new mac pro 6 core 64 GB of RAM: reading late 4K files timeline and source monitor

Here is my speed.  not that I understand all the details of this test, but it seems relatively quickly.

I experience lag during playback of 4 K, the monitor source or online images of scene.  in other words, when I hit play it takes half a second to one second to read.  Once he plays, he has no problem.

deselection of video keyframes, remove all unused audio tracks (3 cam project) does not help.  Once a clip plays back (and it reads without problems as I said), when you can come back at the beginning of the clip (up arrow), he rereads - i.e. begins once again - no lag.  in the scenario, let's say you chop a 20 minute interview (ok, in detail: each element seems to be 05:51 long and about 5 GB, h264 - must be an automatic feature on the camera in terms of storage - in other words, no large files of 20 GB or whatever it is)-so when you this chop into smaller pieces, when you then go further down the same hashed clip It is delayed once again.  even if it is the same file on the computer.  then return to the where it did not delay initially, this part now shifts again.

When I put the 1080 p prores files in the project, fast lighting everything.  (I'm talking to navigate and manipulate items in the editing or even source monitor Panel.  I'm not talking rendering and output.  "I think it works very well.)  I'm at the limit of whats possible with my machine and the sequences of 4K with PP?  This is the format?  intuition and several years of experience tell me whatever it is 422 still works perfectly but nothing h264 will always be even the fastest machine to work so hard.  right?  evil?

PP CC was last updated

El capitan (guilty?)

today work with 5400 1 speed 4 thunderbolt to drive rocketstor toaster.  not insanely fast, but as I said, once I got the game on a clip I already hit play previously, it works without lag.  So how is it possible?  What is this feature that makes this place?  There seems to be things loading in the bg who then are responsible - and when you place this specific element to the following, even if both refer to the same file, you have this lag again.  between the second half and second complete.  I exported a file of 5K h264 in a different project and the computer, finder, quicktime etc has no questions immediately play it back.  What gives?

any ideas?  I thought that a machine of $5K don't experience any lag really.  No I don't want to throw money to solve the problem, but you know what I mean.

Thank you!


PS: I just checked one of my files to QuickTime.  Yes, here also a half second delay on the play button.  not powerful enough system for reading 4K flawless?  are my criteria for impeccable speed on computer too high?



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Throw 4 k on a timeline dramatically ups the flow required for EVERYTHING on the computer. Understand, that for 'typical' UHD (1920 x 1080) as I work with, my pc is a 4-core i7 (8 "virtual"... Yes, whatever) 3.5 Ghz (2 cores overclocked as which proved faster in operation), 32 GB of RAM (RAM frequency has been changed too), GTX970 / 4 GB vRAM for graphics.

I have a decent drive in this machine... Setup but put most of the things PrPro on a WIDE, material faster striped RAID-0 would work as well or better.

-: Twin 250GB SSD in RAID 0 for speed system, used for the OS & programs ONLY;

-250GB SSD for the system cache and cache/database files also PrPro;

-Disk internal 500 GB at 10 000 rpm, previews; (kept fairly clean, less than a third full)

-Disk internal 3 TB, project files;

-Internal drive 2 TB, media files; (maintained below 50%)

-Internal drive 2 TB, exports.

This extends to the work of in/out/cache disk so it is not slow things down, and so the CPU can be better used. I do stuff test & family here, keep the media on a PNY 128 GB flash, read-only drive so the USB3 who is fast enough.

Other things, such as documents & upload files, storage general file, is on other players. This keeps all the foregoing, including the system drive, pretty skinny and good working condition.

The newest Samsung T1/T3 external SSD drives have been tested for incredibly fast work flow, much more than other readers USB3.

And of course, the internal drives m.2 must amazing flow.

It is a system of 'balanced', having enough of every bit of available material nothing stacks up this CPU.

Then... you can watch your disk configuration. You may need a higher throughput...


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    Based on my knowledge of Intel processors, I think that the new Mac Pro with the latest Xeons top range will run this test in an unprecedented 5 to 6 seconds.  If your system takes more time, it's a person with a powerful multi-core system may be doing things in Photoshop while you wait for seconds.

