new magical keyboard works, but bluetooth is no found on keyboard.

2008 IMac 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM OSXEl Capitan 10.11.3.   computer checked at the genius bar 09/03/16 ok but keyboard problems & mouse so I bought the magic mouse & keyboard which seem to work well.  After 5 weeks the computer does not seem to be constantly adapted to the mouse.  went to preferences system & mouse and said 44% battery so I recharged yesterday.  So far, it seems to be ok now.

Decided to check the battery on the keyboard which works very well but there is no display under preferences/keyboard of the system that includes the State of the battery.

I went to bluetooth and it seeks and repeat myself "not found keyboard do not forget the battery is correctly installed & its on" battery is installed at the factory and it works.  It's on.

I loaded last night anyway on may be supported, as it was on the low side since bought same time that mouse.  I checked this morning and there is still no battery light and the blue tooth even said ' not found keyboard don't forget battery is properly installed & its turned on.

What could be the problem and what to do?  Thank you


Hello denyfromny,

Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

I see that you are having problems with your keyboard Magic being recognized by the computer. The following article provides information on troubleshooting problems with wireless input devices.

If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad doesn't work as expected

Best regards.

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    You must meet these requirements: Mac computer compatible Bluetooth with v10.11 OS X or later.

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    The ATV4 does not support any Bluetooth keyboard. You can use the Apple TV iOS with her application.

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    Hello there Bronco 01,

    Information and troubleshooting in the article tips below should help you to solve the issue with your Magic Keyboard not recognized by iMac.

    If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad doesn't work as expected - Apple Support


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    Looks like a serious machine.  This information can be useful in determining the cause or the source on the beep codes and what they're trying to diagnose.  Let me know what happens.  This, by the way, is my own opinion and not that of HP.

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  • Magic Mouse 2 * new * does not work

    New macbook and new magic mouse 2 but I can't connect via usb or bluetooth, I tried to restart the two and wait for it to load. literally, I don't know where to go from here. need help! Save me

    Note: Magic Mouse2 cannot be used when you are connected to his cable.

    • Setting up your Apple - Apple Support wireless devices

    Follow these steps to configure your Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard or Magic Trackpad 2:

    1. Connect the lightning to the USB cable to the port of lightning on the device and
    2. the other end of the cable to your Mac.
    3. Make sure the switch is in position I. (Green will be visible).
    4. The device appears in the Bluetooth preferences and automatically pairs with your Mac.
    5. The Bluetooth Preferences window indicates the level of status and connection fees of
    6. your device. When the device is charged, unplug it for wireless use.

    There are several opinions and comments about magic Mouse2

    also you might feel free to contribute to them, but also to comment

    Apple feedback • comments support • return of products

    Among the comments, are issues of the user that may or may not help you

    make the best diagnosis of your installation + user experience problem.

    If your product (MM2) is the Thunderbolt port, as it should, it may

    not being able to associate as some suggest it can, through the use of the USB port. Since

    This is not a. The port of loading may or may not be useful to attach

    mouse to the computer during the initial installation; to see if it is recognized.

    You can find it does not help. Or can the gremlin inside the MM2

    self-pity and decide whether to allow a connection in any case. Say what? Please?

    If the mouse was purchased directly from Apple (official, store or online)

    You should have 14 days to return the product. An Apple Store

    Genius can be useful in practice to troubleshoot or to help set up a mouse.

    My mouse are USB & all fasteners; they can't run away + I of good spare parts.

    Sorry your mouse is pointing upwards. I give a talk, no uncertain words.

    Good luck in this case!

  • Apple Magic Keyboard 2 (2016) detects only no more than 3 keys at the same time!

    Hello. So I don't know if there is a solution to this, but I played on my macbook pro 15 inch 2015 model very well and I was pressing 'x', 'w' + 'shift' + 'space' at the same time and four keys were detected by the game, and it worked. After I while I bought the new magical keyboard 2 (2016) and connected to my laptop. I played the same game and based on the same key combination ('x', 'w' + 'shift' + 'space'), but only 'w' + 'x' + 'space' got detected and played. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks for the future replies!

    If you still use Yosemite, as shown in your profile, you can find (if you look at the box) that the keyboard of Magic 2 is planned for El Capitan.   You should go if you want to get the best out of it.   I can't speak for specific failures, but there have been similar problems with the Magic Mouse 2 where the upgrade it is resolved.

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    My new magical keyboard does not work. I can't operate the volume, I can't remove the two ways (FN + DEL does not). Apparently none of the peripheral functions do not work. I tried to check the selection of the function in the keyboard settings, but nothing seems to work.

    Any suggestions?

    Mac brand and model details? Version OS X? Tells the story - in detail - the steps you took the setting up of the keyboard

    If your Apple, mouse wireless, keyboard and trackpad are not...

