new import in lightroom

Announcing Adobe folks. I know you all work hard and try the best - like us all. For now, the new import in Lightroom is not enough work for the better is it?

Please, please give us back the old and I would say much better import in the previus version.

Thanks for listening



Hi philslide,

I understand your concern, and the engineering team working on the priority to the difficulty of this.

There will be a next update of Lightroom that should solve all these problems.

During this time if you wish, you can back to the earlier version of Lightroom: restore an earlier version of update

Kind regards


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    New import to Lightroom is super buggy.
    It crashes, does not recognize the photos to import or struggles to import only seven Raw photos when he used to fly hundreds of importers.
    I try to import photos from lightroom in a shared folder stored on our local server/network. An operation that worked seamlessly with any version of Lightroom update fall pre-2015.

    All my equipment, disks and networks have not changed, and the new version of Lightroom is the only change.
    Sometimes after four or five tries import will work, but it will take 20 to 30 minutes to import the pictures 5-7.

    More details on what I use.
    Camera: Canon EOS 7 d
    5 k iMac with OS X

    latest version of Lightroom as of today October 26, 2015

    Many people have restored to the last stable version, CC 2015.1.1 / 6.1.1: How do I roll back to Lightroom 2015.1.1 or Lightroom 6.1.1? Wait for Adobe, clean up the mess and releases 2015.3 / 6.3 and let others do the beta testing.

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    Please follow the article, it should be useful: Instructions to restore an earlier version of update

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    Thank you


    Sorry for the stupid question.

    Use the Aperture plugin library import in Lightroom. You can import your raw originals and create previews of size of the adjusted versions at the same time. There is no need to export the opening and import in Lightroom if you use the plugin.

  • Where find US opening import to Lightroom 5.7 new Option?

    The new version of Lightroom, version 5.7, is supposed to have the import of opening tool built in. Does anyone know where we can find it? I've looked everywhere.

    Look in the ' file > plugin Extras "menu item.

  • Updated Mac OS at El Cap and now I can not import into lightroom, I tried new catalog, update of the operating system, update of Lightroom CC, and resets, can someone help to troubleshoot it please?

    Need help importing raw, Lightroom photos now cannot read the files after updating to Mac OS X El Cap

    El Capitan changed the permissions on the folder that you selected in the Destination dialog to import LR area. Check out what it is and then check the permissions on it. It must be set to read + write for your username.

  • What happened to the ability to import images duplicate in new window of Lightroom?

    In the import window that allows us to be able to uncheck "do not import suspected duplicates" is this option go? If Yes, what is the work around, as an instuctor I build around an image I have had in previous cases but would now choose to have in the same folder to teach with lesson plans. I can't find a solution to the new import window. Someone at - it a?

    He went. He isn't here. The workaround is to use virtual Copies, rather than import a picture more than once.

  • Import into Lightroom

    My photos will not appear on the left of the screen.  This is why I can't import into lightroom.  I have a new mac so just get used to it.  When I click on the photos to my albums are but the only option under 'Photos' in the table of Lightroom's 'Lightroom' but I have no pictures there that I'm just getting started!  Help!

    Hi ann-mariek,.

    You have all your images to the title of the Photos App on your mac, you must export your images out of the Photos app and save it to a specific location (internal or external hard drive), now when you browse this site under Lightroom since the import window and then you would be able to import images into Lightroom.

    Kind regards


  • I see my pictures in my camera and when I download them to the desktop, however when I go to import into Lightroom, import can never really happens and it says there are no photos to import.  They do however I am able to import them into Photoshop.

    @I see my pictures in my camera and when I download them to the desktop, however when I go to import into Lightroom, import can never really happens and it says there are no photos to import.  They do however I am able to import them into Photoshop. What is the problem?

    It looks like you can be pretty new to Lightroom.  If this is the case, you will find Victoria Bampton useful books:


  • Portfolio crashes when you try to build the cover page of an image imported via Lightroom sync project.

