New Forum tests

Is it Monday already?

I think it's Monday at the Japan.

Congratulations for the first post in the new system.


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  • The difference between the "All Content" and "Discussion" tabs on the new forum?


    Anyone know the difference between "All Content" and "Discussion" tabs on the new forum?  They seem to be the same.  I'm confused.



    If I was part of the beta update of the forum, there were certain that we could not effectively test more aspects (such as the ' Like'), that some liked it but others did not. This kind of thing happens.

    In addition, now that we have the full version, and all servers are synchronized, there are probably things that beta testers not to experience. We all will learn in the process too. Also remember, much of the new forum software has been provided by Jive, and although many of us have commented (advantages and disadvantages), only a lot could be addressed. He was not quite want to do a beta on the Adobe software, like there was a full and distinct layer between the two.

    So far, what I see seems close to what we have seen a few weeks (months?) ago. Now, I need to really put the real software to the test, to see what has changed from then on, until now.

    Good luck


  • New Forum

    I am very disappointed with the look and feel. I know that your intentions were good, but the result you have produced so far is bad. Here are my points:

    1. the new forum is slow. It is especially slow when you use the "back" button browser.

    2. the search for spaces is unnecessary:

    forum search1.png

    forum search2.png

    3. the most important content is placed somewhere in the bottom and you have to scroll if you want to see it. This forum is 99% on the request and answer questions. I don't think that anyone needs static content on top. You should forget Google and Facebook and create your own concept. It would be wise to discuss with the participants in the forum before making these drastic changes.

    forum search4.png

    4. looking at the discussions that I have to look at the small icons in the bubbles to see if this discussion has been answered or not. I do not see how a lot of answers there. What is the difference between the question mark and exclamation point icons? They all say "Discussion" when the mouse above.

    forum search7.png

    5. new high search right is funny. Here are some results:

    forum search5.pngforum search6.png

    Even if I search on "oracle" I receive seven results (why only seven ?).

    I am a regular at this forum. I have leared a lot here and tried to help others to do the same. It is quite difficult for me to continue to do that and keep the same level of activity.

    Denes Kubicek

    1. There is currently a known issue with the performance, and we are working on it as a P1.

    2. the search function for the spaces is also a known issue and also a P1. Could produce our efforts to correct #2 à #1.

    3. we will probably be shrinking the headers to make the rise of content closer to the top. But do not forget the 'Ask' widget, which is "about to ask and answer questions" and is just above recent content. We have changed our recent activity in recent view of content in response to comments from the users.

    3B. I posted screenshots ahead in this forum and we got some great feedback.

    4. the ToolTips and the legend is something that we are also struggling. The empty icons mean there is a debate and not marked as a question, there is no functionality to answer 'useful' or 'correct '.

    5. the search is broken; See #2. You can see the results of research improved once its fixed.

  • Try this new forum

    Hello dear colleagues, I try just on this new forum because it is moved here from GetSatisfaction.

    My first reaction is that the font size is too small when searching and examination of the discussions. Other than that, it's really nice! Here we use Jive to certify our own internal knowledge management, so I'm pretty familiar with it. Large selection of Adobe!

    More impatient PhoneGap Build in the future.

    Nice! Welcome Alan!

  • Old Forums vs new forums

    Hi people,

    After a long time, I'm here. when I saw the site of the forum, it's quite wonderful. Doesn't seem to be forums OTN, he seems to be like a Social network like twitter. But I'm quite stuck with Otn forum thread/option creation and so. Since a few days I look at what is happening. how they the people go. and I need to study all these tricks how to do, how to react.

    But I felt this old Otn forum quite easy for me when I am a new bie. I did not study anything, just as I have an appointment with the otn forums.

    Easily / without any guidance / and so on., here I am with my own point of view.

    But this big Effort, thank to the Oracle Community for. I hope I can take time to adopt it.

    I have a question.

    1.Pourquoi oracle community changed as a system of points as the number of post basis. I felt good with the old system.

    2. completely download videos/document very useful for people who are all using effectively. but some of the person can not use it download certain abuses of the videos means difficult to threads of handle.manage. I hope?

    I can't able to open thread or poll for the voting of the new old use is forums forums vs. Please post if he on any thread.

    Thanks and greetings

    Bisexe Subramanian.

    SubramanianMeyyappan wrote:

    > now, there is no survey available that allows you to vote the old against the new forum.

    Who can create may I have? I check that out I can not. I vote for old.

