New folders and briefcasesall my folder are locked on read-only I uncheck and hit appl and ok but it stays still on no read.

all my files are locked on read that I unchecked it and click on apply and ok but it still remains on read-only. I t doesn't turn off read-only. S o I can not update all the files.


· You are the administrator of the computer?

· Do you remember any changes made on the computer before the show?

Try the steps listed in the links below and check, if it would help: you cannot view or change the read-only or the attributes of system files in Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7:

How to set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and folders in Windows XP:

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    Firefox automatically creates backups of your bookmarks, which can be useful if your bookmarks are lost or missing. To retrieve them, follow the instructions below.

    1. Use one of the following methods to open the bookmarks library window:

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    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

  • Can I create new folders and filter emails to them when using folders, unified inbox

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    Thank you
    Mike / W8DN

    Yes. Local folders account is provided by Thunderbird for just this purpose; a generalized situation of storage independent of the account. The filter is located under Tools | Message filters. Right click on the sender in a message header will also create a filter.

    With Thunderbird, you by default will have a separate set of folders for each account. This way gives you the opportunity to keep separate accounts (some users require) and you can also use the saved searches, Unified files and local files to merge accounts (other users require too!)

  • When you share a folder on Win7, all new files added to this folder are not shared

    Hello world

    I consider myself an advanced user, but I really can't understand this.

    I have Win7 on a PC, I have a shared folder, call the "SharedFolder". Sharing dossier_partage I set all permissions for everyone.

    Everything looks great when I access dossier_partage from other computers on the network.

    Then, from the PC where dossier_partage is located, I create a new file inside dossier_partage and here is the problem: the new file is not shared. If I share this file put the permissions for all the world (just readonly or r/w or whatever), I can see it on the network.

    So, it's very annoying. How can I tell windows to share all the files I put in this folder?

    Thank you for your support


    Both computers have the same advanced sharing settings:
    Turn on network discovery
    Open file and printer sharing
    Turn on public folder sharing
    Streaming media is off
    Use 128-bit encryption
    Turn on password protected sharing
    Homegroup connection is not used, but is set to 'use user accounts and passwords'.

    Try to disable the Antivirus/Firewall...
    just off the "password protected sharing" for the private network.
    turn off the option "password protected sharing" and also the option "public folder sharing" to allow other computers see my public folder by default. You can perform these steps in the home or public network.

  • No sound from my laptop! in the control panel it says internal speakers are turned on and works but it is still no sound

    Yesterday there was no sound... today no sound?

    in the Panel, he said internal speakers are turned on and working, cannot restore the system that do not have a point to return to.
    can anyone help?


    You have made any changes to your computer recently?

    I suggest you to follow the steps from the link and check if it helps.

    No sound in Windows

  • I moved the LR5 files by dragging them to a new location. Why the LR5 keep folders and files on the source drive internal Mac?

    my 1 TB drive iMac is full.  I bought a LaCie 3 TB external and moved from 2012 to 2014 to the new drive records.  I did carefully by renaming in year-mo-date__topic in the records of LR.   Then, I used LR5 to drag files in front of the Mac the LaCie external HD.   Successfully, everything installs and turns and usable LR5 since the 3 TB LaCie drive.  The Mac HD is no longer displayed in LR.  In Solution Explorer, I still have folders 2012, 2013 and 2014, but it is still consuming most of my internal drive.

    Why LR5 did move all files instead of what seems to be the copy?

    LR5 instant:


    Snapshot of the Explorer:


    Hello, on a Mac, it's Finder rather than explore...

    On a Mac, there is no movement when the transfer between discs only copies. It is a large safety factor so that accidents can be overcome for example a power failure during the transfer.

    All you need to do (after saving two disks) is to move files on your internal drive to the trash and empty it then. That will free up the space.

  • Maybe easily recovery Outlook Express folders and messages in WinXp Home v6?

