New iPhone IS does not work with MAC Mini 10.6.8. Apple support says upgrade your iTunes. Its the wrong color icon. WHAT? iTunes is the last 11.4 for my mac. All my music is on my Mac. Help!

New iPhone IS does not work with MAC Mini 10.6.8. Apple support says upgrade your iTunes. Its the wrong color icon. WHAT? iTunes is the last 11.4 for my mac. All my music is on my Mac. Help!

That is right. The requires iTunes 12.3.3 and in order to get it, you will need to update OS X to El Capitan. That's how Apple has created for better or worse, I'm sorry.

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    On your option of stereo mix... it is hidden by default.

    See of my website page to activate it. PapaJohn

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    Hello Chata3,

    Welcome to the forums,

    I understand that you are unable to scan from your wireless Officejet 4500 to your Mac with the Mavericks.

    There is no comprehensive driver features available for this model of printer with the Mavericks, which is probably the reason why you are facing this problem. There are, however, bypass the options for you to scan.

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  • Windows Live Mesh for Mac does not work with Mac OS 10.7 Lion

    Maybe someone could help me with this.

    • I migrated to a disk hard again and update of Snow Leopard Lion this week
    • Live Mesh has stopped working so I downloaded the most recent distribution of MS: 15.4.5726.23, 20/07/2011 release date, which says it's for Mac, including the last OS 10.7 Lion as well.
    • It loads, wait, does nothing (the choice of unique to Quit or help menu, and then it ends after about 30 seconds, the LiveAgent not appearing.)
    • I made sure the application has access through the firewall Mac and use the stealth mode.  With stealth enabled, there are messages from the console: Live Agent is listening to proto = 6 AND Live Agent is listening to: ffff: proto = 6 AND the first msg repeats.    I also disabled the firewall to test without effect if LiveAgent fails to load. Firewall of variants: with the firewall on, LiveAgent just sits with console messages above until the user clicks on the icon status agent and it then goes to the waiting interminable spinner; with the firewall off, it goes to spinner in less than 15 seconds spontaneously with the GSM, but two sets of their pop up.
    • I repeated a deinstall [app and files] / refresh-download/install process three times and got the same results.
    • In the Finder, and LaunchPad, the icon is displayed normally.
    • I reinstalled the previous version [15.4.5722.2] and the LiveAgent charges, but never decided and just hangs.
    • After doing this and made a fourth installation 15.4.5726.23, 20/07/2011, it now loads the agent but is still suspended as the previous version.
    • If after that, I have now the LiveAgent treat during initialization, but never finished.  It remains active for approximately 8 MB of RAM, but no cycles CPU are used
    • My sync folders are orphans of their source computer, although they always synchronize with my Win7 laptop.
    • I dug a little deeper trying to solve this problem.  I get the following error message if I dig in the 15.4.5726.23 app and run the executable manually:

    aarc01: ~ $ Applications/richard/Windows\ Live\\ Live\ mesh; "exit";

    Exception thrown:

    System.IO.FileLoadException: Error 0x1A88.  Debugging resource strings are not available. See

    [IO. FileName_Name]

    Arguments: Microsoft.LiveFX.ResourceModel, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = 7cec85d7bea7798e

    Debugging resource strings are not available. Often the key and arguments provide enough information to diagnose the problem. See

    at Microsoft.MeshOperatingEnvironment.Runtime.Client.MoeRuntime.Start)

    at Microsoft.MeshOperatingEnvironment.Runtime.Client.ILFilter.ExceptionFilter.TryFilterCatchFinally (FilterDelegate filterDelegate, CatchDelegate catchDelegate, TryDelegate tryDelegate, FinallyDelegate finallyDelegate)

    I've seen this behaviour before with v.15.4.5722.2, about 4-5 months ago, but I do not remember what was the solution that solved.

    Can anyone out there advise me?

    THX in advance,


    Hello RichardCampbellVancouver,

    There is a dedicated forum dealing with problems Windows LIve Mesh. They will be better able to answer your question in the forum.

    Please transfer your question in the Windows Live Mesh Forums on the link below.
    Click on the yellow - ask a Question.



  • HP laserjet p1102w does not work with Mac computer version 10.8

    Since I upgraded my Mac to 10.8 operating system, I'm not able to use my printer HP Laserjet P1102W ePrint. I was told that the current version of the 20130213 firmware does not support this feature. Anyone know when the new version of the firmware will be available to support this feature? Thank you very much.

    Manual, please let me know the result.

  • Bridge does not work with Mac El Capitan. How can I make it work?

    I upgraded to EL Capitan OS. Now the bridge no longer works.  I rebooted the bridge, but that does not change. What should do?

    Exactly what version of the bridge?

    CS6 if or an earlier version... is not compatible

    If cloud, make sure you have the latest update

  • ScanJet G3110: New G3110 Scanner does not work with El Capitan

    I just bought a new ScanJet G3110 and can't make it work with El Capitan.

    > Device does not appear in the control panel and can not be found by Easy Scan.

    > Device does not appear in Adobe Acrobat 'create from the Scan... ". "option

    > BUT device * fact * appear in VueScan and works fine - but I don't really need to buy this package.

    Can someone tell me what could happen?  I must return this scanner?

    Thank you.

    Yes - I found a post on the HP website - "HP can't stand this product."

    This is unfortunate, because I just bought the machine two days ago.  If you are indeed working with where to HP, you can hire a query regarding WHY they sell products that you will not endure.  Needless to say, it will come. Also needless to say, when I looked for a replacement, I don't even consider another HP product.   Who knows if those who are still in charge, even if they are sitting on the shelves in stores.


  • new iphone 6s does not work. How can I change if I live in Ulan Bator, Mongolia?

    my mother bought the iphone 6 s America in Las Vegas, but his phone is not turning on after 10 days. What should we do? my mother lives in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia).

    You can chat with the Apple support on the ' Net, but you will need to bring the phone to the United States or send it to a parent here for repair - Apple does not accept shipments international and American guarantee is applicable within its shores

  • New footprint software does not work with IE8 and FF3

    I downloaded the latest version, but still, it does not solve problems with IE8 and FF3...

    Please, please...

    The main problem of the software cannot save the login information of website with Internet Explorer 8 + and Firefox 3 +.

    Thank you
    Stewart Grainger

    First of all, you know that's not Toshiba software but application of AuthenTec and I m sure that the manufacturer of this software knows this problem.
    Then if you want to always use applications more recent you know that these problems of compatibility can always happen.
    I think that it of not really difficult to understand this

  • Why my iPhone 5 does not work with Netflix Chromecast

    I recently had to do a total reload of my Windows 10 p/c.  Everything came back to the top, with the exception of my Google Chromecast on Netflix connection?  Apparently my iPhone 5 is not compatible?  Probably, there is an app out there somewhere?

    instructions for iPhone to draw from the App Store.  Where is it on my phone?


    Netflix offers their own support article to the problems of Chromecast. I will provide you with the link.

  • Firefox 4 does not work with my OSX 10.4.11. I cannot now go back to the old version. What can I do?

    Just downloaded Firefox 4. Replaced the old version on my mac, it won't work with my current version of Mac OS x.

    I can't find where I can download the old version so now I don't have Firefox. Can you help me >

    Firefox 4 requires at least OS x 10.5, you can get Firefox 3.6

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