New graphics driver for Satellite 5200 802

Have given to my children my old Satellite 5200 802, they bought a game called "Need for Speed Carbon.
Unfortunately, all cars are black and support of EA-Games inform, I should get a new driver.
Unfortunately, NVIDIA informed I have to contact Toshiba, but the only driver on the webite is the 'old', dated March 2006 worm.

Can someone help and send me a link where I can get a updated driver for NVIDIA FX5600 GO.
Thank you


Hi Raoul

All Toshiba drivers are placed on the page of the Toshiba driver and compatible drivers for you unit you can find only at this page.

The problem is that for most other display drivers cannot be installed on laptops, because the drivers are not designed for the use of the laptop.

But if you want, you can try the graphics drivers from omega. Sometimes it is possible to install it. But you should know that if something goes wrong, you will lose the guarantee because as much as I know Toshiba does not support the use of other drivers graphics. No compatible drivers can overheat the graphics card.

Be so careful and if you do something he s at your own risk.

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    Hi all!

    I want to ask if there are graphics drivers for my P200 with Radeon 2600 HD / 512MB newer than 8.413.3 (which are almost year), because I can't find anything (I tried several of Toshiba and ATI download pages).

    Toshiba does not appear to update and all directly downloaded drivers from the ATI Web site keep stop installation with the error is not a correct for my VGA.

    I want to improve because I am trying to solve another problem related to 3ds max - since the 2008 version, I get only 5-6 fps in windows just in Direct3D mode (I really want to switch to OpenGL or software), but which began after a period of time, not just after the first installation.
    However, it retains today do this even after reinstallation of 3D Studio or even Windows itself. An update of the driver is probably the last thing that I did not.

    I'm running on WinXP SP3 (but this low fps problem appeared before SP3).

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    You can download the normal ATI driver for graphics cards to office and then change with the Mobility Modder. Then, you can install the graphics driver.

    * But be careful! You could damage your graphics card. The driver has not a protection of overheating graphics card can be overheat.*

    There may be another solution as an update of DirectX.

    Good bye

  • Need XP graphic drivers for Satellite 5200-902

    I need graphics driver for my toshiba satellite 5200-902.
    Where can I find it?
    (windows XP)
    Thank you!

    Post edited by: LoreViola

    So what s the problem?
    Why did you download the page to Toshiba display driver?

    You should look in the Archive-> Archive Satellite-> Satellite 52 *-> Sat 5200 - 902-> Win XP

    Currently, 43.36 nVidia display driver version is available.

  • Former need graphics driver for Satellite L650 Win7 64 bit


    I'm looking for a version of the graphics driver for my machine odler. The current on causing havoc in one of my CAD applications. I am currently runnign with material support that is sloooooowwwwwww... Any ideas where I can download a former?

    Also, I can't find where to change the graphics memory allocation. Can someone tell me where I could do this?

    See you soon

    Is this the same issue as described under

    I mean why there are two identical topics?

    In any case, you need laptop with factory settings, preinstalled original Win7 64 bit? What graphics card has your laptop? ATI or Intel? What version is older than the version preinstalled on your laptop via Satellite?
    Your model of laptop is more recent and all the drivers, that you got in the recovery image are essentially the same as drivers on the Toshiba download page. So I think t is old version proposed by Toshiba.
    For example, if you have the graphics card Intel initially we version, the same as on the download page.
    Can you confirm this?

  • Try to update the graphics driver for Satellite C660-1LD

    Hi all

    So I'm trying to update my graphics driver on a satellite C660 1LD, and I'm going nowhere quickly.

    The current driver I have is version
    Site Web from Toshiba offers the version which I'm inclined to believe this is an older than my current version?

    I tried downloading the new version on the Intel site but it does not work either and I can't really figure out what the new version of the site. Can anyone offer advice on how to achieve this?

    The trouble is that I've lived this process for more than a year to fix a bug on civilization 5. I remember that it is a bit of a headache then. The most annoying is that I don't remember the process that I had to pass by to do. DOH!

    Thanks in advance



    In General, you should only use the drivers from Toshiba. Why? The drivers offered on the Toshiba support page are tested and adapted to work with the s portable equipment. Of course, you can use the GPU manufacturers support page drivers, but you should know that most recent drivers will increase performance GPU. More performance means more heat and also some risk for material.

    Result can be suddenly stopped downs or even damage the hardware.
    In any case, I hope that you are satisfied with the performance of the GPU with your latest driver so I don't understand why you want to update the current version. Be happy that everything works well with this version of driver is not supported.

    In any case, I m you know that everything you do is at your own risk you can do with your computer laptop all you want. I found an interesting article that can help you.
    Check it out please -

    Good luck

  • Need a graphic driver for Satellite Pro L10 to play Caesar IV

    I have problems with the chart to a new game (Caesar IV) element on my laptop. The game requires "hardware T & L" for 3D graphics, but the forum games tells me that computers laptops with the chipsets are not configured to run these types of games. Apparently I need a graphics card any.

    I don't understand why my (relatively) new Centrino laptop with a processor is unable to use the graphic chipset.

    Where can I find a driver for the type of chart using my game?


    I think that the Caesar IV is a game that requires a graphics card with better performance than the Intel 855GM graphics card with 16 MB to 64 MB shared memory.

    The game asks for the graphics card with graphical support entirely in 3D and in my opinion the laptop card is not able to support these graphics to full power.