    The title says it all.  While you can import images into a new project through Lightroom mobile sync when you try to create a cover image for the project, you can select one of the imported images, but when you try to apply the portfolio crashes.  The only way to go beyond this stage is to import them separately a jpeg.

    Another problem with imported via Lightroom photos mobile sync, it's that the display full screen obtained by double clicking on the image in the project is not centered on being right-justified display.  There seems to be no way to change this behavior.

    How to overcome those problems?

    Just tried again this morning and guess what it worked perfectly.  Only difference I can see is that Lightroom is running and who claims to be always sync when I had the problem and this morning when the problem went away Lightroom was off.  Incidentally, if you want to report bugs that you must go to the portfolio help page and ask a question.

  • New import feature is shitty and any new version of LR crashes whenever I open it

    I guess that's the ONLY way to Adobe.   So, if this is the case... the new import System... SUCKS Big time.  It takes three or four different attempts to reach the file appropriate to your player to get my uploaded images.  Please go back to the easy way to sellct where my images.

    This latest version of LR crashes whenever I open it.  Don't know what the problem is but FIX IT!

    Hi RDPhotography,

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    As mentioned by Keith, yes we are aware of the current issues with the last update of Lightroom and are currently working on this issue.

    For now, I suggest you follow the steps below:

    • Go to the Lightroom preferences > General > uncheck 'show add photos screen '.
    • Lightroom preferences > Performance > uncheck "use the graphics processor.
    • Restart Lightroom, and check if you are able to import
    • If the steps above do not help, then roll back to the last version and refer to this article for the same thing:
  • Recovery of DNG issue: I have photos stored on an external hard drive which have previously been imported into Lightroom and converted to DNG.  The laptop on which I was running Lightroom died and I had to replace the hard drive and rebuild the

    Recovery of DNG issue: I have photos stored on an external hard drive which have previously been imported into Lightroom and converted to DNG.  The laptop on which I was running Lightroom died and I had to replace the hard drive and rebuild the computer.  In the process of my Lightroom program and catalog related to these images have been lost.  When I re-associate these photos with my new installation of Lightroom and a new catalogue is there a way to retrieve the keywords or other changes or metadata catalogue Mountaga?  Is any of this information embedded with the imge DNG file or was it only in the cataloght lost on my failing hard drive? I re-import just as if it were new images with no prior treatment of Lightroom?

    By default, LR saves all changes in the catalog, and that applies to any type of file.

    Optionally, you can save changes to the file as well, for raw files owners, this will create a xmp file - for DNG that changes are going to be cooked in the file, without additional xmp file.

    But it does not default. Go to the catalog and parameters under the control of metadata automatically save changes to XMP.

    Unless you do this, the changes are saved only in the catalog.

    Hope this makes things clearer.

  • How can I start during the import in Lightroom?

    I made a blunder. I thought I knew what I was doing to import into Lightroom. Before I knew it, all the photos on all my drives, 50 000 photos, were imported. I don't want all of them and I would do it again. If I delete the catalog that will remove photos from Lightroom, but not my readers?


    Hi doncow,

    Yes, you can delete the catalog, and it will not delete your images, once you start with the new catalogue, you can select a folder under the source you want to import.

    You can uncheck the images that you do not want to import into Lightroom.

    Reference: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Import photos from a camera or card reader

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

  • New import

    Yesterday I installed a new update of Lightroom CC. I get a new screen to import where I miss the option "move" (when importing A directory to directory B). I monitor something?

    Gregorius, salvation

    Move the option has been removed from Lightroom 2015.2.1 as a deprecated feature. It is no longer available in the latest version of Lightroom CC.

    I hope this helps.

    ~ UL

  • Add existing DNG to the new installation of Lightroom

    Hi all

    Simple question here... How can I import metadata from existing DNG in a new installation of Lightroom?

    Is it still possible?

    Thank you.

    Yes, you would be able to import the DNG files, that shouldn't be a problem.

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