New Laserjet M1212nf MFP does not copy or scan. Not taking in the documents document feeder

Product: Laserjet M1212nf MFP

OS: Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 64 bit

USB 2.0 connection

Scan software Readiris Pro

Have installed a new Laserjet M1212nf MFP. When I send a document to print, it produces an impression outside, well wrapped on the ends because of the heat.

The copy function and the scanner or never do not produce print outs. The bar with light moves on the copy/scan with the light area, but no print out.

In addition, for the copier/scanner document feeder does not pages.

I installed several LaserJet using a number of operating systems in the past.

Best wishes


Hi Shane,

Thank you for the additional information. You experience a hardware problem with the scanner in the printer mechanism. The following additional options depending on your current status of the warranty on this printer.

In the guarantee:

Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region please click the link below to get help from your region number.

Out-of-warranty options:

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    Thank you for your response.

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    Please update the State of the question, we will be happy to help you!

  • HP Laserjet pro P1606 does not print some pdf documents

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    Hi @JL_MAC,.

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    I hope this helps.

    Good day!
    Thank you.

  • LaserJet M1212nf ADF does not pick it up when scanning of the Acrobat PDF document

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    Hi Cathy-IT,

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  • LaserJet M1212nf MFP: Scanner not connected correctly?

    My printer can print and in the network, but it cannot scan. There is a HP page called "printers HP - Scanner card WLAN is lost (Windows)" which requires you to verify if its properly connected to the network, and the Green led should be constant, while the orange should be flashing.

    However, on my router, the green light is turned off while the orange flashes, and the orange is constant on my printer and the green flashes.

    Unfortunately, the page doesn't tell you what to do if this is indeed the issue. Any help?

    Welcome to the HP community @SYZekrom,

    I wanted to reach out and to respond to your post on the sweeping problems you are having with your LaserJet M1212nf. You posted the correct to follow troubleshooting guide. Please try each step in order and get back to me with errors or problems you might encounter (fingers crossed there are no problem)!

    Note: make sure that the printer is plugged directly into a wall jack, avoiding bars and surge arresters.

    Try analysis around (s) work too, this document lists. I'm curious about the results!

    If you have trouble, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    Click on the "accept as Solution" If the issue has reached a resolution! Hit thumbs up below like my post or show thanks to me to lend a hand!

    We wish you a wonderful day

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    In the first computer (windows 7) I can print without any problem
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    I already tried reinstalling the drivers, restart the computer, the printer. I tried to connect to a wired network. It still does not. It's very weird but I got no error, just does not print. I thought that the printer does not work, but on the second computer I can print.
    Thank you for your advice


    Please download and run the HP print and Scan Doctor

  • HP 8620:8620 does not correctly print the documents: @PJL lines, scratches stuck instead of text

    Just received this new HP instead HP 8600 8620. Former had some mechanical problems, as it will not load paper or stuck all the scans, well, it may be "just a wear and tear".

    Then, I installed the new HP 8620, connected instead of 8600 to the LAN via a port Ethernet, a new IP assigned.

    Then installed the new software on the users PC.

    Windows XP test page was printed allright, but then...

    Random MS Word 2007 documents will not print. There is a page with @PJL GAME JOB NAME = "Microsoft Word", @PJL lines of COMMENTS and the second page with a few scratches distorted instead of text.

    More interesting, it is - sometimes, it prints to the right. The same document, the same PC, the user-only sending out to print again and voila - document done right.

    Any suggestions?

    Voxel7 wrote:

    I'm having the same problem.

    I'm on Windows 10 & Word 2007. The problematic files contained Hebrew characters in the file name. Rename the file to a name that contains only English letters solved the problem, but this isn't a work around convinient. HP should provide the update of the driver.

    It happened with the default driver that windows installed 10 automatically and complete driver, I downloaded at HP.

    An update:

    Called HP support. They told me to find the IP address of the printer and then go to the Control Panel, the printer settings and to add a printer via the IP address, but not to install the driver automatically to add manually in a list.

    The name of the driver is "driver of HP Deskjet PCL3 class" (use as default printer).

    Yes, it's Deskjet, Officejet and its "HP Deskjet PCL3 class driver ' and not 'HP Deskjet PCL3 class Driver2.

    That fixed the problem.

    HP, please update the original drivers.

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    HP Officejet Pro 8100.

    Finally, I found the problem.  There is paper jam in the right end of the chassis.  It was very difficult to see and find.  And printer supplied with paper correctly...

    But now everything is ok.

  • HP LaserJet M1212 Professional: my printer "HP LaserJet Professional M1212nf MFP" does not work

    In recent days, my printer was not print my documents, and it is connected to my computer, connected and turned on. To resolve this problem, I went to "devices and printers" and my printer is presented with offline status and a green check mark on the thumbnail. Click on this link to see the screenshot of how it looked like.

    Thank you

    -Hassan Haq

    Hi Hassan83,

    I see that your printer is offline, even when you have in your computer. You connect the printer with an Ethernet connection or wireless? Windows 10 may cause problems with printers. First of all, I uninstall the printer and then reinstall it with the pilot Windows 10. If you still have questions, I would like to troubleshoot your network connection with this document.

    Thank you!

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    Copies, scans, faxes fine, but when I print the pages are blank. I get messages of ERROR of no..

    When I have access to the pages of menu to perform tasks that includes a print, the pages are blank.

    It recognizes all the cartridges and copy very well.

    Hello mikev9359,

    I understand your concerns. Unfortunately, for this type of printer, I need you to lead our Enterprise Business Community Forums. It will be the right section for this problem. Good luck.

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    I finally got internet connection ignoring suggestions from tech support and following my instinct that he was related to security.  First, I removed the McCaffy and turned off the windows firewall.  Then I crossed the ip configuration for the 6th time and ended up dhcp and my dns settings in tcp/ip to work and I had internet.  Firewall turned on him again and consider using Windows Defender.  I complete installation tomorrow after that updates Windows Update are downloaded while I'm resting.

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