhost0.log... not sure

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    Note: I'm not suspecting anything harmful. The merits of this particular user.js are out of scope for this question. It is just a base where no connection is made without the consent of the user and not for regular use.

    This question has been posted to the following locations, with no solutions. & t = 2968493

    The solution is to assign to media.gmp - manager empty .url.

Maybe you are looking for

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