    The old forum s/w was to his last breath. Many were broken. Some simple things like being able to see your watches, new updates. As the search. He was old and dated s/w.

    Size of the RTO is continuously growing. The old s/w could not support growth. Features more and more had to be turned off, in order to sill to provide performance and features very basic forum.

    If not, there is no option to return to the former s/w. It would be just stupid - because that will ensure a total failure OTN in the future with the old o/s being unable to effectively support the volume and size of the RTO.

    The new s/w is perfect? N ° as with most of the improvements, there are things that work differently, which doesn't seem to work correctly, which seems to be broken and which seems odd. You can either complain about this (and be called a MOP whining by an old f.rt), or go through the learning curve to understand all things new and constructive engage personnel of OTN in pointing out the things that are broken.

  • OT: What questions will look like in the new forum

    Hi all

    Please do not respond to this message. I just want to see "what questions will look like in the new forum.

    Thank you


    Hi all

    Table in which I have summarized your concerns has been assigned to the Backr room as well. If it is OK to continue the discussion here, you can do this by using the Backroom as well because it gets more visibility than what you post here.

    As I understand it, the Forums team works with Jive for the biggest of the first road.  Given that we are less than a week, with the new interface, I suggest that we have waited some time for patches.

    Thank you


  • New Forum gives me an identity crisis

    ACK!  I've been absent for a while, & just connected in the new forum.  But I'm not myself anymore.  I have another name.  The forum me logged in based on my Adobe ID, not my old Forum name.  I want my old self back.  It's too weird. Oh no, what do I do?

    I managed to change my screen name in my account page

  • New Forum Format

    Anyone know if this new format is still in its "beta sentence?" Personally, I don't like really, perhaps I used only for the old format. I have connected several times and he kept asking me to connect.

    Also when I went to my account and open a few discussions that I saw, he said "unable to find the page.

    Just curious.

    It is more a question for the forum contributors. This change is permanent (probably) but as with any new product, there are some bugs to fix so please bring those up there.

    I think it will look and feel better, once all the stuff that we imported from the three months previous grave and you only see what's new.

  • Is it possible to browse the titles of thread with this new forum software?

    This new version of the community is sometimes very frustrating. I followed a few spaces for products I use actively. Sometimes I like to just browse the titles of wire to see if anyone has interesting topics that might be useful for me. With the previous software and most forum software I ever used, were pages of discussions that you can just page (Browse). I see a small list of RECENT CONTENT and then some details in the RECENT ACTIVITY. I see that I can click on "Load more items", but it is very slow and does not charge only a few records. That made the overall view is extremely slow for me but this is perhaps due to be connected via the VPN.

    In any case, am I missing something if I want simply to browse the pages of discussions, or simply be able to display threads more than what shows RECENT CONTENT?

    [edit] It seems that this community feedback has thread paginated lists. Not sure why other areas do not, at least for me.

    [edit2] I found what I was looking for. Accidentally fell on the breadcrumb for 'space I use' > Discussions. Looks like I've got display no matter what thread first and then click on the navigation bar of Discussions. UX weird but at least it works.

    Click on the tab 'content' instead of the 'Sample' tab

    I hate the view "Overview".

  • New forum, new issues - changes in syntax?


    have you changed the rules regarding "/" sign in a string?

    Strangely, it works in pr7:

    specifically the line 6.

    1 var newIndex = 2;

    2 sym.getComposition () .getStage () .setParameter ("index", newIndex);

    3 sym.getSymbol("question_0").play (0);

    4 / / questions and answers place

    5 var cSymbol = "q" + newIndex;

    6 var cUrl = "url (" images/q "newIndex +" _on.png'"'");

    7 window.alert (cSymbol);

    8 sym.getComposition () .getStage (). $(cSymbol) .css ("background", cUrl);

    but not in year.1

    SetParameter about 1).

    You must replace setParameter of sym.setVariable: new page of the API.

    (2) on url() and only url().

    Our code runs like this:

    newIndex = "dg"; var

    cUrl var = "url (images/e" + newIndex + "e.jpg);

    sym.getSymbol("box").$("tweet").html ("Message");

    sym.getSymbol("box").$('image').css ({}

    'background-image': cUrl,.

    'background-size': '100% '.


    ==> Tests the: EA 1 and Mac OS/Safari

    (3) on the global functions: window.alert ().

    You can create a global function by using 3 'prefix': SYM (Edge), $. (jQuery), window. (Javascript).

    More explanation here.

    and you can download the files of test here.