    I've performed on a system Windows XP Home sp3 v6.00.2900.5512 Outlook Express as the e-mail client.

    Make a few mistakes that took place I lost a number of records and messages [probably of thousands] (and how I got the installation folder tree) in Outlook Express. Luckily (I Think) the program a few days ago asked that I want to compress the files Outlook and after doing so I have .bak files in the Recycle Bin.  I wonder if I can simply copy the .bak files in the own (whatever they are) subdirectory and everything back to normal?  I hope that no key of registry or something else needs to be done.

    I would like to experiment, however, since I am running XP home, I can't have other options if I have something to spoil as food does not easily seem to work for me, XP Home lacks the ability to use ASR to restore the registry hives and I don't have any backup software file in order to get it right the first time means a lot to me :)

    Also, I did a search of the hard drive and it shows that, in the subdirectory doc um ~ 1/name of user/Application data / identities / {x-x-x - x-} files such as Sent items.dbx (553 MB), sent items (1) .dbx (33 MB) & Envoy points (2) .dbx (75 Kb), the most important [sent items.dbx] is a few minutes more than the #3 file but it is much bigger and what if all I have to do is to take the files such as this one and put it in (which directory)? and he will restore that particular file this morning before the problem was which would be awesome!

    Also, if not all the records of previous mail are located in either the bin or able to find in files of type xxxxx (1) .dbx as the subdirectory above is there anywhere else I can go to retrieve the messages/folders, which disappeared this morning. I have a program to undelete on the system but there of own set of problems and is not reliable or even running, at the present time.

    I hope I have this in the right area as I see that 8 forums listed to choose from.

    Thank you for reading this and any help or suggestions you may have,


    You have a corrupted message store.  That's why you have the type etc. (2) in the file names.  The best thing you can do is to backup all files dbx and bak you have and then save.  Then you can try the recovery.

    Start of OE and set up a new identity.  This will give you a new bank messages and the new registry hive.  Then add your e-mail accounts and make sure they work.  Then, if you have any dbx with folders.dbx files directory, you can try to go to file | Import | Messages and then choose to import from a directory and not to another identity and then see what is important.  After this date, you can try to manually import files using the method described here: and you can try the dbx files and bak (just rename the bak to dbx), but do not try and import existing files such as Inbox.dbx box--instead create new folders and rename those you are trying to import.

    If you have not yet recovered messages, my DBXpress program ( will extract messages from the dbx corrupted files (as long as the files are not filled with zeros) and there is also an exclusive excerpt from disc feature that will bypass the file system and analyze the entire disk directly to messages , and if they are still there, he's going to recover them.

    In the future beware of the antivirus software which aggravates the tendency to the destruction of messages in OE (see and back up frequently (see


  • 'PC' is not set up to establish a connection on port "file and printer sharing (SMB)" with this computer - I get this after enabling access to public folders and then trying to access (another pc on the network cannot connect to this pc but see).

    • Tried to reconfigure the firewall
    • Tried to change files and printers, sharing options
    • Restarted other computers trying to connect to my public folder
    • Tried to adjust the network discovery
    • Do all computers on the network among the same workgroup
    • I can access public folders from the other computer and their content
    • Other computers on my network, in my workgroup can see my public folders, and users, but cannot access it.
    • Other computers can see my computer, but can not access: error code: 0 x 80070035.

    Can't access: 'Public' and 'Users' in the title:


    Please don't give me that: "If you try to connect to another computer, make sure that this computer is on, that you have enabled file and printer sharing on both computers, and file and printer sharing can communicate through your firewall." Because I seek NOT to connect to another computer... I want to just access MY Public folder and the users folder and eventually allow others to access also.

    Hi Katmandu774,


    Welcome to Microsoft Answers Forums.

    The Public folder is a convenient way to share files that are stored on your computer. You can share files in this folder with other people using the same computer and with people using other computers on the same network. Any file or folder you put in the folder Public is automatically shared with the people who have access to your Public folder.