    I put t know if the driver update will help you.
    It s more case of hardware as a software issue

  • Need new display driver for Satellite L30

    Can someone help me to download or update my display driver?
    I have a laptop Satellite L30 and I download the driver for Win XP to display curently. When I play a game, it is not working properly, I put the lowest level of detail. :(((

    I really need an update or something.
    Please contact me or answer my problem.

    To be honest, L30 is portable for small budget and really not created for the game. I'm sure that the graphics card in your laptop is with shared memory and you really can't expect great graphics performance with it.

    I suggest you to upgrade RAM. Using more RAM graphics card will use more RAM for graphics operation. As far as I know that you can upgrade your L30 with 2 GB max.

  • Re: Wireless not found driver for Satellite 5200 701

    I have toshiba Satellite 5200 701 satallite, but I can't find the driver, even in this site,

    Check this HowTo

    This will help you determine your wireless network card and to find the right driver for the WiFi chip.

    Welcome them

  • New display driver for Satellite L755D necessary


    What is the next round of pilots who come out to the ati display driver?
    Satellite L755D - APU A6 - 3400M 12th with HD6520G

    Unfortuately this forum user - anyone can answer your question.
    From time to time check toshiba download page to see if the new driver will be available.

    Good luck

  • Re: Graphics driver for Satellite C640!

    My laptop came with Windows 7 Home Basic Edition. I bought a Windows 7 Ultimate and went to the drivers page for my computer laptop and downloaded and installed everything. Everything seems fine except my graphics. In Device Manager it says 'Standard VGA'. I went to the site Web of ATI and it detected my ATI Mobility Radeon HD series 5, but after that I downloaded, it tells me that I need to contact my manufacturer. There is no link to the graphics driver here everywhere!

    Please help I'm stuck at 640 x 480 with extremely slow and ugly graphics... Where can I get my permit of?

    Thank you

    Great! Thanks for the comments ;)

  • Impossible to install the graphics driver for Satellite L50-B-1EE


    I can't install the intel graphics hd on my laptop?

    Have you tried to install the Intel HD graphics driver in Device Manager?
    It works for you.

    You must download a zip package.
    Then, unzip the folder and choose the installation advanced driver in Device Manager.
    This allows you to choose the folder (unzipped) driver and the system would take the driver automatically.

  • Question on the most recent version of the graphics driver for Satellite a series


    Probably, I'm not the first and the last who will ask: he is going to be any discount for display drivers, because who can be found on the driver-Toshiba homepage are v8.4.0.0 form 2006 :( For example: Far Cry (1 not 2).

    Nearly 2/3 of the landscape is black (when I say black, a BLACK of average). And that's not all. TimeShift would not start at all (Yes, I know that the card won't support graphics, but I played matches with much better graphics on my PC at home (with a GeForce 5200 128 MB).

    Well that was just a demo.
    Have no idea what a "nice" surprise it would be if someone gives a $ 40-50 for a game and learns that he cannot play because of the drivers.

    Just tried some 3D animation programs trail... Well, the only problem :-/
    Another program has me in a straight line - pilots not up to date.
    Update drivers will fix most of the graphic problems etc...

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    What Satellite model dou you have?

    As Akuma has said, you can try the drivers updated the drivers who are not Toshiba. But with these drivers, you can get more problems as today.

    As far as I know that games need a lot of power and a laptop satellite was made for computer games. The Qosimo series is ideal for playing games.
    If you want to play games on your laptop satellite, do not define quality settings in the game. It works best when you play with settings below.

  • There are updates graphic driver for Satellite L850-162

    Are there updates for the L850-162 pilot?
    I'm just running with those who themselves are installed with the laptop, but the display is pixelated and nervous watching the video.

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated


    All the drivers are located on the European driver Toshiba page.

    But I m interesting to know if you have the same problems, watch DVD movies or just the streaming of video content on the internet?

  • Re: Can't find graphic driver for my Satellite C805D

    Hey guys please help me, I have a Toshiba Satellite C805D - PSC9EQ short.
    I can't find my model on the toshiba Web site either :(

    I recently replaced my computer portable ubuntu in windows 7 installed operating system but I don't think or don't seem to have one a graphics driver for it, when I play game says I need direct 3d device and I searched many sites to find for my laptop and I can't find anywhere or im getting plenty of sites who want to download me stuff , but I don't really know if its what I need... as you can see im not a computer person.

    Anyone know or have a direct link to a graphic driver I can download to my laptop pleaseee.

    Thank you

    This model of laptop is not known to me, but she seems to have the same GPU as European L750D with PSK36E part number.
    Please visit and download from there AMD display driver.

    Please test and send feedback.

  • Satellite A300-RJ1 - cannot install the new graphics driver from Intel page


    Another problem.
    When I use the "integrated" Vista, I can not install the new graphics driver (intel inside).
    Whenever the error message: the driver is not validated by your system, please contact your producer.

    So if I install a clean windows, so I can install the new graphics driver: S and I want to install because it is much more recently than the preinstalled :(

    Hi mate

    You can install this driver, but you need to use different installation procedure.
    You must install it in the Device Manager.

    Here, you can choose Advanced Setup, then choose don't search. I will choose the driver, then point to the driver files that you have stored on the HARD disk and complete the installation.

    But note; I read here that the use of non-Toshiba drivers is always at your own risk

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