    In addition, large systems - especially those with ultra-high throughput of e/s (like the Mac Pro will) - multitasking VERY well.  The new Mac Pro provides a disk subsystem gargantuan high-speed flash memory.  I had to build a matrix RAID of SSD to achieve this performance.

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    All right, you're a Mac user and cannot bother to do what people ask.  I hope that Adobe solves your problem for you.


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    How about this one from OWC?


    1.0 TB Desktop hard drive

    3.5 inches. Hard drive SATA 6.0 GB/s | 7200 RPM | 64 MB Cache

    1.0 TB Desktop hard drive

    MFR P/N: ST1000DM003

    OWC SKU: SEAST1000DM003

    64 MB Cache 7200 RPM
    SATA Revision 3.0 6 Gbps (3.0 Gb/s and 1.5 Gbit/s compatibility)
    3.5-inch hard drive. Limited 2-year warranty Seagate

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    Is there a hope for the first time, the new mac pro?

    You can also post/peek at Adobe support forum

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    RE: noises reported in Mac Pro end 2013.

    There was an initial report of a noise called "Reel whining", launched by the power under certain conditions.

    Those who could demonstrate the problem got their power supplies replaced under warranty.

    Of course, those who have done nothing and waited for the next version of the software solve the problem have nothing except maybe a headache.

    If this is a NEW Mac Pro, back at the origin of the seller ASAP. If you purchased at Apple in the United States, you can get the unit replaced with 14 days of receipt - the Genius Bar or you local Apple authorized service provider.

    If others, it becomes a problem to repair.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. It's frustrating!

    Reset user - file property See post by Linc Davis

    You may need to restore the permissions on your user account. To do this, start on your recovery partition (hold down the command and R during startup) and open Terminal from the Utilities menu. In the Terminal, type: 'resetpassword' (without the), press return, and then select the admin user. You do not have to reset your password. Click the icon of your Mac hard drive at the top. In the list box below, select the user account that has problems. At the bottom of the window, you will see a box labeled restore Home Directory permissions and ACLs. Click the button to reset there. The process takes a few minutes. When you're finished, restart.

    Fix the permissions of the user

  • No Apps tab / empty House food in a creative cloud on the new Mac Pro

    I just set up a new Mac Pro at work and installed the creative and signed cloud application, but there is no tab apps and my house is empty, displays a button that says 'Install Adobe Apps' which does nothing when you press.

    This new Mac Pro came with creative cloud apps installed from my tech team (we have a broad account University they set up with). The applications work correctly, but I would like to be able to keep everything up to date with the creative application of cloud. I have my own ID for creative cloud that works fine on my home computer and my old work computer, but it does everything just not on this new computer, even if I took out my old work computer. I see a lot of messages online on this matter on the windows computer (look they can delete the OOBE to fix), but I do not have these same files on mac.

    Anyone know what I can do to get the application to work as he does at home and on my old computer to work where I can see, install, uninstall and update all my apps?

    I opened a discussion with Adobe and was able to solve the problem. Please see the transcript below:

    Sansan: I understand that you have no Apps tab on your creative Application of clouds, what it is that correct?

    Brandon Schuk: I tried to solve it through the forum, but the staff and myself were not able to understand.

    Brandon Schuk: That is right. I see solutions in the forum but nothing helps with Mac.

    Brandon Schuk: Everything works fine on my old machine and on my machine at home, it's just this new Mac Pro, which is having the problem. Everything is disconnected on the old machine, so this should be my second computer.

    Brandon Schuk: My computer at home and this one.

    Sansan: thank you for the information, I'll be happy to help you with this.

    Sansan: Click on finder and then simultaneously press shift + command + G keys. That you will get the go to dialog box.

    Sansan: To go to the dialog box, type "~ / library '(without quotes) and click on Go."

    Brandon Schuk: it

    Sansan: Then open the folders > Application support > Adobe.

    Brandon Schuk: Okay

    Sansan: From there you can remove folders OOBE and AAMupdater.

    Brandon Schuk: deleted

    Sansan: Open the dialog folder to once again by clicking Finder > "shift-command-G" on your keyboard.