    If you are not on a domain, you can limit network access to the Public folder so that people with a user account and password for this computer. To do this, turn on sharing protected by password.

    1. Open the network and sharing Center by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, click network and Internet, click network and sharing Center.
    2. Click the arrow next to password protected sharing, and then click one of the following options:

    ·         Turn on password protected sharing

    ·         Turn off password protected sharing

    1. Click apply. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    To control the level of access to the Public folder


    1. Open the network and sharing Center by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, click network and Internet, click network and sharing Center.
    2. Click the arrow next to public folder sharing, and then click one of the following options:

    ·         Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can open files

    ·         Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can open, change and create files

    ·         Turn off sharing (people logged on to this computer can still access this folder)

    1. Click apply. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Also, make sure you add everyone to the public folder and give the necessary permissions to access it.

    Sharing files with the Public folder

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Windows did not accept the new updates and now still load with black screen and mouse rather than launch windows LOGIN

    Ideas: Troubleshooting/System Restore/Driver Updates

    • Troubleshooting took an installation point so-called drivers but never completed
    • System Restore worked initially but has now got to a point where he restores to where it will be updated and currently not load new windows
    • Recently replaced the hard drive in this laptop with a new copy of windows 7. Corresponding model
    • The only thing I have not tried is reinstalled, but then even if I did that would stop this from happening?


    First check to see if there are external devices attached to the computer, if so remove and check.
    Method 1.
    Let us run repair system at this stage, it might solve the problem.
    See the following articles for additional help and steps on startup repair.
    Startup Repair
    Method 3.
    Step A.
    If the bows persists please verify if you are able to boot safe mode.
    Step B.
    If the problem exists not in Mode safe run mode startup minimum troubleshooting to find the root cause of the problem.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note: When the diagnosis is complete, don't forget to reset your computer to normal startup. Follow step 7 in the above article.
    Method 3.
    I recommend you to restore system using a Windows 7 DVD.
    Here's how:
    To open the Options menu system recovery using a system repair disc or a Windows 7 installation disc
    If your system is damaged and cannot access the menu system on your computer Recovery Options, you can access it using the Windows 7 installation disc or a system repair disc previously.
    To use this method, you need to restart (boot) your computer using the disk.
    a. Insert the disc.
    b. restart your computer using the power button on the computer.
    c. If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc.
    o If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or a DVD, see the documentation provided with your computer.
    d. choose your language settings, and then click Next.
    e. If you are using the Windows installation disc, click on repair your computer.
    f. Select the Windows installation you want to repair, and then click Next.
    g. in the System Recovery Options menu, click a tool to open it and then choose the system restore and check.

    If we are able to boot to the desktop now, I would ask you install the updates one by one andcheck the update is at the origin of the conflict.
    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Right click mouse to drag and drop or rename folders and files does not work

    For a few weeks now, I had problems with the right click function to drag - move files and folders, or rename files and folders. This happens when I use windows Explorer or access to the computer and click thruogh for a feature. He can't go to all the folders and files, but many. I can't right click on these folders or files to change the sharing because explore closes and restarts on the desktop with a right-click. Manifest error "appcrash" reason. I have Norton Security suite installed and neither Norton or your fix program detects a problem.

    Please notify.


    Have you installed or removed/uninstalled all hardware or software or drivers since just before the start of this problem (if so, exactly what - name, version, device, whatever)?  Norton take any infection, although it is said that he cleaned their since just before the problem started?  If so, you know the names of these infections?

    Do you know when this problem started?  Try a system restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem started.  Here is the procedure:  Don't forget to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points.  If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two.  NOTE: You will need to re - install any software and updates that you have installed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for updates.  It's been a while so I'm not sure that you have a fairly old restore point but it is possible - hopefully.