  • What means 'magical' for Apple UK Magic Keyboard

    Just a quick warning to those of you in the UK, looking to buy new «Magic Keyboard» Apple I bought one yesterday from John Lewis while he was covered in their guarantee of two years rather than one year Apple warranty. However, on opening the box, I found that the "pound" sign has magically disappeared from the keyboard (with 'euro' adjacent sign). Pressing Shift - 3 always puts me the "pound" sign, but surely to 79GBP Apple might at least splashed by on some buttons with our currency printed on them? The photo of the top is on the keyboard that apple wants to sell to the United Kingdom, while the bottom photo is what they are actually selling. Very misleading.

    Have you had a chance to ask the people of John Lewis they were aware of this discrepancy.   Problem is that if it's a keyboard of Magic 2 and can only be used with El Capitan (10.11.1) it is possible that it is the way they are made these days.   There is a potential saving in the manufacturing sector of not having to do different keyboards for countries with the same language, just because they have different currencies.

  • Magic keyboard doesn't work don't perfectly with Mac-mini mid 2011

    I am running the latest version of El Capitan (OS 10.11)

    The system version: OS X 10.11 (15A279b)
    Kernel version: Darwin 15.0.0
    Apple Bluetooth software: 4.4.0f4 16320

    These correspond to the requirements of Magic Keyboard (Mac computer compatible Bluetooth with v10.11 OS X or later) according to Apple documentation official

    If I followed the instructions to connect the keyboard up via Thunderbolt, the keyboard works partially. I can type via Bluetooth.

    However, I can't use the volume buttons to control the sound. When I try to assign or reassign the buttons, I discovered that I can't 'see' the keyboard in Control Panel.

    So, I find it very strange and of course disappointing. I can use Bluetooth, but not make the best use of the characteristics of the material. So sorry to say this, but it feels more like Linux where drivers regularly can make full use of the material and do not like Apple where it should all be integrated from top to bottom.

    The ideas or support would be appreciated.


    PS I have the same problem with the new Magic Trackpad. So it's more than 200 euros for the minimum functions

    If I followed the instructions to connect the keyboard up via Thunderbolt,

    It be USB to lightning, Thunderbolt.

    Check that this block is not checked. You can also try to check it out and then unchecking it.

    PS You should also upgrade to the current version of El Capitan, 10.11.2, build 15 c 50. Updates cover a lot of previous bugs and problems. "15A279b" is not the latest version.

  • I can't access my iMac, is locked and the keyboard will not connect. Magic mouse works OK. What should I do?

    Hello, how can I access my iMac that is locked and the keyboard will not match (new batteries and LED is blinckin). The Magic Mouse works OK. What should I do?

    Buy or borrow a USB keyboard and connect you with that. Once logged in go to your bluetooth preferences and pair it with the keyboard.

  • The Apple Magic Keyboard can operate without bluetooth when connected to an iPad with the lightning to the USB camera adapter?

    The Apple Magic Keyboard can operate without bluetooth when connected to an iPad with the lightning to the USB camera adapter?

    I love the Apple Magic Keyboard to be very light (I want it with me everywhere). I also like that I can choose the layout of the keyboard I want (Canadian multilingual), which is not available on any keyboard for any brand, with the exception of Apple iPad (and I did a ton of research). I have problems with the old model of keyboard Apple Wireless because of the Bluetooth connection: I often have trouble connecting. I want a reliable keyboard. I don't like having to plug the keyboard on the iPad, and I think that a wired keyboard can more reliable and safer than a wireless keyboard. And a wired keyboard never had battery problems.

    I read that the Apple Magic Keyboard can work wired with a Mac without bluetooth. And I read that some USB keyboards work with lightning to the USB camera adapter. There are several keyboards with a cable (Belkin or Logitech) lightning, but none with the available Canadian multilingual.

    So, if I buy a magical keyboard Apple and a Flash to the USB adapter of the camera, according to my needs, I'll be satisfied or I'm going to be disappointed?

    A better solution would be to have a male-male cable lightning between the keyboard and the iPad, but I don't find any of these products anywhere.

    Thank you.

    It will not work. And where did you read that the keyboard works wired with a Mac?

  • Satellite C660 - new internal keyboard does not work


    I'm completely stuck I have a portable satellite c660 keyboard did not work.
    So I bought a replacement keyboard and installed and checked in the Device Manager and it says it is there and works correctly, but the replacement keyboard still does not work.

    I updated the bios and uninstalled the keyboard drivers and reinstalled them that I've done everything I can think off to try and get this new keyboard working but I am having no luck and could so with some assistance.

    Have you ever checked if the USN external keyboard works properly?

    I ask because in the case where the external keyboard does not work properly, the internal keyboard problem could be related to faulty keyboard controller (motherboard) or a problem of system m.

    In case the external keyboard would work properly, you had any luck with the new keyboard. It might be possible that the new keyboard is malfunctioning.

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