    Sansan: To go to the dialog box, type "/ library '(without quotes) and click on Go."

    Sansan: Then open the folders > Application support > Adobe.

    Sansan: From there, remove the OOBE and Adobeapplicationmanager folders.

    Brandon Schuk: Got it

    Sansan: Have you been able to remove it?

    Brandon Schuk: Yes

    Sansan: Now back to the Utilities folder and trash: cloud Adobe Creative and files of Adobe application manager.

    Brandon Schuk: File utilities?

    Brandon Schuk: Oh, I see.

    Sansan: Okay.

    Brandon Schuk: Wasn't expecting to be there

    Brandon Schuk: deleted

    Sansan: Okay.

    Brandon Schuk: Should I close Office creative cloud at any time?


    Sansan: Download the Adobe CC tool from the link above.

    Sansan: After download you if please run the installer and let me know what options you happen to clean.

    Brandon Schuk: Resembles a certain applications listed

    Brandon Schuk: Clean all?

    Sansan: Please let me know the first two option you get?

    Info: your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] at the end of your cat.

    Brandon Schuk: Adobe Application Manager for Mac OSX 10.6 and CC Adobe Extension Manager

    Sansan: If please select the first and click on selected cleaning.

    Brandon Schuk: fact

    Sansan: Close the application now.

    Brandon Schuk: closed


    Sansan: Download Adobe Application Manager from the link above.

    Brandon Schuk: Downloaded and appear to be installed.

    Brandon Schuk: He says "update" for awhile and then disappeared.

    Sansan: since the utilities > Adobe application manager > Core > launch PDApp.

    Sansan: I know the status?

    Brandon Schuk: He's almost done--until the progress bar.

    Sansan: Okay.

    Brandon Schuk: He recently completed and the desktop application creative cloud dropped down

    Sansan: Please log in.

    Brandon Schuk: I am, and I now see the applications tab.

    Sansan: Super! Then, the problem is resolved.

    Brandon Schuk: Thanks a lot for your help

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    Since your Mac is new you may have iMovie (replaced iDVD) pre installed. Check your Applications folder.

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    Very likely your 2008 will work with the latest Mac pro office.

    Mac, with suitable adopters or cables can support monitors with VGA, DVI, HDMI, mini displayport and displayport

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    If someone has done something similar?  I'm assuming that, unlike the old flat screen TV model at work sometimes I mirror my iPad on, a 4 K Pixelize text.  Is this correct?  Or should I still the same problem?  As far as the projectors are a pain, which is the only really good solution here?  Any other question, I would need to know that displays the parameters or incompatibilities if I went with the 4 K HDTV?

    May be useful to take a look at which covers the 4 K screen with Apple hardware support pretty well.

    You will encounter one of the limits is the HDMI output on the current Mac Pro supports only 4K at 30 Hz not full 60 Hz, which we are used to on most screens. You can watch a form of Thunderbolt to the HDMI connection for display to work properly at 60 Hz.

  • Acer K272HUL and new Mac Pro

    Hi all

    I am considering getting a new Mac Pro, and I have three screens WQHD (2560 x 1440) of 27-inch Acer K272HUL I want to connect to it. This view has

    2 x HDMI, 1 x DVI (W/HDCP), 1 x Display Port (in), 1 x Display Port (output) for the entries. Can someone tell me if I would be able to connect all three of them for the new Mac Pro and if so what would be the best way to connect to them and what cables or adapters I need. It would appear that the first simple HDMI to HDMI, but for the other two I don't know which would be best. I don't know if there is a bolt of Thunder to port display cable and I think you used to be able to string two views on display but port do not know if this is an option here. Any help on the best scenario and required cables would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, the Mac 2013 pro can take care of three of these monitors.

    Best is to get three mini displayport > display port cable. $10 each

    You can connect one via HDMI on the Mac port, but mini displayport/displayport is preferable.

    To use the input DVI you need of a displayport mini $99 > DVI adapter.

    Make sure that you connect each monitor to a separate Thunderbolt bus.

Maybe you are looking for