    Are these files and folders in your user profile?  If Yes, your user profile may become corrupted (in fact, if can still be corrupted if the folders are not there).  To fix this use  If that is the only available Administrator Profile (you need to be an administrator to fix this), enable the Hidden Administrator Account (HAA) using  If you don't remember the password, try nothing because that's probably what you (or seller) did during the installation.  Once that is done, don't forget to disable the HAA to save it in case it is necessary once again and for safety reasons (since people often try to hack into systems using this account).  Do NOT use the HAA as your administrator account because if you lose the only administrator on the system account or it is damaged again, then you're watered.

    We will check some of your system files and hard drive for ccorruption that may be the cause:

    Go to start / all programs / accessories / command prompt and right click on command prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

    Type sfc/scannow, go and let it run.  It will scan and try to correct some of your system files.  If all goes well he comes complete with no corruption, it could not repair (if it has these post of corruption here or try to analyze it to find the problem or files using  Try to put all the corrupt files here so that we can see if they can be repaired with good copies of the installation disc (unless there are too many).

    While in the command prompt, type chkdsk /f /r and enter and let it run.  She might want to plan itself to start at the next startup.  Okay, then restart so that the program can run. It will scan and attempt to resolve any corruption or bad sectors on your hard drive and remove especially as a potential cause.

    Please checkwith the manufacturer to find out if there is a mouse driver updated (software or firmware) available for your make and model of mouse and your version of Vista.  Download and install to update the driver to the most recent available and see if that solves the drag and drop problem (even though I know that this will not affect the question of the name change).  Once you have the drivers, you can install them via the Manager device as follows:

    If it doesn't (or if SFC detects corruption it cannot repair), we you will need to do a repair/system upgrade using the Windows Vista Installation disc authentic (you own or that you can borrow from someone).  Here is the procedure:  Although this will not affect your data, settings or programs, you should always back up your data before you start just be on the safe side. You can have a lot of updates to re - install (including all you need to remove service packs).  If the version of the system came with SP1 or SP2 preinstalled and the disc is an earlier version, then you will need to make a record of slipstream as follows:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • My HP photosmart 6510e all-in-one scanning pictures in black and white but the docs are still in color.

    Scan pictures into my a6683w HP Vista in black and white, but the documents still scan in color.

    Hello there ingridt, welcome to the Forums!

    I noticed your post on the scans of your Photosmart 6510, scan to your system from Vista in black and white. I want to offer my suggestions to you to see if they can help you with this.

    First of all, try to launch the HP print and Scan Doctor who is used to fix the printing and scanning problems. You choose the option "Scanning" when the tool is run. It will inform you if the software is completely installed, or if there is a problem, it can not correct. If it detects an error and shows you a red 'X', I suggest then uninstall and reinstall.

    Here are some links to help with uninstalling and reinstalling if you happen to do these steps.

    1. uninstalling the printer software

    2. restart your PC

    3 reinstall: Photosmart HP 6510 e-All-in-One Printer - B211a

    Try a scan now and let me know how make you out!

    Good luck!

  • I installed a program and even after uninstalling, it still shows as my browser by default, so how can I get rid of him even after his retirement from the Add-ons and my

    The new default browser is called and it showed up after I installed a program to download faster. I uninstalled the new program from my computer and add0ons, but it is still throw me back to new default browser even after I installed firefox four times. It's irriating and it just doesn't seem to go away. How can I get rid of him without losing bookmarks and information?

    You can use the SearchReset extension to reset preferences to default values.

    Note that the SearchReset extension runs only once and then uninstalls automatically, so it will not appear on the page "> Firefox Add-ons" (topic: addons).

    You can do a search on the topic: config a page to

  • The Safari icon in the dock has a big question mark above.  What does that mean?  I stop and restarted, but the question mark is still there.  Help please.

    The Safari icon has an exclamation mark that covers.  What does that mean?  How can I get rid of him?

    I closed my Mac and restarted but it's still there.  Help please.


    Remove Safari from the dock icon. Then, go to your Applications folder and launch Safari from this location.

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