    ==> Tests ok using EA 1 and Safari, not yet tested online.

    4) Note: new help & tutorial page.

  • Discuss a new forum for Agency CS5

    In another thread, I posted:

    @ Moderators

    I think that CS5 is a whole NEW GAME... so...

    Is it too early to start a CS5 Forum that is ready to run from the "start" of liberation?

    Many will be seeking and offering info etc and separating... .will allow other forums of PremPro run without confusing everyone.

    for example the current forum has a thread of 1.5 thru' for users of CS4.

    Moderators responded that they preferred the forums as flat as possible, but consider this... (Cool)

    I think we should discuss it fully in order to present the advantages and the disadvantages can be entirely.

    I'll start:

    As I said earlier - CS5 is a whole new game, because it's hardware and software. (64-bit computer and application). This is a major update requiring $$ $pend for anyone contemplating this. Not everyone will invest initially.  Those that do are likely to be professional throughout.

    For me, it's a bonus. Because: we all have seen how the first post members are currently posting in the current forum using 1.5-CS4.   "Beginners" respectfully... .and it doesn't seem to be as much pros poster because it used to be.  It's OK, but I think that this version must seriously fight the PRO MARKET.

    Selfishly... I want to talk to more professionals than beginners once I do my investment $ in my NLE in the coming months.  I don't want to browse the same old issues, problems, questions, so do I.

    Discussions for CS5 will be multi fold and more complex than ever:

    That is, new material, new technologies "MPE", new application, new computer (64-bit)... .more drivers, plug-ins, in charge of applications (for example, QT, Cineform) and third-party devices. Add to that new camera (DSLR video) and discharges of codec.  Its endless.

    I think that its going to be 'awkward' quickly and separates the CS5 forum makes sense.

    John T.,.

    I see that Craig has received you points for your point of view, who shares with her. Maybe I need to rethink my position on this issue and my opposition to burst the CS5 forum.


    You're funny, charming, so very smart, your wife is beautiful and your dog is the best behaved I've ever seen. I agree with everything you say and can't imagine how I could have fed opposing thoughts.

    Crawl for points!


    PS - you guys aren't good points and I understand easily if the Ministry of defence took your point of view. I'll still play, without worrying.

  • Nice new forums

    Like the new look and the interface seems friendly.

    A complaint: user account.

    What is back? Really? I wrote BACK programs when most of you have a spark in your eyes of fathers.

    Difficulty the ranks of the user so that they don't insult your community.

    The theme for the ranks of Lenovo community was based on the history of technology, and what is BACK has been at the forefront. The rank of all naming structure is revised to reflect the two communities, so it's going to change.

  • New Forums - where are my old posts

    Where are my old posts?

    I have a new problem and would like to x - ref it to the previous match.



  • How is the new Forum Structure working for you?

    I just wanted to ask how the escape of CS5, then other versions of PrPro/Pr work for you.

    Although not all that keen on the idea, I must say it seems to work very well. I've seen a few posts in the wrong places, although some might be better suited to the material.

    My fears were NOT carried, then I'm glad that the power never consulted me, as I would have probably denied inches. Initial comments indicate that I would have been wrong.

    What do you think?


    PS - don't forget, 'points' are folk here!

    The forums have been working well before and are still.

    When I'm not in Outlook but webmail (which was most of the weekend), I can't follow anything other than CS5, material, and again - all CS4, CS3 etc have such a long subject line, starting with "[Premiere Pro CS4 and (State earlier version number.)]". Re: ', that I do not see what is 'true'.  It wasn't a huge problem before, because the forums under this prefix long subject were the pre Pro and had very low activity.  I didn't like it when the MODs added, but it was a small amount of positions.

    I never tried the web working list of base/forum type because Jive indigestion is ridiculously slow on all my systems.  I suffer through it to post, because I don't like the e-mail response system.  E-mail review is fast and efficient for me.

    Should I again this did fix the read system / flag?  I remember the concerns on this subject so Jive was first released, but did not care.

    I still use CS3, bought CS4 and the free upgrade to CS5, but they will not load until I have an update of the material.  But I have always followed all the forums first.  Tiz is so frustrating.

  • New Forum looks

    Can someone pleas tell me how to enlarge the fontsand increase the contrast on a pull-down.  It is now VERY difficult for this 83 year old to read.  I don't want to change the resolution of the screen.

    Thank you, Fred

    If you're on a PC, you can hold the CTRL key and use your mouse wheel to increase or decrease the font size.

Maybe you are looking for